swaragini…kya hua tera vada…episode 10


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Todays episode..
In office.
Nisha is talking to watchman.
Nisha: listen i am paying u ….and for this u have to take care that no one comes in office .at lunch time.
Watchman: dont worry maam ….work will be done.
In lunch time.
Nisha: its correct time …sir is in his cabin……and no one elsr is here.
She is not knowing that swara is also there working in her cabin.
Nisha goes to laksh’s cabin.
Laksh: yes miss nisha.
Nisha: sir …..
Laksh: yes.

She goes near laksh…..she wanted to woo him ………she goes very near…but laksh is busy in his work.
Lakah: yes what do u wabt.
She does not answer.
She makes him stand holding his hands.
Laksh: what r u doing.
Nisha: sir ..sshhh….
She keeps laksh’s hands on her waist……and goes closer….
Laksh was aboutto push her away when swara comes.
Swara: may i come in
She sees this ….and with a disappointed voice.
Swara: sorry i came at wrong time.
Laksh: swara wait.
Swara feels like crying and goe to her cabin.
Laksh follows her.
Swara in mind: why m i getting so disappointed….its his life….let him do what he wants……but i…
Laksh: swara what u saw ….everything was not like that.
Swara ignores.
Laksh holds her hand and makes her to look at him
Laksh: look here.
Swara sees in his eyes.

It could be clearly seen in her eyes that she was hurt….
Lakah: r u hurt.
Swara: why will i be hurt.
Laksh: i can see it swara.
Swara: i dont care ….
Laksh: but it can be seen in ur eyes that u care alot.
Swara : sir do u like her.
Lakah: no ….. i like someone else.
Swara: whom sir
Laksh: she is my employee……ahe is cute,hardworking,beautiful….
Swara: who is she sir.
Laksh: mmm……….u.
Swara: really.
Laksh nods.
Swara hugs him …

Laksh: btw…..were u jealous.
Swara: no not at all.
Laksh: telling lie.
Swara blushes.
Nisha seeing all this fumes in anger.
Nisha: what is this….i wanted to make him mine….but..
Lunvh gets over.
Everyone started working.
Ragini goes to swara’s cabin.
Swara: what happened ragini.
Ragini shows her the message.
Swara: omg….i will not leave him.
Ragini : but what will we do.
Swara: come with me.

She takes ragini to laksh’s cabin
Swara: may we come in..
Lakah: ofcourse.
Swara tells him everything.
Laksh: miss ragini dont worry….i will make everything fine.
Ragini becomes happy…
Lakah: he called u in park…lets go.
They reach there..
In park.
Rag: i m very woried
Laksh: dont panic.
A boy comes there…..swalak hides.
Boy: o ragini i love u and know that even u do.
He was about to hug ragini ..m.when swalak comes…with police.
Police: now we will take u to sasural too.
Man tries to run away but lakah holda his coller.
Police takes him.
Lakah: now r u fine miss ragini

Ragini smiles.
Laksh: i will drop u home.
Swara: thank you …
Laksh drops them home.
Ragini goes in as she wanted to talk to her mom right niw
Swara: sir thank u.
Laksh: meet u tomorrow.
Swara: sir…
Laksh: whT
Swara : nothing.
Laksh : bye.
Swara: bye…

Precap: sumi taking ragini’smarriage proposal to laksh’s house…

Guys pairs will be revealed tomorrow…………..

Credit to: shloka

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