Swaragini&KKB-My life (intro+episode 1)

Guys , it’s Balaji . I think you remember me. thank you friends for your support in Previous ff’s. without your support, I can’t finish my ff successfully. I know that I am always ending my ff’s so soon. I not good at dragging. Once I feel that I achieved my baseline,I finished my ff. this ff is also I planned for 15 episodes. I start my third ff My Life. First I introduce my characters.
Abhay Mehra- a 60 year aged old man but young in his heart. he is belongs to Middle class family. he is Father of Purab and Lakshya Dev. he loves his family a lot and he have more secrets in his heart.
Pragya Mehra- an 55 year aged women who loves her family. For her, her Family is a world. She is so strong mentally because of the incidents which she crossed on her life.
Purab Mehra- a eldest son of Abhay and Pragya. He is now 27 year aged. He did his MBA in IIM and started his new company in Chennai. He is intelligent in business at the same time, he also cares for his family.
[email protected] Bulbul Mehra: she is wife of Purab and loves her sasural a lot. She always calls Pragya as Maa.
Aditya Srinivasan- a caring bhai of Ammu and friend of Laksh. he is two years older than Laksh and partner in Purab’s business.
Lakshya Dev Mehra: a younger son of Mehra’s . he is 24 year aged. He is doing his MBA in IIM. He loves his family. He can do anything for his loved ones.
Sanskar Maheshwari: a 27 year aged business tycoon who lives alone. His Family kicked out him for his unforgivable mistake.
Guys in this story , Main Leads are Ammu and Laksh. I am also sorry for showing Abigya as old ones.
Let I start the episode 1.
Mehra’s family are in cloud nine. Because it’s the Marriage of his son Purab’s .
They are living in Tamilnadu and the marriage rituals are happening in Southern Style due to the wish of Kalavathi- Mother of Ammu.
Purab was sitting sitting in Mandap and Panditji spells the mantras.
Ammu comes to Mandap and sits near Purab.
Panditji guides them to put holy things in AGNI. Soon,e Kanyadaan. Aditya do t Purab ties Thalli in Ammu’s neck. A drop of tear rolled down in Ammu’s eyes due to enjoyment and fills Vermillion in her forehead and then they takes Saptabadi. Then, Purab puts METTI in Ammu’s leg finger.
Marriage is over.
Then post marriage rituals are started.
Purab and Ammu do the pooja while assuming Lord Krishan as their child. The enjoying rituals are started.
Purab takes Pappad in his hand and breaks it near Ammu’s cheeks. Ammu does the same.
Then , the another ritual started.
Laksh put a ring in Water which is mixed with Vermilloin.
Laksh: Bhabhi, you should win.
Aditya: jeju, Don’t loose it.
First Purab wins it.
Laksh: Bhabhi, it’s not fair.
Aditya makes faces to Laksh.
Then Second round starts
Purab and Ammu searches the ring. Ammu knows that Purab get ring again. Ammu winks at Purab. Purab lost his senses and stares Ammu.
Ammu takes the ring out. Purab taps his head with a smile.
Laksh: My bhabhi wins. Aadi sees my bhabhi is best.
Then the third round start
Purab and Ammu search the ring again. But this time they start to play with each other hand inside the water and they have an intense eyelock.
Laksh: Bhaiya, Ring is inside the water not in Bhabhi’s eyes.
Purab nods his head down and Ammu blushes hard.
Aadi: ohh! My god meri Ammu blusing. Laksh hold me.
Laksh: don’t overact my friend.
Pragya and Abhi is very happy while seeing his child happiness.
Marriage is ends with teasing and lots of Happiness.
Before Bidaai,
Ammu go to see her mom. Ammu hugs her mom and sheds Tears,
Ammu : maa
Kalavathi: don’t cry Ammu. You are not going to any other city. You can see me anytime.
Ammu: maa..
Kalavathi : remember onething, separate your husband from his family. Don’t let him to spent his money to his Choti. Always keep him in your control.
Pragya is shocked to hear this.
Ammu nods.
Soon, Ammu goes to Mehra’s house.
Her Grahapravesh done. She lights diya in Mehra’s house.
In Purab-Ammu room,
Purab is waiting for Ammu. Ammu enters the room.
Purab makes sit her in bed.
Purab: Ammu, I know that you need time to accept this family. I assure one thing that my maa loves us a lot. Please don’t do anything which hurts her.
Ammu holds Purab’s hand.” From, now this is our family Purab”
Purab shows a smile and then they sleeps due to tiredness.
The next day,
Ammu wakes up early , take a bath and goes to kitchen and prepares Coffee.
Ammu knocks Abigya’s door.
Pragya opens the door and surprised.
Pragya: Ammu beta!
Ammu: good morning maa.
Ammu gives coffee to Pragya and goes to Purab’s room.
Ammu: Purab wake up .
Purab pulls Ammu to him and Ammu falls on him.
Ammu: Purab let me go
Purab kisses her in neck(whispers).” Good Morning Ammu”
Ammu pushes him and go outside. Ammu have a smile in her face.
In Abigya’s room,
Pragya: Abhi wake up naa
Abhi: Doll! Let me sleep some time.
Pragya smiles: it’s time to jog. Pragya make him sit.
Abhi: Doll, why you don’t show mercy on your cutttie hubbie?
Pragya: if I am show mercy on you, then who care for your heart? go and walk.
Pragya pushes Abhi out of the room.
Ammu in Laksh’s room,
Ammu: Laksh wake up and get your coffee.
Laksh : Doll! Let me sleep sometime.
Ammu(smiles): it’s not your doll. Your bhabhi
Laksh wake up with jerk.
Laksh: bhabhi aap.
Ammu: Get your coffee, Laksh.
Ammu goes to kitchen for her Rasoi.
Pragya sees Ammu and smiles.
Pragya: Ammu I want to speak something,
Ammu: haan Sasu maa.
Pragya: Ammu, you want Nuclear family, then I will allow you.
Ammu: I don’t need that Sasu maa.
Pragya: But..
Ammu(smiles): Haan Sasa maa, I think you heard my maa’s speech. Just ignore it. Do you know why I accept Purab?
Because I loved this Family. A caring Father, Lovely mother and Cute devarji who loves his bhai a lot. I just admire the bonding between you. I also want to become one of the family.
Ammu holds Pragya’s hands”Sasu Maa.. I promise you that I will never allow to break the Family”
Pragya wipes her tears and hugs her.
Abhi: hoo! I just want to see Bahu-Sasu maa’s fight. But, you both failed my wish. it’s too bad.
Pragya taps his shoulder.” What’s your work here?”
Abhi: haann( stammers) I come here to get water.
Pragya: water is in Hall naa.
Abhi( irritated): haan I come to see you. Enough
Pragya smiles” come . you are getting late for your office”
In Abigya room,
Abhi hugs Pragya from backside.
Pragya: cutie! You are an old man. We are not a newly married couple.
Abhi: do you know I am always young?
Pragya taps Abhi’s shoulder.
Abhi: ouch!
Pragya: you are young man who can’t bear a single tap.
Abhi: I can’t do anything. It’s about my bodycondition.
Pragya: kk . do you know I am really scared about Ammu? But now I fully trust her.
Abhi:she is very good girl. I think she will be like a daughter to us.
Pragya: Haan Cutie
Days start to roll.
One day ,Abigya went to Neighborhood Marriage. Laksh got a seat in IIM Ahmedabad. His friends forced him to give party. He gave a party and he is also drunken.
Purab is sleeping and Ammu is waiting for Laksh’s arrival.
Laksh come home in drunken State.
Ammu opens the Door.
Laksh do not utter a single word and goes to his room.
Ammu holds him “ Laksh”
Laksh: Bha…bhi I ate with my friends.
Ammu observes that Laksh is drunk.
Ammu didn’t utter a word.
The next day,
Laksh wake up and sees a lime water in his table.
Laksh(in mind): ohh! Bhabhi knows that I am drunk. What can I do now?
Laksh holds his hand in his head and then drink lime water. Laksh goes to see his bhabhi in Kitchen.
Laksh: bhabhi….
Ammu didn’t speak a word.
Laksh: bhabhi .. please talk to me. I know it’s wrong. My friends forced me. sorry bhabhi. Please give any punishment. Please talk to me bhabhi.
Ammu gives a look to Laksh and then on the stove and place a steel utensil on that.
After five minutes, Ammu takes steel utensil by using a cloth. Laksh closes his eyes and shows his hand.
Laksh don’t feel any pain and he open his eyes and shocked.
Laksh: bhabhi..
Ammu presses that utensil in her hand.
Laksh takes her hand and show it into running water.
Laksh: you should punish me. I am the one who drunk. Why did you punish yourself?
Ammu: you are my choti cute devarji. How can I punish you? At the same time, I won’t let you drink.
Laksh: I promise you bhabhi. I never drink again.
Ammu: don’t smoke.
Laksh: I promise you bhabhi I don’t smoke or drink.
Purab hears it and moves to his room.
Laksh takes First aid kit and put ailment in her wound. Tears rolling from Laksh’s eyes.
Laksh: Bhabhi you should take rest.
Ammu: But..
Laksh; I said naa
In Ammu Purab room,
Purab holds Ammu’s hand and stares the wound.
Purab: what’s the need for this , Ammu?
Ammu: ( weak smile) Purab, I know what you are thinking? You thought that I emotionally blackmailed him.
Purab: It’s not like that Ammu.
Ammu: Purab, do you know? My papa was also drunk addicted and chain smoker. He is very good man and intelligent. But, Liquors snatched my father from me. his all good behaviors are vanished infront of drunk habit. After my father passed away, my maa is struggled very much to raise me and bhai. When I saw Laksh in Drunken state, it remembers my papa. I don’t want to see my choti in such a state. I know he loves and cares us. If I punish myself, he will never do this again.
Purab hugs Ammu” we are so lucky to have you with us”
Ammu: I am so lucky to have this family, Purab.
In kitchen, Laksh feels so much guilt.
Laksh(in mind):I never drunk and smoke again.
After two and half years, it’s also his birthday.
Laksh is return to home after completing his MBA.
Laksh is standing in his Mehra’s house enterance.
Pragya and Ammu takes the Aarti.
Laksh get inside .
Laksh( pulls Pragya’s cheeks and hugs her): doll, I missed you lot.
Pragya hugs him” don’t go from us”
Laksh takes blessings from his maa and papa,bhai and bhabhi.
Purab hugs Laksh.
In Dining Table,
Ammu takes a gift.
Ammu & Purab: it’s our gift Laksh.
Laksh opens the gift and sees some papers.
Laksh read that papers and his eyes become moist.
Laksh: Bhabhi..
Ammu presses his shoulder “ we are waiting for this minute. You should go to your office from tomorrow”
Pragya and Abhi gets confused.
Abhi: what this paper?
Ammu: papa, it’s about shares. We give 30% of shares in our company to Laksh.
Laksh:but bhabhi what’s the need for this?
Ammu: when you enter our company, you shouldn’t think it’s your bhai’s. It’s ours. I know that you, bhaiya and PURAB trio constructed the company. You are back support of purab. We just return your rights to you.
Laksh side hugs Ammu and Ammu caresses his hair” ohh! Meri choti devarji, emotional not suits you”
Laksh face shows a smile.
Laksh: kk. Bhabhi I will join our office after two years.
Purab: what?
Laksh: bhai, I get a internship in Maheshwari Industries. Please let me enjoy for two years. After that, I will join in our company.
Abhi: but..
Laksh: please Papa
Pragya: where you want to go?
Laksh: Kolkatta Maa. After one day.
Pragya jerks and Abhi holds her hands.
Abhi: you should join in Purab’s company. You don’t go to Kolkatta. It’s final.
Laksh: Papa..
Pragya: no Cutie. He can go to Kolkatta.
Abhi: But Pragya..
Everyone stares Abhi differently. Because he calls Pragya by her name instead of Doll.
Pragya(Smiles and Presses Abhi’s hand downside table)
Abhi:kk. Before that, I want every details about resident.
Laksh hugs Abhi” Thanks Papa” and gives a tight hug.
Abhi: Ohh! Laksh. I want to Live in this world.
Laksh breaks the hug and Smiles.” It’s my papa who always behave me as a friend”
Abhi also smiles.
Laksh presents two tickets for Puraba and Ammu.
Ammu: what’s this Laksh?
Laksh: it’s ticket for the place you loves the most for your birthday.
Ammu: Darjeling
Laksh nods.
Laksh: what’s about my surprise Bhabhi? You can go there next month. My Friend did all the arrangements.
Ammu: it’s really good. Ammu giggles childishly.
Laksh: Papa, If you want to go a place, which place you go? Because I don’t know.
Abhi: I want to go Banaras. I want to spent my last minutes in Ganges. He remembers something and his eyes become moist.
He goes to his room.
Laksh, Purab and Ammu becomes Numb.
In Abigya’s room,
Pragya: I know that we can’t forget the place where we lost our people.
Abhi hugs Pragya and starts to cry childishly by forgetting his age.
Abhi: till I can’t forget that Doll. I tried to save them but I can’t. I lost him.
Pragya: no we didn’t lost them. They also live with us.
Abhi stares a direction.: haan, Doll. They live with us.
After one day, Laksh goes to Kolkatta by train from Chennai.
After few days, he reached Kolkatta at midnight.
Laksh calls Purab.
Purab: Laksh,
Laksh: bhai I reached Kolkatta.
Purab: HAAN laksh
Laskh starts to walk in a street. Suddenly a girl hits him.
Laksh and that girl falls down in a mud. Laksh face is fully covered with mud.
Laksh sees the girl face. The girl face is so much tensed and worried.
Laksh: Can you need any help?
Girl: please give this letter to this address. Please
Suddenly, a man comes with some goons.
Man(smiles evilishly): how can you think that you can escape from me?
He injects something in her neck.
That man can’t able to see Laksh’s face,
Purab: laksh what’s happening there?
Man: Kill him.
Laksh starts to run and goons misses their shots.
Laksh entered into Main road.
Laksh runs in bridgs and a car hit him and he jumps in height and fall down in the pool of blood. His one bag falls in River and another bag in road.
Purab : Laksh(yells)
Ammu wake up.
Ammu: Purab, what’s happened?
Purab: Laksh in phone(stammers)
Ammu opens the call record and play it.
Ammu: Purab, meri Laksh ko kuch nahi hoga naa.( cries)
Purab calls his friend and informs him about that. He didn’t inform to Abigya about Laksh. Purab goes to kolkatta in morning flight.
A man comes out of car and Takes Laksh to hospital.
Man: Manik, I am coming to hospital. It’s emergency. Make it ready.
Manik: kk, Sanskar.
Sanskar arrived the hospital and admits him in hospital.
Sanskar(in mind): kali maa, please save him. I already live in so much guilt in my heart. I can’t bear another guilt.
Someone touches Sanskar’s shoulder.
Sanskar sees her” Swara”
Swara: Sanskar, what happened?
Sanskar: I hit one men while driving. If anything happen to him, no no I can’t bear that guilt. I already spoiled three lifes. Swara , you also an doctor naa. Please do anything but Save him.
Swara: Sanskar,
Swara goes inside.
After fifteen minutes,
Manik: Sanskar, immediately we need to do operation. Blood clotted in his brain.
Sanskar: kk. I will pay the money.
Manik: Money is not a problem. We want his family member’s signature.
Sanskar: kk. Put my name as his brother name and do the operation.
Manik: what?
Sanskar: please do the operation.
Manik nods .
Sanskar is tensed and waiting outside the operation theatre.
Manik comes outside.
Sanskar: he is ok naa.
Manik: he is out of danger. He will be wake up after 6 hours.
Sanskar: I will wait for him.
Swara: I will take care of him, Sanskar. You can go to your house.
Sanskar: No swara.
Purab arrived Kolkatta and his friend’s bhaiya is also inspector.
Inspector: I am sorry Purab. We get this bags in road and in water.
Purab: what?
Inspector: both the bags belongs to your brother, in one bag, we get some blood traces, I think your brother met a accident in bridge and fell down in River. I speed up the process to search your brother’s body in river.
Purab: no it’s a murder.
Purab plays the call record.
Inspector: sir, it’s like high level. For your safety, I advise you. Please leave this place now.
Purab is shattered. He is internally breakdown. He just falls down in ground .
Purab: no no he can’t leave me like this.
His friend helped him and after noon, Purab reached Chennai.
In Mehra’s house,
Pragya: Ammu, where is Purab? I can’t see him till morning. Why I am feeling restless?
Ammu( hides her tears): I don’t know maa.(lied)
At that time, Purab enters the house.
Pragya: Purab, I want to talk with Laksh. I am feeling so restless.
Purab falls down in ground” Maa, he has gone leaving us. He left this world maa. He is murdered”
Pragya: don’t play with me, Purab. Please say he is well.
Purab hugs Pragya” Maa he left us. But we can’t do anything”
Suddenly, they hear a sound.
Abhi falls down in ground and he has a paralytic attack.
Everyone rushed to him.

Precap: Abigya leaves the house. Ammu’s condition . Laksh ‘s part in Sanskar life.

Guys, I am writing for you. If you don’t like my track, please intimate me in comment box. Positive and Negative comments are welcome.

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