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Let I start the episode.
In Kasi,
Purab informs Aadi about Abigya and Ragini. Here Aditya already starts Mehra industries in Kolkatta.
Aadi comes to Kasi.
Aadi knocks the door.
Pragya opens the door and sees Aadi.
Pragya( smiles): come on Aadi.
Aadi hugs her” Please forgive my mom,Aunty”
Pragya: Aadi, first get inside.
Aadi comes inside and Sees Ragini.
Ragini: Bhaiya..
Aadi knows about Raglak.
Pragya: did you know each other?
Ragini: HaanMaa. He is good friend to me.
Ragini signs him not to speak.
Purab comes here and Sees Aadi.
Purab: what about Sasu Maa? How is she?
Aadi: Mom is fine, jeju. I appointed Nurse to take care of her.
Ammu don’t ask about her mother. It hurts Aadi.
Purab and Ragini went to their workplace.
Purab changes his company nearby Kasi.
In Flat, Aadi and Ammu, abighya are there.
Aadi: Ammu, I accept mom commit a big mistake. You already punished her. She is suffering a lot. Don’t ignore her. Please ..
Ammu: Bhai, if you take this topic again, you will have to forget me.
Aadi: Ammu..
Pragya listens the conversation.
Pragya: Ammu, can I ask you something?
Ammu: Haan Maa..
Pragya: when your father died what’s your age and your mom’s age/
Ammu: I am 10 and my mom 30. Why are you asking this maa?
Pragya: did your mother in laws help her in such critical situation?
Ammu remembers her father’s relationship taunts towards her mom as a widow and tears coming from her eyes unknowingly.
Ammu nods no.

Pragya: Ammu, your mom struggled a lot to bring up as a single parent. She is just thirty when she became a widow. She never thought about another life. She suppressed all her feelings and her happiness based on your happiness. I know that your chacha betrayed you and take your wealth.
Pragya caresses her hair and Abhi rubs Aadi’s shoulder. Aadi side hugs Aadi.
Abhi: Beta, Basically your mom is very food women. But the path she crossed in her life changed her like that. She didn’t want see you as a another Kalavathi. We also committed mistake. We should clear her afraid as unwanted one. We didn’t understand her.
Pragya: she already bear so much punishment. when I see you in that white saree with no jewels, I am shocked and worried. Just think about your mom, how can she bear it? Beta, leave hatred .
Ammu kneels down and cries remembering her mom. Pragya hugs her and consoles Her.
Aadi also cries by forgetting he is a man.
Pragya: kk. Aadi lets Eat. I will feed you.
Abhi takes Ammu to her room.
Aadi: Aunty, how can you be such good?
Pragya(touches his cheek): All are good Beta. Just their life path changed them. Your mom’s sasu maa is not like me. so, she scared. Kk. Get her to Kasi as soon as possible. You should stay along with us.
Aadi: Aunty,I will take mom to here in this week. But I can’t stay here. You know we have company in Chennai. We try to change the company near by kasi, Until I want to stay in Chennai.
Pragya: kk . Beta..but come soon.
Aadi goes to Ragini’s Hospital and enters her Cabin.
Ragini: Aadi Bhaiya..
Aadi: Ragini…
Ragini: Laksh left us naa Bhaiya…
Aadi: Ragini… nods his head down.
Ragini: don’t worry bhaiya. I never take a wrong decision. I will stay with my family in rest of life.
Aadi: you should move on your life, Ragini.
Ragini( weak smile): ohh! Why didn’t you marry ?
Aadi didn’t speak.
Ragini: you can’t forgot her naa. Bhaiya, I loved Laksh from my heart. I can’t give his position to other. We didn’t marry. But, I lived as his wife in my heart. and please don’t tell this to Maa.
Aadi: kk. Today evening, I will leave. After two days, I will return with my mom.
Ragini nods and Aadi leave the place.

In Kolkatta,
At evening,
Sanskar comes from office.
Sanskar: champak, where is Laksh?
Champak: he is sleeping, Sir.
Sanskar(in mind): he never sleeps in evening. I want to check him.
Sanskar goes to Laksh’s room and wakes him.
Laksh jerked and then sees sanskar” bhai” and take a deep breath.
Sanskar(worried): what happened Laksh? why are you scared?
Laksh starts to Answer. At that time, champak’s come inside.
Champak: sir, I made lunch and put it in hotpack sir. I am getting late.
Sanskar: you can leave.
Champak: thanks sir.
Laksh stops answer.
Laksh and sanskar eat their lunch. Laksh didn’t speak a word.
Sanskar is worried by Laksh’s silence.
Sanskar: Laksh did you want say anything to me?
Laksh nods no.
Sanskar holds Laksh hands and Laksh sleeps.

After a hour,
Laksh screams in sleep” please I don’t say about anyone. It’s paining. Please take this away from me”
Sanskar jerked” Laksh Laksh”
Laksh wakes up.
Sanskar: what happened Laksh?
Laksh: please don’t leave me Bhaiya.
Sanskar: I never leave you. Let sleep.
Laksh starts to sleep. Sanskar feels something weird.
Sanskar goes to his study room and checks the Cctv footage.

Dining Hall
Laksh: champak, I don’t like pulav. Can you cook sambar for me?
Champak: no. you should eat it.
Laksh throws the plate to floor.” I don’t like it. I want Sambar rice”
Champak: it’s your opinion to eat or not.
Laksh: bhaiya said that you will cook whatever I want. I will complain bhai about you.
Champak: what you said?
Laksh turns his face.
Champak put a steel utensil in LPG fire. After few minutes, he takes it by using cloth.
Champak: do you complain bhai about me ?
Laksh: I will.. Maaa..(shouts)
Champak presses the rod in his leg.
Champak: do you complain bhai about me ?
Laksh: no no. please I don’t say about anyone. It’s paining. Please take this away from me”(cries)
Champak: it’s good. Go to your room and don’t come out of room.
Champak goes to kitchen.
Sanskar sees the kitchen footage.
Champak have a call.
Champak: hello.. haha ha do u know? I got a job as a care taker for a Pagal. I shown who am I ? he never mess up with me. ha ha ha he never told his bhai about me. I give such a treatment. Kk. I will call you later.
Champak puts some tablets in milk and goes to Laksh’s room.
Sanskar eyes become red. First he run to his room and takes Laksh cloth and sees the burnt mark. Tear rolledfrom his eyes. He takes first aid kit and put ailment in the wound.
Laksh: Maa..(moans in pain)
Sanskar(whispers): I will show you what the hell is champak.
Sanskar goes to kitchen and checks the tablet. It’s sleeping pills.
Sanskar punches the wall in anger.
Sanskar don’t sleep that night and made some arrangements for champak.

The next day,
Sanskar is waiting for champak.
Champak comes” Good morning sir”
Sanskar(smirks): Good morning
Sanskar goes behind champak and takes a heat iron rod by using cloth.
Champak turns and sees Sanskar.”Sir..”
Sanskar just presses the rod in champak’s leg .
Champak: Ahhh!
Laksh wake up by hearing the sound and comes to hall.
Sanskar presses the heat rod in two three places in his body.
Sanskar eyes become very red.
Sanskar( shouts): how dare you to harm my brother?
Champak: sorry sir please forgive me sir.
Sanskar: forgive.. you.. you never deserve this.
Sanskar hit him with the same rod.
Laksh : bhai leave him.. he is crying.(shouts)
Sanskar: see him. you even hurted him. but still, he is showing mercy on you. If I see your face again in kolkatta, I will burn you alive.
Champak runs from the place.
Sanskar hugs Laksh” sorry Laksh. Because of me, you suffered a lot”
Laksh: it’s not like that bhai. I have a doubt. bhai, you dismissed cook. Then who will cook for us?
Sanskar: I already ordered in hotel. It will arrive in few minutes.
Soon, Sanskar and Laksh finished the Breakfast and sanskar goes to office after he gives his phone to laksh.

At Afternoon, Sanskar returns to house with liquor in his hand. He is fully drunken. In office, Dp accuses him for uttara’s condition. For forget it, he starts to drink Liqour but he exceeds limit.
Sanskar starts to fall. Laksh holds him.
Laksh: Bhai, what happened you?
Sanskar: don’t touch me Laksh. I am a sinner. Go away from me.(blabbers)
Laksh try to snatch liquor bottle from Sanskar” Bhai, it’s not good for your health”
Sansker is not in his control.
Sanskar slapped Laksh” How dare you to snatch bottle from me?” Sanskar falls down due to liquor effect.
Laksh shocked and holds his hand in cheeks.” Bhai” Laksh eyes sheds tears.
Laksh run from the hall.
Laksh receives a call. It shows swara’s picture. Laksh attends the call.
Swara: Hello Sanskar
Laksh: Swara di it’s me Laksh( while crying)
Swara worried by hearing Laksh sobs.
Swara: Laksh, you are good boy naa. Why are you crying?
Laksh: Bhai slapped me. it’s paining more.
Swara: I will come there.
Swara reached Sanskar mansion.
Swara sees unconscious sanskar in floor.
Laksh comes there and hugs Swara.
Laksh: don’t leave me. he is shivering.
Swara anger exceeds the limit. She goes to bathroom and takes a bucket full of water and pours it in sanskar’s head and make him drink lime water and squezzes lime juice in Sanskar’s eyes.
Sanskar gets conscious after half an hour.
Sanskar opens his eyes and surprised to see swara.
Sanskar: Swara yaha?
Swara(cold tone):Sanskar are you get conscious?
Sanskar: I little bit drunk, now I am ok. Sanskar stands up” where is Laksh”
Swara slapped Sanskar very hardly.A little bit blood is oozing from his mouth.
Sanskar: Swara.
Swara: you said that you will take care of Laksh. but what you done with him? you weeds scare in his mind and he lost confidence because of you.
Sanskar: what are you saying?
Swara: you slapped him when you not in conscious state.
Sanskar(shocked): what?
Swara: haan… he is very scared and he is in his room.
Sanskar runs to Laksh’s room and then enters the room.
Sanskar: Laksh and sees his fingerprint in Laksh’s face.
Laksh is scared by seeing sanskar . Sanskar touched his hand but Laksh jerked. Sanskar feels someone stabs his heart.
Sanskar: Laksh I am sorry. I never do this. I am pagal at that time.(holds his hand)
Laksh sees Sanskar face and blood mark in his face.
Laksh: bhai. why bloodmark is in your face? Laksh wipes the blood mark.
Sanskar: I slapped you naa. That’s why god punished me.
Laksh: how can god punish you? Wait. I will fight with him. how can he punish my bhai?
Sanskar hugs Laksh more tighter” I am sorry Laksh”
Laksh: it’s ok bhai. please don’t drink.
Sanskar:kk. I promise you that I never drink. can we go outside?
Laksh nods his head fastly.
Swasan takes Laksh to a mall. Sanskar takes new dresses for Laksh. the trio goes to icecream stall then just roams the mall.
Laksh sees a man.
Laksh(in mind): he is the same man who comes in my dream. I have to follow him.
Laksh starts to follow that man. Sanskar and swara fails to notify Laksh’s missing.
That man opens the backside of the car and takes some things and not closes properly . he gets into a car. Laksh gets into backside of the car. The man stops the car and get into some abandoned place.

He goes inside the place. A girl bound in chair.
Man: Hi sweetie
Girl try to say something but due to cloth in her mouth it outcome as muffles.
Man takes cloth from her mouth” Rajat, why are you doing this?”
Rajat: what can I do uttara? If I ruin you and your bhai life, I will get money. I need it most.
Uttara:what? For money, you killed my sahil and betrayed my bhai, what a friend you are?
Rajat: I don’t kill Sahil. I am not that much worst. I just show his dead body is accidented by your bhai. Do you know ?today night your father will give your shares to me.
Uttara: what?
Rajat: haan. I don’t have more time. Eat it fast.
Rajat unbounds her hand and make her eat. Then he bounds her hand with rope and gags her mouth.
Rajat moved from that place and takes his car , goes to Maheshwari Mansion.
Laksh comes out and sees uttara.
Laksh: Di, wait a minute. Laksh unbounds Uttara.
Laksh: di we should get out from the place.
Uttara (in mind): he is the one who tried to save me, at that day.
Sanskar and Swara searches Laksh in Mall.
Sanskar: Swara , where he goes?
Swara: Sanskar, don’t worry,. We will find him.
Sanskar(Kneels Down): He is only one who brings happiness again in my life. I never lost him.(cries) Swara, where he goes?
Swara try to console him.
At Maheshwari Mansion,
Dp: Rajat beta, because of us, he suffered a lot. It’s some documents. I named some properties on your name.
Rajat: what the need uncle? I am Uttara’s husband. Taking care of her is my duty. Don’t embarrass me.
A Voice comes there” papa, he doesn’t deserve that”
Dp: Uttara..
Rajat shocked by seeing her.
Uttara: papa, he is not a good man. He acted like this. He give me drugs to show me as a Pagal.
Ap: what?
Uttara : Haan Maa. He killed Sahil and show it as Sanskar bhai killed Sahil in accident before the day of my marriage. Then he married me. by giving drugs, he showed me as a mentally slipped one. He did all this only for money.
Uttara kneels down and cries.
Ap and Dp hugs her.
Police comes there and arrests Rajat.
Laksh: Di,it’s too late. my bhai is worried for me. can you help me to go my house?
Dp and Ap surprised by seeing a childish voice from a handsome man.
Uttara: Can you say your address?
Laksh(thinks and Say): Sanskar Maheshwari Mansion
Dp , Ap and Uttara are shocked.
Uttara: Bhai..
Dp calls Sanskar and put it in loudspeaker.
Sanskar: Hello
Laksh: Bhai.. it’s me Laksh
Sanskar (cries): Laksh.. where you go? I am so scared for you. Swara it’s laksh in phone.
Dp: Sanskar beta, come to MM.
After half an hour, Sanskar and Swara arrives MM.
Sanskar sees Laksh and he didn’t care about anyone.
Sanskar hugs Laksh and kisses him in forehead. Ap and Dp are surprised by seeing the bond between Laksh and Sanskar.
Sanskar: Laksh why you left me? I searched the whole mall.
Laksh: Bhai calm down. I am safe now. Do you know ? I met the man whom I saw in dream daily.
Sanskar: what?
Uttara: He is saying about Rajat, bhai.
Sanskar turns and sees uttara.
Sanskar(shocked): Uttara.. are you okay?
Uttara hugs Sanskar” bhai, I am not a mentally slipped one.Rajat showed me like that. Rajat is very bad. He killed Sahil and show it as a accident.”
Sanskar: what? But why? He is my friend naa. Sanskar is confused.
Sanskar:say it clearly.
Uttara explains about Rajat’s plan.” Bhai, I don’t know. He said that if he ruin our life, he will get money. Who is behind this?”
Dp is shocked and turns to see a photo. In that photo, Abigya, purab, Ammu and Dp, Ap smiles.
In Kasi, Pragya sees Purab standing in Ganges. She goes near towards that. She is standing in Border.
Pragya: Purab, what are you doing in Ganges? It’s not good for your health.
Purab turns and Smiles.” Bhabhi”
Pragya(confused): Purab..
A voice comes there” Maa, what are you doing there?”
Pragya turns and shocked to see Purab there.
Pragya(in mind): if purab is there, then who is this?
Pragya sees the purab in Ganges vanished in air.
Purab: Maa, A stone hit me in head in Ganges while take bath. It’s bleeding. Help me. if Ragini knows this, she will definitely taunt me.

Precap: Laksh gains his memory, Purab soul try to free from trap.

Guys, this story will be super natural. If you don’t like it, please say it in this chapter itself.. I will change my story line.
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