Swaragini&KKB-My life (episode 3)

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Let I start the third episode.
Abhi opens his eyes. He sees himself in a white dress and sees pragya in white dress who sleeping in bed. The room is painted in white colour.
Abhi( shakes pragya & Pragya opens her eyes): Doll! Finally we come to heaven. But, why I feel pain in my head? After death we can’t feel pain naa.
Pragya( sees bandaid and blood mark in Abhi head): we didn’t died and it’s not heaven. I think it’s hospital.
Suddenly , they hear a laugh sound.
Person: correct aunty. It’s hospital. I see you both in unconscious state near the river bed. You are safe by god’s grace. You should be careful naa while walking into river edge.
Pragya take a deep breath.
Abhi put a weak fake smile.” She wanted to take bath in Ganges. It results in it”
Person(smiles) you are ideal couple uncle. When I treat you both, I really surprised by your bonding. In unconscious state also, we can’t separate your hands. You are connected in heart.
Pragya shows a weak smile in her face.
Pragya: what’s your name, beta?
Person: Ragini Aunty.kk. aunty, I directly come to point. Why you both tried to attempt suicide?
Abhi sees Ragini with shocked face.
Abhi: Beta..
Ragini: I saw you when you stepped into Ganges.
Ragini holds Pragya’s hands.
Ragini: Aunty.. you can trust me. if you share your pain, it will help you.
Pragya:(sheds tears): I lost my eldest son in our rivals hand. My second son doesn’t needs me. he ready to sent me to Old age home. My last son murdered. You can say beta what can I do?
Abhi also cries silently.
Ragini hugs Pragya.” Aunty, I can understand your pain. But, death is not the answer. Take me, I am an orphan. I didn’t see my parents. I have crossed so many things in my life. I suffered so much. But still I don’t lose hope ,Aunty. We have one life . make it meaningful”
Nurse come inside.
Nurse: Dr I need their name for records.
Abhi: Abhay Mehra and Mrs. Pragya Abhay Mehra
Ragini is shocked.
Ragini: Aunty, what’s your last son name?
Pragya: Lakshya dev Mehra(remembers him and cries)
Ragini wakes up with shocked face and runs to her cabin.
Ragini(to nurse): don’t disturb me until there is an emergency.
Ragini entered into her cabin and then Lock it.
Tears rolling down from her eyes.
Ragini: Laksh, how can you left me?
She takes a pendent from her neck and open it. it’s have photo of Laksh and Ragini.
Ragini:Laksh, you said me naa that you will marry me. but why you left me alone? Lakshhh…
Flashback starts
Ragini walks from her medical college to her hostel , Suddenly someone closes her eyes by their hand.
Ragini touches the hand and smiles” Laksh”
Laksh: How can you identify me?
Ragini: I can observe your presence, Laksh. I am that much close to your heart.
Laksh: like my parents Rago. Kk. Close your eyes.
Ragini: For what?
Laksh: I said close your eyes.
Ragini: you are so adamant, Laksh. and closes her eyes.
Laksh puts a pendant in her neck.
Ragini opens her eyes and sees pendent.
Laksh: Open it.
Ragini opens it and happy seeing Raglak photo in one side. And confused seeing another side empty.
Ragini: Laksh, Why another side empty?
Laksh: it will be filled with our family photo after I put mangalsutra in your neck.
Ragini: Laksh..can your family accept me? I am an orphan.
Laksh: they will definitely accept you and you are not orphan. My doll will be your mom and my cutie will be your dad, sweet sister as Jittaniji and caring bhai as Jittan.
Ragini hugs Laksh with overwhelmed joy.” Laksh, I finally get a family because of you”
Laksh kisses Ragini in her forehead.
Flash back ends.
Ragini: Laksh, I lost you. But I can’t lose our family.
Ragini composed herself.
Ragini goes to Abigya’s ward.
Ragini sees Pragya unwears her gold earings. Abhi sits near to pragya.
Ragini: Aunty, why you unwear your earings?
Pragya: beta.. we have to pay hospital bill naa.
Ragini takes earings and puts in Pragya’s ears.
Pragya: Beta..
Ragini: Aunty and uncle, can I ask you something?
Abigya: Hann beta
Ragini: can you stay with me as my maa and Papa?
Abigya shocked” Beta”
Ragini: Maa.. I never see my parents. When I am with you, I feel that I am with my family. Can you accept me as your daughter?
Abhi: but we are old ones beta. We can be hurdle in your life. You don’t know about us.
Ragini: no you never be hurdle in my life. I trust you.
Ragini stands with so much pain in her heart and walks towards the door.
Pragya holds her hand.” Beta, can we call you as Rago?”
Ragini hugs Pragya” Maa”(cries by remembering Laksh)
Abhi: Rago beta, why are you crying? Your maa and Papaa with you naa.
Ragini hugs Abhi with another hand” Maa and Papa, don’t let me alone. Please don’t leave me”
Pragya rubs Ragini’s shoulder.” Rago.. don’t cry naa.”
Ragini wipes her tears.” This is my happiest day in my life. From now, I am not an orphan”
Ragini smiles. Abigya smiles by seeing Ragini’s smiles.
In evening she take them to her house.

In Chennai
Purab goes to an orphanage which Abhi visits once in a month.
Incharge: come on Purab Beta.
Purab: uncle, from yesterday my parents are missing. Do you know anything ?
Incharge is shocked.
Incharge: yesterday, they asked me to take two tickets for Kasi.
Purab shocked.” What tickets to Kasi?”
Incharge:haan beta
Incharge( continues): Beta Don’t mistake me. even though you are adopted son of them, they never show difference between you and Laksh. you are only hope for them. Don’t let them to suffer.
Purab(shocked): Am I their adopted son?
Incharge:Haan Beta. You didn’t know about that. I thought that Abhi would tell about this because there is a rule. If adopted child reaches matured age, the parents should tell the truth.
Purab : Please say it clearly.
Incharge searches something in his table.
Incharge: she is your real mother and she wants to give this pendant to you. I saw your mom in Ganges stream. When I took her to this orphanage, she was pregnant. She dead while giving birth to you. After three years, Abhi and Pragya came here and they say you and they adopted you as their son. They don’t see your real mother photo. Pragya loves you a lot. Please take care of them.
Pragya sees the photo and shocked. The women looks like Ammu and he opens the pendant hell shocked.
In this pendant, Ammu and Purab photo is shown.
Purab is hell confused.
Purab(in mind): it’s not important. First I want to search my papa and maa.
Purab comes to Mehra house and sees Ammu and Kalavathi in hall. But they didn’t see purab.
Ammu: Maa.. I want to know that you did anything to meri maa and Papa.
Kalavathi: No Ammu. I am also worried.
Ammu sees Kalavathi’s eyes directly and Kalavathi nods her head down.
Ammu takes Kalavathi’s hand and put it in her head.
Ammu: Promise me that you didn’t do anything.
Kalavathi jerks her hand,
Kalavathi: yes , I made them to go out of this house. And explains her plan.
Ammu and Purab are hell shocked.
Purab: Maa.. Papa..
Ammu: Maa.. why did you do this? Ammu eyes become moist.
Kalavathi: I want my daughter as a queen of this house., not a servant to your in laws.
Ammu(shouts): Maa.. Ammu eyes shows her anger.
Ammu: Do you want me as a queen of this house? What can you do to me? you snatched my family from me.
Ammu smirks. Kalavathi gulps by seeing her smirk.
Ammu goes inside and put a lock.
Kalavathi and purab knocks the door.
Purab: Ammu please open the door.
Kalavathi: Ammu beta please
Purab ready to break the door.
At the time, Ammu open the door.
Kalavathi is shocked by seeing Ammu. She wears only earrings and Mangalsutra. She wears a simple white saree with Red border.
Ammu: For me, you snatched my family naa. Until they return, there is only two colour in my life one white and red. I never add neither sweet nor salt to my food. You want me as a queen naa. I will never wear any ornaments except these earrings and Mangalsutra. This is the punishment I will give to you
Kalavathi: Ammu please don’t do this.
Ammu falls down in Floor and Purab holds her and calls doctor.
Doctor comes and checks her.
Doctor: Mr.Mehra. I understand your family situation. But stress is not good for her. If her BP is again raised, It will results complexion in her pregnancy.
Purab nods and Doctor goes out.
Purab goes inside to see Ammu. Ammu is sleeping but traces of worriedness clearly see in her face.
Purab calls Aadi and informs him about Kalavathi’s betrayal and Ammu’s condition.
Purab didn’t utter a word to Kalavathi.
Aadi comes to Mehra house.
Aadi first sees Ammu and then comes outside.
Aadi: Maa.. I never think you can do this.
Kalavathi nods her head down.
Aadi: I promise you that you also lost your son. Don’t see your face to me.
Aadi and Purab get inside.
Kalavathi is shocked by hearing this. Already, She lost her daughter due to her behavior.
Kalavathi drags her hand and leg in opposite sides and falls down.
After 15 minutes, they come outside and sees Kalavathi on floor.
Aadi: Maa..
Purab: Sasu maa..
Purab and Aadi takes her to hospital. Ammu didn’t know about this.
After an hour, Doctor comes out.
Doctor: she is safe. But, her right brain stops to work properly. She can’t use her right leg and left hand properly.
Aadi and Purab is numb. At that time, they hear a voice from her back.
Ammu: she deserves it.
Purab: she is your mom,Ammu.
Ammu:no she is a heartless woman.
Purab starts to argue but Aadi stops him.
Aadi: Do you know anything about Aunty and Uncle?
Purab: they went to Kasi. I books a ticket in evening. At night, I can reach there.
Ammu: I will come with you.
Purab: Ammu you are pregnant. Travelling is not good for you.
Ammu holds her belly with moist eyes.” But my maa and Papa is important to me”
Ammu and Purab travels to Kasi, the holy city.

In kolkatta,
Sanskar discharges Laksh and Swara explains Sanskar about medicines.
Sanskar takes Laksh to Sanskar Mansion.
Laksh: Bhai, are we living in that much big house.?
Sanskar: Haan Laksh. caresses his hair.
Laksh: Bhai, we are living alone in this house.
Sanskar: Haan….
Laksh: are you not scared? It’s like bhoot bungalow.
Sanskar: what Bhoot bungalow? Are you say this beautiful house as bhoot bungalow?
Laksh: if there is not family, then this house definitely a bhoot house.
Sanskar hurts by his answer but composed himself soon.
Laksh: Bhai, can we don’t have parents?
Sanskar: I did a big mistake so they sent me out.
Laksh: don’t worry bhai I am with you naa( smiles Innocently and side hugs him)
Sanskar eyes become moist.
Sanskar takes Laksh to a room .
Sanskar: are you like this room, Laksh?
Laksh: so much bhai.
Sanskar: kk. You can sleep here. I will go and do the lunch.
Laksh: are you don’t have servants?
Sanskar: no. I can’t trust them( remember some unwanted incidents)
After some minutes ,
Sanskar opens the door and wakes Up Laksh.
Sanskar: Laksh. wake up. Lunch is ready.
Laksh wakes up and both go to dining table.
Laksh sees Chappathi’s and some side dishes.
Laksh( makes some faces): bhai I don’t like it. I want idli and chutney.
Sanskar(Pleases): Laksh, you meri sweet choti naa. I will arrange a cook for you. Please..
Laksh: kk.. but I want tomorrow idli and chutney. Pakka naa.
Sanskar: Pakka (shows his thumb)
Laksh eats the lunch and go to his room.
Sanskar gives his tablets and make him to eat tablets.
Sanskar goes to his room.
After, few minutes , Laksh knocks Sanskar’s room door.
Sanskar opens the door and surprised to see Laksh.
Laksh: Bhai, I am so much scared. Can I sleep with you, please?
Sanskar: (smiles)kk.
Laksh sleeps in one side and Sanskar sleeps in another side . Laksh holds his hand and sleep.
A child is trying to swim in a stream.
Child: chacha help me.
Chacha: Ram hold my hand.
Ram tries to hold Purab’s hand. Suddenly someone holds his hand. He turns to see.” Maasi”
Purab and Ammu holds Ram above the water. Due to the gun shot and speed of stream, Blood is continuously oozing from Purab’s body. He faints and fell down into water.
Ram: Chacha(cries)
Ammu sees him with moist eyes.
Ammu swims with Ram and make him sit in a rock. Suddenly, a branch fall down on Ammu’s head and she lost the grip in Ram’s hand. The stream take her .
Ram(shouts): Maasi…
Sanskar wake up due to the dream.
Laksh: what happened Bhai? why are you screaming? Do you know I am so much scared?
Sanskar: Sorry Laksh. I have a bad dream.
Laksh kisses him in forehead.” Now, you can’t have any bad dream. Let sleep”
Laksh and sanskar sleeps.
In Ragini’s house,
Abigya is in their room.
Pragya stares the sky.
Abhi touches the shoulder.
Pragya places her head in his shoulder.
Pragya: I don’t understand what happening in my Life, Abhi
Abhi rubs her shoulder.
Pragya: first we lost Dadi, Purab , Ammu and our son Ram. Then, we got Purab and Laksh. then we got Ammu. We lost Laksh. then we got Ragini. I don’t know what is the fate that the god written in my head.
Abhi: Doll! Till I don’t know how Purab and Ammu looks like my choti and Saali. I didn’t believe in reincarnation. But , we get our Purab and Ammu back. Like that, we should get our Laksh back.
Pragya hugs Abhi” I think Rago suffered a lot. We should be as her supporting system”
Abhi: Haan doll!
Abhi and Pragya sleeps while Ragini is crying by remembering Laksh’s memories.
The next day morning,
Sanskar wakes up and sees Laksh.
Sanskar:Laksh, wake up.
Laksh: Doll! I want to sleep.
Sanskar is shocked.
Sanskar shakes Laksh.”Laksh Laksh ”
Laksh wake up and Sees Sanskar” Bhai why are you shaking me?”
Sanskar: no nothing. I am going to jog. Can you come with me?”
Laksh: kk.
Laksh and Sanskar goes for jog.
While Ammu and Purab searches Abhi and Pragya with their photo. Most of them answered negatively.
Ammu: bhai sab can you see them?
Man thinks” I saw them”
Purab: where?
Man: sorry beta. They committed suicide in Ganges.
Ammu falls down as a lifeless body. Purab is frozen . his eyes sheds tears automatically.
Purab: Maa.. Papa…
Purab kneels down in ground.
Man:Beta your wife is falls down.
Purab is worried by remembering Doctor’s word.
Purab takes Ammu to hospital.
Doctor checks her.
Doctor: Mr.Mehra she is very weak. I think you are from other state. How can you let your wife to travel in this condition?
Purab nods his head down.
Doctor: I advise you please don’t let her travel.
Purab: doctor, we can’t know anyone in Kasi.
Doctor: one minute..
She calls someone.
Doctor: my opposite apartment is free now. You can stay there.
Purab: thanks Doctor. No one help like this.
Doctor: you can call me as Dr.Ragini.
Purab : thanks So much.
Ragini: you can discharge your wife in after noon.
In kolkatta,
Sanskar: Laksh, he is our cook and your care taker, Champak.
Laksh: care taker??
Sanskar: haan he cook what you want.
Laksh: can he cook idli and chutney?
Sanskar nods.
Laksh hugs him” thanks bhai”
Sanskar goes to office.

In Afternoon at Kasi,
Ragini takes Purab and Ammu to her opposite apartment.
Ragini opens the door. Purab takes Ammu inside.
Ragini: Maa.. they are came.
Pragya: Haan Beta..
Pragya goes to opposite apartment .
Pragya: Beta..
Purab and Ammu jerked by the voice. Ammu is in hall. Purab is inside room.
Purab: Maa
Ammu: Maa…
Pragya is shocked to see Ammu in simple saree.
Pragya: Beta, why did you wear such a saree? What happened you? How can you come this place?
Ammu hugs Pragya more tighter.
Ammu: Maa.. how can you leave me? do you know naa I can’t live without you and Papa?
Abhi enters the flat.
Pragya: but..(she resists to say about Purab’s decision)
Purab: how can you think me that I will leave you in old age home? Even I am your adopted son. So you didn’t trust me naa.
Everyone is shocked.
Pragya: it’s not like that purab.
Purab kneels down” it’s paining Maa” shows his chest.
Pragya and Abhi hugs him tighter.
Abigya: who said you are my adopted son? You are my own son. Don’t speak rubbish.
Purab: I went to orphanage. I know everything Maa.
Abhi is worried.
Abhi: Purab , don’t you hate us naa for your Adopted parents?
Purab: Papa. How can I hate you? Because of me, you suffered a lot. Forgive me.
Ammu explains about Kalavathi’s plan and their sequences.
Abhi: sorry beta, we should trust you.
Purab: it’s not your fault papa. Do you know when we know that you stepped into Ganges, ? we literally break down. Purab hugs Abhi more tighter.
Purab sees Ragini.
Pragya: Purab, She is your sister Ragini.
Ragini really scared that Purab will Make Again her an orphan by snatching his parents back.
Purab: I am really lucky to have such a helping sister.
Ragini sees him with moist eyes.
Ragini hugs him” thank you for not let me as an orphan”
Purab: Ragini see me, you are not an orphan. You have maa, papa, bhaiya and bhabhi,. You have a family.
Ragini’s head rolls Laksh’s words.

In night,
Everyone sitting in topfloor of Apartment.
Pragya and Abhi feeds them all with their hand.
Purab: Papa, I want to speak you.
Abhi: what Purab?
Purab takes the pendant and opens it and shows it to Abigya.
Purab: Orphanage Incharge said that it’s my real mom’s. but I can’t know why my mom Looks like Ammu?
Abigya sees the pendant and shocked.
Abhi and Pragya remembers past Purab and Ammu . their eyes automatically sheds tears.
Purab: what happened Papa? Can you know them?
Abhi: your real father is my choti bhai. your real mother is my saali.
Purab: what?
Pragya: Purab please don’t ask us about this. Please
Purab stops by seeing Pain in pragya’s eyes.
In Kolkatta
Laksh and Sanskar takes Lunch.
Sanskar:Laksh, what about new cook?
Laksh(smiles): Bhaiya he is so good. He cooks what I wanted.
Sanskar smiles by seeing Laksh smile.

Precap: SanLak moments and Swasan

Friends it’s about reincarnation and it’s little bit complicated story.
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