Swaragini&KKB-My life (episode 2)


Guys first I want to clear that Raglak and Swasan are the pairs. But, this FF mainly revolves on Pragya, Ammu and Laksh. that’s why I said Ammu and Laksh are main leads. Ragini’s entry in third episode. And in Abigya past there is also another Purab and Ammu whose arAbhi’s choti bhai and Saali.

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Let I start the Episode 2.
Abhi has a paralytic Attack when hearing that Laksh is dead.
Purab: Papa..
Purab goes neat to Abhi and Taps his face” Papa .. Papa..”
Purab takes him into Hospital.
Purab: Doctor..(shouts)
Doctor admits him in ICU.
Purab, Ammu and Pragya waits in outside hospital.
Ammu faints and Pragya holds her.
Purab sees that.
She is also admitted in Hospital.
After few minutes, a lady doctor comes Outside.
Purab: how is she doctor?
Doctor( smiles): you will become a father. Your wife is pregnant with three month child. She is weak. So take care of her.
Purab and Pragya didn’t know that they need to cry for Laksh or worry for Abhi or happy for the new arrival in the family.
After an hour,
Doctor comes out from ICU: he is ok now. I think that he heard any shocking news. he can’t walk properly. I refer him to take therapist.
Purab goes Inside.” Papa, you scared me so much”
Abhi caresses his hair and then wipes his tears.” What happened to Laksh?”
Purab explains him. A tear rolled down from Abhi’s eyes.
Purab: papa, don’t worry, I will definitely catch the murderer. I will take revenge.
Abhi takes Purab’s hand and places it in his head” promise me, you never take revenge for that”
Purab: Papa..( shocked)
Abhi; promise me. otherwise..( he tried to remove glucose strips)
Purab: I promise you, Papa.
Purab comes outside and sees Kalavathi and Aditya.
Aditya hugs him” what happened, jeju? My friend said that uncle admitted in hospital”
Purab explains all to Aditya.
Purab: I don’t know why Papa does this?
Pragya: because we don’t want to lose my another son.
Purab:Maa..and touches her in shoulder.
Pragya hugs him and cries badly” Laksh…”
Aditya eyes become moist( in mind): if you don’t able to take revenge, no problem jeju. I will take revenge for my friend.
Kalavathi(in mind): ohh! One problem is over. And sheds fake tears.

In kolkatta hospital.
Swara: Sanskar, he wake up.
Sanskar rushed to inside ward.
Sanskar gets inside first and then swara comes inside. Sanskar sees Laksh’s scared face.
Sanskar: are you fine? What’s your name?
Laksh: My name is Laksh, uncle. He try to remember and give a blank expression to him.
Sanskar:Uncle..( shocked)
Laksh: Haan! You are tall and have big hands and have moustache. You should be uncle naa. How can I call you as bhai? you are very bigger than me.( childisly)
Swara worried by this answers and Laksh’s attitude.
Swara:Sanskar wait outside.
Sanskar is confused and goes outside.
Swara calls Manik and checks Laksh.
In Manik’s cabin,
Sanskar sit in opposite side to Manik.
Manik: sorry Sanskar, he lost his memory and his Brain will work like a child.
Sanskar wakes up in shock” What”
Manik: calm down sanskar
Manik: because of that accident, his head is so much affected. I will sent him to mental asylum until his recovery.
Sanskar( his inner voice): you again wasted another one’s life, Sanskar.
Sanskar: what? No . I will take care of him.
Manik is surprised by his answer.
Manik: sanskar, you should reconsider your decision. It’s not easy job.
Sanskar: no. I will take care of him. I just want to know how much probability to cure him?
Manik: Frankly,it’s in god’s hand. But one thing if he behaves mature, then you should call me.
Sanskar nods and goes to Laksh’s ward.
Laksh smiles to sanskar and Sanskar feels guilt.
Laksh: uncle, who am I to you?
Sanskar: bhai
Laksh: so, I have this much bigger bhai naa, doctor dii.(he shows his hand big)
Sanskar: Haan Laksh.
Laksh smiles and Swara put an injection to make sleep Laksh.

Outside the ward,
Sanskar break down Literally.
Swara consoles him.
Sanskar: again, I wasted another one’s life. First my Uttara, then Rajat, you , now I wasted his life also.
Swara: no sanskar. It’s not like that. He will be definitely cured.
Sanskar: he will be definitely cured naa.
Swara: Haan Laksh. you can take him to your house after two days.
Sanskar nods and calls someone.

In Mehra’s House, At the same time
Kalavathi: Purab beta
Purab: Haan Sasu maa..
Kalavathi:beta, Ammu is pregnant. She needs care. Your father is not well naa. So, Pragya ji needs to take care of him and she can’t recover from Laksh’s death, Can I stay here until child’s birth?
Purab: It’s also your house sasu maa. Don’t embarrass me by asking permission.
Purab puts garland to Laksh’s photo and then goes to hospital to discharge Abhi.
Kalavathi Smirks.” Now, it’s time to play”
After an hour, Abhi, pragya, Purab and Ammu comes to Mehra’s HOUSE.
Kalavathi takes Aarti for Abhi and then Ammu.
Pragya takes Abhi to his room.
Abhi and Pragya didn’t speak a word. Pragya starts the conversation.
Pragya(cries): it’s my mistake, Abhi. You refused but I convinced you. It’s my mistake, Abhi. My mistake
Abhi: it’s not your mistake, Pragya. We already lost our one son. We can’t lose Purab.
Pragya jerked.
Pragya: Haan Abhi! We never allow him to go kolkatta.
Abhi: he looks like my choti. We never allow him to go kolkatta.
Pragya hugs Abhi” I can’t bear meri Laksh ka death. Whats his mistake? Why they killed him? (cries)
Abhi consoles her by hiding his pain.

The next day,
Pragya helps Abhi to go Bathroom.
They hears Kalavathi talking on phone.
Kalavathi: hahaha.. .. do you know latha? I convinced Purab to sent his parents to old aged home by pointing Ammu’s pregnancy.
Abhi and Pragya shocked.
Pragya holds Abhi’s hands more tighter.
Abhi: no. Doll! My son never does this.
Purab comes outside of the room. And he is also in call.
Purab: sir, I want admission for a couple in your old aged home.
Pragya shattered fully. She starts to fall down. Abhi takes her to Abigya’s room.
Purab: Sasu maa, I get admission for your friend.
Kalavathi: thanks beta. Their own children abandoned them.
Kalavathi Smirks while seeing Abigya’s dull walk.”they even didn’t able to think. They are fully shattered because of Laksh’s death.”
In Abigya’s room,
Pragya: Abhi, I never think that Purab does this.
Abhi: my one son died. My another didn’t need me. he is ready to sent me old aged home.
Pragya: Abhi, I can’t bear any pain.( cries)
Abhi thinks and took a deep breath.
Abhi: I think it’s correct time to go Ganges.
Pragya shocked and wipes her tears then” yes. It’s correct time to go Ganges”

In Kolkatta,
Sanskar comes to see Laksh.
Laksh: bhaiya, where did you go Yesterday? I searched you.
Sanskar: Sorry Laksh. I have some important work.
Laksh turns his face” you have important work than your brother naa. Then go from here”
Sanskar holds his ears by his hands” sorry Laksh”
Laksh smiles” Bhaiya, I am so bored. Can you take me for a walk?”
Swara enters the room.
Swara: haan, Laksh you can go to walk with your bhai.
Laksh: thanks doctor di.
Swara: Call me Swara
Laksh:kk swara di( shakes his heads and smiles innocently)
Sanskar lost him in Laksh’s smile.
Laksh taps him in his shoulder.” Can we go bhai?”
Sanskar takes Laksh. while walking Laksh sees him and Sanskar in the mirror.
Laksh: bhai, I also equal height with you. Am I grown up?
Sanskar: yes. Meri choti grown up this much. He shows his hand.
Laksh smiles.
Sanlak roams the full hospital. Sanskar guilt increases by seeing Laksh’s condition.
In Chennai,
Purab enters into Abigya’s room.
Purab: Papa .. Mama..
He can’t see abigya in their room.
Purab searches the whole house.
Ammu wakes up by hearing Purab’s sound and come outside.
Ammu: what happened Purab?
Purab: Papa and Mama not in house and their phone is in their room.
They stared to search nearby house.

Abigya in train which goes to North India
Pragya sleeps in Abhi’s lap. Abhi caresses her hair.
Flashback starts
Two girls entering into mansion by kicking a kalash which is filled with rice.
Then the two newly married couples enter inside the house. It’s Abigya and Abi’s choti Purab and Saali Ammu.
Pragya and Ammu places her foot in haldi and walk towards the pooja room.
Abhi: Dadi, today I am so happy. From now, I can live with my doll and my teddy.
Ammu: see abhi, I am not teddy.
Pragya: he is your jeju, Ammu.
Ammu: di, first he is my friend and then my jeju.
Ammu glares Pragya.
Pragya: kk. Calm down Ammu.
Ammu and Pragya lights the diya.
Dadi: today, two lakshmi’s come to my house.
Pragya and Ammu side hugs Dadi.
Abhi: not ordinary lakshmi. Teddy is Gaja(elephant) Lakshmi.(Make faces)
Ammu gives a stern look and then takes water and pours on Abhi’s face.
Abhi starts to chase her.
Pragya: they didn’t change.
Purab: Haan Bhabhi! I also wish that they never change( stares Ammu lovingly)
Abhi try to pour water on Ammu but he accidently pours on Pragya’s face.
Pragya(exhausted): cuttieeee…
Abhi kneels down” Pragya sorry. I didn’t do it intentionally”
Pragya: Harray Devarji! Now we stop them. Unless we need to forget our special day.
Purab takes Ammu in his hand” it’s over. Let’s take some rest” He walks towards his room.
Pragya( to Abhi): today, you need to stay in Guest room.
Abhi: today is our first night.
Pragya: it’s your punishment.
Abhi: doll it’s not fair. Please show mercy on your husband.
Pragya nods no. Abhi pleases.
Flashbck ends
Pragya wakes up due to tears rolling from Abhi’s eyes.
PRAGYA wipes his tears.
Days starts to roll,Purab and Ammu files a missing case. Sanskar comes to hospital to spent time with Laksh. Abigya reaches kasi.
Pragya stands in the edge of Ganges. She stares the flood in Ganges . suddenly, someone flashes in her memory.

Flash back starts
Abhi runs in edge of Ganges with Pragya who is Half conscious. Ammu and Purab runs with him along with a three year child Ram in Purab’s hand.
Some goons chases him and shoots him
A goon shoots purab in his leg.
Purab falls down in Ganges with the child Ram.
Ammu: Purab…
Abhi stops running.
Ammu: Abhi go from here. If you caught, they will definitely kill you.
Abhi: we have to save purab, Ammu.
Ammu: it’s promise on me. keep di safe. Saying this she is jumped into Ganges.
Abhi: Ammuuu..i can’t save you. I can’t
Abhi runs from there with moist eyes.
Flashback ends
Pragya holds Abhi’s hands more tighter.
Abhi and Pragya stares each other.
Abhi(in mind): Ram, your mom and Papa are coming to you.
Abhi and Pragya starts to step into river.
A man sees this.
Man: Sir, don’t go. It’s dangerous.
Abhi: i love u doll
Pragya( smiles): i love u too, cutie
Abhi holds Pragya’s hands more tighter and Abigya have an intense eyelock. The fast stream of Ganges takes them inside.

Precap: Ragini’s Entry

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  2. jasmine Rahul

    Ammu is preg.thats nice.Abhi stopped Purab fron taking revenge on Laksh’s murderer as they did’nt want their another son also 2 b lost.Abhigya feel that if the ppl see purab they will kill him?Is it bcz he is Abhi’s late bro Purab’s replica?Its a twist that Abhi had a bro named purab n his wife ammu was his friend.Their scene was cute.Who shot Purab n why?Poor ammu also committed suicide.Ram is Abhigya’s son?
    Kalavati caused mu in abhigya’s mind abt purab n the shattered abhigya left 4 Ganges.sad.without knowing it poor purab is searching 4 abhigya.hope he finds them soon n abhigya gets 2 know how much purab luvs them.
    Laksh became mentally ritarded bcz of d accident.so sad.sanskar is upset as bcz of him its d 3rd life which is destroyed.what happened 2 d other 2 ppl bcz of sanskar?sanskar taking d responsibility of laksh was so nice of him.hope others c his gud heart.loved laksh sanskar scene n swara being sanskar’s support.hope laksh becomes alright soon. Abhigya holding hands 2gether n having intense eye lock was passionate.but did they rly drown in ganges?Or will they get saved?hope they wont die.
    very touchy story

  3. jasmine Rahul

    R purab Ammu the rebirth of the other Purab Ammu?

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    hey very nice , ammu pregnant , bt this ammu ki amma ki soooo bad yr, stupid , y is she behing them , even ammu is goood….will b waiting fr next!!!!!!!!!! good luck……….n dnt wrry about comments…………….it happens sometime n u have just started with the 2nd one so dont worry i’m always there to read n support ur ff…………….

    1. Balaji

      thank u fr ur support sister

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