Swaragini…Its fortune…Episode 8


Hiii friends,.

Here is the next episode.

Ragini is going to pataynagar in an auto..Its 6pm. Ragini:Bhaiyya..please go fastly.. Its a complete forest area.. The auto driver stops the auto. Ragini:What happened bhaiyya??Why did you stopped the auto? She gets shocked to see a group of people in front of the auto.The auto driver looks at her devilishly.Ragini starts running from the auto but all those people trapped her forming a circle.. Ragini gets tensed.They all laughs seeing her.
One person:ohho…She looks so hot…iam not getting control..I will go first. He starts coming closer to her while She starts moving backward. She runs from there breaking the circle formed by them.They starts running behind her. Someone comes there in a car..Ragini gets shocked to see the person.Yes..its her boss,Mr Sanskar Maheswari. He comes out of the car.Ragini suddenly hugs him.But he suddenly breaks the hug seeing those people approaching them. He starts beating them…Within seconds they ran from there. He then comes to Ragini.Ragini was about to say thanks to him but gets unconcious as sanskar gave her a tight slap. He then takes her in his arms and made her sit in the car.He starts driving the car.His eyes are filled with angriness.He is driving so rashly..Suddenly a lorry comes opposite to their car so puts a sudden break(The car stops) and by that Ragini gets concious..She is looking around with her half opened eyes.. Finally she saw sanskar,..Sanskar is looking at her angrily while Ragini is holding her cheek with her hand.She is also angry as he slapped her. Ragini:I was about to say thank you to you but you…you slapped me.How dare you Mr Sanskar Maheswari.? Sanskar slapped her once again and Ragini is looking at him angrily as well as shocked.He starts driving.They reached Pataynagar (Rinham hotel)..But its already 9pm.When they reached there..the clients asked him to pospond the meeting to tomorrow morning 6am.. Sanskar:Okay..then we will meet tomorrow..

Ragsan was about to leave but his client stops him.
Client:Mr Maheswari,you can stay here tonight na??Otherwise it will be difficult for you to come in the morning na??
Sanskar:okay fine.. Ragini is still angry…Sanskar too.. Manager:Sir,actually only one room is only remaining..
Sanskar:Its okay..give the keys.. Ragini is shocked to hear him. Sanskar is going towards the room and Ragini is following him. He reached the room and opened it.Ragini is standing outside the room itself thinking:How can he say that one room is fine…how dare he??I will not stay here. She was about to leave from there.But suddenly sanskar holds her hand , pulled her inside the room and left her.She falls on the floor. Ragini gets angry and shouts:What the hell are you doing?? Sanskar closed the door.Ragini gets shocked to see it and she stands. Sanskar then started coming towards her and she is moving backward.Now,there is no more space for her to move backward.. Sanskar lean towards her.She was about to push him,but he held both of her hands. Ragini:What the hell is this? Sanskar :You want to know na why do I slapped you….Its because of ur foolish behaviour…If something happened to you then??
Ragini:Why do you care??
Sanskar:Cus i love you damnt.. Saying this he left her and went from there..

Ragini:What??he loves me??Whatever..i don’t care,..i don’t love him.,.

Thats the end of the episode..

Credit to: MERIN

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