Swaragini…Its fortune…Episode 7

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Episode 7
At office..
Sanskar is always irritating her by asking her to do many works.. Once when Ragini comes to sanskar’s cabin for his sign..She didnt find him there..she notices the cover pic of his lap..its swara’s..But Ragini couldnt see it completely as someone entered the cabin ..She was about to turn to find the person..but unfortunately both of them collide and Ragini fell down along with that person on the top of her..She gets shocked to see the person..Yes he was sanskar.. Both of them shared a passionate eyelock..But they composed themselves when they hear the sound of a knock..It was Goutham.. Goutham:Sir,today you have a meeting at 7pm..
Sanskar:Okay.. Goutham:Sir..yesterday I asked you for a half a day leave today…sir please approve it..plsss
Sanskar:Its okay..you can.. Goutham:But sir..then who will accompany you in the meeting.. Sanskar looks at Ragini and smiles.. Ragini gives a “No” expression by shaking her head..
Sanskar:That I will manage..you can leave..
Goutham leaves.
Sanskar:So Miss Ragini Gadodia..you are gonna accompany me in todays meeting..
Ragini:No way.. Sanskar:Sorry you have no other option..

Ragini:Where is this meeting.. Sanskar:Pataynagar..
Ragini:I will accompany you in the meeting only..
Sanskar:what do you mean.. Ragini:That means we will not go together..
Sanskar:As you wish..ok..you can come by your own..but be on time..7pm.
Ragini:Ya.. Ragini leaves.. Sanskar:Paagal ladki..(foolish girl).. Ragini comes once again.. Sanskar:Now what..?
Ragini:Sign here..
“You are not transferring all my properties into your name na…”he said by signing the papers..
Ragini:If you want you can read it.. Sanskar:No…i trust you..
Ragini felt something strange by hearing”I trust you”.
Ragini leaves from there..while sanskar smiles lovingly..

After office..
@ Sanskar’s house
Balu:Today also swara didnt had anything..
Sanskar gets tears in his eyes hearing it.. He went to swara’s room and finds her sleeping.
Sanskar with a low voice :Swara..what happened to you..please become my old irritating swara…please.. Sanskar then went to a room where two photos are there…both have garlands in them.. Sanskar:Mamu…Mami..why did you leave us,…look your daughter’s state,..Its being two years..still no change in her..pls god..give me my old swara back.
Sanskar cries

@ Ragini’s house
Laksh:Hey Ragini..how was your first day..
Ragini:Ohhh Laksh..dont ask me anything about it..my boss Mr Sanskar Maheswari is so arrogant,idiotic and …no words to say ..oh..i wanna kill him.
Laksh laughs…
Ragini:If bade papa and badi ma was here then they might surely help me or atleast pacify me…but you..you are such an idiotic creature…Are you their son itself??You are good for nothing.. Laksh:Idiotic creature..me.. Ragini starts running and laksh is behind her..piyu watches everything and smiles..

Precap:Ragsan in Pataynagar…nokjhok..

Sorry swalak fans…i cannot show their scenes now…But I will try my best to reveal the past asap..past is full of swalak..so be happy..? Thanks for reading?.

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  15. hey abhi , sorry for late comment , the episode was superb and savitri dear sorry but please understand dear , everyone has a reason but you spoke it in a really wrong way , sorry abhi , i know i shouldn’t speak between you both but still everyone should understand that you are taking out your time to write to them , they should respect it……………………………….so coming to the episode , raglak and swasan are cousins…………………….superb……………….waiting for next episode……………………be happy dear……………………

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