Swaragini:hum se hai life (intro)

hii everybody this is ayesha……i was till tomorow a silent reader..nd really admired all the writers in the page……they became my inspiration…being a big fan of swaragini thought to write an ff in it…please support me….n do tell if there is any mistake as i am new to this world ….postive or negative comments are welcomed…….enough of my speech?…………lets move to the story

A big mansion is shown,as we enter the gates we see its written “Shergil’s nest” we enter to see a big house decorated with all classy and antique things its a lavish house …..we see a room its not pink and sissy but its a messy one a girl is throwing her things here and there seems like she is angry and another girl is just smiling seeing her antics…..yes they are our swaragini……..the girl who is angry throws a pillow to the other one and says……
girl 1:”shona what is there to laugh?”(angrilly)and ptetends to be hurt and weeping “no one loves me”?
yes girl2 is our swara -a smart ,hot,mature girl,16 years old ,bubbly ,cunning and a charm
swara:”rago ,u came to know today …i knew beforehand” and smirks?
yes girl one is ragini swaras twins smart ,cute ,not so mature like swara but pretends to be, hot and a bit straightforward
hearing swara ragini throws another pillow to her and they have a pillow fight…..guys they both love each other and can do anything for each other
hearing the sounds sumi comes but she doesnt shout like any normal mom.,………..how could she she was shoked ,the room was hell dirty first of all due ti ragini nd the cotton that came out due to the pillow added to it….swaragini sensed the threat to their ears
ragini:saying a bit slowly so that sumi cant here “now what ,shona”
swara glared at her then said
swara:”good morning mom”
sumi: what the hell is this ,tell me who is the one responsible?
ragini:shona did it
said it cutly ,which made swara hell shoked?
swara : do u really belive this dramabazzz.mom?
sumi:”i am fed up with both of u dont want to know who did it just clean the mess..”….and she goes
swara glares ragini she brcomes nervous
ragini:its ok swara i will do it?
ragini:plzzz dont get angry…i was just kidding
ragini:swara plzz sry……if u dont talk i will die the next second(a bit drama between sisters are always there…..i hav one nd i am sure those who hav one know this?)
swara:why didnt u die the next second?
ragini: ?
they clean the room together nd go to breakfast table
sumi:”is the work done”
swaragini:yes mother india
shekhar:”i thought to send you to dehlis st thresa school for your futur studies”
sumi:they can study in kolkata only we have reputed school here too
shekhar:its our family tradition….moreover they need to see the world
swaragini were hell excited they didnt expect this…..they were happy and started dreaming about future but it soon broke when shekhar asked
shekhar:you both are ok with it
swaragini looked at each other than thier dad and mom then decreasing thier level of excitement
ragini:did we ever deny u?
swara:ur wish is our command
sumi shekhr smiled
while swaragini s hearts were dancing
the finished their breakfast and ran to their room. they started to searching abut st Teresa they were impressed by the school when
shekhr:get ready tomorrow we will leave to Delhi for or admission u r already late the session hav began over there
swaragini: OK
nd they started discussing again

St Terasa

we see a huge campass scene shifts to basketball ground two teams are playing a boy has the ball and he very efficiently trows it into the basket all started shouting and cheering but in the very nik of time a boy from the opponent saved the ball from going to basket filling silence everywhere ……….the time went up and the two teams did a draw disappointing both the captains…..
boy1-again a draw ………well played
boy2-why dont theu put us in same team……fed up of these draws yar
boy1-same here
boy2-when is the final of this basket ball match any idea
boy1-next week lucky
lucky-i am sure we by both will get selected for ISBBC……….but who will be the captain sanky
both our heroes smriked and looked towards the confused coach who avoided them

precap- let me think

guys plesd support me ……i am in need of it i will countinue if u guys want …..tell me if its boring i will stop it.

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  1. Alisha

    That was superb! I am desperately waiting for the time when Raglak and Swasan would meet. Keep writing Ayeasha! I literally loved it. ❤️?

  2. Deeksha

    Nice intro ayesha…. Keep going dear…. Pls update regularly…. ????????

  3. Yashasvi

    hey ayesha first a fall wlcm to swaragini as a writer n this one was something really owsm.do cont. n ya waiting fr raglak n swasan

  4. wow very nice very very nice plz pairs swasan rkhna plz

  5. Awesome Ayesha and interesting also.

  6. Divyanshri

    Fab….. episode……. upload soon will be waiting…….
    N u r right when there is sis there will be lots of drama I too have one…. drama queen ????

  7. superb dear…jst loved it…love ragini….post nxt part ASAP…

  8. Ragini is 2 cute and loved her..waiting 4 raglak nd swasan meeting..plz update soon

  9. Abirsha

    Awesome hope its swasan nd raglak

  10. Interesting dear and plz continue

  11. interestin ff
    carry on

  12. Sindhuja

    Nice start!! Loved sanlak scene!!

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  14. nyc.plz pair swasan rakhna

  15. Awesome yr.. Loved it.. Swaragini is too cute.. Plz do continue

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