Swaragini:hum se hai life epi 1

hii everybody i am like on cloud 9 today u guyz made my day love u i would have loved to thank u for the comments…..lots of thanks to alisha u were first to encourage then thanks to deeksha thanks babes yashasvi, Tanu ,s, rizna ,Divyanshi ,even i have a dtama queen nd my self also bit dramaqueen thanks to.molar…thak u gys

——————————————–shergil’s nest———–

Though it was 6 in morning the house was in rush…….ovio for the departure of thier princess:swaragini

sumi was packing stuff her face showed the sadness which was noticed by our swara
swara:mom its just about 2 years and we will come during vcation
sumi:when did my daughter grew so big
and they hug each other……
sumi: i hope even ragini was this mature
suddenly they hear a sound from back
ragini:i am, its just nobody notices it?
sumi glares at her giving her a “really”look to which our dramabazz replied
ragini:ase na mujhe tum dekho
swara:sine se laga lunga
tumko me chura lunga tumse…….dil me chupa luga
they sang to which sumi hug swara coz she was standing close and ragini was far so
ragin replied :not fair mom and tan to her mom and the trio had a hug
then after a couple of hours they left leaving sumi in tears

———–Delhi airport————-
they came to a hotel swaragini were in a room and shekhar in another ……….they got ready swara in a red a ragini in yellow short froks they looked stunning …they came down to see thier dad already ready……they went inside thier black od excited and nervous

————–St Terasa campus——-

the huge campass was totally filled with students .It was time for the school to began but just then a black od entered in full speed from it first came out a man followed by two beautifull girls …..they look around to see the campus and every guy or girl turned to see them……seeing it they start thier cat fights(guys i think sisters cat fights make thier bond strong)
ragini:see all are looking at me
(trying to tease swara)
swara:of corse they all are thinking what a pretty girl like me is doing with u?
ragini:meri billi mujhe meaw?
swara;teri billi tujhe dhiskau?
swara:ban gayi bheegibilli
then shekhar talked to the peon soon they were in principal’s office

———————————————-ln class11A——-

a boy comes in a rush
boy-yar school mei nibu ,mirchi ai hai(thers a chilli an lemon in our school)(indicating them with the colour of thier dress)
boy-i pray they join our class
lucky-where are they ?
boy-princis office
sanky-lets go lucky
lucky-get set go
and the boys rush
scene ends on swaraginis nervous and sanlak happy face??

precap-they will meet to prove newtons third law…..socho sacho?

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  1. Swaragini nd sanlak bond is amazing…ragini is so childih…about precape,newton’s 3rd law.thatz every action has an equal nd oposite reaction.wow…so exiting yar ..plz update soon

  2. ragsan plz

  3. Divyanshri

    waiting to see the prove of Newton’s third law

    awsome episode

  4. nice love naughty ragini

  5. Akshata

    nice, but make it longer

  6. Sumeeta

    Nimbu nd mirchi???????

  7. Aahna


  8. Haha nimbo mirchi n Newton’s 3rd law nice ha. Plz SwaSan n RagLak

  9. Awesome yr.. I loved ur way of writing n swaragini bonding is diff n cute.. Excited abt the nxt epi.. Swaragini n sanlak meeting n newton’s third law hahaha

  10. Deeksha

    Nice….. Continue soon

  11. ragini is cute

  12. Awesome

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