Swaragini:hum se hai life epi 4


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st teresa,girls hostel

the sun has taken its position and almost all the other hostel girls are already awake but our swaragini were still in deep sleep .when
swara:rago stop making that horible sound?
“thak….thak ……..thaaaak”
hearing such sounds ragini woke up and jumped out of bed in fear?? then she noticed a furious swara ? geting up the bed but again
swara then understood that ragini was innocent there is a mad person who was continuously knocking their door
she opened the door to find twinkle
twink:good morning
ragini:same to u
twink:what were i doing
twink:oh……..even i love dancing
ragini:u r born genius
twinkle:i know i will leave u both also get ready for school.bye
they look at each other and node their heads in disbelieve
then they rush to washroom started getting ready for school

swaragini reach the school

swara:rago u go i will buy 2sets of copy for both of us and join u in class
ragini:ok,come soon and any problem just call me
swara:yes boss
then ragini leaves……..swara goes to the stationary section
ragini was seeing her phone and walking when she dashed with someone
ragini without looking at the person rubbing her elbow where she is hurt
ragini:again a stupid wall
she looked to again find the same handsome face,with dark brown eyes with the same smirk
ragini(irritated):cant u see an walk
lucky:the same goes for u
ragini:why do u always come in my way??……..wait r u following me?
lucky:u r mistaken lucky dnt follow girls….girls follow him…..are u following me ??
lucky leaves smirking….ragini stamps her foot to let out her frustration
stationary section
swara saw a huge line and shighed and waited for her turn to come suddenly she could feel someone’s breath near her neck she felt uncomfortable and turned and was shocked to see sahil smirking
sahil:hi beautiful ,go ahead take ur books …..she was hell scared she didnt get any idea .she turned and started praying to god while sahil was evilly coming closer to her this was noticed by someone who was passing by …..that person went near her and tapped her shoulder
person:tell me what u want i will buy it for u …..u can go to class…i will give it there
swaras beautiful eyes which had a layer of tear now sparkled in joy
while sahil fumed in anger
swara:thank u so much sanskar ….i just need 2 sets of copies
sanky:i will bring it u sit at the bench
swara sits at the bench and look towads sanskar lovingly who was busy buying 2 sets of her copies .he finished and both of them went together in their class to find the class empty swasan were confused but they sat at thier places .swara kept the copies in her and raginis bag and both waited for someone to come .The bell rang ….other classes were already started but in their class neither student came nor teacher
sanskar started walking when his eyes fell towards window what he saw he couldn’t believe he called swara and showed her ,they rushed to the school ground
school ground
whole class11A were standing in ground under hot sun
swara:whats going on?
sanky:but why?
rag lak looked at each other and then started to describe

precap:dnt know

Credit to: ayesha

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  1. Ruhani

    First day at school perfect.. I must say twinkle is a born genius ???… Ragini is so cute when she collide with her so called stupid wall.. N sanky he is such a sweetheart

  2. Superb episode dear

  3. Awww….jst loved ragini …itsawesome dr…plz upde nxt part soon…

  4. nice ragini is nice

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  7. Omg..ragini is 2 cute..i think raglak wil be the reason 4 punishment

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