Swaragini:hum se hai life epi 3

Hiii ayesha over here,first thanks to alll my dear friends.thanks to ahana,neha,lisa,ammu,vyshu10,soujanya,-akshata,lovely,deeksha,bhagarbhi,ruhani ,rizna,-anu,sindhura,malar—-_———————————————-_————–
yes something fell down ….
yes it was sahil who fell down…sanlaks jaw touched ground…,……….sahil was rolling on ground with immense pain catching the weakest part of his body.his condition was worse than pathetic .There was silence everywhere ,all were shocked while swara was giving a very confused but yet loving smile seeing her warrior sister,coz she knew what probably can be the reason behind it ,Ragini,who kicked sahils main point now was eyeing him in a way as to make him burn and turn into ashes .Ragini again kicked his a*s and held his collar and shouted at him
ragini:if i again see u even 10m close to my sister . i swear u will lose some of ur private parts
swara:stop it ragini,whT all language is this babu,come lets leave
ragini glared sahil? and left with her shona.
sanlak went near sahil and sanskar gave him hand ,sahil holds it and tries to stand but sanskar leaves him in middle and sahil again falls with a thud???
sanky :caught his collar and said
“respect girls”

swaragini took their room keys from warden,took their luggage and went to their room ,it had 2beds,2 closet,2 study table and a dressing table…they started arranging
2 hours later
swara s side was ready she turned to see her rago sitting with heap of clothes and murmuring something.she smiled in disbelieve.
swara(mind):Is she the same girl who kicked sahil? god knows
Ragini:shona i am missing mom
swara:me too
ragini:will u help me out
swara:in ur dreams
swarA: ok ,but in one condition
ragini,u will not threaten my boyfriends like u used to do in previous school,nd not destroy my dates
ragini:?,ok, but i will check first he is perfect or not.done
then they together clean the mess ,the go fresh up and rest after being hell tired..they both wore floral tops with matching hot pants…suddenly they here someone sobbing and complaining .they followed the sound and found a girl
swara:hey,u r ok?
ragini:whats disturbing u?

ragini: seriously ur crying for nimbu?
swara:spill it out babes ,u can trust me
girl:a nimbu proposed my yuvi….ahahahhhha?
ragini:how does he look
girl:tall,fair,handsome……….blah blah ….continued
ragini:?why the hell did i ask her?…..shona i am going to canteen,u take care of her
she leaves frustrated
swara:whats ur name?
(twinkle from tasne isq)
twinkle:forgetting everything smiles “friends”
swara:whose yuvi?
twink:my crush but he doesnt notice me…….but i will make him fall for me
swra:thats the spirit

school canteen
Ragini was roaming alone and reached the canteen .she was missing her parents…..but still was moving in canteen all alone like a ghost………..when her eyes stuck to the basket ball ground…….a boy with perfect muscular shape in his black vest with black tracks pant was playing…..she went near him
the boy turned to be sanky
sanky:hii ?
ragini:i.seriously didnt expect u
sanky :i know
ragini:practicing so late .why?
sanky:thats a secret
and sat in a bench near ragini
sanky:u love ur sister too much
rags:who doesn’t love their siblings?
sanky(in serious tone) i dont
sanky:i dont know ,where he is,but i hate him,and i dnt want to know coz if i came to know i may kill him
i hate my bro .I hate “Dev”??
ragini was shocked and confused

besides these 2there was one more person who listened it and went from there shedding a drop of tear?

precap: not yet decided,sry.

guys forgive me if u get bored…..nd sry actually my own laptop is betraying me ?….,so sad ,right…..i dont touch dads one so cant provide with long scenes ????

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  1. ragini is rocking, ragsan scenes also nice

  2. love rags she rock
    and plz thora bara likho pljjjj yar

  3. Deeksha

    Nice dear… Continue soon…

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    i love this ragini…….

  5. Sindhura

    I enjoyed ragini bold nature..
    Make her more bold

  6. Ragini is superb dear and I loved it

  7. Omg..ragini is 2 good..haha..poor sahil and super dialogue delivery by ragini..al seens are nice..i like swaragini nd ragsan seens..but who is this dev? Is it laksh? Anyway iam waiting 4 next part dear.plz continue ragini like this..ragu rockz!!

  8. Awesome waiting for your next update

  9. Awesome

  10. Superb dr.. Haha ragini kicked sahil that was amazing.. Liked swaragini bonding.. Who’s dev

  11. Vyshu10

    interesting…..sahil’s condition??

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