Swaragini:hum se hai life epi 2

Hii everybody ayesha over here again ……
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+————st terasa———————————————-
swaragini came out of the principals office and went to accounts section for completing the formalities
the boys reach the principal office both were in rush lucky was behind sanky..sanky controlled himself in front of the door of princis office but lucky couldnt and both fell with a thud opening the door of the principals room
hearing the sound thier princi was shoked
princi:will u please take the pain of explaining me whats going on over here boyz?
now lucky and sanky both stood up and sanky glared lucky
sanky:si….sir…..actually sir
princi:go ahead
interupted by
lucky:sir we ate nimbu,mirchi by mistake and started runnig like mad because our mouths were burning and didnt even notice when we came here…..we are really sry..
………thak u
and both of them rushed leaving the princi confused

st terasa ,near main gate

swaragini bid bye to thier dad even shekhar was sad but bid them bye smilingly and turned he close his eyes and a drop of tear fell of course he never stayed away fr his 2_angels
ragini was sad but didnt show coz she knew though swara was mature she was emotionally week and looked towards swara who was shedding tears and side hugged her
ragini:its ok u r not alone at least u have me
swarA:(sobbing and saying) thats the biggest problem?
ragini:haaww……now stop this …ur make up will be destroyed then how will i tell see, that preety girl is my sis
swara:hahaha?……….ok ok lets go we have to do lots of work
both looked at their heap of luggage and shighed
they were pulling thier luggage kept it in front of hostel asking the gaurd to keep a eye on thier things and went to take thier room key .they went up the corridin to see a group if old students raging the new comers
swara: shitt…….now what
ragini:shona they are busy with
others lets hide and go……see thatside no one is there
swara:rago….are u sure
ragini:lets try
they stated walking making sure no one could see……ragini was in front and swara behind her……rangini was looking at her left side where the old students were there when she dashed with somebody
ragini:ouch……..do they have walls in the middle?too ?
she looked to find a handsome face smirking at her comment
its our lucky for sure

lucky:hii nimbu
lucky:trying to run
ragini:nope…………do i look like i am trying to run
lucky:ya ya….i know………..feeling like and sings:
“ouch! dhak dhak karne laga
mora jiya ra darne laga'”
he sings to show what ragini is feeling after getting caught but our ragini smirks to this and replies
ragini: ur this much scared seeing me overhere
making him feel like he sang it to show his own emotions ,making him confused …..laksh cursed himself for not saying her name
while our ragini got caught swara hid behind her so that lucky cant see her ,this was noticed by sanky who smiled seeing her innocence and after hearing raglak conversation suddenly sings
to which swara turns
sanky(sings):tera dhiyan kidhar hai re tera villan idhar hai
(guys made it coz they are ragging….anyways sanky is one of our lead)
swara:so sad …….i thought it was my hero
sanky?:if i say i dont want to become ur hero
swara:actually u cant even in ur dreams Mr.
lucky:girls get ready for the dare
swaragini:wr r always reAdy
sanlak smiriked and said
sanky;propose the first guy who comes up the corridor….?
lucky;look whose coming
swaragini found two boys desending with attitude they were nervous..they started walking thier direction thier speed was like 5km per hour,than 4than3than2than not even half km per hour
sanlak from behind:do u guyz need cars?? u r too slow girls……accept it u cant…..
finally they reached

swaragini:i love…………..u?
the boys were yuvraj and sahil(guys yuvrajs charActer will be played by yuvraj from tashne e isq and sahil is same sahil,swara proposed sahil and ragini proposed yuvraj)
listing to it
yuvraj smiled looking at sanlak
and said:its ok nimbu ,u won the challange(yes,he is a positive character ,and sanlaks friend)
ragini felt relived and smiled thn suddenly becoming confused ragini;wait;whose this nimbu?
yuvraj smiled took the rose from her hand and threw to laksh who caught it smilingly
even sahil took swaras flower and was seeing swara lustily which she didnt notice coz she was buzy noticing her rago who she cant see in any problem……
but someone noticed it yes sanky
he was going to save his angle but suddenly all present their hear a loud “thud”.

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