Swaragini~Heal My Wounds Episode 37- Unexpected

Heal My Wounds~Chapter37 UnExpected

The episode starts with someone dragging sanjana in a room.

“Who are you” asked sanjana as the person pin her in empty room.

“Ahaaan forget your baby soon sanju” says the person.

“Never” says sanjana while a smirk appears on her lips and she smiles seeing the person.

“Ahaaan”,the person says and revelas as Tarun who smirks seeing sanjana and moves his finger in her face.

“I never know that my baby can do this much great acting , n that she can leave madhuri dixit in acting also”,says Tarun and pecks her forehead.

“There is no such thing which i can do for my love”,says sanjana and hugs tarun tightly resting her head on his chest.

“Exactly there is no such thing which i can do for my love”, repeats Traun and smirks imagining both RagSan faces.

Whistle tune plays in bg

“Must say baby you analyze person so sharply haan, thats y you choose sanskar who is an emotional fool”,says sanjana to which tarun keeps his finger on her lips.

“Sshhhhh don’t you know babes that wall’s have ears too”, exclaimed Tarun smiling.

Sanjana smirks and both looks on.

Scene shift

Ragini is shown running on road crying,she was crying bitterly…she runs and keeps running till then she reach the park where sanskar takes her. She goes to the place which he shows and tells that whenever she feels sad and lonely she can come here.

Ragini goes and falls on ground near thw waterfall and burts out crying.

“Why why why he did this too me….why Can’t he understand me…why Can’t he understand my feelings….why Can’t he see love in my eyes…why why why Can’t he???”,shouted ragini loudly looking in sky while tears are continuously flowing from her eyes.

She remembers all his words and all the time they spend with each other.

“Well ginu this is Life, and in this life we will have many ups and downs… Sometimes we will be happy and sometimes we will be sad and sometimes we will be broken, we can’t predict our future and in some cases we all want to live in peace, so its necessary we know that place where we will feel peace and happy which can heal our pain thats y i want u to know this place cuz we dont know what will happen in next moment of our life, i just want u to be happy and whenever u feel u r broken or u need some space then u can come here, i knw it sometimes may be not work but trust me u will feel better” she remembers sanky words and closes her eyes remembering that day. She always want sanky besides her whether he loves her or not. She never wants to loose his best friend and life line in her love. She always control her emotions infront of him but how long she can do that one day she had to burst and she knows if she does that then it will definitely effect their friendship but she never thought that her sansku to whom she is important will forget her and will blame her. Yeah she knows she should not say that he is not worth of their friendship but she cant hold on her anger hearing his words,does he really don’t care about her or is she really over reacting. She was confused and heart broken. The worlds most painful thing is fight with your best friend more then a lover. Because there is no one exist and replace your friendship. Only few people know it means and follows the rule of friendship. But to her fate she has no one know she can’t share her feelings to swara also and laksh nor she wants them to feel hurt because of her and blame sanskar for any miseries. She takes a deep breath resting her head on her legs dragging them near her chest with tears continuously flowing.

Someoen capture her picture from far and sends it to someoen!!!

Scene shift

Sanskar feels restless and mad at a same time. He wipes his tears which are flowing from the time he fought with his ginu. He is hurt as well as broken but not as much as ragini. He was cursing himself as well feeling angry on ragini. He had mixed emotions. He really don’t know what he should do,should he go and apologize to ragini or wait for for her to come and say sorry to him. He ruffles his hairs frustrated and gets up to go and find SwaLak, he can only thought of them right now.

Scene shift

Laksh is shown sitting on cafeteria face palming himself while swara is trying to call ragini.

“I thought to tell them today about us but everything changes in one damn day”,says laksh frustately. Swara keeps her hand on his and assures him through her eyes.

“We will get out of it soon laksh”,she speaks and both shares a small eye-lock which got broken by some sound.

Laksh weakly smiles.

“I seriously don’t know what’s wrong with sanskar”,says swara lost in her thoughts.

“What’s wrong with me?”,asked sanskar coming towards them.

Seeing him both swalak got angry,laksh holds swara hands.

“Lets leave shona here some people don’t need us”,says laksh and about to drag swara when sanky comes in btwn.

“Lucky listen to me please shona lucky”,says sanky blocking their way.

“Its swara for you mr.sanskar, my friends can only call me shona who knows the meaning of friendship not like some those fake friends who promise something and do something, and moreover instead of accepting their mistake blame other’s”,speaks swara angrily yet mockingly.

Sanskar bangged his hand angrily on table hearing FAKE word.

“None has rights to decide my friendship Ms.Swara Gadodia”,sanskar shouts to which laksh shows his palm.

“Speak in low voice sanskar”,laksh raises his voice a lill.

“Must say ragini played well, she make my own brother against me bravo”, sanskar claps and left the place angrily.

“Ragini like seriously he will balmew ragu for my behavior now wohoooo”,laksh speaks banging his hand on table hard. Swara keeps her hand on his shoulder calming him.

“We have to solve it soon”,says swara to which laksh lightly nodded.

Scene shift

Sanjana who is seeing this smirks and remembers something


Sanjana who sees sanskar going stops him in mid-way and passes him a beautiful smile.

“Where are you going?”,asked sanjana keeping her hand on his shoulder.

Sanskar smiles,”wo i think i spoke so badly with ginu so i am going to swalak asking for their forgiveness first and then only will decide how to talk with ginu”.

“Hmm thats good sanskar you should go and ask her forgiveness even after you are at fault or not but what matters its good sometimes bowing infront of something which you really not do is also good,otherwise if you both kept fighting so it can effect your relation with your friends and your own family or brother. You go and say sorry otherwise your brother will keep angry and will fight with you,you are my friend i can’t see you upset na now go and talk with them”,says sanjana smilingly keeping her hand on his and assuring him through hers.

Sanskar weakly smiles and goes from their thinking.

Fb ends.

“Arrow hit the correct place which i want,poor Sanskar will blame ragini for everything in his life and poor ragini she will keep crying at her fate and poor swara and laksh well soon their love story is going to end by my hands”,thinks sanjana and smriks looking at SwaLak.

Screen splits on four RagSan and SwaLak.

Sanskar is shown walking frustately walking on road, he is confused he dont know why is he himself behaving weird,he thought to sorry SwaLak but isntead he shouted on them. He don’t know what is he doing. He takes his friend bike and go to the place where he goes with ginu no with ragini last time. He ruffles his hairs frustrated and stands infront of the waterfall looking up at sky.

“Its just because of ginu no she is no more ginu ragini its because of ragini if she hadn’t wait for me yesterday then it will never ever happen, i just….”,before he could complete his sentence he hears someone sobs sounds. His heartbeats starts beating fast hearing those sobs. He turns and saw ragini standing their crying. Unknowingly some tears drop from his eyes seeing her and he looks away unable to see her crying.And turns facing her his back.

“You are right Mr.Sanskar Maheshwari it’s All me and you just hate me just as i do now”,speaks ragini loudly and in a shaky voice controlling her tears. Sanskar closes his eyes painfully and makes a fist.

“Gin…”,he turns and saw ragini all gone. He sits on ground face palming himself with tears flwoingw from his eyes. He just can’t see her in tears from childhood it’s one of his weak points but now he don’t know why is he becoming the one of their reasons.

Tarun who is hiding behind a tree saw them and laughs evily.

“Aww poor ginu sansku vow to be with her and protect her na chchhchc now he himself don’t know what is he doing that’s the key point of being attracted to the type of  girl you want”,tarun speaks and whistle his tune.

Time flies away quickly it’s been a week of RagSan fights but both did not even talk with each other a little also, both had realizes their mistake but both cant forget what they had says to each other. For SwaLak it is like their most toughest exam,being in love they can’t spend valuable time with eo nor both can tell their siblings about this.

On the other hand,Ragini is broken she loves sanskar but she can’t deny the fact that he was her best friend also and he has changed now,now he don’t understand her nor he tries to. She tries to talk with Sanskar several times in these 7 days but her heart always suffer and pierced whenever she sees him with sanjana whenever she goes to him or seen him he was smiling and laughing like he don’t have any feelings or place for her. He don’t care that she exist or not but whenver by chance they saw in each other eyes its speaks like he is InComplete without her just like she is without her best friend. She silently cries seeing him and ignores him whenever he sees at her like he wants to say,she simply ignores cuz she can’t cry seeing in his eyes not now when everything is not a right path.Now she realizes that she should not fall in love with him but what can she do because love don’t knock or tell you before falling it’s just happen. If she thinks in a best friend pov also she is hurt. She is not broken because she lost her love,she is broken because he is her best friend still whether they stay apart but he will and always be her best friend.

In Sanskar pov, he is hurt but not more then ragini. He realizes his mistake but whenever he tries to talk with ragini she simply ignores like he don’t exist,it pained him like anything. Ragini for him is his best friend or more then that like a special friend who stays at his side everytime. Whenever he sees her she was lost,lost in her world. He very well knows its only him reason for all her pain and miseries but he can’t hold on his anger. No one can realize what friendship meant for him like he is an obsessive friend. He can’t saw his friend or can stay quite whenever someone point’s on his loyality. In this whole week Laksh also did not talk with him. He was also disturbed with all this. Sanskar was hurt because when he needs his brother he was not by his sides. He had Sanjana who stay with him make him laugh in this whole week, She heals his wounds but the fact is whatever sanjana try she can’t the place filled by his brother and friends. He fights with Swara many times in this week. Sanjana always provokes him in a way that he himself don’t know why is he agreeing it’s like she knows all his weak points which she is using against him. Sanskar always goes to the place where he takes ragini he felt peace their but no the real one its a temporary peace which he gets being their. Sometimes he saw ragini their but whenver they come infront of each other. One of them always left the place without uttering weaking their relation more.

Swara being a sister and best friend of laksh can’t see them both broken or hurt. She tries to talk with sanskar and tries to make him realize his mistake but whenver she goes and talks something unexpected happens sanskar always shouts on her and on the right time laksh reaches and they argues which distance their relation more. Ragini also saw this but she kept silent, holding herself responsible for everything she is falling weak day by day. Sanskar whenever fights with anyone of SwaLak blames Ragini. Like he is becoming fierce day by day and he has no control on it. The rift between the four is enjoying by both Sanjana and Tarun. Swara has realized Ragini love for sanskar. She saw her crying for all nights and broken whenever she sees sanskar with anyother girl. She can totally understand from which situation her sister is going through. Ragini also confesses her feelings for sanskar infront of swara. Atleast Ragini have Swara besides her but in Sanskar its only Sanjana which is one of main reason of his changed behavior.

Laksh is confused,one side is his friend whom he knows is right and on the other hand is brother whom he is blaming and fighting every day. He can’t see his brother helpness nor he can see his friend crying. He never know that his brother one mistake can destroy their childhood friendship in just one day. He is seeing changes in his brother behaviour day by day. Laksh is understanding his brother completely but whenver laksh thinks of something he had fight with him or he speaks something which provokes his anger. But he also sees that after his behavior their is old sanskar who feel guilty but stay silent because of his ego. Laksh has decided to talk with sanskar cuz because of this his relation with swara is also effecting. And he can’t let his love brother and friend separate with eo so easily.

@ Collage

“Lado are you sure you want to talk with him”,asked swara to ragini who is determined to talk with sanskar today.

“Yes shona its enough because of our fight i cant let him to weaken his relation with laksh and you,i know laksh is more hurt them me and i can’t let my friend suffer because of me today i will talk with that idot anyhow no matters he shout or do anything”,says ragini directly looking into swara eyes who smiles and hugs ragini.

“I know my lado will never do something wrong”,says swara and hugs her tightly.

“Don’t fall weak,i will stay here you go”, exclaimed swara cupping ragini face who nods smiles faintly.

Ragini who comes to see sanskar saw him with sanjana laughing. She makes a fist and takes a deep breath to control her tears.

“You can do it Ragini,don’t fall weak don’t”, she murmurs to herself closing her eyes.

“Sansk…..”,before ragini can complete her leg got twisted and she is about to fall when someone holds her from falling.

To b continued…….

Precap- ??

No proof read*

*phewwww* done dana done

How’s it????? Tell honestly i found it completely boaring but i tried to justify their reasons with each other povs….. I had planned something for next by deciding your votes in previous i hope you gonna like the new track…. Plzzz comment and tell me howz???

Thank youuuuu sooo sooo sooo sooo sooo muchhhhh for showering your love on me i love you all honestly for supporting…thanks alot for commenting and reading my ghisi piti stories its meant alot and thanks to silent readers also…… I uplaod one new ff and few shots on RagSan do check that out n i had 2 more new stories to start but for that i had to finish one of my story so i thought to end HMW season1 and RagSan SS in july in shaa Allah……  Hope you all are okay with it.

So now which ff u want next???
Raglak Tere Naal Luv Hogya
A story starts with Game
Jhalla awara ishq
Or My Desi girl

I hope i wrote these ff only ?

Will be back  with another chappy soon till then take care stay blessed and loads of love keep smiling ❤


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