Swaragini~HEAL MY WOUNDS (epi23)

Hii guyz i m back with another epi thank u sooo much for ur love n silent readers also n this update is a short treat for u all hope u enjoy it

Episode 23

Recap:some cute nok jhok btwn couples

The episode starts with ragini is blabbering in hurriedly she bumps into someone she close her eyess

The person is mesmerized to c her sudenly she feels that she is safe she opens her eyes n sees a handsome boy infront of her both are just staring eo boy says beautiful

Voice:taruunn (yes guyz its tarun (vetsal seth) its not a new entry)°

Tarag(tarun n rags ) hearing laksh voicebrokes the eyelock n stands

Lak:ragini what r u doing here

Rag:vo actually i mistakenly bump into him n to tarun sorry i dnt c u

Tar:no it’s ok its mine fault to n laksh u knw her

Lak coldly:yes she is my best frnd

Tarun smirks n says ooo ur frnd swara sister

Lak eyed him while he smirks

Rag:u knw swara

Tar:actually no but heard alot about it from laksh btw hi i m tarun agarwal the one n only heartrobe of collage n single he winks

Rag laughs n says oo really n i m ragini gadodia only available from frndship so mr heartrobe wanna b frnd she forward her hand

Tarun smikrs n say y not ms he shakes his hands n sees laksh who is looking hell worried

Lak(coldly):shall we leave ragu

Rag:yes n by nyc to meet u she smiles n leaves with laksh who drag her they goes

Tarun to himself: what a beauty she is i think i hsve fallen in love he lost in his dreAmland

Scene shift

Laksh drags ragini to a corner she feels uneasy n jerk

Rag:laksh r u okay y r u pulling me

Lak stops n says stay away from him he said almost in anger

Rag:what who?? She said in confusion

Lak:that m*r*n tarun ?

Rag: r u mad what has he done n y r behaving like this

Lak:he is a bl**dy man who never ever respect girl now lets go

Rag:but lakshh…

Lak:no but lets go n no more discussion

Scene shift


Swasan,pubul , arasun is gossiping

San:where are this idiot lucky he goes to check ragu or something else

Swa:he must b flirting with someone (annoy)

Lak: something is burningggg laksh comes with rags

San:ohh so finally prince n princess arrives he stands n bow his head raglak hit him with books

Swa:ragu where were u

Rags sees laksh n says vo actually shona i..ii hit someones car..(she lowerd her head)


Rag:yesss but i did it by a mistske n i dnt knw whose car was that

San:from the first meeting i got to knw that u r literally blind

Rag:shut up sanku its serious

Purab: sisi forget him he can never b serious n dnt take tntion after class we will find that person n apology

Swa:yeah sounds bettr

Pur:ok so what u all wanna eat today is treat for u all

Sanlak: y something special

Purab sees bulbul who shies n goes

Swarag:ooohhh someone is shying haan…they teases

Bul:shut up u both actually today is our frndship anniversary

All:ooooo soo thats the reason

Rag:btw bhabhi how ur love story starts

San:yes yes i also dnt ask u both

Purab comes with drinks n refreshment n says i will tell u my dear sisi n sunky(mad)

All giggles while sanky glares n says its sanky


Pur: our love story strats from fighting we both study in same skool n used to fight on small small things then at our last year we both become psrtner for a project unfortunately then at that time we become frnd when we passed our exams n in holidays i realized my love for her then my gud luck we both again on sams collage n class then she bump into me n i saved her (he sees towards bulbul n share a eye lock)

Rag:uhmmm uhmmn

San:romance ki dushman

Rag:shut up dhakan n bro u cntinue do romance later

Pur: ok yes then after that we become bestest frnds n my love for her increases but we did nt stoped fight with her n when i used to flirt with a girl she fought me that tym she also fall for me i dnt knw that but than i send my parents to ask for her hand they agree n nxt day she come n tell me that se loves me n

Bul:but this idiot didnt rply me nn goes n on the engangment day i unwillingly got ready n come to knw that i m going to married to him i cry n beat him n fight with

All are hearing carefully but our swalak just staring eo ??? n stealing glances


Bul:then what he purpose me infront of everyone on our engangmeant n the best day of my life she blushes

All teases

San:wooow what a love story clap guyz

All clapsss

Ara:woow purab u purpose soooo good btw shona ragu u both tell how u both wanted someone to purpose u

San:yes i wnt someone who….

All:shut up sanskar

SwA:she did nt ask u n boys purpose the girls not girls purposes

Sanky makes a cute face n says y not y should always boy should say

Rag:bcz girls are shy they did nt say what in their hearts thats y

Pur:sisi forget him n tell us how u wnt someones to purpose u

San:i kwn she wants someone come in. Horse n take away from the world right he widely smiles

Rags fakes smiles. N Says nooo i dnt want anyone who came in horse i just want someone who without any decorations or something special just say me he loves me just simple she smiles

Sanky again say: just simple

Rags:yes just simple looking into his eyes they share a intense eyelock

Pur:wooow sisi soo simple n sweet just like u…purab breakz the eyelock by his voice

Rag smiles n says : yesss

Bul:ok now u tell shona

Swa:mine….mine is something diffrent i dnt want him to purpose me infront of whole world just me n him i dnt want him to purpose me in land or sea something unique n diffrent

Laksh is just seeing her while she was telling rags notice this

San:sooo u want him to purpose u under water or sky

Swa:may b

Lak: bro u knw she is mad so she want someone mad who will do this for this chudail

San:yeah she wants mad likw u righr
Swara glares

Lak:i think u forget to take ur dose today

Rag:i also think the same laksh

They hifi

Sanky huffs

Scene shift

Tarun is seen beating someone

Tar: how dare u this is my fav car who hit that i want him/her infront of me right now u heard he shouts

Boy:sir i dnt knw anything

Tar:i dnt want any excuses just tell me who the blo*dy car is thisss

Sanlak comes n sees him

Lak:bhai u just w8 i just come

He goes n brings ragini with him

Lak:look ragini how merciless man he is how is he beating him look

Rag:laksh he is apologyzing to him whats wrong in it

Laksh sees in that direction n sees tarun apologyzing sweetly with the boy he widen his eyes

Lak:but ragini he

Rag:laksh i dnt knw whats ur prblm with him but he is a nyx person that tym u dnt listen but now listen i will not break ny frndship with him

Tarun comes to them

Tar:hii ragini whats up

Rag:just going to class n u

Tar:vo actually that boy mistakenly hit my car n saying sorry so i just saying him not to say cuz he is ny frnd infact i said sorry to him

Rags sees their n see her car

Rag:actually tarun i m sorry thats my car not that boy u have mistaken n i m sorry i did not do it intenitially i was just..

Tar:relax mam what so hurry n its ok no prblm in that n sees laksh n says lets go to class

Rags smiles n says ok

Tar:laksh u also comw na

Laksh fakes smiles n follow

To b continued…

Precap:adarsh bhaiya marriage

Guyz i knw its short but what to do i dnt have enough tym n sorry for the boring i knw u all wanted some couple scenes soon u will all get that n plz keep supporting me in this ff n my new ff as well luv u all tc


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  1. Cunning tarun ?
    Innocent ragini ?
    Helpless laksh ?
    Smart sanskar ?
    Cutie swara ?

    What a mixture of dose yaaar . amazing update n next part soon .

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    I even like vatal seth alot

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  4. RaRagini tarun part is really interesting, waiting for sanky jealousy avatar

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    nice,new character and wondering why Lakshya doesn’t like him (hmmmm) anyways update soon dear.xx

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      Tysm dear n he is not a gud boy thats y he did not like him i even mention in 21 epi 2

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    Awesome update dear

  8. want ragini more

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    I think Tarun is the one who told to act with Swara and make her fall in love. That’s why Laksh doen’t like him. Interesting I want to see how Sanskar will react when he sees Ragini and Tarun friendship. Swara is so cute.

    1. Silent_writer

      Yup Sally u r right n tysm?


    1. Silent_writer

      Dear i try my best to b regular?

  11. Nice epi…

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    Thats awsome .. but i want to know the final.pairs plzzz ????

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