Swaragini~HEAL MY WOUNDS (epi21)


Hiii guyz i m back…… Sorry 4r late frnds but i cant do anything this week i m quite bz with eid but from this monday my new classes is starting n i am a medical studnt soo now from nxt week i gonna really very busy with classes n tutions soo i will try my best to upload one epi atleast in a week… N thanks to all who comment n silent readers also n guyz plzz tell if u not liking my track i will change it bcz now very less people is commenting soo plz let me knw what u all want….. Ok enough lets start..

Episode 21

Recap:swalak cute moment n ragsan frndship

The epi start at MM


laksh is sitting on his couch and thinking


When laksh is preparing for the video, 2 boys come to him

Tarun:hiii lucky 

Lak:hii tarun

Rajat: actually we came here to give u challenge

Lak:challenge guyz now i m not intrested in any challenge i will talk to u later

Tar:we r not here to ask u but we r here to give u n u have to do it bcz u loose with me remember n tahts my punish

Rajat sees swara photo on video

Raj:who is she

Lak:my childhood frnd

Raj:frnd or girl frnd n laughs

Lak lill angry: shut up its my frnd n says what u want

Tar: make her fall for u

Lak:what are u nuts… I will not

Raj:hey bro(by putting his hand on his shoulder) look she is too h*t s**y gorgeous if i got a chance then i w….
Before he complete laksh hit him

Lak:just shut up u freek i m not gonna do anything understood n if one more tym u say anything about her u are gone ??

Raj:what the hell…. He is about to hit him but tarun stops him

Tar:relax rajat i will talk to him n smirks

Tar:sooo mr laksh maheshwari hit the goverment officer son bcz of taht girl hmmm impressive

Lak:look u

Tar:i m not completed man listen u have 2 choices make her fall for u or make her gf for 2 months or not u knw what we can do with her or u if u can hit someone for her than u can make her fall for u too choice is urs bro n pat his shoulder n smirks evily

Raj:lets leave n u have only 2 weeks for that got it n both leaves smiling evily

Lak:what the hell they think of themselves i will not do anything like that i cant show fake love to her but this bl**dy rajat can go to any extent… GOD where i m stuck

San:oye laksh they are coming u r done

Lak:yesss coming(worried)

End of fb

Sanky comes n sees laksh is deep thought he called him but no response he goes n shakes him

San:lucky bro are u ok

Lak comes to his senses n says smiling ofcourse sanky what happnd to me

San: u cant fake smile infront of me i knw u r worried now hurry up tell me where were u lost

Lak:i said na bro there is nothing

Sanky fold his hands n sits n eyed him

Lak:dnt give me taht look ok i m tellingg n tell him whole incident n that also he calls him n says yes

Sanky:what the hell u did laksh ?? u will play with shona feelings are u mad

Lak:bhaii do u really think that i will do that to shona.. I said yes to protect her u knw na what did they do to sahil sister when sahil did not acept their challenge n i dnt wish the same happen with shona just trust me

San:but lucky u said yes u knw that mean

Lak assurinh him : bhai just trust me we will think something for that to but for now tension ko bolo by lets eat something ?

San: kumbkaran n smiles

Scene shift to GM

Rags is pulling shona ears

Swa: paru leave na i wont eat sweet pakka
Rag: jiii how many tyms i said 2 u but u never listen u r not taking me seriously

Swa: u knw na paru i love u i always listen to u then how could u say that leave me

Rag:nooo today i will beat u with broom

( dont get confused guyz they are doing acting of dadu n dadi bcz dadi caught dadu eatinh laddo… Rags is dadi n swara is dadu)

Swa:noo my jane man my life my love

Dadi comes n pulls their ears

Dadi: u both are becoming very naughty day by day mishti i m telling u thses choris naa too much bcz of these both ur papa jii eats sweets but these 2 always make of fun n this tym i will beat u both with broom n about to go when swarag sidehug dadi

Swa: ooohoo my jane man y soo much anger its just sweet na

Rags:yess sweet heart look i also forgive handsome u also forgive him n about beating us with broom

Swa:its very bad habbit to beat 2 beauties with broom its not our style n hifi 2 rags

Dadi: u bothhh are 2 much if i styed more na then i will become mad one day kashusham g save me n u jii i will see u later n goes

After that dadu mishti swarag burst into laughter

Mishti: shona lado maa is right u r becoming very naaughty

Rags: uffuu jane man we r inocent n  ur 2 most beauties is hungry make something too eat

Mish: bauji bcz of u these dramebaz are getting naaughty

Daduu: uffuuu shomi u n ur hitler saas will never understand our relation right faires

Swarag:right handsome

Dadu: now go n bring something to eat

Mishti nods n goes

Swarag:ehmm ehmm

Dadu: what did u want

Rag:look handsome bcz of us u got save by hitler soo

Swa:soo today u have to make our fav ur handmade special coffee ☕ at late night

Dadu: ur dadi n mom is correct u r becoming naaughty never leave a chance for coffee han

Swarag:ofcourse bcz we love ur coffee

Dadu:yeah yeah only coffee not ur dadu han

Swarag laughs n says jealous dadu n hugs him n says we love u

Mish: uhmm uhmm if ur dada puti(grand daughtr) romance is done lets eat something

Swarag:hawww jealous maa n laughs n goes


san:laksh u r not going to propse anyone how much tym u will take to get ready

Lak:bhai u knw na taht devil shona not leave any chance to tease me on my dressing soo plz let me concentrate on my look

San:omg laksh aka lucky is getting ready for more than 1 hr just bcz shona tease him something is fishy ?

Lak throws towel to him

Lak:shut up sanky look what did she txt on my mobile then say

San reads: hii useless langoor plzz wear something casuals dnt wear collage type clothes bcz no girl will b impress by u in gorilla look especially with ur current passing hair style its a free advise from ur sweet frnd ?

Sanky laughs n says its like u r going on date n she is advising u

Lak:shut up bhai n tell me how am i looking

Laksh wears a orange tom n jerry t shirt with no styleish hairs

San:beautiful every boy will fall 4r u chukkles


San: ok ok must say looking diffrent bro now lets leave otherwise they will eat us n they goes


Rag:shona u r not going on wedding wear something casual dnt mess up room

Swa: ufff ragu w8 na emmm no not this not this emmm

Rag:ufff shona move aside n let me check
N give her pink white cute top with black  pants

Swa:ooo love u lado n goes to change n after some mins she come n both leaves

At xyz shop

Sanlak are continuously w8ing for swarag n they finally came

San:finally princesses arrived annoy

Rag:sorry we got late bcz of this shona she took an hour to get ready huh

San: n me bcz of this idiot who toke  2hours to get ready

Swa laughs seeing laksh

Swa:hahah laksh i advise to change ur style not to become child

Lak:shut up see urself 1 white gorrila

Swa:gorilla is far bttr than a big monkey. Heheh

Rag: u both again started first of all bcz of u both we both suffer u took hours to get ready like u both are going on date n instead of saying sorry u both are arguing huhhh unbelievable

San: right ginu let them continue we both goes n eat ice cream


Swalak: stopp when u both become frnds forgot ur sis/bro huh mean ?

Ragsan: dramebaz let’s move

Swalak: stoppp

Ragsan:now what

Swalak: pani puri both said at same tym n glare

Rag: if u both want then go we only eat ice cream haina sanku

San:ofcourse u both come after eating

Swalak:ok n both left to stall n ragsan at ice cream stall


Ragsan:bhaiya  1choc chip at same tym

Rag:cheater cock tahts my flavr u eat butter scoth na

San:soo what now its my fav too n now i can eat more than u n smirks

Rag:hehehe in ur dreams mr no one can defeat me in ice cream eating


Lak:ooo really u really think that ms wild no 1 can defeat  laksh maheshwari in ur dreams ms swara gadodia

Swa:yes i can monkey its challenge

Lak:accepted n smirks ?

Man:if ur argument is done can u take this

Swalak/ragsan embarrassd


San: sorry bhaiya n u heard na that we challenge soo. Plzzz u b ready for giving us n dnt worry about the payment we will give u ?

Man smiles n gives them ice cream/pani puri

Rag:sooo ready to loose

@ swalak

Swa:mr maheshwariii ?



San:everrr ms gadodia….

The conpetition start btw swalak n ragsan of ice cream n pani puri respectively

Rags finish n says 1 more n smilessss seeing sanky

Laksh bhaiiyaa nxt one make more spicy n winks at swara

Sanky u can never defeat me n eats 2 at same tym

Swara i love spice monkey bcz without spice its seems empty


Rag and sanky is eating 5 ice cream n now rags takes 6 man says its last sanky snatches from her n eatsssss

Sanky jump n saysss i won i won u lose lose

Rags hit him n says u cheaterrrrr alwaysss do cheating for win han n i won bcz u cheated huhhhh cheater
San: ooo ms angry young women accept ur defeat i knw u r full n having struggle to eat thats y i ate n won understood

Rag:ooo mr cheater full who said u that i will eat but u snatch it like alwaysss u used to eat my fav ice cream

San:look bhaiya(to man) how silly she is fighting with meee just bcz of 20 rs ice cream

Rag:its 25 rs mr?

San: huhh ok just bcz 25 rs ice cream she is fighting how stupid she is

Rag:shut up i m not fighting for ice cream i m fighting bcz of u cheat

Man:can i ask u something

Ragsan nods yes

Man:did u both are married

Ragsan ? shouts noooo

Man:then u r bf n gf

Ragsan ?: neverrrrrrrr

Man:then y r u fighting like this

Ragsan embarrassed n says sorry

San: bhaiya keep this n both leaves without uttering a word

Rag:lets go to shona n laksh



Laksh is literally crying bcz of spice n swara have tears but still eating with smiling ?

Swa:laksh u have tym accept ur defeat

Lak:neverrr everrr in crying face

Ragsan comes n shock seeing them

Ragsan:what happened y r u crying

Swa: both dnt shout let us eat

N both are still eating with laksh giving glares n swara with smirk atlast laksh give up n says i cant u girl are too much n with a speed of milkha run from their to have water

Swara laughs n saysss i knew it i will won yuppieeee

Ragsan:what did u won

Lak comes wid choclate n says that she can eat pani puri mor than mee we challenge

Swa: n i won with tears

Rag:but y r u both crying

San:bcz dumboo pani puri is spicyyyy

Rag:ohh shona w8 i bring something

Lak:noo need i bring choclte already n gives her

Swa:uhmm uhmm


Swa:pay the bill

Lak:y should i

Swa:bcz u loose n winks n eats choclate

Lak: jungliiii okkk glaring her

Swa: gud monkeyyy n u 2 w8 we both came in a min ok

San:but where

Rag:just a min

Sanlak. Nods
Swarag leavesss

After few mins its start raining sanlak goes n sits in their car n get tensed bcz swarag just say for a min

Lak:sanky where did they go its been 15 mins still they dnt return n they dnt knw the kolkata yet

San:yeah even i m tensed its raining n these 2 lets go n find them

They both comez down from there car start searching swarag

After few mins they reached nearby garden where all the childrens were cheering 2 girls they could not c them bcz of heavy rain n children surrounding

They are about to go when they heard a sound

Cham cham cham

They turn n see swara sing

Cham cham cham
Ragini sings

Rag:Zulfon se bandh liya dil
Seene pe se udne laga aanchal
Mujhse naina mila ke
Mausam hone lagge paagal
(She dance exact like shradha n point finger to swara.)

Swa:Sabse hoke befikar
Nachun main aaj cham cham cham (hey!)
Cham cham cham
Cham cham cham..(she do step exact )

Swarag:Main nachun aaj cham cham cham (hey!)
Cham cham cham
Cham cham cham..
Both dance same

Swa:Rain drop bouncing
My heart is announcing
You got to take me away

Swa:Let’s start jumping
My heart goes pumping
I love you in every way

Rag:Dhadkano pe boondein jo giri
Toh nachun aaj cham cham cham (hey!)
Cham cham cham
Cham cham cham..(classical steps)

Rag:Main nachun aaj cham cham cham (hey!)
Cham cham cham
Cham cham cham..
Lak is just watching swara n mesmerized

Swa:Gili hawaye jhoomti hain
Tann ko mere chumthi hain
Chhod ke ye sharam waram
Jhoom ye jiya(some bold style)

Swarag:Koi bhi kahe kuch bhi yahan
Maine toh kabhi suna kahan
Dil ne mere jo bhi kaha
Maine woh kiya
(Both do classical)

Swarag:Haan is pal ko main aaj jee loon
Jo bhi hoga dekha jayega kal
Mujhse naina mila ke
Mausam hone lagge paagal haaye(all kids join swara says to sanlak come through action)

Swarag:Sabse hoke befikar
Nachun main aaj cham cham cham (hey!)
Cham cham cham
Cham cham cham..(all do same step)

Main nachun aaj cham cham cham (hey!)
Cham cham cham
Cham cham cham..(sanky join n do step along with swarag )

Swa:Baarishon ki taal pe yeh
Khanak mere dhadkano ki
Keh rahi hai jee le tu zara(go to laksh n drag him he just seeing him)

Rag:Baar baar saath mere
Saare ab thirakne lage
Dole zameen naache aasman
( go round around sanky)

Swarag:Main toh hawa hun
Hath na aaun
Marzi se apni, udti hi jaaun( the show ? to sanlak n dance)

Swarag:Ho khud ki karun main kya taarife
Raat ne churaya mera kaajal
Mujhse naina mila ke
Mausam hone lagge pagal(like getting ready n dances same sanlak drag them with shoulders n dances girl steps they laugh)

Swarag:Sabse hoke befikar(they push them)

Nachun main aaj cham cham cham (hey!)
Cham cham cham
Cham cham cham cham cham..

Cham cham…
Sab naache aaj
Cham cham cham..
(All dance jump laugh n fully drenched in rain swarag hugs n songs finish)

They bid by to kids n walks

Swarag:lets go home by walking plzx

San:ok boss n smiles they all start walking n drenching

Lak:that is the best day of my lifeeee its sooo much fun drenching in rain n dance  he said in exitment

Swarag:yesss the 1 rain in kolkata is just awsmeeee i lovedddd ittttt (exitd)

San:of course it will b after all after many years we all four Are together n when we all are together then there is no end of fun

Rag: n fighting ofcourse ?

Ragsan giggles

Lak:like u 2 both

Swa:yess after us u r fighters

Ragsan:ooo really


San: btw i forgot


San:oye first listen u both said us to w8 for a min but then where u were disappeared u knw how much lucky was tensed

Lak:yes me nooo way u r also tensed not only me sanky dnt lieeee

Swa: soo what if u both got tensed for us y r u stammering

Rag:shona bcz its not lucky style n winks

San:ofcourse now tell

Swa:actually when we r coming we met those childrens n promise them to give them choclates soo we just went to give them but they want us to dance n sing so we cannot deny thats y we got late


Rag:what happened

Lak: wild cat can b sweet alsoooo trio giggles

Swa hit him n says shut up gorilla i m sweet n inocent both

Lak:ooo really from where

Swa:fromm…… Umm… Heart u idiot

Lak:hahahah gud joke

Swa:huhh its not joke

Lak:is that sooo


Lak:btw shona u both dances n sings very beautifully glancing swara

Swa exitdly:oooo really thanks u monkey bros  also dances beautifullyyuu


Swa: laughs n sayss sorry… Laksh is just admiring her

Rag:uffuu shona dnt b sorry they are monkey brothers

San:did any one ask u ms bhnjiii

Rag:sanku k bache u again call me that just shut up

San: so what gini i will call u what ever i want like u r dumboo mad crazy looser

Rag:shut up u cheater cock

San:dnt call me that

Swalak:we said na that u guyz cant b stop from fighting  more than 10 mins

Rag:this is not fighting right sanku

San:ofcourse gini we r not fighting

Lak:yess shona they are not fighting they are romancing right n winks at shona

Ragsan:yess we r…… Haww what did u say uuuuuuu ?

San:shut up laksh now atleast u both dnt say that

Swalak are laughing like mad

Rag:stop laughing

Swa:that means someone else also saiddd

Rag:shut up u both always do fighting that means u both alwaysss do romanceee huh n yes someone blind say that

Lak:n what he said

San:non of ur business

Rag:i c u 2 later we reached home lets go

They reached home qhile talking teasing


Dp n ap are also present n talking with all
Just then swarag sees them n shouts sweety n goes to hug when shomi stops n says that u r wet they make a face n take blessings from both

Dp: where were u both i m missing u so thought to meet my faires

Sho: n y r u drenched

Swarag:actually we all goes to eat ice cream n then rain started so we came by walking thats y

Dp: who u all

Sanlak who r standing at door says: weee if someone can c then we  are also present
Dp: oo so u goes with these useless

Shek: duggu dnt call my champ useless they are champs right

Sanlak smiles n takes blessings from all

Dadi: look how u four are fully drenched shomi go n bring towels otherwise they will catch cold

Shomi goes

Shek:not all maa but this lado will surely catch

Rag:uffuuu papa i m not a kid anymore i will not catch dekhlena (in a childish tune)

San:lets c guru


Shomi comes n gives them towel n says: now go n chamge clothes n sanlak u wore shekr clothes ok

They all nods n goes to change n comes after changing

Dadi comes n gives all coffee

Shek:lado y r ur nose is red u catch cold na

Rag:uffuuu baba its just awie n i m not a kid as i sa…. Acchhuuu (sneeze)


Rag: dnt look me like this its bcz acchhuuu
San:its just bcz of rain n i m not a kid anymore bla bla look i complet nw dnt talk to much otherwise ur achhu will not understood by us

All  laughs n rags glare
Dp:sanskar dnt tease her n i have to announced something to u 4

Lak:u r going somewhere in exitd

Dp:no ur luck is not that bad

Lak makes a face

San:announce it

Dp: ok so we have to say that adarsh marriage is fixed

Swarag happily shouts what??

Sanlak shockingly ask what??

Sanlak:what when n y did anybody not tell us

Dp:if u stay at home then u will knw na

Swarag:uffu sweety leave them n tell who is our bhabhi

Sanlak:yes tell

Shek:no its a surprise

Swaragsanlak:noooooooo tell

Ap:ok ok dnt shout the deal which is adarsh handling their boss daughters n adarsh like each other soo he tell us about that then we ask adarsh n he agreed n ur bahbhi is pareenita mehta D/O mr mehta

Swarag:what parii dii

Shek: c i told u its surprise

Sanlak:u knw bhabhi

Swa:yes mehta uncle n parii dii comw to mumbai n stayed with us more than months bcz baba n mehta uncle are frnds n u knw she is beautiful intelligent business women who handled everything

Rag:n she is our role modle too

San:now i want to meet bhabhi

Lak:yes n first we have to meet bhaiya after all he hide this thing from us na now he gone

San:yes n smirks

All laughs n chit chat for sometym n eats sweets n maheshwari left


Swa:tomrw u r not going to collage

Rag:but y

Swa: bcz u have fever

Shomi:what fever

Swa:yes mom. N  flu also now one day bed rest


Swashom:yesss n thats final

Sho: drink this hot milk n shona gave her medicince n after that u will sleep n shona if she dnt sleep na then call shekr he will tell her

Swa:yes mom rags glare her

Swara makes her drink n eat med n then she make her sleep
@mm laksh sleeps thinking about swara n swara to about laksh n sanky  2dozed off

To b continued…

Precap:ragsan cute nok jhok n laksh feels diffrent

Do u think its a start of love story??

Tahnk u so much for ur love n support n sorry now i m gonna update it 1 in a week n plz tell if u not liking ittt n i wrote it big n sorry again for late
Take care keep smiling ?☺ fizo

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