Swaragini~HEAL MY WOUNDS (epi20)


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Finally 2o ????

Episode 20

Recap:rags won the race n sanlak prank swarag angry

The episode starts with sanlak feeling bad after swarag go…. They are feeling bad for ragini n swara…..

Lak:bhai what will we do now they r very angry….. Shona will definately kill us n ragu will not talk to me?

San: yes she is very angry i forgot that she cant eat spicy things.if ..rereant to convince her so we should convinc shonaa first ?

Lak:impossible jungli billi will never agree n we can never convinced her?

San:not we my bro only u can do that from childhood n u will do it if swara agreed then i will easily convinced gini ?

Lak:gini ohooo means back to best buddies han ?

Sanky smiles n says yesss

Scene shift to Gm

#swarag room

Ragini is sitting on her bed n sneezing her nose n eyes were red bcz of spice….. Shona come with karha for her

Swa:lado drink eat u will feel better

Rag:noo shona… Acchiii…. I dnt want

Swa:shut up i m ordering u drink it right now ?

Rags makes a sad face n drinks it

Rag:yucckkk hate it pot face

Swa smiles: ooo my lado u look too cuteee in that look i love it ?

Rag:dnt try to butter meee

Swa:hawww am i buttering u

Rag:yesss bcz i knw i m looking like a red tomato thats y

Swa:hahahha awww my red tomato love u ?

Rag smiles: ooo soo in that case i love u tooo

They smiles

Swara phone rings n its from laksh she become angry n cut it then sanky try ut she cut his to

Rag: shona whos calling n y r not picking

Swa:that monkey brothers i m not gonna leave them

Rag:shona leave it dnt b angry plzzzzzz

Swa: ok i m not angry but i wilk teach them a lesson for sure?

Rag: shoonaaaas

Swa:ok ok no gussa n smiles

They talk for sometime sanlak is continuously trying to call swarag but they dnt attend

At night

Swara makes ragini slept n reads scary novel

At mm

Laksh is restless n moving here n there n sanky is watching him suddenly he stops n smiles

San:y r u smiling

Lak:i got idea to convince wild cat

San:n whats that

Lak:lets leave


Lak grabs his hands n leaves widout answering

Scene shift to swara

Swara is full involve in reading she totally forget her surrounding suddenly she hears a sound coming from window she ignores again she heard n got scared ?

Swa: i think i should wake up rags no no she will distrb soo what should i do (she sees a shadow) oooo noo i think its theif but waht if its ghost no no shona b practical n positive n sees towards a bat n slowly holds it tightly n reached towards window chantering mantras ? she opens the window n about to hit but someone hold her hand n shut his mouth?

Lak:shut up u witch its me laksh r u trying to kill me

Swara is just looking to his eyes n lost

Lak: hey where r u lost ms dreamer r u alive na n he pinch her n she got back to reality n hits him with her handz n remove his hand

Swa: What the hell idiot u r doing at this tym r u mad i dnt wannz talk to u n y were u come here if anybody sees u whatt they will thought about me n before she could say further he put his finger on her lips they both look at each other eyes N lost they share a eye lock….. Laksh relize their position
Laksh with cute puppy faces says : i m sorry shona plzz forgive us we dnt remember that she cant bear spicy food we r really sorry he hold his ears

Swa who got back to reality after hearing his voice smiles seeing his cute apology

Lak smiles: ooo thank god u forgive us

Swa: n when did say that

Lak: u smile na

Swa: i only smile ok i did not say tht i forgive u ok

Lak: n y did u only smile

Swa: bcz i dnt knw bandar will also look cute while saying sorry n giggles

Lak:oooo thanks…. Hain what did u say jungli billi am i look cute bandar to u

Swa:heheh yes

Laksh strting coming near her n says am i really n blocks her way

Swa heart beats fast n says stammering vo.. Vooo i was jus.. St joking

Lak:ooo really n look at eo eyes……. Shona push him n says get out u idiot

Lak:did u forgive me

Swa:yess idiot now go

Laksh goes n suddenly she hears a thuudd sounds n goes near window n strrted laughing seeing ???laksh fell on dustbin sanky comes n also starts laughing

Laksh unknowingly smiles seeing swara…. Swasan passes smies to eo assuring that she forgive sanky helps laksh n they goes

Swalak sleeps thinking about the recent happenings n sanky thinking about rags

At morning

Ragini is getting ready for collage in white churidar suit n ponytail swara comes out of washroom after taking bath dreaming
N wearing green skirt n waist coat straight hair

Rags:ehhmm ehmm

Swa jerk n says what happend ragu r u fine??

Rags: i m extremely fit n fine but what about u han ?

Swara give a confused look

Rags: dnt understand han i m talking about last night

Swa:what happened last night

Rag: y did laksh came at late night  (suspicious)

Swa shocked?: vo…vo.. Actually came to say us sorry for yesterday prank

Rag:ooo really then y r u stammering

Swa:bcz he said to not to tell u n plz u dnt also say that u knw

Rag:but y?? ?

Swa:u got to knw when u reached to collage but plz dnt ask n lets leave n she hurriedly goes

At collage

Lak:bro r u sure this work

San:100% n what did shona said

Lak:they left for collage n bhai this tym say sorry ok dnt show attitude

Sanky glares him shut up

Swarag comes

Lak:bro all the best n goes to swarag hiiii lado hii shona n winks


Sanky comes n says hiii

Rag ignore

San:shona come lets go my music performance is going to start u also come

Swara gets exited while rags getz shocked n shouts musiccccc n uuu? n then burst into laughter ??

Swalak got confused while sanky give her wth look

Sankyy thinks: control sanksar dnt let ur ego come in btween frndship u knw once upon a tym u r bad singer so what now show ms irritation the real SR n smikrs

Swalak: y r laughing

Rag: bcz singing n sanskar are two diffrent poles which cannot attract eo hahahha

Lak: n y do u think so he is very great singer yrr


Rags is writing a speech when sanky comes n says

Sanky:gini i m participating in singing competition u knw rishi says i m the best singer(proud)

Rag:ooo really sanku great n i will do debate…..

San:but i m conFused what song shall i sing

Rag:first u sing that song which u like then i will tell

Sanky exitedly oookkkk n starts singing

Itni c hasi itni c khushi itna saa tudka chand ka

Rags who is writing widen her eyes listening to sanky ? before he could sing further rags put a tape on her mouth ?

Rag:stopppppppppp who idiot says taht u r good singer plzzz(she fold her hand) nevr Ever sing again u knw what u r a pahata va dhol or a silencer…. If u sing this in competition na then everyone gives u price of eggs n veggies on ur face n removes his tape

San:ahhhh….. Gini did i sing very bad? cute face

Ragss:noooo u r a worst singer n laughs

Sankar huffsss n goes angrily

End of fb

All laughs while sanky made a sad face

Lak:but lado knw no one can sing bttr then sanky

Rags relize his prank n kept silent

Lak:still angry i m sorry

Rag:noo i m not angry with u cuz i knw its not ur plan eyeing sanksr

Sanky look down
Lak: ufuuu rat gai bt gai lets go…. N bhai u sing n tell lado that u r the best

Sanky smiles n goes

All gatherd at hall for sanky singing

Sanky: now u just watch ms.attitude n smirks

Rabul, arasun, lak already come now swarag come lights goes dim

Spotlight shoes on sanky who is coming towards rags

Sanky stands infront of rags n clap his hands a video starts playing in projecter

Sanky starts singing

Tumahri dosti mein bheegi
Si meri yeh zindagi
Tumhari yaado mein simti
Si meri yeh zindagi
Aj main hun yaha
Adhura lage yeh sama
Akela main jaaun kahah
O yaara o yaara o ho
(Ragsan pics of childhood in which rags n sanky wear a same dress….. Swalak asual fightingg

O yaara o mere yaara
O yaara tu sun le zara
O yaara tu aaja re aaja
O yaara o mere yaara
O yaara tu sun le zara
O yaara tu aaja re aaja(swalak joins sanskar n starts singing )

Dosti ka ek jaha tha
Ham sab se jo mil ke bana tha
Tum bin tha amin adhura
O yaara kaisi yeh yaariyaan
O yaara kaisi yeh yaariyaan
O yaara kaisi yeh yaariyaan
(Sanky keeps a sorry holding ears face n rags smile )

O yaara o mere yaara
O yaara tu sun le zara
O yaara tu aaja re aaja
O yaara o mere yaara
O yaara tu sun le zara
O yaara tu aaja re aaja( in video swarag n swalak are side hugging each other edit)

Pure collage mein raj tha
Sabse alag andaz tha
Bas kal ki to baat thi
Jab haatho mein haath tha
Aaj sab ki raahe alag hai
Nayi zindagi spane alag hai
Ab judaa to hona padega
( in video ragsan are giving hi fi while swara beting lucky with broom)

O yaara o mere yaara
O yaara tu sun le zara
O yaara tu aaja re aaja
O yaara o mere yaara
O yaara tu sun le zara
O yaara kaisi yeh yaariyaan.
( swaragsanlak pic holding hand in difrent costumes video end n song end on their bright smiling)
All claps

Songs end and swasanlak are sitting on knees infront of ragini… Swara with sorry big card….. Sanskar folding ears….. Laksh with braclet….. Rags  give a fake irritated look

Lak:hows the song

Rags: thek tha lill attitude

Swasanlak:bssss thek ?

Rag:yesss soo its normal not that good i thought….. N whats all this han

Swalak eyed sanky to sayyyy

San:actually gini its my style to say sorry i totally forget that u have prblm from spice i just thought to irritated u but i dnt want to hurt i m sooryyy with cute face

Rags:emmmm ok let me think….. She kept her finger on her chin

Swasanlak are eagrly waiting

Rags sees them laugh

sanlak confused while swara laughs

Swa:lado u r impossible u r acting na u forgive him right

Rag: yes when i see that video i understand i forgive him taht time but thought to tease this mr. Attitude
N give HiFi to swara

Sanlak glare

San:u r too. Much ms irritation

Rag:not more than u mr. Pranker

Lak:dnt start n accept this

Swa:yesss n this to

Rags takes swara card

San: take this also

Rag: am i ur frnd

San:yesss yr

Rag:when did u say… Raising her eyebrow

Sanky: ok ms bak bak sooo kya tum mujhse dosti krogi by forwarding his hand

Rag:let me think

All shouts: say yess

Rags:dekhongi sochongi kal parso kuch kahongiii

Four look at eo n then burst into laughter

Lak: ragu u r such a dramebaaz

Rag:of course laksh afterall i m ur frnd na gives hi-fi


San:soo ms attitude its a new beginning of our frndship n makes her wears a braclet

Rags smiles n they hug

San: u knw how much i miss u but u ms attitude dnt pay any heed to me

Rags:hawww i dnt have any attitude u have mr attitude n on that day when we got to knw that we r ragini and sanskar u first mocked at me then i started or say mr egoistik

San:hawww oo really u can sorry to me also na but ur attitude huh

Rags: y should i u started soo u have to


Swalak and rabul, aradia: stooopppp

Ragsan look at them

Swa:did this really a start of ur frndship

Lak: i dnt think soo


Pur:sisi i thought taht these to always fight but u

Bul:its ok purab they said na sorry let’s go

Ara: best of luck ?

Swalak:we thought taht we fought but they are also in our category both laughs n gives hi-fi

Ragsan:shut up u devil

They stop laughing

Swalak:what did we do

Rag:bcz of u both we r fighting from day first

Lak:noo 1 day u fought by urself on road

San:shut up u stupid

Swara giggles
Rags: u to shona

Now laksh gigglez

Swalak: what did we do

Rag: on the day u both come to our house…. We both are about to meet

San:but u remeber us our old fight which we dnt remember

Rag:like u put oil on fire n bcz of u our ego comes n we are fighting

Swalak who are listening like gud students burst into laughter

Ragsan shake their head in impossible n goes

Swa: laksh dnt u think taht we should back to our avatars

Lak:yeah devils n winks
They left

At class

Sir: students u all have to do assiment n four people will do it so first group is xyz n scnd is purul n arsun n 3 is swarag n sanlak n so on n u have to submit it after 1 week

Swarag n sanlak mood lighten up so taht they can spend tym with eo

Class of n the four goes to canteen

Swa: we will start from tmrw today we will go for outing ok

Lak: u have brain to keep it up shona

She glares

Ragsanlak: ok we will go

N the four chit chat n goes to home

To b continue….

Precap: fun tym swarag dance n lak povs

Guyz i knw i m late sorry 4 tht but plz bear me i complt it in 4 days sorry for boring i cant write it exactly which i want plzzz forgive me sooo sorry n i will post nxt after week cuz of eid

Eid Mubarak in advanced
Take care
Keep smiling
Fizo ?

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