swaragini~HEAL MY WOUNDS (epi18)


Hiii guyzz i m back thnk uuuu soooo muchhh for ur all love n support thnks to silent reader also….thnk u soo much for encouraging meee thnk u once again n i have to tell u the pairs are ragsan and swalak but my story is some what different i wnt to start from swalak to swasan n raglak then ragsan i knw u will not understand this right now soo i will just suggest to read the storylinw i just want to entertain u all n sorry for swasan n raglak fans i will not keep them as pairs but all four have equal imp in my story n sorry if i hurt someone n now lets start…

Episode 18:

Recap: sanlak welcome surprise n sweet nok jhok n freshr party

The episode start with sanlak shocking face after seeing ragini

Lak: now this is called h*t without taking off his eyes ?

Sanky is standing with open mouth?

(rags wear a sleevless black saree with silver backless blouse n black high heels with silver bangles n earings she is looking damn gorgeous with hair open n light make up )♥♥

Rags comes to them n chukkles seeing sanlak they are standing like statues

Rags:ehmmm ehmmm says someone to close their mouths otherwise dinasourse will go inside their mouths

Sanlak close their mouth

Lak:ragu u r looking damn beautiful ?

Purul:yesss ragini u r looking sooo pretty?

Sun:yesss yrr u gave us a shoked i have no words to say

Rags smiless

Swa:sanky dont u say something

Lak:after seeing her what can he say

Swalak chukkles

Sanky glare n says”ooo plzzz bhenji will remains bhnji she is just looking ok not soo much pretty n beautiful dnt give this ms angry women sooo much hope n u ms what do u think u will wear these clothes u will become heroin u will remain a churail n will b alwaysss understand ?

Rag glares n says huhh mr attitude thnk u sooo much for ur complemnt n i dnt ask u to tell me how m i looking soo bttr shut ur mouth n look at urself bcz churail is far bettr than a black jaket monkey with attitude ?

Sanky: look everyone is scared of u how they are looking at u god save all of them?

Studnt:without dance the party seems uncomplt sooo guyx come on stage n rocked it all clapsss

Sanky:like every time i will b the hero?

Rags:in dreams

Ara:guyz stop it now n swaragini u both are looking damn pretty

2 boy comes n frwrd his hand to rags and swara

Boy1:hey beautiful would u like to dance with me (to swara)

Before swara could say anything

Sanky: she will dance with me soo plz98th is excuse…..so may i ? by forwrding hand

Swa smiles n says yes ? by giving him hand

Boy2: hey ragini right will u dance with me must say r looking gorgeous nobody can recognize u in thiss

Rags smiles n sayss ooo really thnkc but many people think that i m not looking sooo good (to sanky) ?

Sanky made annoy look ?

Boy2: ooo baby forgt it he is blindi think thats y they r saying n will u forwrd his hand

Rags smiles n about to give him hand but laksh hold it

Lak:sorry bro bettr luck nxt tym ? n hold rags hand

Rags sees him widen

Lak: oooo ragu dnt worry u r save n winks ?

Rag smiles n says i hope soo

Light goes dim n swasan and raglak  goes on stage

Tune start

Kabhi jo baadal barse
Main dekhoon tujhe aankhein bharke
Tu lage mujhe pahli baarish ki duaa
(Sanlak put hands on swarag waist n swarag on shoulder )

Tere pahloo mein reh loon
Main khudko paagal keh loon
Tu gham de ya khushiyaan
Seh loon saathiya

Koi nahi.. tere siva mera yahaan
Manzilein.. hain meri to sab yahaan
Mita de sabhi aaja faasle
Main chahoon mujhe mujhse baant le
Zara sa mujhme tu jhaank le
Main hoon kya?
(they twirls her n spills her by their waist they look into their eyes)

Woo.. aeee.. aeee.. aaa.. sathiyaa..
Ae ae… aa….

Pahle kabhi, na tune mujhe gham diya
Phir mujhe, kyun tanha kar diya
Guzaare thhe jo lamhe pyaar ke
Hamesha tujhe apna maan ke
To phir tune badli kyun adaa
Yeh kyun kiya?(they lift them n hold them)

Wo o wo o.. Wo o wo o..

Kabhi jo badal barse
Main dekhun tujhe aankhein bharke
Tu lage mujhe pehli barish ki duaa
(they lolook deep into their eyes)

Tere pahloo mein rah loon
Main khudko pagal kah loon
Tu gham de ya khushiyaan, sathiya..

Pehle kabhi, na tune mujhe gham diya
Phir mujhe, kyun tanha kar diya
Guzaare thhe jo lamhe pyaar ke
Hamesha tujhe apna maan ke
To phir tune badli kyun adaa
Yeh kyun kiya?
(now twirls them now swalak n ragsan become partnrs )

Kabhi jo baadal barse
Main dekhoon tujhe aankhein bharke
Tu lage mujhe pehli baarish ki duaa

Tere pahloo mein reh loon
Main khudko paagal keh loon
Tu gham de ya khushiyaan
Seh loon sathiyaa..
(they spirls twirls her swalak dance sweetly while rags stamp sanky foot n he fake smiles )

aa.. sathiyaa.. sathiyaa..
hmm Koi nahi.. tere siva mera yahaan
Manzilein, hain meri to sab yahaan
Mita de sabhi aaja faasle
Main chahun mujhe mujhse baant le
Zara sa mujhme tu jhaank le
Main hoon kya?
(they dance pationately now again twirls n swasan n raglak)

Kabhi jo baadal barse
Main dekhoon tujhe aankhein bharke
Tu lage mujhe pehli baarish ki duaa
Tere pahloo mein reh loon
Main khudko paagal keh loon
Tu gham de ya khushiyaan
Seh loon sathiyaa..
(they twirls them n atlast they fall down with holding hands )

They dance pationaltely without breaking eyelock all claps for them ♥

(guys i dnt knw how to shows dance move sooo plzzz bear itt sorry )

They four come to their frnds

Pur: sisi u dance suprbbbb

Rags:thnkx bhaii

Bul: but sanky when u n ragini were dancing then y r u making faces

Sanky: actually…..woo

Rags: unfortunately i have to dance with her na thats y my bad luck ?

Sanky: my hiness its not ur its mine bad luckkkk huhhh ?

Rags:lucky did i talk to someboy i answr to bhabhis question na than y someone is saying something ? (lit attitude)

Lak:ooomg u call me luckyy oooo wooow finallyyyyyy teach some to this billi also to call me lucky instead of laksh?

Swa: i will but baba tought us to speak truth na thats y i cant lie ?(incnt)

All giggles

Lak: u will remain same a white witch

Swa: ooo really few tym ago u r saying me beautiful

Lak: yess then i become blind but after seeing rags i got to knww n winks at rags

Sanky: lucky my broo i think u really become a blind u r saying ms bhnji beautiful are u mad just one boy has said to him that she is looking nice look from.then how much she is having attitude haan

Rags ignore

Sun: sanku bro say it clearly that u r jealous bcz she is ignoring u?

All laughs

Lak: right broooo

Sanky glares but all giggles

Sanky: motay chup kr dnt talk bla bla ok otherwise ms attitude will dream that me sanskar is getting jealous of her that ms who dnt have sense huhhh

One girl come to sanky n says hey handsome u dance very well would u like to b my frnd

Sanky look at rags n sayss ofcourse how can i leave such a beautiful opportunity?

Rags ignore

Lak: ragu n shona come on meet evryone

Swar whispers: but y so sudden lets c na how sanky n she will talk

Lak whispers: thats y i m saying u to leave bcz this girl is mad n i dnt want to become mental at this small age ?

Swarag giggles

Lak: bhaii alll the best u enjoy we r going to meet everyone ok

Sanky: yesss ofcourse lucky go with them i also want to talk with alone na i dnt want disturbance of attitudes people ?

Swa: u will realize it after our leaving


Lak:nothing bhai shes mad leave her n glare her

Swa:yeah i was just ?

Sanky:ok ok now can u all

Swaraglak goes n lak shows him thumb up?

Sanky smiles

Swaraglak convo (garden)

Lak:now bhai regret for saying her beautiful oppurtunity b chukkles

Swa:sooo bad laksh how can u leave him alone with that mental

Rag:ohooooo possesive han laksh dnt u think the dance left his influence on het?

Lak:oooomggg shona love bhaiiiii

Swa hit both of them n says shut up sanky is my frnd thts y n mr idiot i knw y r doing this n ragu u if u both were talking rite now na then u also not leave her alone n i m going to sanku on behalf of my sister ?

Rags keep quite n lak says ” aj ki taza khabar swara bani sanskar ki saviour? in drmtic tone

Raglak chukkles swara glare

Rag: ok ok dnt see us like that we r also coming with u

Swa nods n they goes to see sanky

They sees sanky who is pleading the girl to leave her but the girl is not ready the girl one hand is on sanky face n scnd on his collar…..sanky trying to remove her but all in vain ?

Swaraglak laughs seeing him

Sanky sees lak n says laksh my bro please save me

Lak ignore

Girl; what so hurry baby

Swaraglak laughs

Sanky glares them n says plzzz save me lucky shona lado plzzz plzzz

Rag is amazd he is asking for help

Swa: lado go n save him its golden chance

Lak:yes gooo ragu

Rag sees sanky who is pleading then sees swalak n about to go when sunny comes to sanku n saves him

Sanky kiss sunny n says u r my real bro n huffs

Sun: but what did i do

San: nothing u go ?

Sanky goes towards swaraglak n glares them

Lak: bhai howz ur meeting ?

Swa: i think not soo gud ?

San(annoy): do u have eyes laksh u can c na then dnt ask n swara i can have voice i can answer

Rag: kharus back to avatar

Sanky gave her a serious look

San: if ur all question answer and compliment is done so can we leave in serious tone ?

Lak:yes bhai

Swa whispers: ooo no he is hell angry with us now what

Lak:chill he will b fine

Rag: hope soooo khrus will b f9

All goes to their car
Lak: ooo nooo who puncture this now how we go

San: we will take a lift

Rag: if anybody has no prblm we can drop u

San: nooo….intrpt

Lak:thnk u sooo much u r like angle for us come on lets leave

San murmr: angle or witch huhh

Swa whispers: dnt say too loud sanku

Sanky give her a really look n looking here n there

Swara was about to fall but sanky hold her in a nick of tym n she smiles they share eyelock he make her stand n starts looking


Lak:whom u r looking

San:where is ur driver

Swa: we did not come with driver ragu drove it

San:what this bhnji i mean ms attitude can drive i think u r joking n we want to go home safely not to hospital

Rags glare

Swa: u dont knw she loves car racing she is the best me n ragu always do race with boys in our skool n rags win but nobody knws it

Sanlak gives them is this true look swarag smiles

San laughsss n saysss joke of the night must say this bhnji n race heheheh

Rags glare

Lak:even this tym i will support bhai n chukkles

Swa: ohhh really u both dnt knw her till knw sooo plzzz bttr b quite

Rags:shona leave them its wasting to talk to them

San: yeah yeah i knw her very well her in the first eating

Rag: ooo mr akdu u knw me till now

San: n u knw me till now

Both huffs?

Lak: ok i challng u to do race with bhai

Rags: challng acpt n smirks

San:ready to loose ms attitude n smirks

Swa: dnt dream sanku

Lak:keep quite u dumboo

Swa: shut up u crap

San: enough lets leave hope we safely reach

Swarag sits in front n sanlak sits on back of the car

Rags was driving too slowly sanlak are irritates

Lak: ragu accpt ur defeat in this way if u race na then definately ur attitude will crush

San:which i wanted….i already knw that ms bhnji will remain bhnji but her attitude omg out of her class

Swarag smirks

Swa: sooo guyzzz ready for trailer

Sanlak: what????

In mean time rags increase the speed like rocket swarags were laughing while sanlak are frighten

Lak: god save me i dnt to die sooo soon bhaiii this is just bcz of u ?

San: shut up lucky n u stupid freak stop the car

They are moving n lifting in car like riding

Swarag were laughing ?

Rags stop the car in the jerk n salak fell they are sweating badly they moves down the car n are relived

Lak: i m alive thank god

Swarag: howzzz the trailer n winks

Lak:awsmee bhai u have tym back off

San:if sanskar maheshwari has challenges then he will not back off til then he win ? determined

Rags: we have to live in dreams by guyz n they drove off after biding bye to echothr

They all dozed of thnking about the race

To b continued…..

Precap: race of ragsan….winner is guesss??????

Sorry for late update i m very bz sooo sorry n plz bear me n sorry to swasan n raglak fans but in this ff i will try my best to give them a good plot plzz keep supporting meee n love u all tc


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