swaragini~HEAL MY WOUNDS (epi17)

hiii guyzzz I m back thanks for bearing mee I knw I m irregular sorry for that love u all n thnkx for commenting n supporting n too silent readers also n special thnkxx to crazy girl for idea now start….

Episode 17:

recap:swarag n sanlak Convo n swarag at mm

The episode start with smiling face of swarag

uttara: ehmmm ehmmm howzz that

swarag: awsomeeeeeeeeeee

sanlakutt smile

guyzz sanlak made a big frame of all their childhood pictures n in centre gifts are their for everyone n a card written welcome swaragini “”

utta:it was all my plan with smile

sanlak: oooo really raising one eyebrow

utt: fake smile: I mean u too is also with me

sanlak again sees her

utt: ufff ok pictures idea was mine n these gift is brought by Bhai on every frndship day n card too

swarag look at sanlak with shokd expression did they really do that

laksh: don’t look at us like this we rally did with smile

rags: tats y I can’t believe that

SWA: I think I m dreaming

San: lucky pinch them n tells its reality

before laksh…..swara pinches sanlak

sanlak: aaahhhhhhhhh what’s the hell shona

swaragutt laughs

swa: I was just checking its reality or not as per u say sanky

lak: jungli billi back to avatar(makes face)

Swa: u did not ssaw my avatar yet unlucky gorilla n smirks

ragsanutt laugh

lak: churaillll


San: how mean u both are

laksh:yes instead of saying thanks for doing many things for ur welcome u r giving us names huhhhhh selfish

rag:shona did u say to do this all

swa;: nooo ragu

rags: I also don’t say then y r they begging for thnkx ha n winks

swautt laughs n sanlak glares

San:huhhh look ms bhenji finally spoke haan not bad clap clap she can speak alsooo n don’t think too much that I will beg for ur thnkx huhh (annoy)

lak: yesss we thought too make u hapoy but instead u r fighting

sanlak sit down on bed in annoybfaces

rag: someone is annoyed haan

utt: yess look how cutr my bro looks whn annoyd n smiles

sanlak glares uttara

swa: hahahaha rags finally our plane work they got annoyed

rags HiFi n says yeah shona now finally we can enjoy

uttara: what are u talking about

SWA:actually while shifting here me n rags goes for sshopping n there we see our old uncle which used to ggive us handmade chocolates for which we four always fought me n rags bring it for them n make them annoyed that we can enjoy it by ourself

rags:yes bcz in childhood ur brothers are tat much foodies that they ate ours too now our turn to eat theirs

swagutt laughs while sanlak sees them

rags goes outside and bring a big packet of handmade chocolates n cards for their frnds in beautiful wrapping

utt:oo wooow can I eat them plzz its smell sooo gud

swarags: yesss ofcourde

rags: shona peoples got angry soon fast na they cant wait for their return gift na

swa:yesss ragu but what can v do lets finish eat

now swaragutt is enjying teasing sanlak ehile eating

lak whispers: bhaii look how r they enjoying i want to eat them

sanky: even mee too but u knw na mens ego

lak:yess but for choco uncle chocolates we can do anything

(guyz i knw its weird but as u knw foodies can do anything specially chocolate lovers like me πŸ˜‰ )

sanlak comes and grabs box from their hands n starts eating like a child

swarag laughs seeing them

utt:bhaii give me naa I too want that

San: nooo wway u r in these devils sisters team na now go to them

utt:bhaiiiii now u will do this to hr sister(in cute dramatic face)

lak: okkk nautanki u can eat only two not more than that its nno gud for health

utt:ok than u both will also not eat bz its not gud for health

swarag laughs at sis bro bonds

swa:loook how bhukkars are eating without asking huhhh (fake anger

lak: u want it…….have it…….but sorry its not for u n sticks his tounge out swara stamps his foot n does the same n gives glares

ragutt laughsb

swa: rags lets check what did they brought for us

while sanlakutt are bz in eating swarag opens their gifts…..swara gifts drop by her hand n fall under the bed she moves down n find something n shouts

swa:ooooommmmg what i got its the best thing n smirks

laksh thought she is talking about gift n says thank u thank u widout looking

swa:laksh who capture it the best day of my lifeeeee hava a look lakshhiiiii

laksh sees her n shouts: shoona give that too meee

swa:nwver evrrrr is the best welcome gift i had

laksh tries to snatch it but she passes rags n rags pases her both does the same

laksh: bhaiii help mee its the sake of my respect

sanky widout paying attention: laterrr let meee eat

lak:i will c u later n again starts snatching it

rags passes it to uttara

uttar shouts: ooommg bhaii is that u how cute u r looking just like a girl

lak snact it n says shut ur mouth

swa: y lakshikaaaa

laksh glares

utt:oooooo thats mean this is the secrey whom u r not sayingb


utt:bhai i want a sistwr plzzz again wear these

lak: shut up dnt talk too much motiii

utt:motii is bettr than a monkey n makes faces

swarag laugjs

laksh: uuuu…..n

swa: dnt u want to knw thw whole story


laksh: nooo thnkx

rag: shut up she did nt ask u go n eat

laksh hufffs n goes to sanky

swarag tells all their stories to uttara n teases laksh n sanky now all goes to hall for dinner and talks for sometime n atlast bid byeee to each othrrr

at gm
swarag sleep thinking about sanlak

at mm
sanlak sleeps thinking n planning about swarag

excel collage

sanlak and purul,aradia,sunny are sitting in canteen talking about swarag

bulbul:I can’t believe this

sunny:even me bro tmrw u r fighting now r u saying that u r childhood frnds is taht really

lak:yesss guyz we don’t knw that they are swaragini we also knw then when we reach their home after colg

san:yeah n its like zor ka jhatka

all laughs

ara: but I like them both they look soon incnt

purab: even meee…(bul glare)…like aisters

bul:oooo ssoo sweet of u

San: oooo plzz they n innocent never

voice: u n widout atitude never everrrr

all turns n sees swarag standing(rags in orange anrkali and swara in white top red skirt )

San:the name of the devil and devils appears

SWA:if we r devils then u r too

lak:ooo plxx don’t put incnt people in these things like us

rag:must say laksh u r a day dreamer

swarag laughs

lak: call me luckyy

SWA:laksh maheswari aka unlucky lucky emmmm I think gorilla is better by folding her hands

lak: n I think jungliii witch is best than shonaa

Ara: guyzx fought later first introduce us

sanlak introduces

san: meet my x CBFNBE pointing towrda rags


san: my x childhood bestfrnd now become enemy” CBFNBE meanss raaggiiiniiiiiii

rags gives glare n sayss hiii n thnkx mr.attitudee fake smile

all: hiiii

lak: n meet jungli billi, churail dayan fighter ,,devil n many more but at last swara

SWA gives glare

lak: nno don’t say thanks yrrr

SWA hit him

SWA: ur welcomee

SWA: hiiii evryone my name is swara u can call me shona

rags: n mee lado or rags anything

sunny: laddo I love it

rags: laughs n says lado not laddoo

ara: forget it lado he is bhukar anyways nice to meet u both

pur:yesss n I m purab u can call whatever u want expt sweety,baby,hony bcz I m engaged to her

bul:yes n I m bulubul from now onwards u r also in our group

swarag: nice to meet u all n congracts to u bothv

rags: n from now u r my bro OK n u r my bhabhi

pur:yyess sisi n HiFi

San: bbhai-bhen drama shuru

rags:dnt b jealous

San: jealous n with u hahaha nyx joke devil bhnji

rags: huhhhhh khadooos makes faces

ara: u all always fought

swaraglaksan: yesss unfortunately
at union

all sees each other n laughss

pur: u all share a great bond

sun:guyzz let’s go to corridor sir wants to announced something

@corridor area

all students gatherd

lak: nnow what thses mota wants to say

rags:respect he is ur principal

san;: ms lectuarar started

SWA:shut up u all n listen

prin: gud morning students and staff I knw u all r thinking that y I have called u here soo I want to aannound that this year many students passed our exams with much difficulties

rag:is he talking about u monkey brothers


they giggles

San: shut up n listen

prin: n many new commers are also joined so we thought to give them a fresher party or welcome party so tonight all its frsher party
all cheers n claps

lak: ok guyzx purab u bring aro n bul with u ok

sun: n mee

lak: u concentrate on eating only

sun makes sad face all gigles

San: motay u also can come with them

sun: thnkx u r my real bro n makes faces to laksh

all laughs

SWA:guys tell me how u all celebrate it cuz its our first one na

San:shona don’t worry u just ready on time me n lucky will pick u

SWA: n rags

San: she is not coming

rags: who said this

San: mmee bcz if u come in this clothes na then our rpetation will b down n bhnji is not allowed

rag: huhh saru I will come

San: everyone will laugh at u

rag: let’s c who will laughs or at whom (angry) n I m sure people will laugh at clowns like u

San:yeah right like u bhnjii

SWA:lado leave him we will go to shopping ok

lak: I think Bhai is right u have to wear some western

rag: nop way the way am I people will like me on this way I will not change my style

San: I m damn sure she will not come bcz people will run after seeing witch in the party

rags:let’s c joker n huffs n leaves

sanky smirks: Mr.attitude na now u will c hehhehe

they all goes to their class n after attending all left to their home n do perprtions for party

at MM

laksh: bhaii we have to look most handsome in the party

San: nooo my lucky we r handsome we don’t have to look

lak: yup u r right bro

San: I m just wishing that ms devil not come

lak:she will come

San: no way i irritated her soon much after that I don’t think she will come

lak: I also thinks the same let’s c….now go n get ready we have to leave

San: ok bro

after few mins

sanky wears white shirt n black coat with black blazers n black jeans and laksh wears a red shirt n black blazer n shirt n black jeans both are looking handsome

sanlak : looking at mirror this is called handsomeee n both winks

laksh:let’s leave
they leave for party

swarag room

SWA comes out wearing a white gown with simple braclet n small earnings an curl hairs at the bottom

rag: ooommgg shona u r looking s*xy if I will b boy than surely I will fall for u at first seen beautifullll n winks

SWA blushes

rags:ooohoooo blushing haan not bad

SWA:shut up rago n get ready u r not coming n don’t wear suit ok

rags: I m coming n I knw what to wear I will just come n winks

after few mins rags come out

rags: ehmmm ehmmm

SWA(shouts): aaahhhhhh raguuuuu

rags: am I looking bad or bhenji types

SWA(huge smile): if anybody ssees u na than definitely he will flat on u u r looking hot han n winks

rags blushes n says u too my jaan n smiles let’s leave

they took blessings from elders n leave

@party venue

sanlak arrive n all girls are flat on it
purul sunny aru also arrived

purab wears a black shirt n peach coat n black blazer n jeans n bulubul wears a peach ggown n sunny wears a white sshirt n blur jeans n aru wears a purple gown all looking stunning

ara:where is swaragini

San:they will come by themselves

pur:did my sisi will also coming

San: I dnt think soo bbhenji will come

bul:look swara come

sanlak are mesmerized to see swara


lak hits n says beautiful

SWA blushes n says thnkx u two r looking just ok

sanlak: ok

SWA:yyes only ok

purul: u r looking beautiful

ara:did lado did not come

San: I knew it she will not come if she will come then everybody will laugh at her bhnji righ laksh

lak: nooooo look at her (shokd)

sanky sees and get shokd seeing rags

to b continued……..

precap:dance of four

thnkx guys for ur love n suprt keep comnting n sorry for the dealt n take care keep smiling πŸ™‚



  1. Anjali

    Update soon yaar can’t wait . AWESOME superb I love ragsan fighting . I really want to know what ragini is wearing . Can’t wait . 😍😍😍

  2. Fairy

    Wwwww superbbbb episode yaaar…..waitng eagerlyyy for sanky’s reaction on rags new look 😊😊😊😊 keep rockng dear☺

  3. Kakali

    Plzzzz dr its a request… make d pair as SWASAN RAGLAK… coz without them i feel like story is incomplete… so plzz Dear… i m saying this cz d way u indicting story its shows d pair as RAGSAN SWALAK.. plzz do something..😊😊😊😊

  4. Richa19

    |Registered Member

    It’s awesome dear….

    Sorry for not commenting on previous epis coz today only I read the whole story….

    Its superb.. Love all their nok jhoks… Especially ragsan’s…….. 😘😘😘

    But I hope it’s ragsan and swalak!!!!

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