Swaragini~HEAL MY WOUNDS (EPI 34) Special

Heya guyz fizo is back with last chappy of heal my wounds… Hehehhe dont b shock its not last chap of ff but its last chappy of Feb cuz now i have to concertarate on my study so my ffs n ss are orn hold now hope u understand…… Thanks alot guyz for ur loveeeeeeee n thnks to silent readers also…. Now widout any bak bak starts….


The episode starts with SwaLak reaching a ground…. Laksh stops the car n blind folded swara

“Laksh what r u. ” says swara but intrupted by Laksh.

“Sssshhhhh” says laksh n keep finger on her lips, swara feels goosebumps on her body.

“Come out. ” says Laksh holding her hand. BOTH swalak comes out of car. “Come with me” says laksh making her walk by holding her hand. 

After walking few steps she realizes laksh leaves her

“Laksh” she calls out, but get no response.

Swara starts calling out him but get no reaponse then she removes her blind fold n awstruck to see the rose petals on her way… She looks n sees a garden and a way made of rose. She smiles and follows the direction.

“Pyar dosti hai” she stops as she heard a voice. 

“Aisa Srk ne kaha tha apni movie mai. ” she again heard the voice n follows.

“Kehte hai jab apko pyar hota hai tu asman mai chand bara hojata hai or tezz hawaein chalne lagti hai or zindagi or bhi haseen hojati hai. ” the voice says n chukkles.

“This dilouge is of amir khan. ” the voice says.

“Salman khan says, emmmm bhul gaya sorry kya karu idiot jo ho. ” the voice continues and swara chukkles.

Swara stops her steps as she sees ” OnLy For Mrs. Monkey Maheshwari” is written on a big heart on curtain which is hiding the sqaure of the garden n she is surrounded by the pink n white curtain. Swara makes a confuse face seeing the heart.

“Chipkali” Laksh calls out. Swara frowns n turns n sees no one.

“Oye where r u looking for, i m here” laksh says and swara looks at the speaker which is attached to the curtains.

Oye where r u looking for, i m here” laksh says and swara looks at the speaker which is attached to the curtains.

“Shona u always says na people can convey their feeling better with songs” laksh says n swara nods but her heart starts racing hearing him.

“I knw u r dhakkan and will not understand that’s y thought to use ur panthera.” Laksh says n comes behind a curtain.

Swara smiles seeing him. Laksh smiles n takes out his guitar and looks into her eyes.

Laksh starts playing guitar n starts singing

Tere dar pe aake tham gaye
Naina namaazi bann gaye
Ek dooje mein yun dhal ke
Aashiqana aayat ban gaye Main aur Tum
(Laksh comes near her n moves around her)

Kaisi dil lagaai kar gaye
Rooh ki rubaai bann gaye
Khaali khaali dono thhe jo
Thoda sa dono bhar gaye Main aur Tum
(Laksh says n gives her a rose)

Chalo ji aaj saaf saaf kehta hoon
Itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyar hai
Yunhi nahi main tumpe jaan deta hoon
Itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyar hai
(Laksh kneels down infront of her n mouths while happy tears form in swara eyes which is clearly visible)

Chalo ji aaj saaf saaf kehta hoon
Itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyar hai
Mujhe tumse pyaar hai..
(He mouth in sitting position only)

Lage na yeh dhoop zaroori
Lage na yeh chaanv zaroori
Milte hain ishq zameen par
Ab do hi naam zaroori Main aur Tum
(Laksh stands n wipes swara tears n forward his hand)

Apna khuda bhi hoga
Apna hi Rab le lenge
Khud ki bana ke duniya
Ye zindagi jee lenge Main aur Tum
(Swara keeps her hand on his happily n smiles )

Chalo ji aaj saaf saaf kehta hoon
Itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyar hai
Yunhi nahi main tumpe jaan deta hoon
Itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyar hai
Mujhe tumse pyaar hai..
(Laksh happily twirls swara as he got his answer from her n happy tears starts to form in his eyes now)

Ek tum, ek main, teeja maangu kya khuda se
Dil doon, jaan doon, kya doon itna bata de
Tera mera rishta hai saanson se bhi naazuk
( swara mouths wiping his tears n positively nods.)

Tum sa, hum sa, koi duja na hoga na hua re
Do dil sa ik seene mein hai jaise Main aur Tum
Ab dono hum ik jeene mein hain jaise Main aur Tum
( swara mouths n rest her hand on his back)

Jaan se zyada chaha tumko piya re
Harpal, hardum, humdum tumko jiya re
(Laksh make swara to look at him)

Aaj saaf saaf kehta hoon
Itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyar hai
Yunhi nahi main tumpe jaan deta hoon
Itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyar hai
(Swalak sings together sharing a deep eyelock)

Chalo ji aaj saaf saaf kehta hoon
Itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyar hai
Mujhe tumse pyaar hai..
(Swalak says together while again their eye get moisty and as the songs ends both hugs eo tightly).

“I love u shona” says Laksh, “i love u laksh” says swara n hugs him more tightly. As they break the hug swara shies n lower her gaze as she could not believe she accept her love towards him.

“OMG shona u can shy too n that to like a girl” laksh mocked at swara making her mood into frown.

“What do u mean by that idiot” she asked glaring.

“I tho just saying that how can chipkali can be a girl. ” laksh smiles

“Just like a cheapster langoor can be a boy” she says and flipped her hair.

Laksh looks at her lovingly.

“So ms. Chipkali whould u like to be mrs. Cheapster Langoor Maheshwari” asked laksh dragging her close to him by holding her waist which make her eyes widen n goosebumps starts pouring in her stomach.

“Lakkkkssssshhhh” her voice trembling as her heart starts beating fast.

“What” laksh whispers huskily.

“U idiot” swara pushes him.

“I did not say a yes yet. ” said swara with attitude making laksh amused.

“But u said u love me” lakah complain like a child.

“Ohh that was a joke” says swara folding her arms. ” cuz i hate u”

Laksh angrily hold her n looks into her eyes”dont u dare” he says…. Swara jerked n looks at him sacred. “Laksh” she says stammering and nxt moment laksh starts laughing.

“Huh” swara says n gives a stern look. ” awww chipkali look at ur face” laksh says n laughs. Swara starts beating him. “U idiot monkey donkey i hate u” she says but laksh holds her hand n pulls her closer. “But i love u” he whispers n she shies.

“Now say a yes” laksh says seperating her.

“If still i said no then” swara saya smirking.

“Okay then u cant see what i made for u inside this” laksh says n points towards the curtains in which Mrs. Monkey maheshwari is written.

Swara mouths forms an “O”

“That’s not fair” she states. “Everything is fair in love and war” he replies n winks.

“Ok yes” she says casually. ” naaah not like that say with some love honey ” he marks and get frown from her in return

Scene shift


Someone is shown climbing the window of swaragini room…. The person wears a black hoodie due to which his face is not shown. His eyes falls on sleeping Ragini who is sleeping peacefully holding a teddy. He walks towards her.

“Bhhhoooooooooooooooooo” he screamed jerking her. “Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh” ragini shriek and falls on the person. She opens her eyes hearing the giggling sound.

“Awww brave ginu” says sanky n laughs. Ragini smiles seeing his laugh but composes herself.”what the hell u r doing sansku” asked ragini with fake anger. ” haww ginu now u will talk with me in this fake anger not fair” he states making a pout. Ragini cant resist but pulls his cheeks due to which she completely falls on him. “Ooouuuchhh motii” says sanky which makes ragini angry.

“What did u say” asked ragini holding his collars still on top of him. Sanky widen his eyes.

“Wo wo” he struggles to say. ” if next time by mistake also u say me moti na then that will b ur last day on earth mr. Sunki” she marks in dangerous tone which is enough to make him scared. Sanky nods isntantly. “Good boy” ragini taps his cheeks n get up from him amd sits on bed. Sanky also sits.

“Now tell what thing u come to theft” asked ragini. “Theft? ” he confusedly asked. “Yes theft… What else can i expect with u in this theif avatar. ” she says.

“Huh am i looking a theif to u kumkaran” says sanky annoyingly. ” yes mr. Brainless ” she says.” Haww me n brainless chuiya” says sanskar. “Huh whom u says chuiya u donkey” replies ragini annoy. “Ooops right how can i say a langoor a chuiya my mistake” says sanky making ragini frown. ” u idiot chimpanzee” says ragini throwing pillow on his face. “U attyachari bhootni” says sanskar n throw pillow back to her now they calls each other with all names and throws cushions at each other .

“U elephant” he says. “U hippo” she replies. “U donkey” he says. “And u monkey” she replies pointing her index finger. ” u white sari witch” he says n points his index finger. ” u tree hanging koala bear” ragini says and pinch his nose.  Sanskar gives her stern look for a minute by keeping his hand on waist and ragini also looks at him by keeping her hands on her waist, both looks at sternly for a minute then burst into laughter. “Idiot” both says eo at same time n smiles.

“Now tell y did u come like a theif” asked ragini when they both are cleaning her room. “Wo laksh was not at home n u r also not replying so just come to check that u r alive or not” says sanskar casually.  “Lol” ragini says sternly while sanky laughs.  ” u r truely a brainless genious sansku” ragini says. “Huh”

“Btw where is shona” asked sanky. “With laksh”. ” whattttttttttt”asked sanky dramatically. “Dont act like indian televison bahu” says ragini which make him frown and ragini silently giggles.

“Come” says sanky n drag ragini to window. “Jump” says sanskar. “What” asked ragini shocked.”nooo” says ragini when sanky is aproaching towards her with a smirk. “Aaahhhhh” shouted ragini when sanky holds her hand n both jumps from the window.

Scene shift

“Yes” says laksh when swara is shown proposing him. “Okay come” laksh says n forward his hand, swara holds his hand n both walks inside.

“Laksh” swara whispers awestruck seeing the decoration with red and white ballons and candle and lilies and a round table around the ballons.

“May i” laksh says.  Swara nods teary eyes n hugs him. “Aww mela bacha” laksh says n caresses her hairs. And they walks towards the table and feed each other. “Ice cream” swara ask when they finished the food. Laksh shakes his head n takes out their fav ice creams n feeds her happily and she looks at him lovingly.

Scene shift

“Ginu” shakes sanky when ragini is still on trance.

“How dare u” ragini glre. “What” asked sanskar confused. “How dare u to attempt of killing me” States ragini holding sanskar collar. “Urghhh not again, what enmity u have with my collar, poor collars” he said caressing his collar with a puppy, ragini rolled her eyes at him and frowns. “Duffer” she murmurs, “i heard ” he complains. “So, its for u only idiot” she slightly hit his head making him annoy. “Now tell me. Y did u come” she asked as they started walking on roads. “Ummmm-ac” he tried to say but inrupted by her.

“No need to tell a maked one” she states and he continues, “actually i want to eat ice cream and i dont want to have it alone so that’s y thought to take u with me” says sanky. “Gosssh sansku then y did u behaved like u r hiding something” says ragini when they stopped at their fav ice cream vendor to take their ice cream.sanky smiles “u knowz me very well ginu”. As both take their ice creams” actually i want u to show u something” says sanskar and holds her hand and starts walking. “Sansku let me eat first” says ragini licking up her icecream.
As, sanky reached at a place he leaves ragini hands. “This is the same park where u comes right” asked ragini glancing around the peaceful park. “Yes but there is something which i want to show” says and starts walking towards as ragini follows after a couple of mins both reached the exit of the park which is attached to a lake waterfalls which is increasing the beauty of night with the sound of waterfall and a full moon twinkling with stars, the place is looking a heaven on earth and the calmness can sooth any one’s pain.

“Ginu” shakes sanskar when he spot her lost in the calmness of night. “Sansku this place” she said and looked at sanskar with wide eyes which ia twinkling with the light of place. “This is so beautiful” she says and smiles widely, sanky also smiles and both sits on a rock. “How do u get to know about this place” asked ragini eating her ice cream. “Vo after the attack i was being restless so one day found it while walking” says sanky hesitates as he dont want ginu to bcm sad bcz of that beast. Ragini could not say she just fakes a smile. And there is silence for few mins.

“Sansku”… ” Hmmm” he replies looking at her. “Why did u show me this place” she asked and lies on the rock looking at full moon. “Gud question” he says and lies after her. “Well ginu this is Life, and in this life we will have many ups and downs… Sometimes we will be happy and sometimes we will be sad and sometimes we will be broken, we can’t predict our future and in some cases we all want to live in peace, so its necessary we know that place where we will feel peace and happy which can heal our pain thats y i want u to know this place cuz we dont know what will happen in next moment of our life, i just want u to be happy and whenever u feel u r broken or u need some space then u can come here, i knw it sometimes may be not work but trust me u will feel better” says sanky directly looking into her eyes, rags could not reply she simply hugs him.” U knw what u r the bestest friend whom anyone can ever have” says ragini and feels secured in his arms. Sanky smiles and wrap his hand around her. “And u r the worst thing then can ever happen with a person” says sanky n chukkles which make ragini irked and she break the hug n hit him on his chest. “Huh idiot kahika” she says n folds her arms. “Uffffff u girls attitude baap re baap everytime sitting on ur nose w8ing to b blown like a ballon on ur face” says he and get a good stare from ragini.

Scene shift

Swalak are shown walking in hand in hand with swara resting her head on his chest, both are silent and enjoying the newu moment btwn them. “Shona do u know what’s day tomorrow” asked laksh.

“Dont know” says swara casually. “Huh, r u serious” asked laksh. “Do u think i will joke with u” says swara in serious tone making him frown. “Ok ok now don’t make that look, tell whats the day tomorrow” asked swara. “Whats date Tomorrow? ” asked laksh raising his brow. “14” says swara but the realises what he meant and blsuhes.”finally” says laksh and teases swara with naughty smile. “Sooo” asked laksh. “What so” asked swara raising her brow. “Whats ur plan of tomorrow” asked he. “And what will u do after knowing” replies she. “Aray tell na then i will plan” asked laksh. “Emmmm then we” says swara and starts thinking. “We” asked laksh. ” we will study, idiot u forget na that we have test tommorw duffer” says swara and laksh bites his tongue. “Shona” says laksh with puppy face. “No mr maheshwari dont u dare to blackmail me i will not show a singel question, and before u starts ur chatter box we r late drop me now” says swara and walked off before listening to him, laksh make a pout and follows.

Scene shift

“Raaaagggiiiiinnniiiiiii” shouted sanskar pronouncing her name long as he do in childhood, which crept a smile on her face. “Sansku” she says. “Look Raggiinii tomorw is Valentine so” says sanky but intrupted by ragini”so u want me to b ur Valentine “asked ragini with wide eyes while from heart she jumps in happiness. ” what ginu r u mad” asked sanky jumping from the rock to ground. “Hawww u called me mad idiot” says ragini.”of course how can u think i will ask u to be my valentine, i dont want to b die so soon abi meri age hi kya hay” says sanky with puppy face. “Dramebazz” hit ragini on her head and walks.

“So what u want me to do” asked ragini. “Date” says sanky and ragini stops her steps and looks at him ny folding arms. “What? ” asked he. “U just said u dont wanna die so soon, then y did u changed ur plan so soon” asked ragini still giving him that look. “Dumbo ginu i want to date u like we used to do remember in childhood idiot u me at our place and lucky shona theirs! ” says sanky slightly hitting her head lightly which make her slightly blsuh and she sheepishly smile.” Understood “asked sanky. ” yes sunki very well now lets leave before anyone think i run away from home with a langoor” says ragini and dragged him with her.

To b continued


Phewww done with Valentine chappy of hmw i thought to start my real plot of hmw but hmw comes and then moreover RagSan scenes will be less thats y so thought to give u all a small treat to ragsan and swalak ❤ hope u enjoyed it… Do vote and tell ur views i will b w8ing….. And sorry i knw i m late but i stoped writing on TU till may then i will b back with bang till then u can read my stories on watty i will b there and i started 2 new ffs on RagSan and RagLak on Watty “Jhalla Awara Ishq-A unique Love” is of RagSan its one of unique one do read it and “warrior love”is adventure and on 4 couples RagLak, Mayur, GunRat, and Virkia with john abraham and johny lever its a funny plus survival story u will like it for sure do check these out also…. With so much of thanks and love


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