Swaragini~HEAL MY WOUNDS (EPI 33) “She Came”

Heyaaa guyzz fizoo backkk wid another chappy of ur fav Heal My wounds….. In btwn hmw n my ss i rarely forget my other 2 ffs heheh….. Ok sooo Happpy Wala Bday Helly Shah… May ur all dreams n wishes come truee lots of loveeee….. Thanksss alott guyzzzzz for ur support in last chappy i m sooo blessed my readers are increasing n sorry who thinks i m nt giving imp to swalak well this chappy is special for swalakians hope u enjoyed n Ragsan fans finally wo ghari agai jiska ap sb ko besabri se intexar tha :p…. Widout my bak bak mood lets start…..


The episode starts with swarag n sanlak leaving to their respectives home after colg everyone is on trance seeing rags weird behavior especially budhu sanky who is still on trance………… Whole day rags behave like this whole gadodias are amused to see this side of ragini but they are happy as well after dinner swarag goes to their room…..

@swaragini room

Ragini is standing near window n smiling seeing shining moon n starts twinkling in light….. Like the glow of Luv is shining in her eyes just like that the glow of Her Love is shining in the sky

“Ragu r u okay” asked swara coming with hot choclate for both of them

“Haan shonu what could happen to me yr” said ragini smiling

“Shonu” think swara in her head

“Ahhhhhhhhh” screamed ragini loudly like she saw some ghost

“What happened” asked swara worried

“Hot Choclate” exclaimed ragini excited n grab her glass like a child

“U knw how much i m craving for it thanks shonu” said ragini n kisses on swara cheek…. Swara eyes widen n she could not gasp what happned

“For this hot choclate u shouted” said swara amused 

Ragini nod like a child drinking the drink

Swara shakes her head n smile at her sister antics n take her glass n starts drinking

“Finish” said swaragini at same time n placed the glass at tray

“Hahahahha” laughs swaragini seeing their faces n point at eo faces

“Muchaar Singh” shouted swaragini at same tym remembring their childhood play which they used to play when they haves moustaches whenever they drink hot chocolate

Both burst into laughter

“Do u remember ragu how we used to act like a goon muchar singh when we got moustaches” said swara laughing

“Hahah yes shonu n remember one day we met a uncle also whose name was muchar Singh n he beat lucky also bcz he was stoling mangoes from his garden on ur saying n then how sanku saves him saying that its Him who said to him to do that to save Him” said ragini remembering her childhood with her ever sweetest smile

Swara smiles remembring the best days of her life she remembers each n every moment she spend with Laksh their fight, their care, their eyelocks, their prank A shy smile appears on her lips she blushes

“Ehmm ehmm” coughs ragini to make her come out of her dreamworld

“R u thinking about HIM” said ragini with her teasing smile

“No who said i m thinking about that monkey” said swara instantly

“And when i said u r talking about Laksh” said ragini smirking

Swara bites her tongue realizes this n blushes hard

“Ohoo blushing haaan” said ragini teasing

“Shut up ragu” said swara n throw teddy at her

“Aray dnt u dare to touch my buddy” said ragini caressing her Teady

“Ok maharani g now sleep n make ur buddy sleep also we have to go colg” said swara n cover herself with blanket

“U r forgetting something” said ragini a lill bit loud

Swara uncover herself n give a slight Peck on rags cheeks

“Gud ni8” said swara n covers herself ragini smiles

“Gud ni8” she says n hug her Teddy tightly n closes her eyes ‘Sanky smiling face flashes in her mind’ n she instantly smiles n hit her head n then she remembers all Her journey with Him she remember each n every moment she spend with HIM n widout HIM all flashes in her eyes n she smiles unknowingly like i mental

“I love u sansku i love u” said ragini hugging her teddy n lies down n sleeps thinking about him

“Gud ni8 sansku” said ragini n close her eyes

The night flews away n the new day welcomes them with beautiful chirps of birds n with blissful sun rays who indicates them A new day A new Morning has come with lots of happinesses, sadness,  or u can say a indication of danger which can destroy everyone LIFESS!!!!!!! 

Trrrrrrrrr ⏰⏰⏰⏰ sound of Alarm

“Ahhh Raguuu dont distrb my sleep na” said swara in her sleep

“Gud morning” said ragini getting up with her smile n closing the Alarm

“Wahh at night giving me lecture to sleep bcz we have to go colg n see herself is still sleeping” murmur ragini n pushes swara

“What ragu” said swara turning her side in sleep

Ragini is about to throw water when something strikes in her mind n she smirks

“OMG Laksh what r u doing here” shouted ragini as loud as she can

Hearing Laksh name Swara wakes up n sits wid a jerk

“Gud morning Laksh” said swara with eyes closed

Ragini burst into laughter seeing her face… Swara rubs her eyes seeing what happned n see no one n the she saw ragini who is rolling on floor bcz of laughter

“Raginiiiiii at morning u started” shouted swara n starts throwing pillows n cushions

Ragini is still laughing

“Omg swara Now i got to knw how much power is in Laksh name” said ragini n laughs more

Swara is about to say something when shomi comes

“What the hell u both are doing” shouted shomi as she sees pillows cushions scattered n ragini on floor laughing like mad

Ragini stops laugh n swara both look at angry shomi n sees eo

“Gud morning” says swarag in union n hug shomi frm both sides n kisses her cheeks

Shomi twist both of their ears

“U both knws all pantheras to control me” says shomi n leave their ears n slightly smiles

“Now clean ur room n get ready fast n come for breakfast otherwise* she glares

Swarag cleans the room n gets ready for colg n after having bf they bid bye n leaves to colg

” bye maa baba” said swarag n take their bags n leaves

Someone secretly watches them

Scene shift


Sanskar is standing on colg gate w8ing for swarag n laksh to come someone put hands on his eyes

A crept smile appears on his lips

“Purab” said sanskar n remove hands n sees purab n bulbul smiling

“Sanky” said purbul n hug sanky

Sanky smiles n then his smile turn into fake anger

“Finally u both remember that u have frnds to” said sanskar n turns his face

“Sorry sanky ” said prubul n hold their ears

Sanky turns his face to other side

” sanky u knw na bcz of purab dad health we need to go their sorry na”said bulbul n turns him on her side n makes a puppy face

“Look how cute she is looking atleast now forgive us” said purab pleading

Sanky smiles n shakes his head n hugs them both

“Who can b angry on this nautanki” said sanky n break the hug

“Where is laksh” asked bulbul

“Dont knw where that idiot goes” said sanky irritated

“Gud morning” said swarag entering with a their sweet smile

“Bhayyo” shouted rags when she see purab n goes n hugs him n bulbul to…. Swara also goes n hugs them

“Bhabhi bro u both are so bad u both did not tell me also while leaving” said ragini with pout

“Awww solly sis next tym i will tell u pakka” said purab

“No ways” said ragini n turns other side

Swasanbul laughs

“now Ginu will not forgive u so easily ab tu papar belne parege tujhe”said sanky n l aughs

Ragini stealthily from a corner of her eyes sees him laughing n feels goosebumps

Swara is looking here n there searching for Laksh

“U tell my sisi what can we do to gain ur forgivness” said purab

“Ginu ask to give us party” whispers sanky on rags ears while she tightly cluctches her stole when she felt his hot breathe on her ears

“Emmm i forgive u” said ragini lost in sanky feel

“U r the best sis” said purbul n hug her from each sides

“That’s not fair” said sanky with pout

“Wooow karan Arjun Milap is going on here” said Laksh coming towards them

Swara smiles seeing laksh n laksh also does the same 

“Lucky” said prubul n about to hug him when he shows his palm

No need to cuz u r not my frnd anymore” said laksh n turns other side

“Not again” said prubul wid pout “Sorry”

Laksh sees their faces n then at SwaRagSan where Ragsan are saying them no through actions n swara smiles n blink her eyes in a Yes Laksh smile

“Ok this is ur last chance if u both again go anywhere widout telling then u will b dead” said Laksh n hugs them

After their milap they goes to their classes n after class all Gather at canteen


“So laksh how many girlfriends u made” asked purab eating his sandwich

Laksh who is drinking juice spits n coughs badly while swara glares HIM n he sheepishly smiles at HER

“What r u talking about me n girlfriend i m not that type of boy i think u forget how i m” said Laksh

Sanky silently chukkles

“I knw u that’s y i asked” said purab winking

Before Laksh could say swara intrpt

“Well bhai how many gf He made infront of u” asked swara instantly

Purab is about to say when Laksh intrps

“No one” All look at him amused “I never made a gf right purab” said laksh nodding his

Ragsan silently chukkles

PurBul understand his situations n smiles

“Yes he is right shona he had no gfs ” said bulbul

Laksh smiles

“Yes cuz he always flirts with every girl so he never think of making a girlfriend right Laksh” said purab smirking

BuLak glare purab while swara feels jealous n she fakes smile

“Ooooo” said swara burning wid jealousy

Laksh neverously look at swara

“Yeaaaaahhhhhhhhhh” said ragsan in a sad tune n silently chukkles

Laksh glares them

“Well sanky how many gf u made” asked sanky

Rag who is enjoying swalak state stops n looks at purab n then sanky

“Me n GF naaaaah till now i did not get any one yr” said sanky with childish expression

PurBul n SwaLak laughs while rags shoot draggers

“Ook so tell me which type of girl u want” asked purab

Sanky is about to say when Laksh intrups

“Mother Teresa” said Laksh n chukkles with everyone while sanky make a annoyed face

“Shut up lucky” said sanky

“I want a girl just like…… ” said sanky while rags is eagerly w8ing him to reply

“Deepu” said sanky n smile

“Deepu” shouted rags in his ears

Sanky jerk n rubs his ears

“R u mad ginu” said sanky

“Oops sorry vo who is deepu” asked rags while her heart starts beating fast

ALL shakes their head while she smiles

“Don’t tell ginu u dont knw deepu deepika padoukone yrr” said sanky n finsihes his juice

“Phewwww” said rags n take a sigh of relief

All look at her n she “what” Look

“But sanky she is heroin tell what qualities u want” said swara ignoring Laksh

“Yup” all agreed

“I want a girl who is gold by heart” said sanky with thoughtful face

Rags smiles hearing this

“I want a girl like when she enters na everyone will b mesmerized seeing her”

A car is shown stopping infront of a gate n a girl in black jeans with white sleeveless shirt n open hair is shown stepping out of the car

” i want a girl Like when she walks with me everyone feels jealous ”

A girl is shown walking through corridor n everyone is kept looking at her

” A mordern girl with traditional values n moreover her eyes should b hypnotizing like when i see in her eyes that i can drown into it”

She removes her goggles n Her hazel green eyes are shown she walks forward

“And lastly when i first hear her my heart should b stopped n romantic song starts playing in bg” said sanky n look at everyone who are giving him irritated look except ragini who is lost in her own world

“Now what” said sanky

“U n ur filmy types” said Laksh n purab n makes a face

Sanky frowns n stands

“Ginu lets go to class otherwise they all will make us to like them only” said sanky

Ragini who is lost come out of zone n fakes smile at sanky

“Well Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari its our class too” said Laksh standing up

“Oo really Mr. LAKSH DURGAPARSAD MAHESHWARI” said sanky n smirks

Laksh frowns “its lucky”

Both shows tongue to eo

“I m leaving” said sanky n leaves


“Excuse me” said a voice

“I heard this voice somewhere” think sanky n stops n turns but bumps into someone the person is about to fall when sanky holds HER

Time Stopped!!!!!!!!!  Sanky is just mesmerized to see the Girl He is Just lost in Her Orbs n His Heart starts beating Fast

Just them swalak prubul and rags come n see the scene prubul n  swalak laughs while rags feel her heart pierced

“Ehmm ehmmm” fake coughs Laksh to bring Sanky to world

Sanky jerked n stands the girl

“Sorry” said the girl n sanky at same time n smiles

” New” said sanky

Girl nods

And” He said but intrupt

“And the same girl whom u help that day” said the girl n forward Her hand ” Hi i m sanjana”

Sanky smiles

“Sanskar u can call me sanky” and shakes his hand with Her while he feels current in his body

The girl is revealed as Sanjana played by Simran Kaur

Swaraglak n prubul comes

“Hi i m swara” said swara n shakes hand

“I m laksh and this is purab and Bulbul and this” said laksh

“Ragini ” completed sanskar n ragini smiles at Him

“Hi” said ragini n shakes her hand

” U all r frnds” said sanjana

Ragini nods n smiles

“Guyz i think we should leave” said purab

“Emm yes u r right” said Laksh n saw the time

“So when will u join” asked swarag

“Tommorw” said sanjana

“Well nice to meet u its time to go” said swarag n shakes hand while rag sees sanky who is busy staring sanjana she feels bad but fakes smile

“Sansku” shakes ragini to bring him out of his dreamworld

“Yeah Ginu” said sanskar still staring sanjana

“We r leaving,  Chale” said ragini

“Emmm yeah, Sanjana r u not coming” said sanky asking Her

“Actually My car is outside i will” said sanjana

“Ok lets leave them” said laksh

All starts walking just then Laksh msg something to swara

“Meet me sharp 5 PM at rose garden” read swar n passes a smile to laksh

After that all leaves for their respective Homes


Swarag comes Home n places their Bags at their room…. Swara goes to change while Rag sits on bed n is lost

“Am i not capable of sansku” thinks ragini

“He wantz the girl who is mordern but i m not modern at all” think ragini n look herself in mirror

“Dont worry ragini cant u change urself for ur love” said her inner voice

“No i want Him to love me the way i m i cant change” said ragini

“But if He dont love u then,  Can u effort Him seeing with someone else” said her inner voice

“No” said ragini with moist eyes

“U have to change urself for ur love” said her inner voice

After alot of thinking

“Yes i will change myself for Sanku Love” said ragini n smiles but her heart is not accepting

“Ragu” said swara coming out of washroom

“Yes” said ragini n secretly wipes the tears

“Vo actually” stammers swara

Ragini raises her one eyebrow

“Kya chal raha hai” said ragini suspicious

“Actually Laksh says me to meet him at 5 pm at rose garden” said swara in one go

Ragini smiles teasing

“Ohhh so u r going on datee haaan” said ragini smirking

“Shut up ragu its nothing like that” said swara nervous

“Then y r u nervous” asked ragini

“Vo vo” said swara

“Vo yeh bla blah!…, tell me clearly u love him right” said ragini holding her by shoulder

Swara looks here there

Ragini smiles

” Do what ur heart says” She said n goes to change

Swara looks on

Scene shift


Sanlak room

Sanky is lost on sanjana thought while Laksh is making some calls

“Is it done, thank u soo much yup sharp 5 bye” said laksh n disconnected the call

“I hope i make this day special for u shona ” said laksh smiling n remember something


Laksh is shown outside GM and hiding he sees swarag going n smiles n takes out a packet he secretly climbs the window n land on swarg room

“Oo gosh y it is locked” said laksh trying to open cupboard he checks drawer n founds the keys n unlock the cupboard

He opens the packet n takes out a simple n sweet baby pink white color jump suite with marching accessories n place in cupboard n locked it n keep the keys at their place

“I hope u wear this only” said laksh n goes out from the room secretly

Fb ends

“I just hope u wear that dress today… Today will b ur best day in ur life shona i hope i can give u all the happiness in ur life n never make u sad today u will got to knw how much i love u ” said Laksh smiling

Like in thoughts everyone tym passes

At finally its 5 pm

@evening GM

Rags is shown sleeping while swara is shown standing infront of the mirror in same jump suit which laksh gives her… Her hair is in high pony tail with some strands n matching accessories she is looking simple n sweet

“Peole where suites gown on date but see me i m wearing jump suite dont knw y i found this cute one anyway its 5 already that idiot will taunt me if i go late” said swara n goes

@outside GM

A car is shown outside the gate swara comes out n sees someone back facing in white shirt

“Laksh” she called out

The person turns n is laksh in white shirt n blue jeans

He look at his watch n then at her

“Widout any question come n sit” said laksh n opens the car door.. Swara silently sits n laksh drove off

To b continues….

Precap: Swalak Confessing Love

Hehehhe chappals tomatoes cmnters everthing is welcomed i knw its upto week but trust me i m not willing to write n bcz lazy sorrry for that hope the chappy is ok do tell plz n thnkx for support… Keep smiling take care n stay blessed

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Hope its ok n do read mentals ff guyz


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