Swaragini~HEAL MY WOUNDS (EPI 32)


Heyaaaaaaaaa frnds fizooo again back with 32 epi of ur fav ff Heal My Wounds ” how is my commentary :p Lol but guyzzz thanks thanks thanks alottt for ur immense love towards my first FF HMW when u all says na that post it soon i realky feel blessed that ppl r liking it n w8ing for it eagerly its really mean alot to me thats y in ur return gift i m starting writing a SS on ragsan n i will cmplt it soon but for that i need a brake from my 4 ffs just for a small time thnks to all my silent readers n commenters love u alk from bottom of heart n about Promo sooo guyzzz kesa shock tha hehehehe i knw that promo will b a shock for u all but its not full promo half is left which i dont give but u all will kwn that twist part also soooo enough my blabbers lets begin……


Days starts rolling fast n 1 week flew like a bird and in this 1 week swalak completely realized their love for each other and ragini also starts feel different around sanskar which is unknwon to her and sanskar starts showing extra care to ragini…..


In an isolated place a girl in pink bridal lehenga is shown liten a pink lamp her eyes twinkling like a stars her smile is soothing as peace she takes a marker n write “I LoVe U”

“Whom do u love” asked a voice 

The girl face glows n she turns hearing the voice n her face is revel she is ragini…. She smiles at the person and the person starts coming towards her with slow steps

“Y should i tell u whom i love” saod ragini to the person who stopped infront of her

“No need to tell cuz i knw who is he” whispers the person in her ears n she flushes hard

Ragini pushes him

“Ahhh ginu thats not fair” said boy n revealed as sanky

“Oye sanku everything is fair in love and war” said ragini smirking

“Ahan is that so… So what it is love orr ” said sanky coming near her

“What do u think it is” said ragini looking into his eyes

“It is” he come closer to her


“Ragu ki bachi its 8 am n u r still sleeping u idiot dont u wanna go colg” shouted swara irritated at ragini who is smiling in sleep

“Ahhhh” jerk ragini n sit on bed

“It was dream” murmur ragini to herself as she realizes whats happening

“Ooo hello madam if ur dream about Prince charming is over then get up n get ready n come colg by urself cuz i m already late bcz of u ” said swara taking her bag

Ragini did not reply n keep thinking about dream…. Swara notices

“It is “….. ” love” conpleted swara

Ragini look at her

“I think u r in love thats y ur mind floor is empty now a days” said swara to ragini who glares

“Is that soo in that case ur mind is gone on vacation na cuz u r madly in love with laksh haina” said ragini making swara blushes hearing laksh name

“Ohooo in blushing u don’t remember about being late in colg haan” said ragini

“Ooops yes yes i m late bye bye i m going” said swara kissing ragini cheeks n left hurriedly

Ragini smiles at her n gets up…. After sometimes she comes out taking shower with wiping her wet hair with towel she stands infront of mirror n smiled unknowingly thinking about the dream

Thinking about me” comes a voice

She looks through mirror n find sanky smiling at her

“U” her face glow up

“Yes me or u expect someone else haan” said sanky

“When did u come” she asked

“Just then when u r smiling without any reason” said sanky winking at her
Rags face turns red n she feels butterflies on her body

“Btw looking beautiful” said sanky coming near her

Rags blushes”thanks” n lower her gaze when she felt sanky touched her face

“Sanskar” she said with eyes closed

“Kuch to hoa hai kuch hogaya hai” rings her  cell which make her to come reality…. She opens her eyes n sees no one she then sees herself in mirror she smiles n again her phone rings n she frowns n sees “swara” calling she bites her tongue n hurriedly got ready n leaves from home taking her belongings

Ragini starts walking in road smiling n starts humming a song

She starts singing

Namkin Si Baat hain
Har Nayi si baat mein
Teri khusboo  chal rahi
Hai jo mere saath mein
(She sings thinking about recent happening)

Halka Halka Rang  Beete Kal ka
Gehra Gehra Kal ho jayega
Ho jayega
Aadha Ishq Aadha hai
Aadha Ho jayega
Kadmo se Milo ka
Vada ho jayega
( she spread her arms n sings by smiling )

Aadha Ishq Aadha hai
Aadha Ho jayega
Kadmo se Milo ka
Vada ho jayega
(She smells the flowers which is on her way n throughs on air by dancing)

Beshumar raatein
Behisab baatein
Pass aate aate gum ho jati hai

Bekhudi mein dhal ke
Bekali mein jal ke
Sau naazare yaadein  nam ho jati hai
Fika fika Pal betein kal ka
Behka behka kal ho jayega
(She imagines sanskar n sings she hit her when she realizes its her dream)

Ho jayega
Aadha Ishq Aadha hai
Aadha Ho jayega
Kadmo se Milo ka
Vada ho jayega

Aadha Ishq Aadha hai
Aadha Ho jayega
Kadmo se Milo ka
Vada ho jayega
( she pick up the kid n twirl him with her n sings)

Adha IShq…

Intezzaar sa hai
Imtehaan sa hai
Itminaan sa hai
Kya hai na jane
(She remember their first meet fight)

ITraa rahi hai
Itna hui hai
itraa rahi hai
Kaise na jane
(She remember how he ask for a sorry to her )

chalka chalka
Pal beete kal ka
Tehra tehra kal ho jayega
Ho jayega
(She remember how he saved her from tarun how he take care of her n how he kissed on her cheek n she also kisses on his cheeks making him shocked she remember all her moments)

Aadha Ishq Aadha hai
Aadha Ho jayega
Kadmo se Milo ka
Vada ho jayega
(She imagines sanskar dancing with her n twirling her she smiles)

Aadha Ishq Aadha hai
Aadha Ho jayega
Kadmo se Milo ka
Vada ho jayega
Adha Ishq
(She hit her head n walks happily dancing like a child with kissing kids cheeks n pulling oldies cheeks n helping them n singing )

She finish the song n stops

“What is happening with me… Why i m thinking about sanskar do i love him (she smiles) Means i love him yes yes i love him…. I love u sansku… I never thought that one day i will fell for u but its happens n now i m in love with my best frnd best supporter who always b my side but from now i promise i will b ur side always whether u love me or not i will always love u n will tell u also when the times come” ragini happily said to herself n smiles widely with glowing face

Scene shift

Sanlak is walking here n there n swara is continuously trying to call ragini

Lak:swara she will come relax

Swa:what relax laksh bcz of her we missed our lecture n madam did not come yet

San:u both go i will stay here n w8 for her

Just then rags enter smilingly n sees sanky with swalak she smiles thinking about him

Laksh notices rags smiling at herself he taps swasan to see they look at her confused

“Woooow here we r tensed n see queen is standing and smiling at herself” said swara annoy n goes to ragini who is standing at entrance n lost in smiling

Ragini is still smiling

“Oye mutarma” shouted swara at rags ear….. She jerks n looks at swara

“Ahhh swara r u mad y r u shouting” said ragini annoy n rubbing her ears

“Oo really as if u dont knw from 5 mins u r standing at entrance smiling like a idiot n asking me y am i shouting” said swara twisting her lips

Ragini feels embarrass n sheepishly smiles

“Something is fishy” said laksh

“Nothing is fishy” said ragini

“If ur marine talk come then lets go we r getting late” said swara n drag them

Ragini felts someone gaze on her she looks up n found sanky staring at her she feels her heartbeats beating fast n felt nervous n ignores him n goes n sits on bench next to swalak…. Sanky keeps a amused face n goes n sits next to her ragini feels goosebumps in her body

“R u ignoring me” asked sanky a lill bit angry

Rag nods no

“Can’t u speak” said sanky annoy

Rag nods yes

“Urghhh Ginuuuuu” said sanky annoy

Rags smiles n looks at his cute angry young man face n laughs

“Now y r u laughing” asked sanky pouting

“U r tooo cute sanku” said ragini pulling his cheeks

“Urghhh” He frownz ” u n ur cuteness ki bimari” said sanky annoy

Rags laughs again but this tym caught by their sir who just come n see her smiling

“Stand up ms. Ragini” said sir

Ragini who is laughing stopped n look at Sir

“Sirrr meee” said ragini with horrified expressions

“I think u r Ragini only” said sir

Ragini stands up n lower her gaze

“Now can u tell us y r u laughing” said sir

Ragini looks at sanky who is sitting like obedient child next to her n then she remember his cute face n looks at her sir n burst out laughing….. Everyone looks at ragini with horrified expressions especially swalaksan

“Lo hogya blander” murmur sanky under his breathe

“I think she is gone mad” said swalak at same tym n steal glances

Ragini realize her surrounding n stops laughing n look at sir scared

“Sorry” said ragini biting her tongue

“Get out” shout sir


“I said get outttttt” shouted sir in high tone

Ragini got scared n runs outside

“Jhalli” hit ragini at her head when she comes out of classroom

After class

Swalaksan are walking out of class

“What happened to ragu” asked Laksh worriedly

“Dont knw” said swara still shock

“I think she forget to take her mental dose today” said sanky casually

Swalak glares him

“Shut up sanky” said swalak

“Now where is she”asked laksh

” in my pocket”said sanky

“Sanskarrr” said swara annoy

“Urghhh no one needs me huh i m going to my Ginu u both livw birds stay here nd o romance” said sanky n runs from their before swalak can say anything

Swalak is about to say when he runs both smiles at sanky

Swara feels shy while laksh rubs his neck with his hands

Swara is about to go when laksh holds her hand n she turns both shares a eyelock

Vo shona can u come tomorrow wid me” asked laksh nervous

“Where” asked swara doubtly

“Actually i want to show u my fav place ” said laksh

“N y do u want? ” asked swara

“Cuz u r my best frnd n u have right to knw right” said laksh smiling

Swara nods smiling n both leave

Scene shift


Ragini is eating sandwich at canteen when sanky come there finding her n sees her eating n goes to her n snatches her sandwich n plate n starts eating that

Ragini mouth forms an “O”

“Sansku this is mine” said ragini trying to snatch plate

“So what u n me are besties so whats urs is mine also n what’s mine is urs” said sanky now snatching the coke from her

“Noo in eating no compromise” said ragini n snatched the sandwich

“Ginuu give me that” said sanky

“No ways bhukkad u always eats mine go n bring urs” said ragini standing up from her place n taking the bite… She finish the sandwich n just last bite is left she is about to have it when sanky eats its from her hand

“Emmm kisi or k hath se khane ka maza hi kuch or hai” says sanky smirking looking at ragini cute pout n finishing the coke

“U knw what” said ragini irritated

“What” asked sanky

“I love u” said ragini smirking n pulling his cheeks

Sanky widen his eyes n chocked

“Pakka she did not take her doose today” said sanky with a thinking face
Swalak comes n sees sanky lost they shakes him to bring out from trance

“Where were u lost n where is ragu” asked swara

“Vo vo” said sanky

“What vo vo where is she” said laksh

I m here” said ragini eating the brownie like a child

Swalaksan keeps their hand on their faces

“Ginn” before sanky could complete ragini stuff the brownie in his mouth

“Emmmm delicious” said sanky like a child n licks ragini fingers

“Yucckkk idiot” said ragini hitting him

“I wanna eat more” said sanky like a kid

“U want”said ragini smiling

Sanky nods

” then go to hell”said ragini eating the last bite while sanky pouts n she smirks

“I hate u” he said

“Love u too” she said

Swalak look at them shocked n trying to figure out their happenings

After sometime they all left to their homes

To b continued……

Precap: I came

Happppy newww yearrrrrr in Adanceee guyzzzzzz may this years brings lots lotz of happiness in ur lives…… Guyz i kw the precap was diffrnt but i thought to give ragini scenes when she falls for sanky n i kwn its short but i have to write ss as well so bear it hope u all guyz enjoy n yuppp thanks aton for support n finally ur w8 is over on next chappy which is surely u get on next week.
…. Take care guyz love u all keep smiling n once again happy new year in advanced


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