Swaragini~HEAL MY WOUNDS (EPI 31)


Heyaaa guyzzzz fizoo back with another chappy of HMW yohooooooo crossed 50 cmnts guyz yayyyyy its mean alot to meeee loveee u alllll soooo muchhhhhh wala thanks alot alot alotttttttttt for this much loveee seriously its all bcz of u all i reached till here my readers n silent readers a big thanksss tooo all of u……as i said in last chappy cuz of czn reception its got latr n i knw i m very late n finallly going PUNJAB for one more wedding so before 20 i will give 2 or 1 updates then on 2 jan my bdy date when hopefully i will back at HOME… Finger crossed urghhhh i knw i bakbak alot but i cant cntrol myself sorry now start sooo ragsanian its for u…….


The episode starts at parish wedding where swalak and ragsan are standing opposite to eachother holding eo hands while swara is looking at ragini and ragini looking at another direction they are throwing petals at parish…. Swara look at ragini with moist eyes laksh tightly hold swara hand n assures her she fake smile n throughs petals on parish… Ragini sees them with corner of eyes she sees swara hand which have bandage which is hidden with her bangels n then she sees towards laksh hand which have a deep cut which is unwounded her heart sank looking both of them n her eyes becomes moist n then she sees towards sanky who is standing next to her holding her hand throwing petals at parish plastering a fake smile on his face she sees towards his neck which have a cut hidden with his sherwani collar and then she sees towards their hand which in encircled but she sees towards the cut which he hide with his sleeves cuff ragini look at him painfully while she sees at trio her heart is continously paining looking at 3 which are hiding their wounds she remembers all her talks with Laksh when he said her to stay away from him she looks at laksh with guilt and then she sees towards her sister which is going to die if her frnds did not come at tym then she sees sanky n remembers her convo that they both wanted her happiness only she look at him with guilt in her eyes she cant meet with trio gaze even thought its fate but the fact is she is equally responsible for this many questions rise in her mind about her life about her frnds about her family last but not least her sister which is soul reason for her to live she wanted to cry but she control her shreiking heart n plaster a smile n hugs parish n congracts them for happy married life All greet the newly married couple and they took blessings from all……. After sometimes all leave except gadodias and maheshwari

Ap:r u all alright what happened to ur frnd

San:yes maa everything fine now no need to worry

Som:but why these 2 are looking so dull especially Lado

Ragini is looking down without saying anything

Lak:actually she is very Close to ragu thats y she is dull she even talk with us properly

Swa:yes maa nothing to worry Lado will b fine she goes n holds ragini who is standing numb

San:yeah dont worry anti (all look at him aumsed cuz he never say shomi as anti)

Laksh comes n stands next to sanskar

Lak:actually GF he is tensed that’s y n fakes smiles

San:vo sorry

Shek comes n holds them

Shek:r u both ok

Sanlak nods n fakes smiles

Shek smiles

Shek:shona lado come lets go home

Sanlak look at eo n then at shehkar

San:Guru can they both stay with us

Lak:yes actually it will b gud if they stay their mind will b changed


Rp:let them stay na shehkar first time these both useless say something correct

Ap:yeah sheko let them stay it will b gud

San:yeah papa also says correct let them

Shekshom:ok ook let them

Shekshom. Goes n hugs swarag

Shom:if u want to tell u can tell ok

Swarag nods

Dp is looking at them with suspicious expressions

Shekshom leaves

Everyone leaves for MM ragini sits in next car not with swara


All do grahparvesh of Parish and all rituals while swarag are standing at diffrent  corner looking at them and sanlak sits next to Parish teasing them to show they are absolutely fine….. Swara looks at ragini with moist eyes ragini also looks at swara her eyes are also moist both are in pain… Clapping sounds make them come to reality n ragini looks away n claps with fake smiles so as swara….. Sanlak look at them n then eo n assures eo

Dp look at them

After that all goes to their room while swautt goes to uttara room and ragini at guest room

After sometime

@sanlak room

Sanlak wears casuals pajama n shirt both faces are dull

Lak:bhai  (slowly)


Lak:y ragu is not talking with us she is ignoring us

Fb shows

After incident all comes at MM ragini is trying to walk while her ankel is twisted sanlak is helping her and swara silently following them with teary eyes….. Ragini eyes falls on sanlak wounds she get teary eyes

Rag: stopp

Sanlak stop

Ragini remove her hand from both of them shoulders n stands

Rag:i dont need ur help

Sanlak looks at amused while she tries to walk limping

Swasanlak tries to hold her but she stops trio and goes all look at her painfully swara runs upstairs while sanlak keep standing their

@guest room

Ragini wears a simple lehenga n tries to walk holding table but sanky comes n holds her she stands n remove her from grip and again tries to walk…. Sanky becomes angry n pick her up angrily and make her sit on couch while she tries n he glares his red eyes make her quite….. He silently twisted her ankel from which she cries n holds hand tightly bruises her nails on his skin

Sanky without saying anything wounded her

San:u can walk now(he says n goes)

Rags stands n realizes she can walk now she look at the direction where sanky leaves tears in her eyes she wipes her tears n goes out ignoring everyone

Fb ends

Lak:dnt knw y is she behaving so stubborn

San:u knw laksh she can bear her pain but not others she is blaming herself u knw na these two blame themselves for everyones pain

Lak:yeah right but bhai by this she is giving pain only

San:yes u dnt worry i will talk to her n stands near window n look at ragini sitting in bench 

San:u go n talk with shona i m going to ginu

Laksh nods

@swautt room

Uttara is sleeping and swara is sitting on floor sliently weeping

swautt room

Swara is sitting and silently weeping… Laksh sees this from window and his heart sink looking at her…. He makes himself relax n goes inside n stands infront of her….. Swara feels. Someone gaze on her she looks up teary eyed n find. Laksh looking at her in pain.. She looks down while laksh sits on floor next to her n kept looking at her

Lak:if u share then u will feel light (laksh whispers in her ears)

Swara looks at him twary eyed n hugs him tightly… Laksh smiles through his tears n encircled his hands on her while swara keeps weeping

Swa:y is she doing this she knows i cant bear her ignorance why laksh (she ask in cracking voice)

Lak:sssshhhh shona u knw na she cant see anyone in pain

Swa:but she is not responsible y is she not understanding

Lak keep his hand on her head n caresses it n keep consoling her

Scene shift

Ragini is sitting on bench with her legs near her chest and hands encircled around her legs she kept looking at shiny moon while tears are visible from her eyes

Sanky comes n looks at her n the direction she is looking…. He is standing at her back while her tears are clearly seen to him…. He closes his eyes n take a long breathe…. Ragini can sense his presence she wipes her tears while sanky comes n sits next to her there is few mins silence btwn them…. Ragini stands n is about to go when sanky hold her hand

Rag:ahhhh she closes her eyes feeling pain while sanky look at her n then her hand which have red marks his eyes become moist n he look at her

Ragini opens her eyes n sees sanky looking at her while his eyes are moist n he is trying hard to control his tears… A drop of tear falls from ragini eyes looking at his painful Gaze…. Sanskar blinks his eyes assuring her he is with her she hurridely sits n rest her head on his chest n encircled her hand on his stomach n cries her heart out

Tune plays
Jo tu mera hamdard hai
Jo tu mera hamdard hai
Suhana har dard hai
J9 tu mera hamdard hai

Sanskar keep his hand on her head n caresses it while she continuously sobbed

San:sshhhh bacha ginu dnt cry its past ok just forget everything like a bad dream

Ragini remove her hands n sits n look at him teary eyes

Rag:Bad dream is it sansku do u ever thought if u both did not come on tym then what could have happen do u (she asked him in cracking n painful voice while he avoid gaze)

Rag:do u ever thought what happen if he marries me (she makes him look at her while tears are continously flowing)

Rag:do u everrr thought what could happen if he stabbed shona tell na sanskar u r telling me to forgot na tell if anything could happen then will u say me to forgot all things like a bad dream….. If he stabbed shona or do anything wrong with her and me will u say to forgot it tell na (she asked him anger in pain while her eyes are red… Sanskar kept looking at her n his heart is sinking n hot tears form in his eyes thinking what IF anything happen to anyone…. What could happen IF he cant come on tym…. Both share a painful yet teary eyelock…. Sanskar within a fraction of second tightly hug her

Scene shift

@swautt room

Swara is shown sleeping on Laksh lap while his one hand beneath her head n second on her face

Laksh look at her n closes his eyes ‘Tarun dragging swara and about to stabbing flashes in his mind n he jerk while tears form in his eyes of loosing his life…. His heart stopped beating for a second thinking how will he life if something happened to her…. His life now he understand that how precious she is for him…. He remembers all their moments and at last today incident which make pained him … He look at swara painfully while his tears are going to fall on her which he wipes it n kisses on her cheeks n remove the hair strand from her face n keep his head on her face n closes his eyes

Scene shift

Ragini is continously sobbing n weeping sanskar is sitting at that position only n caressing her hairs while his heart is cracking feeling her all tears on his chest…. He hardly contorls himself n broke the silence

San:Ginuu u r doing wrong y r u punishing swara laksh by ignoring them especially swara u knw she cant stay away talking with u for a single min (he said caressing her back)

Rag closes her eyes

Rag:bcz i cant forgot that my sister is near death bcz of me nor i can forgot the wounds which u all get just bcz of meee (she said while she chocked)

San:these wounds can be heal but the wounds u r giving by ignorance in heart how will u heal that…. Will u not talk wid anyone forever or will u stay away from shona for rest of ur life just bcz u believe in someone and the person is about to kill ur sister right for that person who wants u to stay away from ur dear ones who wants to snatch ur happiness u r helping him by doing same thing but th e difference is he does that in his anger n u r doing just u have guilt (he said cupping her face n wiping her tears with thumb n looking at her eyes)

Rag:can u HEAL MY WOUNDS (she said holding his hand n looking at his eyes inocently)

San weak smiles n kisses on her forhead n keeps her head on his shoulder n encircled his hands around her… Ragini closes her eyes feeling secure n feeling peaceful

San:i will Ginu i promise i will HEAL UR WOUNDS with time i promise n that Tarun i will never forgive u for hurting my Ginu i vow to protect her from u now this type i will not spare u its Ginu Sansku promise to himself he thinks n keep his head on hers both closes their eyes

Scene shift

DP comes out of his room n goes to sanlak room he finds no one…. He then moves towards stairs n come down n saw guest room he moves towards window a curved smile appears on his face seeing RagSan back pose but he dont knw how are sitting there trying to forgot each other pain

Scene shift

Ragini is fallen asleep on sanky shoulder while sanky is adoring her painful face n her tears marks a tears dropped from his eyes n he closes his eyes feeling her pain from childhood they can feel eo pains n hides in themselves to save other its one of their promise which they never forgot even thought they stay away from eo till 17 years but still every moments of their childhood relive on their hearts They are not any BF or GF they are bestest friends which share a beautiful bond FRNDSHIP….. Sometimes all u need a hug from ur best frnd to forgot all sorrows same in that case even some new feeling arise in them but they will remain as friends who stand besides u on every need…… Sanky wipes his tears n hold her face n then pick her up in bridal style while his eyes clearly showing pain he moves towards swautt room…. DP sees them but stays there…. Sanky enters n sees swalak sleepinh like kids on eo heads a sweet smile appears on his lips n he silently places rags on bed n wake laksh up

Laksh wakes up n looks around n then he sees swara who is sleeping his heart is still in pain in thinking of loosing her a tears escaped from his eyes which sanky wipes n nods no looking at him… He fake smile n pick swara up n make her lie beside rags both are looking at them in pain…. Sanky keeps his hand on Laksh shoulder who hugs him n cries…. Sanky consoles him n take him out of the room

@sanlak room

Sanlak comes n sits on couch while laksh is crying

San:Lucky i never expected this from u atleast

Lak(cry):Bhai i can’t loose her i cant he hugs n sobs

San smiles n hit his head

Lak:y r u hitting me

San:cuz u r stupid

Voice: just like his father right

Both sees DP standing Laksh wipes his tears n both make a normal expression

Dp:what happened i knw this idiot wil say like that only

Lak:no papa

DP comes n sits

San:bade papa u here any work

Dp:yes i have work


Dp:so tell me what r u hiding

Sanlak gives confused expressions

Dp:dont forgot i m ur father i knws u all very well did something happened to ur frnd or it’s a lie

Sanlak bcm shocked n tries to cover up

Dp:i knw u both dnt consider me as ur father place but u can consider me as a frnd whom u can atleast tells ur worries i seen ur 4 faces when u r lying if u both dont wanna tell me its ok but remember i m always there for my useless sons

Sanlak bcms teary eyes n they hug Dp this tym they really need a frnd whom they can share  there sorrows eventhought there father son jodi is based on nok jhoks but still the place cant b filled

Dp:nw tell me what happened

Sanlak sees eo n tells everything except swara stabbing

Dp look at them with proud but his heart pained knowing his faires condition whom he thinks as their daughters

Dp:i m proud of u both its gud u dnt tell shehkar he is possesive about them n u both did very well i will make sure the person who hurt my fairies wilk b behind bars only u both tried to cheer them up n if u need anything tell me n dnt hide ok

Sanlak smiles n nods n again hugs him

Dp:but truth cant b changed that u both are useless

Trio laughs

Sanlak: n u our khadoos papa

Dp gives the stern look n the both stopped….. Dp smiles n leaves


Sanlak nods n goes on bed while Dp turns the light off n goes

Sanlak dozed thinking about swarag


Swara wakes up n calls out ‘Ragini’ then realizes she is not here her face bcm pale….. Ragini who come to wake up her sees her face n feels bad she composes herself n hide her pain behind her plaster smile n bang into room

Rag:shona wake up n sees swara sitting on bed

Swara sees her n a curved smile appears on her lips

Rag:kumbkaran u forgot that we r not in our home we r at sweety home atleast dnt show ur laziness here(she said by keeping her on her waist)

Swa smiles through her tears which flow bcz of happiness

Rag(concern):shona what happen y r u crying n wipes her tears i

Swa hugs ragini n cries…. Ragini understand n rubs her back

Swa: i m sorry ragu plzz dont ignore me n talk to me

Tears formed in rags eyes

Rag:sshhhh shonu its not ur mistake y r u saying sorry its my mistake i m sorry don’t cry

Swa breaks the hugs n wipes her tears
Swa:but i m not talking wid u now(n turn her face in fake anger)

Ragini mouth formed an’O’ n she folds her arms

Rag:soo u r not talking with me(sternly)

Swa:yes widout looking at her

Rag:Thank God u r not talking now i dnt need to waste my precious tears n winks at swara who is looking at her in disbelief

Swa:hawww so mean u care for ur tears n from yesterday how much liters my tears got wasted do u knw

Rag:ooOh thats y i thought y water is not coming u waste all tanker by crying only (serious)

Swa:ragu ki bachi u r gone

Rag run n swara chases her atlast swara caught her n keep her head on her shoulder n while ragini keeps hand on her head both laughs

Swa:never do this again otherwise i will kill u

Rag laughs

Rag:ok mata ji i will not do this happy

Swa:more then happy

Rag:love u

Swa:love u more

Both smiles n swaragini plays in bg

Voice:ehmm ehmm

Both looks at that direction n find sanlak standing with hands crossed across their chest n smiling at them


Lak:just adoring ur sismance now if ur sisters romance is over then can we go i m hungry

Rag: r u jealous

Lak:y should i

Rag:cuz i m romancing with shona na thats y u have hurry to bf na

Trio laughs

Lak:Dumbo dnt think too much

Rag:dnt call me dumboo

San:yes dont call Ginu Dumboo

Rag smirks

San:cuz everyone knws the truth that she is dumboo only

Rag glares while swalaksan laughs

Rag:Sansku if this tym u ask sorry na then forget i will forgive u huh n turns other side

Swa:i m going to fresh u both continue ur Tom n jerry fight

Lak:even i m going at dining i cant w8 for cartoons

Both swalak goes

While ragini kept looking at another direction in fake anger….. Sanky comes near her n make her look him

San:say Thanks

Rag:y should i

San:u do this much great acting bcz of me

Rag: acting

San holds her from shoulder

San:yup acting cuz i knw its all fake u r forgetting that i m Genious i can easily recognize who is really happy or pretending to b n about U i knw u better then Urself soo dont waste tym n says thanks

Rag smiles but not a fake one a real one n hit his shoulder

San:Ginuu say na

Rag:u r forgetting that no sorry n thanks is frndship

San pouts

San:you always do that with me

Rag:awwwww n then something popped n she smirks

San:what r u thinking (scary look)

Rag:u want thank u na n starts coming closer near him

Sanky look at her in shocked n keep moving backward

San:what r u trying to do

Rag:sab bata doon n smirks

San hit the wall n rag blocked him by hands

San closes his eyes

San:Giiinnnuuuuuuu b4 he complete rags give kiss on her cheeks n sanky open his eyes in shocked n his eyes come out from socket

Rag:Thank u remember n smirks n goes from their laughing

First san dont understand then smiles n shakes his head in disbelief n. Goes out smiling


Laksh is continously muttering for food after sometime pari come along with swaragini n serves bf to all…. … Alll praises pari food n sanlak n swarag teases parish while sanky trying to avoid ragini who is laughing seeing his state n swalak are glancing eo finally they realizes their feeling…. .. Back to normal….. After bf swarag leave for GM

To b continued…….

Precap:who r u??????

Heheheh guyz i hope i dont make u all emotional with my emotional chappy thats y i put some happy moments tooo thanks alot for ur constant supports guyzzzz sooo swaragini has few days left gonna miss the show bcz of that i bcm part of TU n got many sisters n frnds very lucky to have u all just wish all cast n crew of SR best of Luck in future hope soon they got new serial just wish for one RAGSAN show together dream to high heheh….. Do cmnts guyz …… Take care n stay blessed n keep smiling

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