Swaragini~HEAL MY WOUNDS (CHAP 24)

Hi guyz i m back…… Thank u soo much for ur love n support n thnkx to silent readers also lov u all n plz keep supporting me n sorry in precap its engangment not marriage n do read my 2nd ff too guyz ok now start….


The episode start with laksh following tarag who are talking widout paying any heed to him

Tar:so whats ur fav color (he ask casually)

Rag raise her one eye brow: n y should i tell u

Tarun faces expression change

Rags laughs seeing him n says: hey just kidding mine is red n urs

Tar smiles seeing her: mine also red cuz its a color of love n winks

Rag:ohhoo thats great soo ur fav food


Rag:cheater mine tooo

Tar:thats great n ur fav hobby

Rag:emm music n dancing

Tar:now u r copying thats mine too

Rags:really seemz like many things are common haan not bad mr heart robe

Tarun smiles: i like it

Laksh is just staring tarun with anger



Rag:huh such a flirter

They look at eo n then starts laughing

Sanky comes just then n shocked to see them laughing together

San: what the hell is this(he said almost in a shock)

Tarag stops laughing n sees at sanky

Tar:hii sanskar

Rag:hey sansku come here meet my new good frnd tarun he is soo cool

San shockingly: ur new gud frnd he looks at laksh

Tar:yes y any prblm

San:no no not at all how r u tarun

Tar: i m

Rag:he is fit n fine n coool right 

Tar:right n sees towards laksh

Tar:laksh y r standing come

Lak fake smiles : ragini i think we r getting late for class soo see u later

Rag:ooo yeah i totally forgot see u later tarun n shakes hand with him

Tar sad face: yeah see u meet me soon ok n shakes her hand n not leaving n seeing her

Sanlak are eyeing him in anger

Rag:tarun can i goo

Tar:yesss u can

Rag: then…

San:then u should leave her hand so that we can go(he coldly) n leaves rags hand n hold

Tar:ooop sorry n eyed sanskar… Bye ragini

Rags smiles n says bye sanky hold her n laksh follows to class

Lak:bro u n ragu go i will just come in a min


Laksh is thinking deeply n bump into someone

Voice: seems like someone is thinking about mee haan n smirks

Laksh clench his fits n says:Tarun b in ur limit ok stay away from ragini

Tar:relax bro relax n about ragini i will think cuz she is Very nice girl

Lak:i knw she is nice n very kind hearted thats y i m staying stay away from her

Tar:ooohh warning han ok i will but swaraaaaa

Lak:dnt take her name from ur mouth

Tar:ohooooo so much anger hmm ooo yeah i remember han what about my challenge u have 2 weeks remeber otherwise u knwww n smriks

Lak:look tarun i m not intrested in talking with u i m saying u just stay away from ragini n swara got that n starts leaving

Tarun sees swara coming from opposite direction n says :hiiii swara right

Swa:yeah i m but how do u knw my name

Laksh turns n sees swatar talking

Tar:actually i heard about u alot n btw i m tarun yr sisters new good frnd n winks n says only heart robe of collage n single

Swara laughs n says i dnt think i have to tell u my name n when did u met ragu

Tar:ragu nice name n yeah i met in morning n we become frnds

Swa:ooo Great but how do u knw about me

Tar:uffu ms detective laksh told me once

Laksh is eyeing him

Swa:oooo so taht monkey told u seems like i m very famous

Tar:ofcourse afterall u r sook beautiful na

Laksh fumes while swara smiles


Tar:yrr thats not fair u both sisters called me flirter i m not taht

Swa:awww so u try on my sister too han u knw….

Lak shouts:shonaaa

Tar smirks: shona woow soo nice name can i call u that

Lak:no u cant he shot

Swa:lakshhh n yes u can


Swa:laksh from now he is also my frnd so he can call me n yeah tarun see u later byeee

Tar smikrz: ooo thankx shona see u byyeee

Laksh eyed him n says lets leave n hold swara hand tightly n leaves with her

Rajat see this n comes to tarun

Raj:what r u thinking tarun

TarunTar:nothing i m just thinking that what if swara will become my sister in law

Raj:whatttt but laksh sanskar u knw na

Tar:ooo forgot them i just want ragini at any cost who cares for them


Tarun shows his hand to stop n leaves rajat looks on

Scene shift

Laksh is walking holding swara hands tightly

Swa:laksh, laksh, laksh

Lak stops:haan

Swa:what happened to u r u okay she ask worriedly

Lak:yes swara i m

Swa:then y r u holding my hand so tight n w8 a min u callwd me swara r u angry

Lak:no cuz now u said everyone to call u shona then i thought to call u swara

Swa: r u jealous

Lak:huuh not at all cuz laksh n jealous never ever


Lak:yes pakka

Swa:then y r u burning (innocently)

Lak:vo actually……… What… what did u say u r gone chipkali…

Swara runs n laksh chases her atlast she got her n pull her to wall n lock her with his both hands both are breathing heavily

Lak:soo i’m burning right (he look into her eyes)

Swa:no.. No i wass js

Lak:sshhhhh (he put his finger on her lips)

They share a cute eye lock

Voice:ehmm ehmm again u both started

Swalak broke eye lock n look at that direction n huffffsss  (ofcourse who can distrb swalak its ragsan only who are laughing seeing their embarrassed faces)

San:bhaii now what will u say han

Rag:ofcourse nothing sanku they have no explanation

Swa:shut up ragu its nothing like that we was

San:we was just playing game who can stay without blinking eyelashes righttt n give hi-fi to rag

Rag:yeah sanku right u knw song is also playing in back ground n winks

Swalak:shut up u both

Ragsan sees at eo n then swalak n then starts shouting

Ragsan: Gulabi ankhein jo teri dekhi sharabhi yeh dil hogaya

Sanky goes to laksh n put his on his shoulder

Sambhalo mujhko oo mere yaro smbhlna mushkil hogya

Ragini goes to swara n hold her hand

Ragsan:gulabi ankhein jo teri dekhi sharabi yeh dil hogayaaaaaaa

N then burst into laughinggh swalak are giving killing glares to ragsan

Swara hits sanky on his stomach hard


Swa:now laugh u idiot

Laksh pull rags hair

Rag:aahhhh u monkey

Lak:hehheheheh now laugh huh

Ragsan makes faces annoyed

Swalak stamps ragsan foot n leaves

Ragsan:what theee they huff n follows them

After that they all leave


San:what the hell is this i m gonna kill that tarun how can she do this n taht stupid gini how can she say that she  did not want to listen she is dumb  or deaf or what if u say he is not nice i will talk to her n see how can she deny me ?

Lak:relax bhai

San:what relax here my frnd is inviting trouble n i will b relax i think we should talk to shona she can make her undrstand only

Lak:no she cant


Lak:cuz they both think him as cool nice person



Sanky put his hand on her head

San:i m gonna mad… If ragini says this i can understand but shona really i did not expect from her

Lak:not only this she allows him to call her shona too( he said almost in anger)

Sanky looks at him n smiles seeing his face

San: r u jealous

Lak: noo y should i

San: then y r ur face telling this u wanna kill him n u r jealous

Lak:no i m not

San: u r








San: i knw it n smirks n tease him

Lak: tease tease as much as u can cuz ragini also allows him to call her gini

San:what how can she

Lak smirks n says: like swara allowed same ragini allowed whats the big deal han

San:its a very very big deal now i m not gonna kill tarun infact i will kill her how can she tell my given name to him… When i did not allow u to call her like taht then how can he ??

Lak controlling his laughs says: bhai r u jealous

San:yesss…… I mean no i m not he said stammering

Laksh laughs seeing his face

Lak:hahah bhaiii i was just kidding ragu did not tell her name to him she did not wanna die with ur hands

San:what u n hit him n then join into laugh

Uttara comes


Sanlak:dnt shout we r here only

Utt: i will cuz its gud news she siad exitedly

Sany tahts means u r going for holidays

Utt:huh how bad u want me to leave u but ur luck is not that gud n i want to tell u that tmrw is adrsh bhaiya engagment so we want to buy clothes

Sanlak:whattt engangment

Lak:bhai now tahts too much we r also family members no one tells us

San:yesss tahts enough

Utt:if u both check ur mobiles then u will knw how many tyms we call u

Sanlak sees n makes faces

Utt:now u got to knw na lets leave

Sanlak:ok maaata coming

Utt:blessed my child n chukkles

Scene shift


Utt:bhai i think we should go to taht shop

San:shut up uttara its been half hour u r making us follow n holding ur bags we did not buy but u have to buy for whole world today only(annoy)n sees at laksh who is literlly sleeping on sanky shoulder he remove n he jerk

Laksh(yawning):did she done shopping

San:not at all n huffs

Utt:uffu bhai u both are seriously useless bade papa says correct its just half an hour u both are acting like u both are soo old n cant walk n i have t0 do shopping for everyone na n i m alone so what can i do huh she fold her hands


Voice:who says u r alone

Trio look at taht direction

Uttara widely smiles n says:diii
(Yesits our swarag)

Swa:we came to help u

Utt:thank god otherwise i have to tolerate them

Sanlak:uttara ki bachiii how mean u r

Utt:soo what u both are tired na now u both go i have my both  di na they will help me

Rag:no dnt make them go

San:look she need our help

Rag:yes afterall we need someone na to hold bags na trio laughs n sanlak are eyeing them

Swa: awww look at their faces dnt worry we Will help u both in selecting dress to

Lak:no tahnks we can manage

Swa:tahts good n now shall we

In whole shopping sanky is just staring rags in anger…. Now its turn to boys selection

Utt:ufff i m tired now lets rest

Lak:oooo really r u an oldie that u u become tired in just 2 hours han

Utt:2 hours is bttr than an half hour

Lak:is that sooo


Lak:yes he mimics

Utt makes faces

Swa:continue ur bhen bhai fight later lets select dress for this monkey first

She goes n select white front open sherwani with salwar

Swa:laksh this will suit u…. She try on him while he was staring her

Swa shakes him


Swa:try this…. It will suits u

Lak: its alright its nice

Rag:ok now i will select for sanku also
San:no thnkx i will slect by myself(childishly)

Rag: y r u behaving like a child r u angry on me

San:y should i tell u…. U go to ur cool frnd

N goes but did not find anything n makes faces

Rag is following him

Rag: now tell me who cool frnd by folding his hands

San:taht sweet cute tarun whom u allow to call u gini also ( complain like a child)

Rags laughs seeing him

Rag: hahahah sanku who says i allow him n more over i knw that u will kill me if i allow him so i dnt take chances u knw i love my life n winks


Rag:han baba pakka she smiles n says now can i slect

San smiles n says:yesss

Now rags is making sanky wear more then 10 dresses

Rag:noo sanku its not looking gud try this

San:gini i m not a girl u r making n changing me wear more then 10 dresses now i will not

Swalakutt are sitting feding up of their nok jhok

Rag:no this is last n i m sure this will suits u

San:if it will not then we r going thats final ok

Swa:w8 sanky let me check this one otherwise we have to stay here for night

San: i m also thinking the same

Swara goes n check dress n says:its perfect go n try

Sanky goes n come after trying it

Rag:wooow sanku must say looking like human han not bad

San:finally n collapsed on sofa 
Sanky sherwani is light blue open with salwar

Rag:oooo sotuuu wake up we have to leave

San:plzz let’s eat something first


They all goes to cafeteria n sits eat n talks for sometime n leave for their respective homes
.. (Guyz i m directly showing engagment function)
Tomorw evening

MM is decorated beautifully

Ap , Dp , Rp , Sp n uttara all are ready n w8ing for adarsh n sanlak

Sanlak arrive with adarsh

Adarsh wears a peach sherwani n sanlak same which swarag selectd trip looking handsome n dashing

Adarsh is continuously watching door
San:ehmm ehmm seem like someone is w8ing for someone han

Lak:yes bro sooo impatience ufff then how will he w8 for wedding night n winks

Adarsh blushes

Lak:hahahahaha bhai u also blush han not bad

San:i think on wedding day bhai will come blushing n bhabhi on horse n laughs gives hifi to laksh

Ada: tease how much u can my day will also come beta

San:hahahah not so soon bro

Uttara shouts:bhabhiiiii agai

Sanlakadr look at their direction obvio adrlak is mesmerized to seeing swapari n sanky is just staring ragu in a shock

Pari wears a peach n silver color lehenga with hair open looking beautiful

Swa wears a baby pink color lehenga with curls looking damn pretty

Rags wears a pink n blue color lehenga with curls looking sweet

Swaragpari takes blessings from elders

Uttara goes on stage

Utt: gud evening everyone today is my big n best brother engagement with my sweet n beautiful bhabhi so lets exchange rings

All claps

Adarsh comes near pari n says in her ears

Adr: i dont knw that my would b wife is so beautiful taht i cant take my eyes off

Pari blushes

San:ohooo bhai u can also say romantic lines not bad n bhabhi can blush tooo n winks

Rags hit his stomach n says shut up n say to pari

Rag:diii dnt take him seriously he is not so imp to listen

San:ooo shut up for my bhabhi i m imp right bhabhi tell this blue rabbit that

Rag:whom u caall blue rabbit u dracula

San:hahah nyc joke

Swa:shut u both pari di these two are ur useless devars n their work is to distrb others

LAK:oooo hello first of all we r not u both sisters are useless n dumb so shut up ok

Swa:ooo plz first of all here all knw very well who r useless who r not n di if u want u can ask sweety i means ur father in law also or adrash bhai they all knw also tell bhai

Adr:yes she is right

San:y to ask that kharus n bhai i knw k ap us kharus k chamche ho to plzzzz n now excuse

Sanlak comes to pari n says bhabhi u r sooooo sooo beautiful when thses dumb says about u we want to meet u but u knw collg thats y we not got tym n now finally we met u n we r ur best n cute n sweet devars plzz always save us from this devil plzzz

Pari laughs n says: ok devar jii

Swa:pari di party change not fair

Laksh shows tongue

Rags shows tongue n says: soo what we have best bhai right so now we r from boys side

San shows tongue: yeah yeah go otherwise he will start to cry n laughs

Adrshswarag shows ? to them

Utt comes n says: sorry sorry sorry i m late ok now exchange rings

All smiles

Now pari make adr wear ring same as adr make pari wear rings

All claps n throws flower petals on them

Lak comes near swara n says

Lak: i dont knw that white gorilla can also look beautiful

She blushes n says: thanks for the compliment bandar u r also looking handsome

Lak:yes afterall lucky wore it he has to look handsome na thts y all girls are flat on me

Swa:ooo plz its my slection otherwise u will look like a clown n no girl will give u chance

Lak: is taht so now u w8 n watch

At ragsan

Sanky is standing near rags n continuously distrbing her

Rag:sanky whats yr prblm


Rag:n whats now i have done(annoy)

San:how can u look beautiful i m still confused (he make a thinking face)

Rag: r u trying to flirt with me or this is a compliment

San:y should i gave u compliment obvio i m trying to flirt wit u cuz u r dumbooo na

Rag:shut up

San:but seriously u r looking sweet n pulls her cheeks she sheeplisly smiles

Rag:u r also looking beautiful in my slection

San:ooo thanks…. What beautiful am i looking beautiful (annoy)

Rag:ooo soory i mean handsome

San:wo to ma hun

At swalak

Laksh is trying to flirt with girl but no one is giving him bhao n he makes faces swara laughs seeing him he glare her

Swarag sees tarun coming n wave hii to him n goes

Tarun wore a front open mehroon sherwani looking dashing( love him??? )

Sanlak try to stop them but paying any heed to sanlak swarag went to tarun (oooo soo sad sanlak)…. Sanlak angrily eyed him

Swarag:hiii tarun

Tar:hiii gorgeous girls looking pretty han

Swarag smiles n says: thanks

Swa:but u r not looking less han looking handsome n winks

Laksh burns in jealusy

Rag:yeah shona is right evryone will gonna crazy at u

Tar: u tooo

Rag: may b n winks

Sanky give kill look to tarun

Tar:btw sorry shona must say ragini is looking more beautiful then u

Swarag: flirterrr

Trip laughs

Sanlak clech his fits

Lak: bhai cant tolerate him more

San:mee toooo

Both look at eo n smirks

Light goes off

Spot light shows on sanlak

Tere naa’ diyan dhooman pe gaiyan
Tu chandigarh tohn ayi ni
Tenu dekh ke hoke bharde ne
Khade chowkan vich sipahi ni

(They goes n drag swarag to stage n starts doing steps)

San:Thoddi te kala til kudiye
Thoddi te kala til kudiye
Jyon daag ae chand de tukde te
Tenu kala chashma
(he wores glasses n do signature step)

Lak:Tenu kala chashma
Tenu kala chashma jachda ae
Jachda ae gore mukhde te
Tenu kala chasma jachda ae
Jachda ae gore mukhde te
(Laksh wore glasses n four do some bhngra style dance)

( laksh Rap )
Sadkon pe chale jab
Ladkon ke dilon mein tu
Aag laga de baby, Fire!
Nakli se nakhre tu kare
Jab dekhe humein
Jhooti liar!
(Swarag push sanlak n do steps)

Kala kala chasma jachta tere mukhde pe
Jaise kala til jachta hai tere chin pe
Apni adaaon se zyada nahi to
10-12 ladke to maar hi deti hogi tu din me
Tujh jaise 36 phirte hain
Meri wargi aur na honi ve
wargi aur na honi ve
wargi… aur na honi ve

Swa:Tu munda bilkul desi hai
Main Katrina ton sohni ve
(She make laksh chin up with her finger)

Rag:hey.. main fed up ho gaiyaan mundeya
Haay.. main fed up ho gaiyaan mundeya
Sun sun ke dukhde ve
Menu kala chashma…
( rag hold sanky collar n push him)

Swrag wores glasses

Swarag:Ho menu kala kala kala…
Ho menu kala chasma jachda ae
Jachda ai gore mukhde pe
Menu kala chasma jachda ae
Jachda hai gore mukhde te
Jachda hai gore mukhde te
( swarag do steps of katrina n pull their glasses down n winks at sanlak they act like falling)

Sanky:Sadkon pe chale jab
Ladkon ke dilon mein tu
Aag laga de baby, Fire!
Oh menu.. Oh menu..
( he hold rags veil n rags walks showing attitude)

Lak:Nakli se nakhre tu kare
Jab dekhe humein
Jhooti liar!
( laksh pinch swara cheeks.)

Swa:Ho menu kala chashma…
Ho menu kala kala chashma
Aye kala chasma..
Oh kala kala kala kala kala oy…
(Swarag do signature step)


All:Kala chashma jachda ae
Jachda ae gore mukhde te
Tenu kala chasma jachda ae
Jachda ae gore mukhde te (x2)
(They all starts dancing bhangra n drag everyone on stage n starts rocking )

All cclapss

Tarun eyed them angrily n leaves sanlak smirks

All smiles n bless them

After some masti dance all left to their home

To b continued……


Sorry guyz i knw i m late n very irregular but trust me i tried my level best to write but at a nick of tym my xtra classes started for almost 2 months n i have to study fpr at least 8 hours soo plz forgive n i want today epi long tahts y i upload it late n plz sorry if u dnt like it n thnkx to u all for support n keep smiling tc

Special sorry fizo???

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