Swaragini~HEAL MY WOUNDS(epi29)


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Episode 29

The episode starts wid ragini goes to fresh n up n swara sitting bed annoyed n cursing laksh

Swa to herself:what did he think of himself akdu sadu khadus attitude egoistic huhhh when i said sorry can’t he apologize tooo no he will not cuz of he then his nose will bcm big now i will c how long he can stay widout talking to me now i will not say a single word to that attitudes shop n folds her arms

Rags comes out of washroom

Rag: i think laksh is coughing very badly from past 30 mins u r cursing him poor laksh n laughs

Swa angrily glare her:shut up ragu dnt takes that idiot name

Rags chukkles while swara glare

Rag:sorry (pout) get fresh we have to go for shopping also

Swara nods n goes to washroom

Scene shift

Sanskar and uttara is talking n laksh is seeing them wid frustation

Lak: y r u both not talking wid me(annoy)


San:han uttu buy what u want too dnt worry

Utt:han bhaiya i will buy lehenga for wedding n suite for sangeet n saree for mehndi

San:han chutti lelena

Lak:i think u both are deaf i m alsoo here if u both can see

Ignore ?

Utt:bro  swara di n ragini di is coming na

San:yes yes they will n bhabhi is also coming

Utt:lets take adarsh bhaiya also

Laksh bcms irritated wid their talks n standz infront of them

Lak: from past 1 hour u both are ignoring me

Voice:who is ignoring my brother

Lak:adarsh bhai look these both are not talking to me

Adarsh comes n sits

Ada:y r u not talking to lucky han tell sanky n choti

Utt:bhai ask him

Ada: y r they not talking lucky

Lak: i also dnt knw from morning sanky is ignoring n taunting when uttara comes he says something to her also n she also starts doing that

Adarsh looks at sanky

Ada:what happened sanskar did he do something

San: more then something bhaiya(annoy)

Adarsh looks at laksh whos shrugged his shoulders in no

Utt: i will tell u bhaiya n whispers something in adarsh ears

Ada:ooo so tahts the reason so u both are doing correct wid him

Laksh look at them shocked n form a ‘O’

Lak: haww bhaiya u too can anyone plz tell me what did i dooo

Sanuttada: say sorry to swaraaa at union

Lak:ooooo so thats the reason for ignoring me u all r angry wid me just bcz of that wild cat han

Ada:laksh dnt u dare to call her anything she is my sisters

Utt:yess n mine too

San:yes dnt u

Lak: swara k chamches now i will not say sorry to her what she think of herself she make all of u against me now definitely i m not gonna say anything n folds his arm

Ada:if u dnt say sorry then dnt need to talk to me

Utt:mee too

San:n mee to

Trio says n folds their arms n looks at other sides

Laksh widen his eyes n starts act like crying like a child

San:lucky ur drama will not work at us this tym

Utt:yes bhai n adarsh bhaiya lets leave we r going for shopping

Lak: u all r very bad

Ada:not more then u my bro adarsh says n pulls laksh cheeks

Trio starts to leave when uttara stops

Utt:w8 bhaiya n turns

Utt:laksh bhaiya u also come wid us

Laksh smiles widely n followz

Adasan:y r u calling this idiot

Laksh glares them

Utt:uffu bhaiya we want someone na to hold our bags n gives hifi to adasan n trio laughs while laksh pouts

Scene shift

Swara comes out washroom n sees rags sleeping on couch

Swa shouts:Raginiiiiiiiii

Ragini who is sleepinh jerk n fell down from couch

Rag:ouchhhhhhhh whats this shone y r u shouting i m here only she said rubbing her eyes

Swa: is this tym of sleeping u kumbkaran we have to go for shopping n pick pari di too u dumboo

Rags pout: now u dnt say me dumboo shona

Swa rolls her eyes: start ur complaining box later first get ready fast n leave

Rags nods like a child n gets ready

Both leaves n picks pari n trio leave for mall

@mall parking area

San:when she comes say sorry to her

Lak:urghh thiz is 20 tym u all r reminding me huhh like she is not any human but queen of any kingdom n i make a crime like u all r saying me to beg my life infront of her (annoy)

San murmur: in future u surely will beta

Lak:what did u say

Utt:just say sorry to shona di


Lak make’i will kill u ‘ wala look

Just then swaragpari comes

Lak:soo finally queen arrives

Swaragpari comes out of the car

Ragini comes n greets everyone n winks at sanky who looks confused n pari comes n meets wid everyone adarsh stealthily winks at pari who blushes n just then swara comes

Laksh looks at swara n shocks

Lak:shonaaaaa what happened to u… Did someone hit u….. Or u got hit by something…… Its bleeedingggg….. Come lets go to Dr….how did this happen n where r u that tym ragu n bhabhi (he said in 1 go by holding swara wid shoulder)

Swara looked at him shocked while everyone supress their laughter

Utt(teasingly): bhaiiiii few mins ago u r cursing shona di n now caring sharing han

Laksh leaves swara shoulders n get embarrass while everyone laugh at his antics

Lak(looking here n there): voo….. I … Her mouth is bleeding thats y

Utt:bhaiya anyone can tell u its ketchup not blood

Again everyone laughs while swara look at laksh lovingly n laksh curses himself n swara wipes her face

Adr: i think we r getting late for shopping n luckyyyy

Lak:yeah yeah i knw sorry

Par: to whom devar jii

Lak:vo vo to this wild cat he said pointing towards swara

Swara glares

Rag:but its not seems laksh that u r saying sorry to shona

Utt:yes bhai say properly na dnt shy like u r proposing her

Everyone giggles while swalak avoided gaze

Lak:uttara now a days u r talking too much i have to do something for u too

Utt:first say sorry then say

Lak:okkkkkk n i m sorry swara (he says looking at her eyes)

She looks back to his eyes n smiles

Swa: i think we r here for shopping so lets go guyz n leaves from there smirking

Lak:what the n banged his hand in air
All leaves n laksh follows


All goes to man wears to select sherwani for boys pari is selecting dress for adarsh….. While swautt is ignoring laksh

San: ginu y did shona put ketchup on her face

Rags laughs: actually sansku i said shona to do that we came here eating na soo i thought if laksh will c swara like this then surely he will say something but he did not say something he say many thing in one go

San:woow ginu must say u r becoming smart day by day staying wid me now say thanks to me shabash
Rags give him serious look

Rag: u forget frndship rule no sorry n no thanks so i m not saying anything thanks to u n smiles

San pouts: u always do that wid me

Rag pouts:awww chota bachaaa

San glares while rags laughs

San:dnt laugh too much witch

Rag:thanks for the compliment btw witch is soo beautiful then langoor na

San:ofcourse btw who is langoor here


San:ohhhh….. What me…. Ginuuuuuu

Rag:ok ok angry bird lets select sherwani for u come

San shouts:nooooooooo

Swautt par and adrlak look at him shocked n asked in union:what happened???

San: i cant die here selecting dress for me bhabhi plz save me from this choosy (he says n hides behind pari)

All laughs

Rags put her both hands on waist n give death glares to sanky

San:look bhabhi how is she looking at me plzzz save me from this devil (scrad)

Rag:ooo really if i will b choosy na then i will never choose u a big idiot as my frnd she shot

San:hawww dekha na bhabhi how is she saying
Pari:aray my sweet devar g my ragu is sooo sweet n yes dnt call her devil i knw she looks like but she is not ok na
Rag makes a sad pout:diiiiiiii u too go i m not talking wid anyone

San mimics:awwwww chotaaa bachaa

Rag:sansku k bache u stop i will not leave u today n runs after him

Sanky runs outside shop n rags run after her

All laughs

Adr(coughs): uhmm uhmmm

Pari looks at him confused

Lak(teasingly): bhabhi bhaiya is saying that he is also here give him sometime too n select dress for him too

Adarsh glares laksh

Utt:bhaiya if u remember we r not talking wid u lets go shona dii here people are having soo attitude

Laksh mouth hunged down:chotiiii

Parish spend some valuable tym together


Uttara goes for trying dress n swara is selecting dress for her and confused

Swa:blue one no no this pink one no i orange one will suites ufffff i m soo confused God knws where these 2 stupids are they dnt find anyother place for playing tom n jerry game

She said her one hand is on her waist n scnd on her mouth looking cute

Voice:uhmm uhmm

Swara turns n sees laksh giving her sheeplisly smile she again looks and starts deciding

Lak:orange one will suites

Swa slightly smiles but hide it: thanks but no thanks i did not want ur advice

Lak makes a sad face n taps her shoulder

Swa turns n asked:what

Lak smiles:sorryyyyy

Swara again starts selecting dress

He again taps his shoulder

Swa again turns n gives glares


Swa again starts selecting

Laksh comes infront of her


Lak:sorry na shona ok pakka pakka i will never show attitude n nor talk wid u in that tune plzzzz na sorry (puppy face)

Swara frowns:now dnt make that face n says ok but i will not talk to u whole day

Lak:but y

Swa:its ur punishment

Lak sadly nods ok


Sanky is hiding in some women shop n rags is looking for him here n there

Rag:let him come out then i will see what he think am i chooosyyy seriously in which angel i look choosy huhhh n devil han i will show my devil side to him now

Sanky sees rags by hiding

San:oo God kis musibat ko bulawa dedia plzzzz save meee from this devil no no she is not devil she is devi plz save me from her sansku cant u control ur tongue han dnt u have shame now she will not leave u for sure look she is still standing there i think i trial room is best idea but there is all womens wear urghh i cant b wear girly dresses but sansku if u want to get save then u have to go n takes one suite n goes to trial room which was seen by rags who smirks

trial room
(Guyz imagine 2 rooms sre attached to eo with door inside)

Rags goes to 2 trial room n heard sanky talking to himself she slightly opens door n sees sanky peeping outside she slowly comes at his side n stands backwards n locks the door

Voice: uhmm uhmm

Sanky turns n sees rags smiling widely sanky is about to shout when rags close his mouth with her hands  both look into eo eyes n can hear breath easily both are just lost into eo eyes

Kuch to hai tujse raabta
Kuch to hai tujse raabta
Kese ham jane hame kia pata
Kuch to hai tujse raabta

Rags phone rings which brought them to reality…. Rags hurriedly takes off her hand n looks here n there while sanskar caresses his neck with his hands

Rag:vo…vo (she is sweating)

Sanky looks at her n laughs


San:just look at ur face ginu heheh u r looking like tumhari chori pakri gai

Rags glare n holds him from his collar  n pull closer to her sanky look at her shocked

San stammer: giinnuuuu

Rag mimics:whattttttt happpennned sannnsskuuuuu n smirks n push him

San look at her shocked while rags laugh seeing his face

Rag:awww its tit for tat my dear sansku n laughs

San: u r devil

Rag:u again call me devil n beats him with her hand

San holds her hand n pulls her to wall

Rag:leave me today i will show u my devil side draculaa

San: u knw dracula drink blood of human soxh lo (he give her stern look wid naughty smile)

Rag(scared): sanskku we r in trial room not home soo

San:sooo he said looking at her eyes

She push him n looks into his eyes

Rag:lets leave otherwise people will come n beat u with slippers u want that

San:no no no i m Going i dnt want to be beaten by anties at this small age n starts to go

Rags hold him: arayy dumboo i m also here first i will go then u come otherwise people will thing wrong

San:they will thing that we r romancing here but the truth is i m got beaten up by u here (puppy face)

Rags hold his ears

Rag:what did u say

San:ahhh sorry sorry devi soorryy leave my ear

Rags leaves his ears n slightly open door n comes out for trial room after sometime sanky comes
Rags is roaming outside when Sanky comes n taps his shoulder

San:aj k lie bhot hai ya apne or kch b karna hai (it’s enough for today or u have to do anything else)

Rags glares

San:yrr sometime pass smile also evertime this angry bird look huh (he said n fold his arms)

Rags smiles at his antics n holds his hand n both leaves

@swalakparishutt side

Swautt is walking while parish are standing n laksh is sitting n looking here n there

Lak:shona did u call ragu


Lak:ufff bhaii (he look at adarsh n pleads)

Adr smiles:shona did u call ragu

Swa:yes bhaiya i called but she did nt answer God knws where the hell they both are they think mall as there playing ground huhh (angry)

Lak:even bhai is not answering uff lets go they will come by themselves running (angry)

Voice:whom come by running
Its our ragsan

Utt: tom n jerry come

Swalak glares them n stroms at them

Swalak:where the hell u both are at Union n look at eo

Ragsan look at eo n then at them

Rag:vo we r at cafe bcz sansku is hungry that’s y he did not let me call u to(inocently)

Swalak look at Sanky who glare rags

Swa:r u both mad  its mall or ur playing ground here we all done our shopping and waiting for u both but u both seems playing here running n chasing game u both are still kids

Lak:yess n bhai if u r hungry then let us knw na we all also did not eat u both bhukars did not tell anyone of us now ragu choose suite for Sanky n for u too we all r going cafe

Ragsan is looking down like a obiendent child


All glares

San smiles:i mean yes we will come in 15 min

Rag:who done shopping in 15 mins duffer

Now all glares her

Rag:i mean we can do shopping in 15 mins

Lak:make sure it’s 15 only

Swalak parish n uttara left

San:uhmm uhmmm

Rag look at him’what’

San:we r at cafe na (glaring)

Rag:vo if i say we r at trial room they will tease na(inocently)

San:great u dumboo bcz of u i cant eat now huhhh

Rags makes a sad puppy face

San:now dnt show me ur this look n do shopping otherwise they will kill us

Scene shift

At cafe

Ada: soo tell me what u all want

Lak:bhaiya bring 1 cheese sandwich and 1 cold coffe with choclate cake and ice cream (he said smiling)

Swaparutt look at him shocked while adarsh stood statue

Ada:Laksh u will eat this all alone
Lak:yes bhai y any prblm ask them also

Swa:bhaiya u sit Laksh will go n bring for us

Lak: n who says that to u

Swa look at him n fakes smile

Lak makes faces: ok i m going tell me

Utt:aray wah look our useless bro is working in just one look of swara di not bad bhai good going

Parish chukkles

Pari: yes uttara i think we should make swara our devrani we will b in benefit han

Utt:yayyyy swara bhabhiiii yayyy

Swalak look at them shocked

Swa:diiii uttara its nothing like that n laksh u go (she said avoiding eye contact but inside her heart she feels happy)

Ada:but swara when did we said its something btwn u han tell

Pariutt laughs

Swa:adarsh bhai u too i m going

Ada:ok ok sorry lucky u go

Laksh goes without uttering word in embarrasment all laughs while he leaves

Swa:thats very bad yrr u all are making my fun in this

Utt:uffuu di we r just teasing bhai look how he goes without uttering a word hahahah

Swa slightly smiles

Scene shifts

San:ginu its just 1 min left for 15 mins

Rag:w8 na sansku i m not understanding what to wear

San: go


San:cuz i m buying if u stay here na then i will bcm skeleton

Rag:how mean i help u n here u r taunting mee hate u

San:hate u too devil

Rags shows tongue to him n he does sames

San:now dnt start fight stay here

Sanky goes n find a suite for rags

Rag:ooo wooow sansku staying wid me ur choice is also getting Better not bad

San:never leave a chance to praise urself na

Rags nods no

Sanky smiles n they left

After sometime all left to GM after spending sometime there n doing practice all left to their homes

At night

Swarag are not getting sleep due to nervousness of competition


Rag:hmm shona

Swa:i m nervous

Rag:mee tooo shona

Both holds eo hands

Swarag:what if we loose(at union)

Swa:no i have faith in u…. U will win

Rag: i also have faith that u will win

Both smiles

Sumi comes there

Swarag:maa u here

Sum:yess ur best frnd calls n tell me that u both are nervous for tmrw competition

Swarag nods

Sumi:come today i will make u both sleep

Swarag excited: maa our lorry

Sumi:ok ok i will sing come

Swarag lies on sumi laps n she caresses both hair
(Guyz imagine swaragini title song slow version)

Sumi:Jeevan Yeh Suroon Se Sajati
Rishtey Yeh Suroon Se Banati
Bajti Hai Toh Pyar Ki Dhun

Ek Dhup Chanchal Hai Ek Chandani
Phir Bhi Hai Ek Duje Ke Liye Bani
Dilon Mein Hai Pyar Bhara

Suroon Se Sajji Hai Swara
Ragoon Se Rachi Hai Ragini

(Swarag look at eo n smiles n hold eo hands tightly)

Swaragini Swaragini…
Swaragini Swaragini…
Swaragini Swaragini….

Sumi stops singing and look at swarag who is sleeping holding eo hands peacefully

She smiles n kisses both of them forehead

Sumi:may ur bond never brakes she wipes her happy tears n call sanlak to inform that they slept

Nxt day

Laksh n sanskar is already present at their practice room bcz today is their compition


Swara enters colg hurriedly n bumps into someone n her bags n papers fall down

Swa:ohhh goshh n starts picking up hurriedly

One hand gives paper to her

Swa look at hand: thankss n sees it tarun

Swa:ooo Tarun itss u sorry i did not see u how r u n where u been

Tar fakely smiles: really u dnt knw i m here only but seems like u n ur sisters cant c me (sarcastically)

Swa:no yr actually we r busy in competition

Tar:noo need swara i knw now u both dnt wanna talk n goes from there


Someone taps her shoulder

Swara turns


Rag:what was he saying

Swa:listen ragu u go n talk to him he is upset i m going to laksh otherwise he will kill me for being late u knw na first is dance n then singing competition soo i m going u talk to tarun


Swara leaves from there

Rags goes n find Tarun n spots him sitting at canteen alone she silently goes n sits after her

Rag:hii (smile)

Tarun did not answer


Tarun again dnt answer

Rag:sorry Tarun i m really very busy

Tar: yeah i can see that

Rag:listen na seriously i m sorry vo( n remeber sanky n her convo)

Tar:what vo

Rag:vo i m sorry i have to go n starts to leave

Tarun holds her hand tightly

Rags look at him b4 she can say anything sanky comes n free her hand from his grip n goes taking her

Tar:again u come sanskar again just its a matter of 2 day after that the strom is coming in ur life b ready for that n smirks


Swara comes hurriedly

Swa:sorry sorry sorry

Lak:finally queen arrived

Swa:sorry vo i was coming then

Lak:shona tell ur story later now go n get change fast then rehearsal last tym ok

Swa nods n leaves



San:what was he saying

Rag:vo actually shona said me to talk to him he is upset so i was saying sorry (she said looking down)

San holds rags by shoulders n make her look up

San:ginu i never said u to not to talk to him i just said u to just not trust anyone so easily dnt think that i will shout at u for this ok now (he said raising his one eyebrow)

Rags smiles

San:thats like my ginu now lets get ready fast swalak performance is going to start we have to go home directly from here for bhai sangeet so u go n get ready n we will practice last tym ok

Rags smiles n nods n san smiles n leaves

@ colg auditorium area

Everyone is settled on there seats there is 3 performance left

Laksh is wearing white buttonless shirt n blue denim jeans n moving here n there

Adi:lucky relax

Lak:what relax adi look at tym now its our performance still that wild cat did not get ready God knws y girls took this much tym

Sanky comes there wearing red shirt with black jeans

San:lucky why r u roaming

Lak:bcz that wild did not came till now urghhhh i m gonna kill her bhai

San:relax laksh breath in breath out

Laksh does same n feels better

Lak:thanks bhai

San:abay lucky y r u nervous relax bro i knw u will b rocking n winks

San hugs laksh

San:n every girl will fall for u

Lak smiles

Lak:not for me bro for us n both gives hifi

Lak:btw where is ragu

Voice: i m here

Rags comes wearing red simple gown with little earings n bracelet with messy bun some hairs strands on her face she is looking stunning

Sanlak:wooooow says sanlak at union

Rag:what happen i m looking gud na

Sanlak sees eo n says’no’

Rag:nooo(worried) i knw these types of dresses dnt suites me u w8 i m going to change

San:no no no


Lak:we r joking u dumboo u r looking beautiful


Sanlak:han baba pakkka

Rags smiles

Rag:where is shona

Lak:dnt knw where is ur stupid sisters is

Voice:here u monkeyyy

All turns n trio become awestruck to see swara in white frok with curls n heels she is looking like angel

Rag:omg shona u r lookingg sooo pretty

San:lucky u slect a correct girl for u

Swa comes to them

Swa:sorry wo actually i forget to bring my dress thats y i have to wear this

San:its gud u forget otherwise(looking at laksh who is staring swara widout blinking his eyes) we never knw that u r sooo beautiful haina laksh

Lak:yaaa (still staring)

Ragsan are controlling there laugh while swara is confusingly staring laksh



Swa shouts:Lakshhhhhh

Which make him brought to reality

Lak:yeah vo han

Swa:what happened to u

Lak:vo i was seeing that what is prblm (looking at her)

Swa looks her from top to bottom

Swa:what prblm did i m looking fat

Lak:noo i m just thinking how can this dress suits u n how can u look beautiful

Swa smiles: ooo so u r inderictly complimenting mee han

Lak:ooo plzz me n give u compliment never ever
Swa:oo really then who give me compliment on parish engangment han seems ur ghost did right

Rag:ooo compliment hannn (teases)

Lak:its nothing like that wo i forgot to check my eyes that tym

Swara glares

San:stop now dnt start fighting

Rags hugs swara

Rag:All the best shona i knw u will win

Host:sooo next performance is from excelll collageee

All claps

Swa:oo gosh its our turns

Ragsan:dnt worry we knw u will win

Rag:shona just remeber me all the best laksh

Lak:thanks guyx n swara no mistake ok

Swara nods n holds Laksh hand for a minute n takes a breathe

Swa:lets go

San:all the best shona i knw u both will rock

Ragsan goes n stands at back while swalak goes n stands at stage

Light goes off n spot light falls on laksh

Itni mohabbat karo na
Main doob na jaaun kahin
Waapas kinaare pe aana
Main bhool na jaaun kahin
Dekha jabse chehra tera
Main toh hafton se soya nahin
( he forward his hand looking into her eyes n spot lights fall on swara who put her hands on laksh n laksh hold her by waist both looks into eo n smiles now they dances slowly)

Bol do na zara
Dil mein jo hai chhipa
Main kisi se kahunga nahi
Main kisi se kahunga nahi
(He back hugs her n twirls swara runs another side blushing n turns n runs to laksh n hugs n he held her by her waist n make her up in the sky she stretches her both arms n he twirls)

Mujhe neend aati nahi hai akele
Khawabon mein aaya karo
Nahi chal sakunga tumhare bina main
Mera tum sahara bano
Ik tumhe chahne ke alaawa
Aur kuch humse hoga nahi
( laksh sit on his knees n takes her hand n kisses n stands n both dances romanticly looking at eo eyes.. Laksh holds her hand n pulls her to him n make her look up by his hand )

Bol do na zara
Dil mein jo hai chhipa
Main kisi se kahunga nahi
Main kisi se kahunga nahi
( she holds his hand n smiles he kiss her hand dances)

Hamari kami tumko mehsoos hogi
Bhiga dengi jab baarishein
Main bhar kar ke laaya hoon
Aankhon mein apni
Adhuri si kuch khwahishein
Rooh se chahne wale aashiq
Baatein jismon ki karte nahin
(Laksh starts to go when swara back hugs her n dances… He make her face him n pull her to him n her hand was on his face n twirls n slightly make her down n pull her up)

Bol do na zara
Dil mein jo hai chhipa
Main kisi se kahunga nahi
Bol do na zara
Dil mein jo hai chhipa
Main kisi se kahunga nahi
Main kisi se kahunga nahi
( they dances romantically when swara heels brokes n she is going to fall when laksh holds him n she put her both foots on his foot laksh holds her by waist n both are pationately looking at eo n dances in end swara back was facing laksh front n one hand on swara waist n swara one hand on laksh face)

Songs ends

All claps for them both are breathing heavily


Swalak comes… Ragsan are already present

Swa:sorry laksh bcz of me today we r going to loose (she is about to cry)

Lak:no swara its ok its our fate only

Rag:no way u both are not going to loose

San:yes bcz laksh hold u on tym if u fall then u will loose but u both dances soo well

Swa:no we practice so hard but bcz of my stupidity we r going to loose

Lak holds swara hand: shona i never thought that u r the one who will loose so easily u r strong right its true that our dance is going to spoil but it did not happen na

Rag:yeah shona n when u both are dancing na everyone is sitting numb not bcz u both dance not well its bcz the chemistry btwn u both make them awestruck even we r

San: u both are looking like heavenly couple seriously

Swa smiles: ok ok now dnt talk to much i knw i dances so well

Lak:uhmm uhmm

Swa: we dances so welk happy

Laksh smiles

San:lets go result is going to announce
Swalak n ragsan leaves


Swalak are holding eo hands

Swa sees ragsan who is holding there hands with eyes close she smiles n hit laksh to look at them laksh also smiles n look at swara

Host:soo the 3 runner up is abc colg n 2 is xyz colg

Swalak heartbeating is increasing fast they hold eo hands tightly

Host: sooo the most awaited moment the winnerrrr isssssssss ‘Excelll collg’

Host: i knw what u r thinking ur heels broke but still how so judges the way ur partner handle u n not let u fall they like their chemistry u both rockss the stage guyzz claps for our winners

Swalak shouts in happiness everyone cheerz n ragsan also hugs eo

Swa shouts:yayyy we won won i can’t believe this she hugsss laksh soo tight n kisses on his cheek in excitement laksh is numb for a moment


Ragsan smiles seeing them

Rag:sansku u r thinking the same which i am thinking

San:n how can i knw what u r thinking

She points towards swalak who r taking there trophy

San smiles:must say ginu u r bcming genious han

Rag winks n swalak comes there n hug ragsan

Swa:ragu we win still i cant belief this

Lak smiles seeing her

Rag:ofcourse u both have to bcz u both r the best na

Lak:so to hai btw when did ur performance start

San:just after few mins

Lak:shona till then we willchange we have to go at sangeet also na

Swa:yeahh right

Swalak leaves

After sometimes

Now its nxt tym for ragsan performance

Rag is nervous

Rag:sansku u think i can do this

San:uffuu ginu how many tym u will ask this i knw u can do it n i m also wid u na dnt worry(he assurez her)

Rag:but… B4 she say sanky put his finger on his lips

Rag feels tickling on her body

San:sshhhh dnt speak to much save some energy for singing too

Rags looks into his eyes both share a few mins eye lock

Voice:uhmm uhmm
Its swalak

Ragsan broke their eyelock n moves apart

Laksh comes wears a blue sherwani while swara in formals

Swa:whats going on here

San:ur sister is making me crazy she is nervous n making me too


Swa:uffu ragu i have faith in u like u have in me look i won na definately u both will also won

Lak:yeah i knw u both will fire the stage  dnt wrry ragu relax yr chill ur sister is bettr then u atleast she did not look this much nervous

Swa:laksh u r giving her strength or making her weak

Lak:ofcourse strength i m not like u

Swa: u cant b even like me

San:stop now dnt start again btw shona y did u not get ready

Swa:me n ragu will go to pari di directly tahts y btw laksh looking gud

Lak: i knw cuz i always look gud jungli billi

Swa: i think u cant digest this much compliment too idiot

Lak:ooo i dnt knw that gud is also a compliment

Swa:it is


Swa fakes smiles:yeahh

Rag:stoppp here i m. Nervous n u both are fighting huhh


Host: now its performance is of excel colg

All claps


San:ginu just hold my hand tightly n sings with ur eyes close ok

Rags nods

Swalak hugs ragsan n wishes them gud luck


Spot light falls on ragsan

Tune plays

San:Na jiya zindagi ek pal bhi
Tujhse hoke judaa sun zara
Bin tere mujhse naaraaz tha dil
Tu mila hai toh hai keh raha

San:Main toh tere rang mein
Rang chuka hoon
Bas tera ban chuka hoon
Mera mujhme kuch nahi sab tera

Tune plays

Rag:Main toh tere dhang mein
Dhal chuki hoon
Bas teri ban chuki hoon
Mera mujhme kuch nahi
Sab tera, sab tera..
Sab tera, sab tera..
(Rags eyes is close n she tightky holds sanky hands)

San:Phir dil ke raaston pe
Teri aahat jo hui
Har dhadkan jashan mein hai
Yeh inaayat jo hui

Rag:Main toh tujhe milke jee uthi hoon
Teri dhadkan mein chhupi hoon
Mera mujhme kuch nahin
Sab tera, sab tera..
Sab tera, sab tera..

Hey… ha…

Ragsan:Jis pal tu saath mere
Uss pal mein zindagi hai
Tujhe paake paaya sab kuch
Koi khwahish ab nahi hai (x2)

San:Mmm.. main toh bas tujhse hi bana hoon
Tere bin main bewajah hoon
Mera mujhe kuch bhi nahi

Ragsan:Sab tera, sab tera..
Sab tera, sab tera……..

Ragini opens her eyes n smiles at sanky

Songs ends n swalaks claps n laksh whistle too

Now its tym for result

Host: sooo the wineerrr is its a tie ‘ abc colg n excel colg’

All claps n ragsan swalak hugs eoeo
They talk for sometime n leave swarag to pari n sanlak at MM

To b continued……


Sorry guyz for this boring epi i knw its boringggggg sorry for thatn get ready for blasttttttt tysm love u tc keep smilinggg stay blessed


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    1. Silent_writer

      Heheh thnkx dear?

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      Tysmmmmm crystal i will update but cant today sorry for that yrr n tysmm ?

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      Tysm n yup sure i will give

  5. Sreevijayan

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  6. Sally_blr

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    1. Silent_writer

      Awwww tysm for ur beautiful cmnt n i m glad sweety that i can make u laugh n yupp mane diwali nai boom nai phare tu socha isma pharlo heheheheh lov u sweety ???

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    Take care
    Keep smiling?

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      Hehehehe uma i m the genious who says this while writing i feel that’s its boring but glad u all loved it thnksss alotttt dear. Keep smiling?

  8. Jazzy

    superb dear but i feel u give more imp to swalak
    next time give more ragsan scenes plzzz
    amazing now i can’t wait for blast is it something related to tarun

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      Tysm jazzy n i m trying to give both equal imp sorry if i disappointed u n about swalak soo i m giving there scenes cuz now there luv story will strt na thats y but no prblm i will try my best on nxt chappy n yup its all tarun tysm again ???

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      1. Fairy

        hehehehe chal iss baar chor deya bt nxt tym ni maaf krunge ..chotu si bacchi 😉 😉 love u more sweety 😉 😉 😉

      2. Silent_writer

        Ok ok mt krnaa ?

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