Swaragini~HEAL MY WOUNDS(epi28)


Hiii guyzzz back wid another cuz u all want a fast update soo here it is may b its short but u surely enjoyed it n yeahhh a big thanksss to u all yrr day by day my readers are increasingly MA i m glad that i can make u laugh n thanks too silent readers alsooo love u alll now kets start………. Yayyyy 28

Episode 28

Days starts rolling fast ragsan n swalak are very busy in practicing for competition……. And busy in adarsh marriage prepations too swarag mostly stays in MM for helping and practicing……. Tarun tries hard to talk with ragini but everytime sanlak comes n drag her with themselves n swara also…… Tarun is totally pissed off wid them n totally obsessed wid ragini now…….. Swalak also starts falling more n ragini also start feeling different around sanskar….

At morning


Sanskar wake up n takes a shower n gets ready in black trousers n shirt with nike shoes for jogging…. HE takes his potion n leaves for jogging nearby park


Sanskar comes n start jogging after 5 rounds he sit on a bench n drink water after relaxing he again starts to run but stopped as he heard someone shouting in pain he turns n sees a girl holding her leg n blood ozing from it(girl face isnt visible)

He hurriedly goes to girl n ask her” Are u fine?? Do u need any help ”

Girl did not reply n keep crying

Sany again ask her but she did’nt reply this made sanky frustated n about to leave when he again heard her cries…. He stops n glare the girl n pick her up in the bridal style… Girl look at him at shocked……. Sanky look at the girl n is lost in her beauty… He kept staring her…… Girl is also staring him….. Both are stand in same position….. “Aahhhh” girl scream broke their eye-lock n comes to reality

San:i m s.. orryyy (he hurriedly walks n make her sit on the nearby bench)

San:are u ok he asked again

Girl nods teary eyes

Sanky opens his water bottle n sprinkles some water on her wound… She winced n holds sanky hand tightly n nods in her head in ‘no’….. Sanky felt
Goosebumps on his body…. He holds girl hands n nods in yes…. He takes out his handkerchief n ties it on her leg while she kept staring him…


Sanky look up n found girl smiling at him

San smiles: no need i m gald u can speak also n bites his tongue n sees towards who is glaring him

San:soryyy vooo……. N heard girls laughing

Girl:hey no need to b sorry its alright

San smiles

Girl:emmm can u do me a favour

San:yeah ask

Girl:plzz drop me at parking i wanna go home(cute)

San smiles widely: yes sure sure come n about to pick her but girls stop

Girl:not like this by holding me

Sanky smiles in embarrass n hold her

San:soo my name is sanskar n urs

Girls smile: for knowing my name u have to struggle alot n yeah thanks for helping saying this she sits in her car n drove off n sanky kept staring at the direction n thinking “what was that? ”
N brushes his thoughts n goes home


A girl is shown in bridal dress putting Garland on a boy(groom) whose face is cover wid sehra Boy also put the garland of a girl…. GIRL shies n both sits on mandap after pehras boy is about put mangal sutar at her neck when she pouts n stops the groom


Girl: i m not gonna marry u

Groom:what r u mad(shocked)

Girl:yes i m…. First show me ur face its cheating u saw mine but did not let me see u (bridal pouts)

Groom:u r impossible shona
(Yes the bridal is shona)

Swa: u r removing ur sehra or i postponed the marriage

Groom removed his veil n look at swara glaring

Swa shocked:Monkeyyyyyyyyyyy


VOICE: if ur day dreaming is complete then wake up we r getting late

Swara opens her eyes in a shocked n look at rags who is glaring her

Rag: get up devi n btw y r smiling in sleeping han what happened to u shona now a days u r behaving weird i m not understanding anything

Swara is still in a shocked about her dream

Rag:oye i m talking to u madam where r u lost

Rag:swaraaa n shakes her

Swa:yeah yeah

Rag:God knws what happened to u get up we r getting late just 1 day left for competition madam wake up now

Swa:yeah lado. U go i m coming

Rag:ok come fast n pecks swara forehead n goes

Swara smiles n get up n goes to washroom 

She comes out wearing a simple blue kurti with whitr leggings n side braid
She sees herself in mirror n starts blushing thinking about the dream

Swa:Look at ur face shona u r blushing thinking about that monkey whats happening to me y i feel very secure and different now days… Y my heart starts beating fast when i was arround him…. Y i think of him always waking up n sleeping too… Am i love that monkey…. No no but how can i he is my best frnd n enemy n that dream Omg what was that my n his marriage seriously but y i feel on cloud9 after waking up really am i… Am i in lovee…. Hmmmm but i have to find out love symptoms first then i will b cnfirm

She hir herself in forehead n goes taking her bag

@ collage

Swarag comes colg… And sees sanlak flirting wid a girl

Rag:ehmmm ehmmm(annoy)

Sanlak turns n sees swarag standing while swara is galring laksh n laksh is in lost in her

San:hii ginu… Hi shona says sanku with his million dollar smile


Laksh is still staring swara while swara is seeing him wid anger ragsan notice this

San:ehmm ehmm says sanky to make them realize there position

Lak:hii lado hii shona

Rag:hii laksh whats up

Lak: nothing just talking

Swa:talking or flirting says swara irritated

San:something is burning
Lak:noo bhai there is no factory near then how

Rags chukkles

Rag:guyz i think we should leave for practice

Lak:yeah come

Ragsan n swalak goes at their practicing room


Ragini is singing but sanky is not focusing on it n misses the beat

Rag:uffu sansku sing in a beat yr this is 3 tym u miss it

San:yeah sorry now start

San(eyes close):hmmm hmmm hmmm
Dehleez pay mere dil ki jo rakhe hai tune qadam
Tere nam pa meri zindgi likhdi mere hamdammmmmmmm
Na seekha mane jeena jeena mane jeena
Na seekha jeena tera bina hamdamm
Hmmm hmmmm hmmmm
(Rags is just lost in sanky while sanky is imagining the girl he meet in morning n stops singing)

San:sorry ginu i forget again n sees towards ragini who is staring her

San:ginuuuuu. He shakes her

Ragyeah yeah sorry vo u sings very well(her heart starts to beat fastly) 

Sanky chukkles n sees her temperature with his hands

San:ginuu r u okay na u r not listening my song first tym

Rag:yeah but for the first time i pay any heed to ur singing tahts y

Sanky glares:Ginuuu

Rags chukkles:sorry sorry

Rag:but sansku where r u lost han i m noticing u…. This is the first tym i saw u lost

San in mind:tell ginu or not…. What if she takes me wrong…. No no i think i should tell her may b she can help me in this

Rags:oyeee where r u lost mr. Dreamer

San: voo ginuu today i met a girl (he said looking into her eyes)

Rag also sees him but something inside her heart feel restless: Then(she ask low hoping something else)

San:yrr i helped her but she only says me thanks n when i introduced myself she says that if i want to knw her name then i have to struggle… Y did she said like that hann i m not understanding

Rags takes a huge sigh of relief while sanky stares at her confused

Rag:arayyy dumboo y r u stressing ur small brain…. If u tell someone stranger ur name especially a girl then how can u expect that she will tell her also…. A girl cannot trust a stranger at first meeting na thats y he is saying n for that u r spoiling ur practice huhh dumboo

Sanky pout:yrr ginu i m not dumboo n i m not that type of boy whom she cant trust

Rags roll her eyes at him:urghh my swet little cute kid sansku she did not knw u na when she knws she surely tell now dnt behave like a maniac lets practice n smiles n hit him at his head

San smiles:yeah riteee ginuu i m surprised that u can talk positive also gladd finally i got to knw u have a brain too n chukkles

Rags glares n hit him:shut up u fool

They laughs when one boy comes n tells them about swalak


Swalak are continously fighting over dance n every one is trying to stop them but all in vain…. Ragsan comes n shocked too c them

Ragsan:shona/laksh stopppppp both shout n hold them

Rag:r u mad y r u both fighting like a kids look at u both u r worst then a kid

(Guyz their hair is spoiled n galring eo in anger)

Lak:dnt ask me… ASK this wild cat we r practicing but she starts shouting n fighting huhh ? leave me bhai n jerk sanky

Swa:ooo really mr. Idiot its ur fault not mine u r not dancing well n for that i tell u to do correctly but u start fightinggg ?

San:guyzzz plzz relax if u both do like this then what will u do on competition

Swa:i m not going to do any dance wid this useless

Lak:shut up swara n even i m not doing wid this egoistic

Swa:shut up laksh  (pointing her index finger)

Lak:u shut up he shouts( pointing his index finger

Swara jerks by his voice and a tear falls from her eyes n she goes from there without uttering a word

Laksh closes his eyes feeling her pain n hit his hand

Ragsan look at eo worried

Sanky assures ragini through his eyes n goes after swara while rags compose laksh

Lak:seriously ragu this tym its not my fault she is behaving weird

Rags put her hand on his n blink her eyes assuring him

Rag:laksh u knw na when she is frustrated she mostly do fight widout any reasons n u knw better then me that…. Then how can u behave like that……. U can talk to her calmly too na but seemz u both always wants some reason to fight

Lak look at rags n bits his lips: but ragu the way she is behaving its not tolerable

Rag:i knw n the guilt which she is having now is not bearable too n u knw that (she said n sigh)

Lak pouts:now what

Rag shurruged her shoulder indicating dont knw

Rag:laksh do u.. She stops


Rag:nothing just stay here she wi come


Sanskar is finding swara n spot her sitting on a garden…. He is about to when he hit a man who is Tarun n about to say sorry when tarun goes widout uttering a word he felt strange but brushed his thoughts n head towards swara

Sanky stands backside of swara n coughs

San:ehmm ehmmm

Swa:u can say

Sanky comes n sits with her n looks at her doubtly

Swa: i shout too much naaa(she said while a tear falls) n looks at sanskar

Sanky smiles n wipes her tears

San: u want me to say truth. Or lie

Swa:noo need to lie i knw i shout on him without any reason

San:no u did not shout at him widout any reason but u have the reason to shout at him he said blinking his eyes

Swara gave her a blank look

San: u knw when u love someone na then u cant see them with any other person thats y u behave frustated

Swa:i did not understand how can this related to me

San give her amused look

San:really shona do u really think its not related to u r u sure

Swa:sanky say it clearly

San:shona the way u r seeing laksh when he is flirting i can see something else which is can not b seen by eyes but heart i will just say u one thing listen to ur heart

Swara lower her gazed n tears start flowing

San:urghhhh u girls are too much here i m talking serious but u r flowing river from ur eyes

Swara glares sanky

San: what dnt glare mee u n ur sister dnt knw what u thought whenever i talk on serious thing u both make a sad face sometimes make fun huhh

Swa:its girls emotions u will never understand mr. Idiot

San:oo plz idiot is ur laksh i m not i m smart n winks

Swa: ragu says correct

San:what she said (he exitedly asked)

Swa:that u dreams alot n chukkles

San: urghh both stupid sisters

Swa:oye my sister is not stupid its u n ur monkey brother

San:dnt call my brother u chipkali sisters

Swa: heheheh All knws who is stupid useless n monkey its ur brother

San:nooo way its ur sister

Swa:ur brother




Swa:sister n bits her toungue

Sanky laughs n show her tongue

Swa laughs: u knw what ragu says one thing correct

San(puppy face): now what she said

Swa:that u can change anyones mood in a second

San widely smiles

San:now my hiness can we go n yeah say sorry to him also

Swa:yeah i will say sorry to ur monkey brother n giggles

Voice: i will also say sorry to ur junglii sister

Swasan turns n saw raglak standing…. Ragsan shows thumb ups to eo while swalak try to avoid eo

Ragsan:ehmmm ehmm ( says n sign them to say through eyes)

Swalak sighh n walk towards eo n stands infront of eo

Laksh is standing folding his hand n looking here n there

Swa in mind:egoistic unlucky gorilla huhhhh cant say sorry just look at his attitudeee urghh gonna kill him

Swa takes a huge sigh n folds her arms: ok fineee sorry (she said looking at opposite site)

Lak:did u say sorry to me (attitude)

Swa glares then fake smiles: ok mr. Laksh durga parsad maheshwari aka lucky i m sooorrryyyyyyy (she strech the last word)

Lak:hmmm its ok

Swa:just ok

Lak:soo u r expecting a return gift or kiss n then realize what he said

Swara is looking at him widen eyes while ragsan glaring

Lak: just slip of tongue dnt even think of that i mean what u r expecting (he said avoiding gaze)

Swa:say sorry

Lak looks at her: n y should i

Swa:bczzz………she stops n says nothing

Swa:ragu let’s go we will practice tmrw we have to go for shopping also

Rag: but shona

Swa:u n sanky practice at home later but now plzz goo (she said wid a sad face)

Rags nods

Rag:bye guyx

Swa:by(lower) n holds rags hand n walk with her

Laksh is seeing at her amused n staring at her and sanky is looking at him like gonna kill him

San:she is gone(coldly)

Lak: i knw so what

San: soo go to ur chicks now(rudely) n goes annoying

Lak:noww what urghhh…frowns… N caresses his neck


Swara goes n sits on her bed
Angryy… Rags comes n caresses her hair…. Swara hugs her

Rag:shona what happened baccha r u okay

Swa:noo ragu i m not ok u see na how he behaved he always do that

Rags cups shona face

Rag: i knw but u also do that with him na what was the need of fighting u kwn na everyone is watching

Swa: ragu i knw n i really felt very bad for it pakka but when i apologized u see na he even did not say sorry too…… He is not my frnd laksh anymore he is changed

To b continued…….


Guyz as i say i update it soon i knw its short but u dnt knw how i wrote it sooo plzzz bear meee n hope u all get bored by this cuz i knw that but still do cmnts n yeah u all want sanky jealousy but guyzzz now enjoy rags n nxt update is on wed of my both ffs or may b on tues n stay blessed take care keep smiling guyz love u all thanks for ur support???sorry for less ragsan


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