Swaragini~HEAL MY WOUNDS(epi27)

Hiiii guyzzz back with another chappy omg sooo much support love u guyzzz thanks alot for ur comnts n silent readers also love u all alot thanksssssss alot guyzzz its really a great pleasure that my readers are enjoying…. Sorry cuz of my stupid bak bak lets start n yeah twist coming soon

Episode 27

The episode started with swarag n sanlak left from collage to their respective homes


Swarag reached home….. Swara places her bag on sofa n head to fresh up while rags sits on sofa n lost in her thoughts

Rags pov:
Dont knw y but my heart skipped a bit when sanky called me Ragini cuz he only teases with me my full name but first time i felt something different in his voice sincereness may be…. What if sanky is correct n laksh  he also says me to not to talk to Tarun but i fought with him dnt knw y but i think Tarun is really very nice but today when he take me to shop n hold me i see anger in his eyez n his hold on me is tight dnt knw y but i felt really uncomfortable…..if really tarun is a face changer then……  but what did i do with him so for that he is behaving very nice with mee not with me with shona also….. May b he is bad but knw he is changed but still now i m scared dnt knw without reason i just hope he is not like that which sanku n laksh thought (she said bitting her nails)

Pov ends

@swarag room

Swara comes out of wiping his face with towel suddenly she sees towards terrace n smiles unknowingly thinking about last night incident n then see herself in mirror

Swa pov

Why i m smiling thinking about last night incident….. Y my heart beats very fast when laksh is coming very closer to mee i felt like my heart will come out at any time (she chukkles) n today also that monkey put Cotton’s in his ears from got to save from my blabbering hehehhe but when ragu leaves we are fighting  like maniac then after sometime we laugh like mad on our stupidity n i beat him to… Dnt knw but i cant stay away without fighting with him i can stay away from talking also but not fighting its like a daily routine for me n that idiot also teases mee but he is sweet too the way he say sorry its too cute n sweet….. What what shona sweet n cuteeee taht monkey no no ways he cant b n moreover y i m thinking about him (SHE FROWNS) God knws what happened to me in night also dnt knw y i blushed thinking about that incident (she blushes). urghhhhhhh shona stop thinkinggggg about that monkeyyyy(she hit herself with her palm on her head) n see herself in mirror n shouts

Swa: ooo noooo y my cheeks are red like tomatoo again i m blushing laksh gonna kill him n sits on the bed hiding her face

Scene shift


Sanky is sitting on bed tensed while laksh is moving here n there n sanky is just seeing him

San:laksh stop moving n listen

Lak:listen what listen sanky what did u do u challenge that abnormal are u mad what if he do anything with ragu n shona then what will we do tell

San:yrr lucky i just give him warning…. Dnt act like i killed him

Lak:i m not worry for him i m worried for u knw n now he will definitely do something with u too (he said bitting his nails in worry)

Sanky stands n hold laksh by his shoulders

San:lucky u r with me na(he nods) we will protect them together no one can harm our friends (he again nods) n moreover we have to show his real face to shona n ginu OK

Lak:yeah bhai u right n now we have to think to make them away from him but sanky i m worried for one more thing


Lak:bhai u knw na he challenges me also to make shona fall for me n gave tym 0f 2 weeks also n now 2 weeks are at end n what if he tells shona then what did she think about me i dnt knw what will he do knw if…… (Sanky can clearly seen his tension)

San:sshhhhh laksh do u love shona

Laksh looks at him amused


San:just ans me yes or no

Lak:sanky she is my best frnd yrrr

San:then in whixh dictionary it is written that u cant love ur best frnd

Lak:bhai its not like that

San:then whats like taht han tell tell

Lak:bhai i dnt knw anything right now let us focus on Tarun first

San:i m focusing on him also but seems u dnt

Lak:sankyyyy he glares while sanky giggles

San:ok ok forget it b serious

Lak:no need to b serious i m going huh n goes annoyed

Sanky pov

I knw laksh u started feeling for swara u r just denying bcz she is ur best frnd n morover bcz of that Tarun also but dnt worry when God gives u the world best br0 then surely soon u both will realize ur lovee….. I wish that u both stays happy but for this i have to tell this to ginu but i knw she is disturbed right now after our conversation but what to do sanku think think something…….. Yeahh idea( he smiles n pat his shoulders)

Scene shift

Laksh is standing near the window n closes his eyes suddenly he feels something n opens his eyes n smiles sheepishly n caresses his cheek where swara kiss accidentally n then hit him with his hand

Lak pov

Idiot have u gone mad who idiot smiles like a girl imagining that n dnt dream cuz she kissed u accidentally not in real…… But w8 y its affect me y i m thinking about that chipkalii urghhh lucky u r seriously abnormal shona says right….. W8 again shona i think my days start with shona n ends with shona thinking dnt knw y…. May b bcz we met after many years thats y…… But dnt knw y do i feel different now days…. What if sanky is correct am i no no how can me the great lucky love that ms express……. What the hell laksh y r u thinking about love ufffff sanky its bcz of u i m gonna kill him……  N huffs n brushes his thoughts….. 

Pov ends

Scene shift

Rags is sitting like before when her phone rings she sees towards her phone n frownss

Rag:urghhhh this is the 5 tym this number calling if i got to knw who is he then this is his last day on earth huhh she says to her phone n picks up call


Othr side: thinking about me

Rag:ooo hello dnt dream too much who ever u are n listen its ur last warning if now u called or try to distrb me then its my promise i will show u hell live

Oth side: wooow when u scolds me its like u r talking heavenly oo goshh am i dreaming

Rag:urghhhh i will break ur head into pieces if u again talk nonsense n distrb meee who ever u are (she shout)

Othr side:easy lady bheem easyy dnt shout yrr ur vocal will b damaged btw do u want ice cream

Rag:to hell wid u n to hell wid ur ice creammmmmm
B4 she could hear swara comes

Swa:Ladooo loook kaka made gulab jamunnmn todayyyy u want( she said excitingly jumping on the couch with plate of sweets )

Rag:realllllyyyyy (her face lits up) she is about to eat when they both hear some voice

Voice: if u both dare to eat widout me then u both are gone

Swarag looks here n there n then to rags phone

Rag:urgghhh this n picks mobile

Rag:n y should i do not eat it widout u

Othr voice: bcz i m ur sweet frnd ginu how can u eat it widout me

Rag widen her eyes

Rag:that meanss its u idiot sanku u r irritating me but w8 a sec its not ur voice

San: u knw na i m smart sanky its voice changer honey

Rag:Honey u idiot monkey useless irritating creature dnt call me that its suits on ur flirty chicks not meee n for ur this prank i will reply for sure wid intrest u bakasura

San:thats not fair ginu i m just having fun bcz i knw u r missing me

Rag:oye dnt dream toooo much ok i n miss u oooo plzzz my days aren’t going taht bad that i have to miss u

San:u knw what u r such a witchhhh u devillll

Rag: n u knw what u r such a clumsy grumpy koala bear


Rag:yesss she smiles wickedly n cuts the call widout reply

Rag:hahahah koala bear hhehehe n sees towards swara who is having her last sweet she looks at her shocked

Rag shouts: shonaaaaaaa

Swara who is having her last sweet jerks n sees towards rags who is fake crying

Rag:how can u eat it all alone n widout me alsooooo u r sooo bad

Swa(inocntly): u r busy in fighting soo i thought to not to distrb u thats y i did not

Rag: ooo soo i was fighting thats y u didnot gave me

She nods yes

Rag:w8 a sec shona n picks her mobile n acts like talking

Rag:hello lakshh yeah whats up….. Me i was just sitting….. Hmmm….. Ur bhai is soo irritating…. Yeah…. Shonaaa(swara looks at her) yeah she is here….. Ohh okkk.. ( acts like secret talk) yeah i will………….. Whatttt…… Hahaha hahahah absolutely correct lakshh yeah she is ike taht only…… What another girl oooo great really she is beautiful then shona….. Yeah ofcourse she will cuz u selected her afterall (swara eyes widen she tried to listen) ok ok i will not tell what chipkali hehheehhe ha…. B4 he cpuld say further swara snatches

Swa:u idiot monkey what did u call me chipkali han how dare u first see urself in mirror then say even animal is sooo far better then u u dracula dayan n if u dare to hide anything frm me naaa then then i will kill u did u listen hellloooo u r listening (she checks phone n sees phone is off ) she glares at rags who is laughingg n eating

Swa: raguu ki bachiii u r gone

Rag(laugh): swara u speaks alottt

Swa:whts this

Rag:tit for tat babes n laughs

Swara chases rags n hits her with pillows rags does the same after sometime both  sit n burst into laughter n hugs eo

Swaragini plays


Laksh is laughing holding his stomach
In the bed n seeing towards sanky who is sitting frustated

Lak:bhaii who said u too irritate ragu rani koala bear hahhahahh bhai u resemble with him alot n again starts laughing

Sanky glares n he stops laughing

San: koala bear am i look like taht…. That ginu how can she call me that look i m sooo handsome n shee (he acts cutely)

Lak:then who said u too call her honey bunny

San:i m just trying to playing prank

Lak:but u got a gud name in return n chukkles

San:shut up laksh if again u laughed na then i will say shona that u call her by many bad bad names then when she will beat u black blue na then i will b seen laughinggg got that

Lak makes a annoy face

Lak:bhai y do u n ragu always put me in trouble by black mailing me huhh
With taht junglii billi names

San: u knw na laksh wife always rule on husband thats y me n ginu always blaxk mail u n chukkles

Lak:hmmmm…. What what wife n swara minee bhai r u nuts i think i have to call ginuuu n tell u r making fun of her

San:call her ragu

Lak:noo from now its my ginu also n sticks his toungue out

San:only i can call her got that if u dare na then surely i will hanged u on tree

Lak: Bhai bana dushman u will hanged me just for calling ragu as ginu (dramtically fake tears)starts singing ” Bhai bhai na raha dost dost
Na raha “(n wipes his fake tears)

Sanky sees him in disbelief  n throws cushions at him

Lak:oyeee koala bear have u gone mad

San:luckyy k bache u r goneeee n runsss after him

Scene shift

Xyz place

Tarun is shown sitting at a car bonet with a girl

Tar:baby u knw how much i misses u

Gir:even i miss u too jaan

Tar:baby how much u loves mee

Gir:more then my life

Tar:can u kill urself tok

Gir:ofcourse jaan i can

Tar:then kill urself bcz now its over he pushes the girl


Tar:yeah babes now i m in love wit someone n i want her at any cost but someone is coming btwn us but not for long time he clench his fits

Girl smirks: r u sure now u dnt need me

Tarun looks at her confused

Gir smirks n winks at him

Girl:if u need any help u can call me u knw what i mean she Kisses on tarun cheeks n goes

Tarun looks on confused

Like day whole days passes of swarag n sanlak at night four dozed off swalak about eo n ragsan about tarun


Rag is shown wearing baby pink color suit with loose pony n packing her stuffs

Rag:shona come fast we r not going on any occasion we r going to collage we r getting late shonaaaa

Swara comes out of washroom wearing a white printed skirt with red embroidery small jacket

Rag:urghhhh shona now get ready fast otherwise we got late

Swa:uffuuu ragu still we have 15 mins dnt wrry we will reach on time

Rag: u r really a late lateef(just like me ?)

Swa:ok meri maa lets leave

N they left for collage


Laksh is sitting on bench while sanskar is walking n w8ing for swarag

Lak:bhaii have a seat they will come dnt worry

San:u idiot i m w8ing for them bcz i dont want them to meet TArun u knw na our plan

Lak:bhai when lucky is here no fear i will never let them meet

San:thats my only fear bcz u r useless

Lak:bhaii plzz now atleast u dnt call me that

San:shut up laksh n call them

Laksh is about to call when he sees swarag coming he is totally flat on swara n continously staring sanky sees him n then at that direction n chukkles seeing laksh



San(teasing lak): shona u r looking beautiful today must say everyone is continuously staring u right laksh

Swara blushes n says thanks

Lak glares sanky n then nods

Lak:but ragu u r looking sweet in this color

Rag:thanks laksh (she is ignoring san)

Rag:laksh come lets go to class

Lak smiles n raglak left

San:swara what happened to her

Swa giggles: ur tmrw calls

San frowns n hit him : she is unbelievable its just a prank yrrr

Swa:but u have to pay for that now come lets go

Swasan also left

Raglak n swasan sit together at class while sanky is trying to talk to rags n swalak are continuously irritating sankyy

After class

Swa:yrr i m hungry let’s eat something


Swa:oye i m not like u i did not have breakfast thats y

San:ok ok let’s go u fight there not here n ginu listen na sorry

Rag:y r u saying sorry KB


Rag:koala bear guyzz n chukkles along with swalak

San(annoy): ginu tahts not fair i m not talking to u goo

Rag:aray waah its tit for tat mr. Sanky hanky (swalak laughs) u irritate me n i irritated u equal equal na

San:urghhh i said na u r devil

Rag:yeah n u r anaconda now lets go

Lak:noo anaconda is swara right

Swa:yeah right n pink panther is u right na (irritated)

Ragsan chukkles

San:Laksh nyx name

(Guyz laksh wears baby pink shirt with blue jeans)

Lak:huhhh nagginn

Trio chukkles n sits on canteen

Rag:yrr where is bro n bhabi n aru missing them

Swa:yeah even mee

San:pubul is gone at vacations while arasun left dnt knw y

Swa:u both brothers arw good fpr nothing

Rag:sooo trueee

Lak:shut up u both n w8 i will go n bring drinks n sandwiches


After sometime laksh comes with food

Lak:guyz after food  we have to go to auditorium blad head called

Swa:who is blad head

San:our blad head principal n Laugh’s

Swarag chukkles

After food 4 left to auditorium swasanlak is talking n rags is following them


Swasanlak already reached

San:where is ginu

Swa: she is following us w8 she will come

San looks at laksh who nods

Lak:u both w8 i will bring her n goes

Here rags is about to enter when she bumps into someone n says”sorry”

Voice:hiii raguu

She looks up n find tarun smiling at her

Rag(nervously): hhiiii

Tar:whats up

Rags remeber sanlak conversation

Rag:i will talk to u later n tries to go when he blocks her way

Tar: any tension


RagTar look n find laksh smiling

Lak:noo tarun she dont have any tension n u noo need to worry n ragu y r u soo slow come swasan are w8ing lets leave (he holds her hand n bids bye to tarun who looks at them frustated)

Raglak reach To swasan

Swa:where were u left

Rag:vo i was

Lak:she is sooo slow like turtle tahts y she left

Rag:very funny laksh

Lak:thanks n look at sanky n winks at him while he smiles

Principal comes on stage n greets everyone

PRIN: GUD MORNING students n teachers…… I knw u all are thinking y everyone called here soo i have to tell u like every year….. this year also our collage get selected for the compitation of Dance n singing so i want u all to register ur name if u r intrested in compitation then we will make 3 groups of both section n practices starts from tommorw soo all the best

All claps

Swa:wooooow dance competition i m going to register my name ragu u go n register on singing as well

Rag:yeah but shona

Swa:noo but vut i knw u r the best singer

San:ehmmm ehmmm

Lak:i think u r forgetting taht bhai also sings sooo well

Swa:i knw pink panther but not more then ragu

Lak:ooo really

Rag:w8 a min guyz we both sings good okay now dnt challenge to eo bcz of u both we have to suffer

San:sooo true n laksh u n shona go n write ur names on compitation i knw u both will got selected

Swa: i knw u both will too all tge best come monkey lets leave

Lak:coming anaconda

Ragsan chukkles n leaves

Swalak goes n write their names

Boy: laksh we knw u r a good dancer u dont need to give audition but u whats ur name


Boy:swara u need to show ur dancing skills are u ready

Swara:ever ready n smiles
After sometime

Spot light falls on swara

Manwa laage.. o manwa laage
Laage re sanware
Laage re sanware
Le tera hua jiya ka, jiya ka, jiya ka ye gaanv re ( swara wears yellow anarkali with braid she dance classical)

Manwa laage.. o manwa laage
Laage re sanware
Laage re sanware
Le khela maine jiya ka, jiya ka, jiya ka
hai daav re(she twirls in bahrat natiam style laksh is mesmerize to see her)

Musaafir hoon main door ka
Deewana hoon main dhoop ka
Mujhe na bhaye.. na bhaye, na bhaye chaanv re(laksh could not stand goes towards swara n twirls her)

Manwa laage.. o manwa laage
Laage re sanware
Laage re sanware
Le tera hua jiya ka, jiya ka, jiya ka ye gaanv re( swara twirls around laksh 3 tyms n hit his chest both look at eo)

hey hey…¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪

Aisi kaisi boli tere naino ne boli
Jaane kyon main doli
Aisa lage teri ho li main, tu mera..

mm.. Tune baat kholi kacche dhaago me piro li
Baaton ki rangoli se na khelun aise holi main
naa tera..
( he hold her by her waist still looking at eo n turns her n join her both hands n put up in air)

O.. kisi ka toh hoga hi tu
Kyun na tujhe main hi jeetun
Khule khabon me jeete hain, jeete hain baawre( swara holds laksh hand n make him look at her)

Mann ke dhaage, o mann ke dhaage
Dhaage pe saanwre
Dhaage pe saanwre
Hai likha mene tera hi, tera hi, tera hi to naam re( she does dance around him n he does jazzy style)

Aise dore daale kaala jaadu naina kaale
Tere main hawaale hua seene se laga le
Aa.. main tera…
O.. dono dheeme dheeme jalein
Aaja dono aise milein
Zameen pe laage, na tere, na mere paanv re( he make her look into her n side hugs her sliding his hand on her waist)

Manva laage.. manva laage
Laage re sanware
Laage re sanware
Le tera hua jiya ka, jiya ka, jiya ka ye gaanv re( she slight push him n dances )

Rahoon main tere naino ki, naino ki,
naino ki hi chaanv re…
Le tera hua jiya ka, jiya ka, jiya ka ye gaanv re
Rahoon main tere naino ki, naino ki,
naino ki hi chaanv re… ( both holds eo hands n twirls her n end on the fairy tail pose)

Everyone present their was awestruck to see their chemistry n clapsss whixh make them come to reality

Swara goes n come after changing Laksh is staring her

Boy:wooow guyzz u both dances sooo awsmeee i think u both should dance on the finals as well as pairs surely u will rock the stage together

Swalak:thanks at union n look at eo

Boy:so i m making u both pairs come tmrw for practice we will start ok

Swalak nods n goes

Lak is still staring her


Lak:i never thought that anaconda can b look soo beautiful at traditional attire too must say u r gud dancer

Swara blushes n says thanks

Swa: n i also dnt knw monkey dances soo well at these tunes also

Lak:thnkx for the compliment

Swa:ur welcme now lets go n see ragsan



Boy:hmmm so u want to participate in singing

Ragini nods yes

Boy:do u participated before in any competition

Rags nods no

Boy:can u speak

Rags nods yes(boy glare) yess sorryy
(She was nervous)

Boy look at sanky

Boy:sanky r u sure she can do it

San:yeah ravi 100% sure she is just nervous no prblm

Rav:if u r saying then ok but she have to perform u knw ok so ms ragini go n sing something

Rag look at sanky who nods

Rag smilez weakly n goes to stage everyone is watching her

Spot light falls on her 

Rag: hmmmmm Kehte hain
Khuda ne iss jahaan mein
Sabhi ke liye kisi na kisi ko hai banaaya
har kisi ke liye
Tera milna hai uss rab ka ishaara
Maano mujhko banaya tere jaise hi kisi ke liye( all are mesmerize by her voice she sings eyes close n swalak also comes)

Rag:Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta
Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta
Kaise hum jaane, hume kya pata
Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta
Tu humsafar hai
Phir kya fikar hai
Jeene ki wajah hi yehi hai
Marna issi ke liye (she opens her eyes n sees everyone looking at her tensed she stopss singing)

Voice:Kehte hain:
Khuda ne iss jahaan mein
Sabhi ke liye kisi na kisi ko hai banaaya
har kisi ke liye…(swara comes n sings for her rags smiles )

Sanskar:hmm Meharbaani jaate-jaate mujhpe kar gaya
Guzarta saa lamha ek daaman bhar gaya
Tera nazaara mila, roshan sitaara mila
Taqdeer ki kashtiyon ko kinara mila
( sanskar comes n hold rags hand n starts singing looking at her)

Rag:Sadiyon se tarse hai jaisi zindagi ke liye
Teri sohbat mein duaayein hain ussi ke liye (rag sing seeing sanky with eyelock)
Swarag:Tera milna hai uss rab ka ishaara
Maano mujhko banaya tere hi jaise kisi ke liye(swara comes n sings with rag n looks at laksh)

Lak:Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta
Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta
Kaise hum jaane hume kya pata
Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta(laksh comes n sings with sanky n looks at swara )

Swarag n sanlak:Tu humsafar hai, phir kya fiqar hai
Jeene ki wajah hi yehi hai
Marna issi ke liye(four hold eo hands)

Ragsan:Kehte hain:
Khuda ne iss jahaan mein
Sabhi ke liye kisi na kisi ko hai banaaya
Har kisi ke liye… emmm emmmm (rags finsih the song looking at sanky)

All claps

Boy: wooow ragini u r just superbb n u four rocked the stage

Swalak smiles

San:i said u na she is perfect

Boy:yeah right n u both also sings awsmee wanna join

Swalak:noooo at union

Swa:actually we r already slected for dance we cant

Boy: ooo dont worry sanky u ragini will sing together bcz ur both voices match n rocks n come tmrw for practice

Ragsan smiles: they leaves

San:btw y did u both start singing han

Swa:obvio i sang for ragu but this laksh come in middle but we four sings very well right ragu

Rag:yeah shona i dnt knw laksh can sing also

Lak:oye i m multi talented ok he said wid attitude

Swa: yeah we can see that pink panther

Lak:shut up shona lets celebrate guyz

San:yeah lets eat something i m hungry

Ragswalak:bhukar n laughs

San:ms ginu u dnt laugh ok i got to knw u r really a coward

Rag:oye hanky i m not coward ok

San:really then y did u stopped in the middle

Rag:bcz everyone is watching me like they seen ghost(she said wit a pout)

Swasanlak laughs

San:dumboo they like ur voice thats y they are numb even i m mesmerize

Swalak:ohoooooo swalak tease while ragini blush

Ragsan:shut up lets leave

San:u both idiots got selected or not

Swa:first i m not idiot he is n scnd yes we both get selected n pair up too they like our performance

Ragsan:oooo like ur performance (teases)

Swalak:shut up guyz

Four goes n sits on canteen n talks

Rag:i m going to bring coffee for me n leaves

When ragini is coming tarun blocks her way

Rag:Tarun u

Tar:w8 ragini r u trying to avoid me or u dont wanna talk

Rag:noo tarr…..

Sanky comes

San:ohoo ginu u r soo lazy we r w8ing but u here is gossiping not fair come we have to leave n tarun she will talk to u later cuz we r really bz n winks n holds ragini n leaves with her

Tarun banged his hand

Tar:u both are not doing right sanskar now u have to pay i knw what i have to do know n dial someone number after call he smirks


Rag:thanks sanku

San:for saving u from taht tarun

Rag:noo for singing with me n having trust on me n giving me confidence (she said looking into his eyes)

San:ooo plzz ginu now dont start ur emotional talks of trust bla bla u will start crying u girls n their thank u session urghh is soo irritating.(sweet)

Rag:shut up u idiot n hits him n  laughs with sanky

Ragsan goes n sits wid swalak they talks for somtime n goes to their home

Days start rolling fastlyy

To b continued……


Guyz i knw u all are w8ing for some action but i postponed it n plan for some twist n yeah happy diwalii to all of u……. N yeah what do u think about new twist guess????  N hope u like today chappy let me knw through comnts love u tc stay blessed n keep smiling…..  ? hope u like it plzzz tell


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