swaragini~HEAL MY WOUNDS(epi16)

hiii guyz I m back with my eli thank u for ur love n supprt n thnkx to silent reader also love u all n I will try my best to give equal imp to the four hope u like it keep cmnting now start…

Episode 16:

recap:sanlak at gm

The episode start with uttara saying sanlak at her brothers

swarag:that means they are sanskar and lakshhh

dp ap uttara : yessss

swarag are in the shock sanlak sees them n enjoying there state….sanlak comes to swarag who r in a delima but some what haply to for their childhood frnds

lak: mams what happend u both fine na don’t u get attacks after knowing that we r ur frnds (cntroling his laugh after seeing swarag faces in a fake seriouss tone)

San: yeah u want to kill us na then y r u silent n mam u want to say us sorry na or yeah we r beggars right??

SWA(stammr): lucky means laksh
rag(stamr): SR means sanskar

sanlak lift their collar n says yes mam

SWA:actually…vo…we…dnt knw that…u

rags:yeah….we….voo….never thought…. that…ummm….we would…meet umm like this (relieved)

sanlak laughs like mad along with shekar

swaraguttuapdp : ??????

shek: u both will never change

swarag:baba u kknw that they r sanlak

shek:yeah but they said to me to b quite sooo i m not in this matter

swarag glares sanlak

rags:that mean u both intentially fought with us na

swa:yeah u already knw that we r swaragini….. huhhhh cheaters

San:excuse me mam we don’t even dream that u both will become our frnds we both get a shock when guru call her lado than we got to knw that unluckily u both are sshona n lado

swarag gglare

SWA:yeah exactly unluckily u botth are sanskar and laksh

sanlak glare

both swarag n sanlak just glaring each other with fake anger after few mins of glaring four burst out into a laughter bcz everybody is just watching tthem

laksh(laughing):oooo lado shona u don’t knw how much I missed u n forward for a hug when swarag shows a hand

swarag: stooppp Mr.laksh maheshwari

laksh:call me lucky n y should I stop after many years we met n u r stopping me that’s not fair(pout)

SWA:actually u both are not our frnd anymore

sanlak: but y????

rags: bcz u broke the promise

sanlak look at each other n says sorry

SWA:one sorry is not enough by folding her hands

San: than we should load a sorry ttruck to u

swarag glares

rag: say sorry for morning incidents

lake: n y should we

SWA:bcz that’s ur both fault

San: attitudes haan but for ur kind info the mistake was ofur lado

rag:excuse me what mistake was mine Mr SR

San:look around while riding

rag: look front while driving

San: I m looking

rag: ooo really if u r then u should applied brake n

San: but u…..intrpt

rag:shut up first listen first I applied brake n fell down but instead of helping me u r shouting like hell n what did u both ediots call me bbhenji han ok forget it but if u don’t show me attitude na than I would apology to u then but uu ……

lak:relax mam relax don’t talk too much ok we r sorry n I m sorry ok but don’t fight bcz after many years we four are together (huge smile)

swaragsan looking at laksh

laksh: what???….did I say wrong (raising his eyebrow)

SWA:nool first tym in ur life u said correct

rag:yeah impressive

trio ggigles

laksh: bro u too

San: yes Broo

laksh: now can u give a hug plzzz

they hug in exitment of meeting their frnds after a long tym with huge smiles

raglak hug n swasan hug n then swalak hug

when ragsan were about to hug

laksh shouts : Bhai u r correct that today is ur worst day (winks at swara) bcz u said na that u both don’t want to talk each other n u don’t want to c each other haina shona

SWA understand n says yeah right laksh….don’t glare me I will call u that….ragu u said na that u hate him remember u both broke ur ffrndahip on ur last date n said that u will never talk n sanku is happy that he is getting rid of ragu

ragsan sees each other n moves apart

SWA: but laksh I rembr when u both go na ladoo c….(rrags shut her mouth)

rag: I distribute sweets at school (fake smile n glare at SWA)

lak: ooo but u kkkn shona sanky cried….bcz he don’t want to leave u both

San: don’t talk ttoo much lucky but I really felt relived from getting rid of someone (looking at rrags)

rrags glare n says : lets leave

rags POV: oooo shona lucky I wanna kill u both u devils I want to hug sanku n say sorry that day I don’t want to fight but we did but now after solo many years u rember us n that stupid monster feel relsived after going huhhh but now I will not gonna talk to him POV ends

sanky POV: urrgghhhhh irritated she distribute ssweet after my leaving churail kahi ki I feel very bad for her n today these swalak aagain huh themselves they happily meet but in my tym huhhh should i say sorry no no sanky she should say not u…. u just irritatr her bcz she thinks i have attitude na than i will show her hehehhhe pov ends


sanlak swarag comes n meet shomi dada dadi

san: u knw gf how much we miss ur food

swa: bhukarr

lak: ooo wooow paru u r become more beautiful haan n winks

dadi: chup kr badmash n blush

rag: flirter look handsome apki bv pa nazar

lak:yes dadu b careful haan

SWA:yes dadu u n baba have to they both have eyes on ur wives

shek: no beta I trust my champs

sanlak:that’s like our guru

dp: faire’s lleavs them i m with u both na

utta:even I m tooo u knw how much exitd to mmeetb u both

lak: oooo soon u change team han nor bad han

utta: yes bcz bbade papa told me that u both scard of them n they can handle u

San:yeah we got sscard of ghost han

rag:yeah uttara even I use to get scars when I c Dracula in day

ssan glare so as rags

lak:but as u all knw u cant compare me with anyone bcz I m…..intruo

swaragutt: gorrila of course

lak:yeah n u jungliii billisss

SWA:hahahah nyx joke lakshikaaa

laksh eyes widen n says dnt call me that shut up

SWA: if I not then

laksh:shona swara fairy princess plzzzzzzzzzzzz dnt say in front of her(at utt)

utta: y not tell me swara di I want to kww

rags: I will tell

San: even mere tooo

laksh: Bhai lado if u say a single word than

ragsan: tan what??

laksh:bhaii first of all u lose the bet that’s y u can’t say a word

SWA:which bet

San: actually…co…..vo

utta: I will.tell (uttara ttell them)

swarag laughsds

rag: very impressive laksh u knw us very well but some people(to sanku)_thinks us like themselves (irritated)

SWA: lado don’t praise her if he kknw us na than today he will not fight with us…n u both did bet on us that’s not good…..

shek: ehmm ehmm shona I think u both also did n u both loose it too

than swarag remebr n bit his tounge

san;:which bet guru

shek: actually lado says that swalak will fight in first meeting n shona says that u n lado will fight in first meeting bcz of ur last clash ssoo now u four fought that’s y they loose

San:now who bet tats gud han

shomi:lado go n bring ccccoffe for everyone

rags nod

San: gf we want to go home fit n fine not to hospital u bring don’t say to useless peoplws

rags glares n then smiles n says uttara shona come we make n goes

after few mins they return

rags gives ccoffee to laksh ap dp n SWA gives to sanky dadu dadi shek n shomi n uttara

San: who make this

SWA:meee n llado

lak:then we surely die

rag:unlucky idiot we did not mix poison in it have it

lak:I don’t take a chance ask everyone howzz it

dp: suprb aftrall my ffaires made it with love na

ap:yes its nice

utta:even I like it n bhai nnow u both drink naa n smiled at swarag

sanlak sips n spit out it

swarag: howzzz it

rag:wanna die or go hospital

sanlak glare

actually swaragutt mix salt n tumeric powder in sanlaks coffee

utta:bhaiii have it na n winks

rag:yeah drink

SWA:finished fast

dp:ufff their nautankies drink it uuseles

ssanlak hessitatly drink it

San: uttara u will go home with us than I will c u

lak: mee too

dp: don’t u have eeyes can’t u see her

San:nop even we cant c u

dp: then CChange ur eyes n uurself too

lak: first change urslf than we will decide

shomi: ok ok enough have lunch

all chit chat talk for a sometime n have lunch ragsan ignores each other while swalak irritate each other

now mahwsri leaves except sanlak

San:guru we need ur ttips

shek: for what??

lak:to impress a girl

swarag laughs

SWA: first c urslf in mirrors than come
n HiFi to rags

sanlak glars

shek: shona stop….n champs I m here than no fear n winks

sheksanlak talks for sometimes n sanlak leaves

#evening MM

gadodias arrive mm n meets everybody
swarag took blessings

utta: di u knw me n bhai make something’ for ur welcome

swarag:realy n what’s that (curiosit

utta:come I show u

they head towRd sanlak room

#sanlak room

laksh:Bhai hurry up they can b here in a min

sanky:ok give me that last one

laksh:ooo nop I will not give

San:give me

laks:bhaiii plzz try to understand

voica:what understand han

san:dnt knw shona ask lucky

laksh throws something on bed n hide it


swa:whats u both arr hiding

utt:bhai move away let thwm c na their welcome

sanlak moves n swarag wide their eyws but huge smile comes on their faces


to b continue……

precap: sanskar tease rags n frsher party…..
what sanlak made for their welcome?????

sooooorrrryyyy for boring frnds I knw its boring but nxr epi is fun for sure keep comnting n smiling tc thank u


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