swaragini~HEAL MY WOUNDS(epi15)


hiiiiii guyzzz thankkkk u sooooo mucmuchhhhh for ur support n love u all and thnkx to silent reader also n keep.commenting and frnd I want to tell u one thing that the pairs are already decided n.I will.reveal soon n love all four pairs n enjoy the storyline n their bond n keep smiling finally 15 I m so happy thanks to u all 🙂 n yeah have patience for pairs 😉 ok n sorry for long bak bak startttt……


recap: swalak n ragsan fight

The episode start with swarag talking about morning incident

#Gm Swarag room

SWA: ragini y r u fighting with dat boy

rag(irritated): don’t ask shona I just want to kill him worst day of my life

SWA: why worst tell me naaa I want to knew plzzz plzz plzzz (cute )

rags: ok ok telling baba (rags tells all incident)

swara laughs n says: ooooh great my sister can fight too haan not bad but I thought something else

rag: hehehe n what u thought

SWA: that he proposed u n winks

rags eyed widen n glare SWA n hit her with pillow: shut up dnt think too much n now tell me why were lu..LA…


rag: yeah lucky y wwere he calling u junglii u fought na (suspiciously)

SWA: yeah but

rags: tell me from start

swara tells her n now rags laughs n says : wwoooow my brave shona fall shall n save han not bad

SWA: shut up rago he just save me from falling

rags: but when u r telling me I thought that u n laksh are fighting

SWA: oooo plzzz don’t compare that gorilla with laksh han

rags(teasingly): ooohooo so what should compare with laksh han

SWA: mosquito

rags laughs n says really

SWA: don’t laugh too much what if that boy will b like sanky than what u said

rags: i don’t think think soo

SWA: u can’t bcz u don’t have brain na

rags: shona uuuu n throws pillow n she also throws

shekar comes n sees they both are fighting with pillow

shek: stoooopppp what r u doing

swarag: fighting

shek: oooo ssoo my princess are fighting ok carry on I come to tell u that sanlak are coming here directly from collage n they will b here any minute I thought that u will welcome but no prblm I can manage


rags: baba dnt wrry I m coming n w8 for them

shek: n ur fight

SWA: we can continue later n swarag give hi-fi

shek: ok devils come fast n goes

SWA:lado u go when they come tell me ok

rags: yes mam n goes like soldier

SWA: nautankiii n smiles


rags is moving here n there desperately waiting for sanlak to come

shek: lado I think i did a mistake by calling u here u r just moving here n there have patience n yeah my two employees are coming to give me file if they come than let me knw did u listennn

rag moving: yes baba I can hear BTW when they will come

shek: who employees

rags: ufffff noooo swerty n mosquito’s

outside gm

sanlak arrive n sees GM

sanky: finally arrived with huge smile

laksh: yeah bhaii I m soo exitd to meet them shona lado how will they lookbi just can’t wait

sanky: even mee lucky

lucky: BTW Bhai y did u fight with jungli billi sister

sanky: don’t aask lucky I just wish I can never meet her again

laksh: even meee that junglii billi n her sister huhhh are saying me gorrila huh

sanky: what wrong did they said n winks

laksh: bhaiiiii u too….. I just wish swarag are not like them

sanky: yeah bro even mee too thinking the same I just wish they will not like them

laksh rings the bell


hearing bell a huge smile come on rags face n she hurridely open the door with exitment but after seeing the faces

ragsanlak shouts: uuuuuuu

sanky: i knw it today is my worst day

rags: even mine tooo plzzx god dnt punish meeee

laksh: excuse me ms we are not hwre for fighting

rags: soo r u following me to say sorry to us

sanky: huhhh dnt dream too much ms.lowr class

rags: oooo hellooo u mr ….. intrupt

shek: whose on door ladoooo

sanlak whispes laado n sees each other

rags: begggars do u have change baba

sanlak glares

rags: listen u both this is my house n u both are my fathers employe soo first say me mam n scnd aplogy to me n my Siater otherwise i will fire u ok

sanlak glaring her

sanky: in which angle do u think us

laksh hits him

laksh: sorry mam where is sir

rags: thats gud come in fake smile

sanlaks comes n sees shekr huge smile come on their faces n whisper guru n goes n hugs him

shek: u both

sanlak in his ears: forget ur champs han not bad gud progress

shek: u toooo my

laksh: employees


laksh whispers: we want to ggive ur daughters a shocked soo plzz n winks

rags: ehmm ehmm

ttrio look at them who is looking confusing

rags: y u meet like u did not meet from.many years haan

sanlak: bcz he is like our father

rags: gud u can respect elders hann

shek: y r talking like that u wanna kill them

rags: yes baba me n shona wants to I tell u na about today’s incident these are two monkey brothers

shek laughs : means u all already meet han what a meeting

shona shouts: did mosquitoes come

rags: nop shona beggars come have a look

shona comes n shouts u both

rags: relax shona don’t shout these are baba employees just

SWA: ooooh I thought that they are sanlak I got a heart attack han

rags: even meee but where these stupid are u gonna kill them

sanky:what else u both can do

swarags: uuuuu

dp: did my faire’s miss meee

dp arrives with ap n uttara

swarag: sweetieer

laksh: now we r gone Bhai how can we trouble them know

sanky: yeah this kharus can’t come tomrow huh

swarags hugs dp ap uttara n took blessings

shek meets all

dp sees sanlak n says: finally thses usless arrives on rite tym

swarag: how do u kne these are useless

ap: bcz they are his sons na

uttara: and my brothers

swarag look at sanlak in a shocked

to b continuned……..

tthank u all keep reading n commenting I can’t stop myself from writing it n pewcap is same as previous thnk u 🙂 tc

fizo 🙂

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