Swaragini@fanfiction Chapter 8

precap- swasan reach london. lakshya works on his plan.

scen1 london

swasan reach london n then their hotel. swara is surprised 2 see a honeymoon sweet n asks sanskar about it.
sanskar- its coz v r on or honeymoon
they go for sightseening.swara is wearing black top n pink mini skirt. sanskar is wearing yellow shirt n royal blue blazor n jeans. they visit london bridge, buckingham palace. madame tussads, etc.when they r back its raining. swara stands near d window. sanskar comes fr behind n hug her. they share a tight kiss. mai hu hero tera is played in bg. they dance. song switches 2 tu hai hero mera. then sanskar unties swaras chain(of her dress). he takes out his shirt. they consummate their marriage.
swara wakes up n sees sanskar lovingly. as soon as she tries 2 get up sanskar pulls her.
sanskar- not now
swara- u hav 2 go oofice.
sanskar- bt
swara- no
sanskar- then come lets bath 2gether
they bath 2gether which takes 1 hr. they go 2 office.

scene2 india maheshwari mansion

lakshya works on his plan n thinks—– yes i got it. this is my plan. ragini get ready fr a very big shock.
ragini – lakshya. whats d plan.
he tells her his plan.
lakshya- like this we will destroy both.

precap- all go 2 london.

sry guys fr a short update n mistakes. i have 2 go out of station so.. guyz i will not update ff for 7-8 days . im sry.plz comment below. i nfind very less comments.

Credit to: Kritika


  1. Anu

    It’s very Gud episode
    Don’t worry we will wait
    Enjoy karna jha par ja rhi ho but plz can u upload one more part today plz

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