[email protected] chapter 13


recap- swasan romancing n shumi telling sujata n ap about swaras….
guyz let me make clear that the one in d pic is rageshri. yes krystal dsouza is our rageshri…….

scene 1 swasan room
swara is folding clothes. sanskar asks kiss from her. she refuses. bt he kisses her on her cheeks. swara says sanskarrr. sanskar holds swaras hand so she couldnt do work. he comes closer 2 her. suddenly swara feels uneasy n tells sanskar that she is not in mood 2 do so. sanskar gets a call frm office n says swara see ur eish got fulfilled. now i am going 2 office so bye. swara says bye. swara still feels uneasy n goes 2 washroom . she vomits n then comes out. she thinks that she has not eaten anything frm morning n still vomiting… how? rageshri sees this n gets tensed. she says come we will go 2 doctor. swara says may be its food poisoning so i will take medicine n rest. if i will not feel well then i will definately go 2 doc. ok baba. fine. satisfied. rageshri says ok swara bt take care ha. if u need anything call me.

scene 2 maheshwari mansion —at night
dp – i, ram n lakshya r going 2 mumbai fr a meeting a forienger client. today night only v hav 2 leave as flight is there.
ap- ok ji……
adarsh- papa can i also come? actually my college friend who lives in paris hav cme 2 mumbai. so…… i hav already booked tickets. bt permissi..
dp- ok adarsh.
they leave…

scene 3 dining table — its morning
sanskar- mom, badima i wont go office till papa , badepapa n lucky doesnt come coz if some emergency would b there so..
sujata nods.
uttara- bhai so u got a reason 2 stay with bhabhi.
every1 laugh while swara blushes .
sanskar – uttara ki bachchi…… today i wont wont leave u.
sansakr runs behind her. every1 laugh seeing happy family. swara feels dizzy.
swara- mom i am nt feeling well .can i go in room?
sujata- yes yes take some rest . u will b fine.

after some time
scene 4 swasan room
sanskar- this uttara na… is becomin naughty day by day.
swara smile n falls unconsious.
sanskar- swara……
he holds her n makes her lie on d bed.

after some time doc comes n checks her.
sanskar- doc there is nthing 2 take tension na… tell na doc.. tell na
doc- no no not tension.
sanskar- so what.. tell fast na
doc- if u let me say smthing then i will tell na…….congrats mr. maheshwari swara is pregnant.
sanskar- ha that only na
suddenly he realises what doc said bcomes hpy.
every1 shares sweets.

swara gets consious.
swara- what happened whats going on?? only.
ap slowly tells sans u will only tell her. every1 agrees except sans.he says i hav seen in movies girld tell that they r pregnant nt boys.
sujata – whatever either u will tell no one. it will harm ur baby only.
swara- r u going 2 tell me sanskar?
every1 leave. sanskar hesitates n then closes his eyes n non stoply says– swara now doc checked up u n she came 2 d result that that u u arre prregnant……….
swara couldnt believe n cries .
sanskar- dont cry.
swara- these r tears of happiness.

precap- swara gets pain in stomach.

Credit to: kritika

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