[email protected] Chapter 12

Precap-a marriage ceremony is held in maheshwari mansion. Lakshya is dressed as groom.
Guyz let me again introduce rageshri mehra.
Rageshri is a kind, open minded girl who is d only child of her parents rajesh n rashi. Mehras r family friends of maheshwaris n bose’s .Rageshri is childhood friend of sanlak n college friend of swara. She lived in Australia with her parents and came 2 india fr her marriage. She is in deep pain bcoz she had a bf who left her some years back. Bt she always try 2 make every1 hpy.

Scene 1 maheshwari mansion
A marriage ceremony is held in maheshwari mansion. Lakshya is dressed as groom.

Scene 2 lak room.
2day is our first night after marriage. A sweet voice said. Lak says bt v r just friends.. Rageshri… u sleep on bed. I will sleep on sofa . Rageshri says no lucky v will sleep chance by chance on bed. Lak says ok we’ll sleep alternately on bed. Rageshri thinks all family thinks v hav accepted our marriage. Bt who knows v hav just accepted each other not our marriage.

Scene 3 swasan room
Swara tells sans dat 2morrow naved bhai, devina bhabhi n akriti r coming so they hav 2 fo badi. N also sanskar listen v hav to handle akriti d whole day n all alone ha…Sanskar says definately swara. I love u n kids as well.swara says sanskarrrrrr…….Sanskar akriti is how much years old?? Swara says she’s 8 months. Sanskar says awww so smalll life will b with us 2morrow.

Scene 4 badi
Naved- welcome my lovebirds how r u? Swara says v r fine. Devina says sanskar hello u will say nthing. Sanske says don’t think I’m shy bhabhi. Swara says bcoz he is besharam. Ebery1 laugh. Naved says now v will go fr shopping. Ur ma baba dida dadi n my ma r not at home. They went 2 a famous saint fr our happiness. So take akriti. They leave.
Then sanskar says y did u call me besharam.???? Swara keeps akriti in cramp n starts fighting with sanskar. Suddenly akriti cries. Swara tries 2 console her.bt she keeps on crying . sanskar says she might b hungry. Swara says yes n handovers akriti 2 sanskar n boils milk. She gives bottle 2 akriti. N pats her back. She lovingly sees her. Sanskar says sometimes see me also lovingly like this.swara u look noce with a child. Think about our own child na… swara says sanskar… sans says swara our child… who would call us mom n dad…. swara avoids eye contact with him n makes herself busy with akriti.
At nigght.
Naved says tq. Devina says I know lovebirds akriti would hav troubled u a lot… bt sry. Sanskar says no no bhabhi she is sooo cute n innocent. They leave after some time.

Scene 4 swasan room
Swara kisses sanskar n says now I hav given u gudnight kiss also. Now sleep. Sanskar pulls swara towards him n says aise kaise( how can I leave u so easily). They share a tight lip lock. Swara turns back jst then swara holds her hand n kissea her immensely . She takes out his shirt. She kisses him a lot. There r many lipstick prints on his body. Soon they both get undressed n they r covered with a blanket. They consummate their marriage.
In morning
Swara gets up n blushes remembering last night moments. Sanskar says ohooo so u blush also. Swara says stop it sanskar……

Swara thinks about ragini sitting in her room n says I forgave ragini. Come again na being a good ragini….. ragini comes n brings coffee n asks who is ragini. She tells her everything . Rageshri says swara that means I am luckys 2nd wife. She reacts as if nothing happened. Swara asks her about it. She says I hav accepted lucky bt as my friend nt as my hubby… I dont love him bcpz I luv anmol 2day also. I know he left me bt I will never stop loving him. Swara says ok its ur life ur decision.i dont wanna drink coffe I wanna drink aaaaaaaaaaa…aaa lemon juice. I want 2 eat something sour…u know I eat sour very rarely. Bt now a days I like it a lot . rageshri says I will bring it fr u . Swara says I will help u.

Precap- swasan romancing n ap n sujata n shumi talking about swaras…(its a secret).

Guys im nt getting much likes. So I’ll be discontinuing in a few days…. sry fr wasting ur time……

Credit to: Kritika

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