[email protected] Chapter 10


Precap- all reach india.

SCENE 1 INDIA maheshwari mansion. Raglak room
Ragini- lets clarify our plan. See it will happen like this:
We will kidnap sans then we’ll tell swara about this without knowing that we r d one who r doing this. Then we’ll ask her for divorcing sanskar. Then we will show her his dead body.then she will try 2 suicide n we will act like we wil save us bt we will not.and in this she will tell d truth. If not then she will get which will be her punishment. Then our plan finished. We will win. Then as promised u will accept me.
Lak- yes ragini yes.
They sleep
Lakshya thinks that plan is not like that ragini .its all 2 expose u.

SCENE 2 swasan room
Swara hug sanskar.
San- what happened
Swa- I think something bad is going 2 happen.
San- dn0ont worry.

SCENE 3 raglak room
Rag- lets get ready. W hav 2 kidnap sans.
Lak- bt b4 that we will go 2 d doc fr ur checkup.and u take ur tablet first.
She eats n lak makes her drink water.
Rag thinks these dayz lakshya has been so caring na..

SWASAN ALSO Go WITH THEM. When they reach hospital ragini feels dizzy n she is partially consious. They take her 2 d doc. Doc makes rag sit in a black room n asks swasan 2 go out bt permits lak 2 stay in. All family members arrive there. Maheshwaris n gadodias.
Ragini- what r all family members doing here? Who called them? And this place why is it so isolated?? Lakshya reply nq.
Lak- rag no one is here. No family member is here.u r feeling dizzy na thats why.
Doc hypnotise her.

lak shares his plan with family that he will take ragini 2 doc n doc with the help of hypnotism will ask her ques. N she will tell d truth .

DOC- ans my ques. Hav u done this. Do u hav partial memory loss???
RAG- yes yes yes I hav done this. Bcoz I want my lakshya n want 2 spoil swaras image in front of all family members.

Lak records everything. And all members see this.

Rag comes out of hypnosis. Lak show d video 2 her.

PRECAP- ADAALAT (COurt) tels raginis punishment.

Guyz hope u like it. All silent readers plz raise ur hands. I want 2 know how many of u read my ff.

Credit to: Kritika

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  1. Good that ragini is exposed.. but in some parts there is a little bit confusion.. your story is really good.. but it’ll be wonderful if it has a bit more clarity with correct punctuation.. 🙂 continue your work..

  2. Plz make it swalak plz they look so cute

    1. Sandy its a swasa ff . I think u hav not read d earlier chapters. Plz do check it. Sryyyy . Bt their r swalak ffs too. U can see it..

  3. Bit confusing bt nice ff..

  4. Tq guyz.. I know its confusing bt I didn’t want to make it lengthy…

  5. It’s nice. Continue…..

  6. Good pls continue it

  7. Very Gud yr finally rag is exposed nd will punished but plz show some swasan scene

  8. Good..nice one…

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