Swaragini:A shadow of the dark past chapter 10

Hy guys, so lets start with this episode.
Swasan stare as zaya go.
And then they look at each other.
San:wait what else.
She turns to go but jerks due to the chain.
San:now we are stuck together for a long time.
Swara widens her eyes.
Kavita comes to them.
Kav:what say abt a dance.

Kav:but you love to dance and as for this bookie ,I don’t think she would dance .would you swara.
San:no.1 ,we are chained (shows the chain)
Swa:no.2,I don’t mind a dance.
Sanskaar’s eys brighten.
He immediately extends his chaind hand and swara smilingly puts her hand on his and they go.
The song being played is “Enna Sona from OK Janu”(guys my song preferences are really shitty so please bear with me).
After a romantic dance.
Both go to the table for having their dinner.
Since sanskaar’s right hand is chained.
He struggles to eat.
Swara notices this and feeds him.
After dinner they leave to the cafe.
[Raglak fans here is your scene].

After swasan leave ,raglak go the car.Laksh sends the driver off and goes to the passenger seat.
He opens the door and ragini sits down with a smile.
He goes to the drivers seat and they go to the mall.
Lak:so miss Gadodia.I have 10000 on me,do I need to stand in the atm queue or am I safe.
Rag:Mr. Maheshwari,neither as you will use your card.If you stand in line ,who will hold my bags.
Lak:I am dead.
Rags:wait till you pay the bills then die .
She drags him to all the shops.
After a good 2 hrs with 3 trips to the car(to keep the bags).
They go to the car and drive to the nearby mc donalds and eat their dinner.
After they finished eating
Rag:we still have 1.5 hrs left. What should we do.
Lak:what do you want to do.
Rags:ice cream.
Lak:as you wish ma’am.
They go to an ice cream parlour.
Ragini is confused on which flavour.

She keeps on mouthing: strawberry black current chocolate rocky road mint chocolate chip cotton candy.
Laksh notices this.
Rags:I will have a chocolate chip.
Laksh smiles to himself and asks her to go and sit in the car.
Ragini complies.
After 5 mins laksh came with a huge package.
Rags is shocked
R: such a big packaging for 2 cups.
L:we are going to the beach.
They go.
On the beach ,they sit on the sand and laksh opens the package.
Ragini sees all the ice creams she wanted.
She snatches them all and starts eating like a kid.
After 15 mins of snatching pulling and pushing theylie down on the sand.
L:ragini what happened to shona today.
R:actually its related to our past.
L:id you don’t want to say don’t.

But remember I will always be there when you need me.
R:why so much concern.
L:you are my best friend na.
R:so all you best friends receive the same treatment.
L:no,but you are special don’t know why,?
They have an eyelock
After 5 mins ragini takes a promise from laksh that he will never bring this matter in front of swara.
Then they head for the cafe.

Precap:arshi evening.laksh slowly falling for ragini.

So guys I am giving you the timetable.
Tue:”Shadow of the dark past.”
Wed:”in rishto ki mitthas” &” my crazy love”
Thu:”friendship to love ,a journey” &” I will win you back”(coming soon)
So hope you guys are enjoying my stories
Actually my sisters exams are round the corner so I have a very tight schedule.but now on I will be regular

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