SWARAGINI~a little happiness a little sadness (Intro)

hello friends!!! lishra here ……this is my first ff . I’m 14 years old. i aspire to share my views with everyone. please comment…..:D
the characters are~
1) sanskaar maheshwari
2) swara sanskaar maheshwari
3) samaira sankaar maheshwari
4) vivan sanskaar maheshwari
5) laksh maheshwari
6) ragini mahesshwari
7) shanaya laksh maheshwari
8) sameer laksh maheshwari
swara and sanskaar along with their son and daughter aged 2 and 4 respectively live in london. they are there as there was some misunderstanding between sanskaaar and laksh and maheshwari declared sanskaar wrong and supports laksh in matters regarding business a hurt sanskaar shifts to london when swara pregnant with vivan . the kids go to london international school. they are extremely cute and are
intelligent like swara and hardworking like sanskaar. The are opened minded kids who loves their mom and dad and miss their family.swara and sanskaar also miss the family but do not say anything and cover it with the smile. they are in contact with gadodia family and sujata and ram prasad. maheshwari realises his mistake but he is too late.
laksh and ragini are happy and live in kolkata with the family and the kids are very well mannered . they go to koltaka international school which is tied up with london international school.
i want to write about how the kids first enemies ( they meet during a school exchange programe) ,make swara and ragini *SWARAGINI* again and clear all misunderstanding between families
tell me if plot is good. kindly comment and give feedback.
btw… harshali malhotra is samira
ruhanika dhawan as shanaya
recommend vivan and sameer also please.
thanks and regards

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  1. gud dude nd am olso same s yewr age..

  2. Harshali look more like raglak daughter and Ruhanika look like swasan daughter. But it doesn’t matter because both are so cute. Ruhanika is one of my favorite child actress.????

  3. I think the child actors from diya aur baati hum will be good choice. Ricky Patel as raglak son and devyansh tapuria as swasan son.?‍?‍?‍??‍?‍?‍?

  4. Yeah…ur story line is interesting

  5. nice introduction

  6. Thanks a lot for support guys!

  7. good intro dear

  8. Nice…

  9. Its good and your of my age

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