Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 20


Lakshya is with his friends,
Lakshya: Soon I will win the bet!
Arjun: How?
Lakshya: Just wait and Watch!!
Ragini is walking with Mishti and Swara, she thinks about Lakshya and Aansh, she smiles and says my revenge is over Lakshya.
Swara hears her.
Swara: Are you two friends of what?
Ragini: Swara, we are friends but also we have fights. He has to say sorry first. Our friendship is weird and unique!
Swara: Seriously, you two behave like children. Ragini sees Lakshya and smirks, Lakshya smirks too.
Aansh reaches there. Swara sees Lakshya.
Swara: Oh God…
Mishti: What happened?
Swara: Nothing!

Lakshya: Raginis there.
Aansh: What type of Friendship is this?
Lakshya: A unique one. Me and Ragini always fight and without fighting with Ragini my day doesn’t go well.
Aansh: Does Aunty have enough energy?
Lakshya laughs,
Lakshya: I hope so.
Lakshya walks upto Ragini.
Lakshya: Oye, Miss India!
Ragini: What?
Lakshya: I’m sorry…
Ragini smiles.
Lakshya: I’m sorry for telling the truth.
Raginis smile disappears.
Lakshya laugh.
Ragini: You… Mr Lakri.(stick/wood)
Lakshya: Lakri?
Ragini: I’m sorry for calling you a stick, but what can I do, u look like one.
Ragini laughs.

Swara: Oh no, world war three is going to start
Mishti laughs.
Mishti: Why?
Swara and Mishti go up to Ragini and Swara shouts stop, they both stop and look at each other, they start laughing.
Swara looks on.
Lakshya and Ragini: Chill!!!
Aansh walks up, Mishti sees him and he sees Mishti.
Janam….janam…. Janam….tune…play.
Mishti looks away and Aansh gets angry.
Lakshya: Who’s this?
Ragini: This is Mishti.
Neil: Mishti?
Swara: And Mishti this is Neil.
Mishti: Neil?
Mishti breaks out of the confusion and says: Hi.
Lakshya: Hi, I’m Lakshya, you can call me lucky.
Ragini makes a face.
Ragini walks towards the ice cream man and she listens to Arjun saying: Wow Lucky is amazing and he actually is going to win the bet. Trapping Ragini into the feelings isn’t my thing.
Ragini gets shocked, she walks away and thinks: Lakshya betrayed me! All these friendship and this like is all fake?
Tears drop down her eyes.
Lakshya comes upto Ragini and grabs her hand and tries to take her but she stops and slaps him on the face. Lakshya looks on shocked . He gets angry and was about to hit her when Mishti comes and grabs his hand.
Mishti: How dare you?
Lakshya: How dare she?
Ragini: You cheated me.
Lakshya looks on
Ragini: You played with my feelings and you betrayed me, all this friendship, fights laughs were all an act, you broke my trust!!
Lakshya: Ragini..
Ragini: Did you plan all this?
Swara and Aansh reach there.
Lakshya: Yes, All this was an act and a bet but Ragini I actually want to become your friend.
Tears fall down Raginis eyes and Swara gets shocked.
Swara: How dare you do this to my sister?
Lakshya: Oh come on, it’s not too much.
Mishti: You boys can never understand the feelings of girls, once the trust is broken it can never be repaired!
Mishti looks at Aansh.
Swara: Neil, are you involved in this?
Neil doesn’t say anything.
Swara: Neil tell me the TRUTH!!
Neil: Swara look, I didn’t know it was a bet but I was told to tease Aunty!
Swara: Just shut up Neil. Did Sanskaar know.
Lakshya and Neil nod no.
Swara: You two are disgusting!
Neil: Swara, I swear I didn’t mean to hurt Aunty, I was just…
Lakshya: Listen Ragini, I just wanted to be your friend.
Ragini: friend? I don’t think I could ever trust you!
Ragini runs crying, Swara and Mishti go after her and Mishti turns around and gives Lakshya the evils.
Aansh: What is this Lucky?
Lakshya: I didn’t know it will spread this far, I just wanted to play a prank on her!
The Flashback ends.

2 weeks later(now):
Sanskaar: I’m sorry Swara for what Lakshya did to Ragini.
Swara: It’s okay, it wasn’t your fault.
They finish decorating the halls and
DP and AP arrive.
Sumi: Swara, they are here, get me the Aarti. Ragini gives her the Aarti and Sumi gives it to Sujata, all of them are shocked to see DP, Lakshya comes and looks at Ragini but she ignores him and he looks at DP,
Lakshya: Papa?
DP: What Papa, who me?
Sujata: JiJi what happened to Bhaisa?
DP: Maa, why are you calling me Bhaisaa?
Sujata: What Maa and me that too yours?
AP nods at Sujata.
DP: Ram, come here.
Sanskaar: Who me?
DP: Who else is Ram in this family?
AP: Ram, beta take your brother to his room.
AP looks at Sanskaar and he nods.
He takes DP and goes.
Lakshya: Maa what happened to Papa?
AP: He has lost his memory and he is gone 25 years back.
Sujata: What?
All are shocked.
RP: Yes and the doctor said to take care of him and not to stress him.
Sujata: So this means I’m his Mum and your his Dad?
RP nods
Sujata: What about JiJi?
RP: He calls her Mausiji
Sujata giggles.
RP: Sujata!
Sujata: Forgive me JiJi but what happened, why did Bhaisa have to lose his memory.

DP comes running down and Sanskaar shouts: Bhai stop.
Aansh enters the house.
Aansh: Lucky, listen I was just…
He sees DP.
DP: Murli? It’s been ages since I saw you.
Aansh: No uncle your mistaken my name is A..Neil.
DP: No your Murli!
Aansh:Uncle, are you sure you have the correct glasses?
DP touches his eyes and feels the glasses.
DP: What the hell, why do I have glasses?
Everyone are shocked.
Aansh whispers to Lakshya: What happened?
Lakshya says Papa forgot his memory and he went 25 years back.
DP: What are you saying to Pogo?
Aansh: Pogo? Who’s pogo now?
DP: The one who you were talking to, come on Murli, don’t tell me you have a problem of forgetting things.
Aansh: But he’s….
Lakshya nudges him.
Aansh: Yes but Durga…?
DP: Don’t call me Durga, it sounds too old fashioned. Call me Diggu, Dugs or D and maybe DP!
Aansh and Lakshya laugh out loud.
Aansh: Dugs?
Lakshya: Diggu?
Ragini to Swara: They will never reform.
Lakshya and Aansh laugh and high five.
All stare at him.
DP: What’s funny?
Aansh: Nothing Dugs,
Lakshya: Yeah Diggu.
DP: Pogo, tell me how’s Ambu?
Lakshya and Aansh look at each other,
Lakshya: Who’s Ambu?
DP looks around and says nothing.
DP: You brothers are just the same.
Lakshya and Aansh look at each other.
Aansh: We are not brothers.
DP: What?
AP: They are just joking,
AP looks at Lakshya.
Lakshya: Yeah…we were going to play a prank but Maa ruined it.
DP: Yeah Mausi Ji thank you for telling me before. Or else they would’ve gave me an heart attack.
Aansh to Lakshya quietly: He’s giving us a heart attack and he’s saying we are giving him obviously if uncles ageing then Heart attack is common.
Lakshya smiles and nudges him.
AP looks at Sujata and signals her.
Sujata: Bhai… I mean Duggu, go to your room and take a rest, you came from hospital now and you need to rest.
DP nods and says: Murli and Pogo come to my room later!
They nod and he leaves.

Aansh: So now tell me what all this is about?
AP: Beta thank you for helping.
Ragini to Swara: Helping my foot!
Aansh: Aunty who is Pogo and Murli?
AP: My sons, I mean to Lakshyas Papa they are because I’m his Mausi.
Lakshya: So Pogo and Murli are Diggus cousins?
AP nods
Aansh: Dugs
The laugh.
AP: Enough, there is one problem, I have a daughter too, I mean Pogo and Murli had a sister too.
Aansh: What are Pogo and Murlis real names?
AP: Pogos real name is Perichicken prasad ramlaal Wagyanker
Aansh laughs
Lakshya: Perichicken what? Your laughing hard, watch!
Lakshya: What was this Murlis real name?
AP: His name was Murliprasad Wagyanker.
Aansh: Murliprasad isn’t too bad, yours Perichicken
And starts laughing, everyone giggle and Lakshya looks on.
Aansh: Is it a habit or a ritual to add prasad at the end of your name?
Lakshya: No, maybe at that time but I’m thankful that I wasn’t born then.
Aansh: What I was thinking is that you tell us all the characters so there will be no confusion.
Bye lucky I’m going and I’ll be back later.
AP: Neil, where are you going?
Aansh: Home.
AP: You have to stay here. Because if Lakshya is here then you have to stay too.
Aansh: But Aunty…
AP: Maa not Aunty.
Aansh looks down.
Lakshya: Stay yaa
Aansh: Okay

DP comes downstairs.
Sujata: Duggu, do you need anything?
All look there.
DP: No Maa I was getting bored, and why is Pogo and Murli and Mausi Ji in the same position?
Aansh: Um…
Sumi: We will leave,
AP nods
DP: Chachi Ji where are you going?
Sumi: Chachi Ji?
AP looks on.
Sujata: Loh ab inko Chachi bana diya Kal ko Uttra ko Daadi na bana de. ( Now he made her Chachi, you never know tomorrow he might make Uttra his grandma)
Sanskaar looks at her.
DP: Yes Chachi Ji, this is your house too. We used to live together remember?
Sumi looks at AP and she folds her hands, DP turns around and AP quickly puts her hands down.
Sumi: Yes, I was just taking them out for shopping!
DP: Oh where’s Chacha Ji?
DP: Revti always goes shopping!
And poor Devika has to go as well.
All look on. They all think which is which.
Aansh: Dugs, tell us do you remember which one is Reviti and Which one is Devika?
DP: Yes, She’s Devika and She’s Revti.
Lakshya to Aansh: So Swara is Revti and Ragini is Devika.
Aansh nods.
Aansh: Good Dugs, you remembered, now tell us who is who in this house!?
Aansh nudges Lakshya.
Lakshya: Uh.. yeah, but Murli, he won’t be able to win this challenge!
DP: Your Challenging me?
Lakshya and Aansh nod.
DP starts naming every one. He calls Parineeti Bhabhi and Uttra Chutki.
DP: Mausi Ji where’s Tanushree? And Chachi Ji where’s Shalini?
The episode ends with AP and Sumis face.

Precap: DP bumps into a girl and gets memorised seeing her.

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Credit to: Halima

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