Swaragini….Zindagi Do Pal Ki (Part 1)


Part 1

Recap: Ragini and sumi’s moments

Anisha goes indide gadodia house. She is a typical mischeif maker and cannot live without mischieves. She goes inside and bumps into dadi….

Dadi: Hey mhare ghatu shyam ji…chhori tu yha ke kar rahi hai? (oh my god…girl what are you doing here?)
Anisha: M toh bas swara didi se milne aai thi… (i just came to meet swara didi)
Dadi: Swara didi se milne aai thi…. (came to meet swara didi)

Dadi leaves. Anisha goes to swara’s room. No one is there. She sees outside. Raasta saaf hai. She sees two different bags. She exchanges the clothes inside them and goes.

10 minutes later
swara goes to shekhar’s room.

Swara: Baba, ye lo kapde..ab jaldi ready ho jao (baba, take these clothes..now get ready soon)
Shekhar: Thik hai swara (ok swara)
Swara: Swara nahi shona…m shona hu aapke liye (shona not swara…m shona for u)
Shekhar: Achha shona…. (ok shona….)
Swara: Ab aap jaldi jaldi ye kapde pehen lo (now put on these clothes fast)

Swara leaves. Shekhar sees the clothes inside the bag and gets shocked. He goes out.


guys….i got a hell busy so updated short…sorry

and pairs won’t be revealed

Credit to: dia

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