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So hi everyone…as per ur request i am here with the summary of Swaragini-Zehnaseeb (My Fate) Season 1.
The story starts with Shekhar and Janki’s 5th wedding anniversary..Sharmishta Shekhar’s lover whom he secretly married before 5 yrs reaches there with her daughter Swara and mother..she married a businessman a day before Shekhar and Janki’s wedding and later got divorce on tht day Shekhar comes to knw tht Swara is his and Sharmishta’s daughter.Janki also comes to knw this and she unites Shekhar and Mishti and goes from baadi . After she left all comes to knw tht Janki is pregnant.

Meanwhile Janki met with a accident and a man Raghuvendra Pradap Rathore takes care of her ..knowing she is pregnant and is all alone.He has a son Rithwik…Later Janki comes to knw tht Rathores wife left him and his son..Rathore and Jasnki tells each other abt their pasts..they becom very close to each other..and Janki and Riku’s bond also becomes thicker.
Atlast Rathore and Janki marry…Janki gives birth to a baby girl. Whom Rathore names Ragini.

A leap of 18yrs.
Ragini’s birthday celebration is going on. We comes to knew tht Janki is not alive. Ragini loved a lot by Rathore and Riku…Later Ragini joins Riku’s collage where she meets his friends Swara Sanskar Laksh and Aman. Sanskar and Laksh are brothers and Aman is their brother in laws brother Aman and Ragini lyk each other but r not ready to confess..
All thinks tht Swara and Sanskar are in a relationship. Swara loves him. Atlast Aman confesses his feeling to Ragini. Rithwik gets married to Mukta. And Ragini and Aman’s wedding gets fixed.
On the ni8 of Aman’s bachelor party Swara and Aman gets drunk and consummate ..Swara thinks its Sanskar and Aman thinks she is Ragini and not Swara. In the morning they come to sense and r shocked to see wat happen.
Aman calls Laksh and tells him everything. Aman and Swara goes to meet him and on the way they meets with an accident in which Aman losses his lyf. And Ragini marries Sanskar as per Aman’s last wish. Laksh marries Swara.It is later revealed tht Laksh loves Swara a lot and finally Swara understands his love for her ..but she hates Ragini for snatching Sanskar from her.

Slowly Ragini becomes the apple of everyones eyes in Maheshwari Mansion.Later its revealed tht from childhood Sanskar loved Ragini but never told her. and Aman knew dis and becoz of tht he wanted Ragini and Sanskar to marry.but soon Swara finds out tht Rathore is not Ragini’s biological father.She also finds out tht Ragini is meeting a man secrectly. Soon Swara becomes pregnant and on her 9th month she keeps a party and insults Ragini saying Ragini is a najayis….Rathore and Rithwik defends…Sanskar also accusses Ragini for involving with another man.
Ragini tells tht she knows Rathore isd not her biological father and she is Shekhar’s daughter all r shocked and she calls Swara najayis. She also reveals tht Dadi told her everything and also says Janki is alive. Rathore and Rithwik gets happy seeing Janki alive.
Janki comes with man She introduces him as her nephew Jaan. Sanskar and Swara identifies him..as he ws the one they saw with Ragini it is also revealed tht he is a doctor and ws treating Janki till now.
After this Laksh leaves Swara. And Ragini leaves Sanskar.

After leap of 7 yrs.
Rathore are staying in Delhi …
Mukta and Rithwik has a son Tariq…dadi and Laksh are also with them. Also Laksh’s son Shrawan. Shrawu calls Ragini mumma Jaan daddu and Laksh papa
Swara and Sanskar r living together..Swara has a son Sparsh it is later revealed tht Swara has twin boys Shrawan and Sparsh. And one boy is with Laksh and another with Swara.
Sparsh calls Swara mumma and Sanskar dad.
Maheshwars reach Delhi and finds Ragini Jaan and Shrawu together..they assumes Ragini married Jaan and its their son…Things gets messier again as they comes to knw Laksh is also staying with Rathore and Swara assumes Taru to be her son.
But later Swara finds out tht Shrawu is her son.
Swara and Laksh are brought close by Sanskar Ragini their kids and Jaan. Ragini saves Sparsh from an accident and..Sanskar also meets with aaccident and losses his memory …he forgets Ragini’s face and assume another women Dr.Anushka to b Ragini they fall in loe with each other Laksh and Rathores decided to make Ragini and Jaan married.Their marriage happens then it is revealed tht Ragini married Sanskar and Not Jaan.
A FB is shown tht Anushka Sanskar and Jaan makes plans…as they knw each other earlier…at last Ragini and Sanskar becomes one…Ragini imagnes Aman there….

Intorduction to the characters
Ragini Raghuvendra Pradap Rathore Maheshwari
Raghuvendra Pradap Rathore:-Ragini’s father.
Janki Raghuvendra Pradap Rathore:-Ragini’s mother
Rithwik Raghuvendra Pradap Rathore:-Ragini’s brother.
Mukta Mehta Rathore:-Rithwik’s wife.
Tariq Rithwik Rathore:-Rithwik and Mukta’s son
Shekhar Gadodia:-Ragini and Swara’s biological father
Sharmishta Bose Gadodia:-Swara’s mother
Swara Gadodia Maheshwari:-Ragini’s biological sister
Dayal Gadodia: Ragini and Swara’s Dada
Parvathi Gadodia:-Ragini and Swara’s dadi.
Durgaprasad Maheshwari:-Laksh, Adarsh and Uttara’s father
Annapoorna:- Laksh, Adarsh and Uttara’s mother.
Ramprasad Maheshwari: DP’s younger brother
Sujatha:-RP’s wife
Adarsh Durgaprasad Maheshwari:-DP’s and AP’s elder son.
Uttara Maheshwari Singha: DP’s and AP’s daughter and Adarsh’s twin sister
Laksh Durgaprasad Maheshwari: DP’s and AP’s younger son
Sanskar Ramprasad Maheshwari:-RP’s and Sujatha’s son
Parineeta Adarsh Maheshwari:-Adarsh’s wife
Dhruv Adarsh Maheshwari:- Adarsh and Pari’s elder son
Dhyaan Adarsh Maheshwari:- Adarsh and Pari’s younger son.
Sparsh Laksh Maheshwari:- Laksh and Swara’s son
Shrawan Laksh Maheshwari:-Laksh and Swara’s son
Aman Singha:-Uttara’s brother-in-law
Aarav Singha: Aman’s father
Avanthika Singha:-Aman’s mother
Arnav Singha:-Uttara’s husband
Aman Arnav Singha:- Arnav and Uttara’s eler son
Amaya Arnav Singha:- Arnav and Uttara’s daughter
Jaan Kashyap:- Janki’s nephew
Anushka Kashyap:- Jaan’s wife

*Sry if i miss any

Credit to: Sarika Shah

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    Thanks for the summary
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    1. I hv already updated the nxt episode Spp 🙂

  2. who r playing aman amaya sparsh swaru and all new generation actors names plz?

  3. Aman: Kunal Jaisingh
    Amaya: Palak Jain
    Sparsh: Ashwini Koul
    Shrawu: Mohsin Khan
    Dhruv: Yuvraj Takur
    Dhyaan: Sumit Bharadwaj
    Vidya: Sonam Lamba(Dhruv’s wife)
    Tariq: Vishal Singh

    1. thanks sarika

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