Swaragini-Zehnaseeb(My Fate) Season2-Episode2

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Recap: Sanskar upset with Anamika.
Sparsh: mumma ill go and see Ammu and come.
Sujatha: ok beta..go
Sparsh knocks at Ammu’s room
Sparsh: can i?
Ammu: bhaiya come na.
Sparsh: hey kya hua?
Ammu: nothing bhaiya.
Sparsh: don’t lie Ammu. Tell me did dad say smthing?
Ammu was abt to say smthing but becomes silent.
Sparsh turns back and see DP standing behind.
Sparsh: dadu woh i was just asking what happened…
DP: don’t u have to go to office today?
Sparsh: dadu i..

DP: Sparsh don’t b late ..go..
Sparsh goes…
DP: no one have to care abt Ammu..she is my responsibility ..
AP and Sujatha who were hiding near the door gets sad..and goes.
Sujatha: jiji ..bechari Ammu…
AP: don’t cry ..everything will b 5n…
Door bell rings.
Swara goes and opens the door.
Swara: maa.
Sparsh comes running down.
Sparsh: nani….
Mishti hugs Sparsh and Swara.
Mishti: hw r u both.
Swara: im 5n..hw is baba?
Mishti: same..beta..
Sparsh: nani hw is bade nanu?
Mishti: papa ji is also very sad ..where is Ammu?
Swara: upstairs.

Mishti: what happen Swaru?
Swara: Ammu came wearing her maa’s saree in front of Sanskar.
Mishti: Ammu’s maa?…Swara..she is ur sis.
Sparsh: nani its wrong..she was mumma’s sis.
Mishti: u only should say..hv u forgotn she saved u from tht accident.
Sparsh: nani pls …
Swara: haan maa ..she saved Sparsh but what did she do with Shrawan?its only and only becoz of her my Shrawan is not with us…..
Mishti: its a waste of tym to tlk to u both..
Mishti goes upstairs..
Sparsh:mumma i am leaving.


Ammu sees Mishti she runs to her and hugs her.
Ammu: nani…
Mishti: meri gudia….
Ammu: hw r u?..and nanu and bade nanu?
Mishti: all r gud..wait i’ll call ur bade nanu.
Mishti calls him.
Mishti: papa yeh lo Ammu se baat karo.
Ammu: bade nanu..
Dada ji: arrey meri bachi ..meri laado..hw r u my child?
Ammu: im ok..hw r u ?
Dada ji: i am also 5n..
They have a small chit chat.
Ammu: bye bade nanu aap khyal rakhiye apna.
She disconnects the call.
Mishti: kitna badi ho gayi meri Ammu..bilkul apni ma ape gayi hain.
DP: teekh kaha aapne Sharmishta ji..meri laado..apni ma ape gayi hain meri jaan meri Ragini par hi gayi hain.
Sparsh is riding his bike..he is on the way to office.
He sees a ice gola stall near the traffic signal. He stops his bike near it…he remembers Ragini and young Sparsh and Young Shrawu having ice golas….

Shrawu: mumma if badi mumma found us having these ..den we r gone.
Sparsh: Shrawu y fear wen Ragini massi is here.
Ragini: Exactly….
They have some fun there
They finish their ice golas
Sharu and Sparsh hugs Ragini.
Shrawu and Sparsh: We love u Mumma/Ragini massi.
Ragini bend down and hug them back
Ragini: i love u both too…
Sparsh and Shrawu kisses on Ragini’s cheeks.
FB ends

Sparsh smiles…
Suddenly he remembers smthing
Sparsh turns his head to the other side .
Sparsh: no Sparsh u cant go weak…if he doesn’t want u then y do u care?…no Sparsh….
Tears comes frm his eyes..
Sparsh: no no Sparsh no u cant do it…y should u think abt him wen he doent think abt u.
Sparsh closes his eyes….
Sparsh: i hate u Ragini massi……
A office is shown
A young man is sitting on the chair he is talking on the phone
Young man 1: I love mumma more
Another young man is sitting opposite to him.
Young man 2: no no i love her more.
Frm phone: no no no….she is my chachi…and i love her more.
3 of them starts to argue….none of their faces are shown
One lady comes inside.
Lady: is this a office or a fish market?
The boys becom silent.
The lady’s face is shown she is Mukta. She iswearing a black and white kurti and leggings
Mukta: u all hv no wrk haan?….
She goes back…and while going back collides with another lady.
Mukta: sry Ragu….
Yes it is Ragini
Ragini is wearing a long green kurti and brown leggings with a pony tail no sindoor and mangalsutra…
Ragini: bhabhi..its ok..
Mukta: Ragu u pls handle these boys they r driving me mad.
Ragini: awe..bhabhi don’t tell lyk tht abt my sons.
Voice: what happen ..my princesses….
Ragini and Mukta turn back..they make a ignoring expression turn around and smile..
Ragini and Mukta: kya chahiya aapko?
Voice: bas ek pyaari behan aur ek sabse pyaari wife…
Sry guys its not Rathore its Rithwik..
Ragini and Mukta turn back and smile.
Someone holds Riku’s ears.
Riku: oh sry papa choddo its..hurting.
Ragini and Mukku smiles seeing this.
Riku makes a angry face.
Its Rathore ..He has some grey hairs and a spectacles ….
Behind him its Janki…She is weaing a saree..she also have some grey hairs and her hair is tied up with a bun. She is also wearing a spectacles..
Janki hits Rathore
Janki hugs Riku.
Janki: aap mere bête ko kyun pareshaan kar rahe ho?
Riku: papa always does this.
Rathore hugs Ragini and Mukku.
Rathore: Jaanu if ur son irritates my princesses i’ll irritate him.
Janki: don’t wry beta we wil go and complain to dadi….
Rathore Ragini nad Mukku smiles.
Rathore: where r our shayathaans?
Voice: we r here dadu.
They boys are the same who were fighting..
They run and hug Ragini.
Boy1: i love u mumma.
Boy2: i love u more chachi….
They boys are revealed as Shrawu and Taru.
Sparsh played by Mohsin Khan.
Tariq played by Vishal Singh.
Ragini: i LOVE BOTH OF U….
Taru: Dadu we have a happy news for all of u..
Rathore: whats it..tell me
Shrawu: our company is…..
All: is…..
Taru and Shrawu: is the no:1 in the world…
All: wow..
All are happy
Mukku: its celebration tym.
Rathore: atlast humare mehanath rang laaya everyone is happy …..
After some tym Ragini goes into her cabin.
She takes the photo kept on her table.
She looks at it ..
Tears comes from her eyes.
Ragini: atlast i have did it..Ammu ur mumma has finally did it..soon u’ll be with me mere bacha. She hugs the photo and cries.
Shrawu comes inside Ragini’s cabin.
Shrawu takes the photo from her.
He looks at it…
The photo has a small girl of 2 years…standing in a pink frock.
Shrawu: Ammu dekho na mumma is crying…Ammu nw finaaly u’ll b with us now its matter of just some months….dont wry ur bhaiya is here na..cant wait to see u…
He kisses the photo.
He hugs Raginbi ti8.
Shrawu: mumma u don’t wry i’ll let anyone snatch our happiness frm us…..no one not even the Maheshwaris….
Nxt day morning….
Ammu comes and stands infront of the 2 photos which has garlands on them.
She stands infront of them.
The photos are Adarsh and Pari’s…..
Ammu: Chachu chachi kyu chodke gaya aap hum sabko….
Sujatha sees her standing there.
Sujatha(in mind): i wish i could tell u everything Ammu beta…
Ammu goes and gets the newspaper…she is shocked seeing the front page….
Everyone comes down as its morning…they sees her looking surprised shocked and happy ..
Sanskar: What r u doing there?
Ammu doesn’t replay.
Sanskar: Swara why is she not replaying?
Laksh: Ammu….
She doesn’t replay ..she doesn’t even look at them.
Swara: iss ladki ki itni himath?
DP comes forward.
DP: Swara i am here i’ll ask her.
Swara: pap ji woh..
DP: Ammu kya hua beta?
Ammu: dadu u once told me na tht one day one miracle will happen in my lyf tht will change my lyf forever …
DP: Yes.
Ammu: tht has happened.
DP: Really?
Sanskar: what is she talking abt?
Ammu: u r a liar….papa
Sanskar: how dare u?
DP: Today only she will speak.
Ammu: u all lied to me ..
Sparsh: what lie Ammu?
Ammu: u all lied to me tht my mumma is not in this world….if she is not alive then who is this?
She throws the newspaper to them.
Sanskar tk the newspaper and is shocked.

Precap: Dhruv……..

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