Swaragini-Zehnaseeb(My Fate) Season2-Episode 5

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Precap: Entry of Aarush Takur.
Aarush and Ammu reaches Aarush’s house.
Aarush opens the door.
They goes inside.
Aarsuh: u wait here..He locks the front door and goes upstairs.
He comes down after changing his dress.
Aarush: oh u don’t hv anything to change ri8…
He goes inside and brings back a packet.
Aarush: this is my mom’s saree…its ok u can wear it for today.
Ammu: no its ok.
Aarush: no thts 5n..
Atlast Ammu takes it.
Aarush: pls go upstairs and change..
She goes upstairs.
Aarush goes to kitchen and get bread and jam.
Ammu comes down in a light green saree…
Aarush gets mesmerised seeing her.
Aarush: i thought u didn’t knw hw to wear saree.
Ammu: i used wear mumma’s saree..
Aarush: anyway u look beautiful. Come lets have fud.
Ammu: yh.
They have fud in complete silence.
Aarush: u can take the room upstairs and i’ll sleep in tht room.any help then call me .
Ammu: yh..thanku..
Aarush: its 5n.
Ammu goes upstairs.
Aarush turns off the light..suddenly his phone rings.
Aarush picks the call.
Aarush: hlo.
Voice: buddy..its me Dhyaan pls Ammu ko phone do..
Aarush: yh buddy…
He goes to Ammu’s room and knocks..
Ammu: who?
Aarush: obviously its me…u hv a call.
Ammu opens the door.
Aarush: tk ..this and talk..
He hands over the phone to her.
Ammu: haan dhyaan bhaiyu ..no everything is 5n haa we had fud…bhaiyu is dadu there?
Pls phone dhona….dadu…yh im 5n..hw r u?…hw is everyone there?…dadu i shouldn’t v donr this ri8..r u sure..
Ammu was talking in the phone..
Aarush moves away frm her.
Aarush: talk darling talk till the tym u want by the way its ur last call ri8 after this u’ll never b able to talk to any of them…nw u r going to see the real hell..
He gives a evil smile..

Sparsh and Aman are very angry.
Aman: hw dare she..hw can she do all these?
Sparsh: haan bhai i never thought she will..
Laksh: boys its late ni8 ..go and sleep.
Aman: Laksh mamu hw is Sanskar mamu?
Laksh: don’t wry u both bhai will b 5n.
Swara: u both havmt slept yet?..chalo go and sleep..
Aman: gud ni8..Swara mami..Laksh mamu.
Sparsh: gud ni8…everyone.
Sparsh and Aman goes to sleep.
Swara: Laksh come with me.
Laksh: to whaere?
Swara: lets talk in Sanskar’s room.
They both goes to Sanskar’s room.
@ Aarush’s house.
Ammu gives his phone back.
Ammu: gud ni8.
Aarush: yh gud ni8

Nxt day
Aarsh and Ammu gets ready and reach railway station.
Rathores reach Kolkata.
Rathores come to MM
Riku knoks the door.
Maheshwaris were sitting in the hall.
Swara: i’ll see whos it.
Swara goes and opens the door.
She is shocked to see Rathores there.
AP: Swara beta who is it?
Taru and Shrawu comes and stand near Riku.
Swara looks on.
Shrawu: Where is my sister?
Swara: Shrawu..
Laksh: Shrawu?
They all come to the door and is shocked to c Rathores there.
Shrawu: Taru r they all deaf?
Sparsh and Aman comes to the door with Sanskar Vidya Dhyaan Dhruv and Sanskar.
Dhruv Dhyaan and Vidya hug them.
Taru and Shrawu tk blessings from DP
Sparsh: Dadu where is Ammu?
Vidya: woh Ammu…
Sanskar: Mr.Rithwik Rathore there is no such person living here u may leave.
Voice: oh really is tht wat u said tht day.
Ragini comes forward.
Sanskar sees her so does Ragini.
Sanskar: Swara i dnt hv tym to waste tell them nobody in tht name stays here.
Ragini: Mr.Maheshwari where is my daughter.
Sanskar; i don’t hv a daughter nw.
Ragini: what do u mean ..i want my daughter back.
Sanskar: i don’t knw where she is …
Sanskar was abt to leave Ragini holds his hand
Ragini: stop it nw Sanskar where is Ammu?
Swara: she may b in her husbands house.
Rathore are shocked to hear this.
Rathore: what?
Shrawu: they r lieing where is our Ammu?
Sparsh: ur Ammu is just lyk ur Ragini mumma so we threw her out.
Shrawu: Stop it u…
Shrawu ws abt to slap Sparsh but Taru stops his hand.
Taru: Shrawu, no.
Swara: Shrawu..he is ur brother.
Shrawu: My name is Shrawan Ragini Rathore got it …u cn call me Shrawan thts hw strangers call me.
Laksh: Shrawu..
Shrawu: Mumma these people r making me mad.
Mukku: Shrawu beta relax.
Janki: Pls tell us where is Ammu.
Dhyaan tell them tht Ammu is married.
Sanskar: She is lyk u Ragini Raghuvendrapratap Rathore.
He closes the door infront of her.
Sanskar goes upstairs and Swra Laksh follow him.
Ragini : papa where is my daughter wat r they saying.
Rathore hugs her..
@Railway station
Aarsuh and Ammu are waiting for there train .
Aarush gets a call he moves aside and picks the call.
Aarush: yh..rwe r at railway station no don’t wry uncle yh ..she is also gud ..oh really yh u don’t wry..thank u…
He keeps the phone and goes to Ammu there train comes they get in..and sit on their seat.

The train starts frm Kolkata.
Ammu: Mumma i am coming to u.(in mind)
Aarush: u will not get to ur mom…i promise… (in mind)
Ragini: Ammu where r u?

Recap: Aarush friend or foe???

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