Swaragini-Zehnaseeb(My Fate) Season2-Episode 4

Hi guys…its a surprise episode…guys Ammu is 19 yrs old ok….i hv already provided u with seson 1 summary pls go through it..love u all..take care…and sry i couldn’t replay to ur comments..but i’ll do it from dis episode pakka..so pls do comment …encourage me..
Sarika Shah
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Precap: Ammu runs away from MM

Sanskar: Hw can she do lyk this ..today she proved tht she is Ragini Rathore’s daughter.
Dhyaan: Thank god she is..atleast she is not lyk u.
Laksh: Dhyaan don’t talk lyk tht Sanskar is ur chachu.
Swara: Maa we have to tell this to papa ji ri8.
Sujatha: hw will we tell bhaisa Swara?…she was his lyf and if he comes to knw tht she did this then he will b broken .
Swara: no chachi papa ji should knw then only he will understand the real face of his ladli Ragini and her daughter.
DP comes down.
DP: AP where is Ammu?
AP: Ammu woh..ji…
DP: Hasent she reached yet frm temple.
Aman: Temple nanu?
DP: yh yday she tod me she will go to temple today.
Sparsh: yh dadu she went to temple but u knw for wat she went ?
DP: For wat?
Aman gives the letter to DP.
DP reads it and gets shocked .
DP: What? Ammu left MM to live with the person she loves….but she doesn’t love anyone.
Voice: i loved someone dadu.
Everyone looks to the door.

Ammu was standing there in a simple suit with mangalsutra around her neck and sindoor on her hairline and red bangles on her hands.
All r shocked to see her lyk tht.
Sanskar: well done Anamika naak kata dhi tune khandhaan ki.
Ammu: woh toh pehle hi kat gaya tha jab aapne meri mumma ko jeethe ji maar dala.
Swara comes forward.
Swara: Galthi karke zubaan ladatha hain.
Ammu: aapne bhi toh meri mumma ka saath yahi kiya hain na.
Sparsh : teri itni himmat
He was abt to slap Ammu but Dhruv stops him.
Sparsh: choddo mujhe bhaiya aaj toh main isse.
Voice: aaj use kya.
Everyone looks on.
Aman is standing infront of Ammu.
Person: i knw u all r angry u can scold her for wat she did i wont mind but don’t dare to touch her.
Sanskar: who the hell r u ? he is her brother i am her father ..we have the ri8 to scold her beat her or even kill her.
Person: wow dekho Ammu at last he said he is ur father…
But Mr.Maheshwari u all could have done it but not nw…becoz nw i have more ri8 on her than u all.
Aman: who r u …?…just get lost.
Person : oo hello i am Aarush Takur.
Sparsh: whoever u r ..just stay away.
Aarush: i was till nw but not anymore..
Swara: pls just leave.
Aarush: hw can i leave just lyk tht.
Uttara: r u going or should i call the police?
Aarush: ok aunty u call the police ..and wat will u tell..ur niece’s husband she leaving without his wife?
Sparsh holds Aarush’s collar.
Sparsh: so u r the one..i’ll kill u today.
Dhyaan and Dhruv comes and separate Sparsh.
Sanskar comes forward. He holds Ammu’s hand and push her outside.
Sanskar: don’t ever think to come back.
Aarush: we will never.
Ammu cries.

Swara: there is no place for ur crocodile tears in our hearts
Sujatha: u should not have done this
AP: Hv u seen DP ji?…why did u break his heart?..he loved u a lot ri8..fought with each and every person for u and u….betrade him lyk ur mom.
Sparsh: just get out and don’t show ur face again.
Aarush holds Ammu…she is still crying.
Aarush: she needs none of u ..i am with her..as long as i am with her no one can harm her.
Sanskar closes the door at her face
They starts walking out of the gate…

After some distance Aarush looks back…he sses no one there and leaves Ammu.
Aarush: r u ok?
Ammu: thank u soo much its becoz of u tht nw i can..
She ws interrupted as Aarush’s phones rings.
Aarush looks at the name
Aarush: its for u.
Ammu takes the phone from him.
Ammu: hlo.
Voice: beta r u ok?…
Ammu: ji dadu.
The the person who called was DP.
DP: Beta where r u nw?
Ammu: we r ri8 here dadu.
DP: ok i’ll sent Vidya nw ok.
Ammu: ji.
DP: Dont wrry bacha just go according to our plan.
Ammu gives the phone back to Aarush.
Aarush: hey don’t get sad …ok wat did ur dadu say?
Ammu: dadu said he will sent Vidya bhabi.
Aarush: ok..till den lets sit here.
Ammu sits and thinks..
FB Starts
DP calls Ammu Dhruv Dhyaan and Vidya to his room.
Ammu: dadu tell me wats my fault..i promise i’ll correct it..
Vidya: this is ur fault Ammu.
Dhyaan: haan Ammu, u always think u r the problem but u r not.
DP: its high tym Sanskar should realise his mistake ..
Dhruv: No dadu Sanskar chachu will never do tht..even if he does none of the other member will allow it.
Dhyaan: dadu cant we sent Ammu to Ragini chachi?
Vidya: yh dadu u can only do this .
DP: no thts not possible Sanskar will never allow this.
Dhruv: what is Ammu gets married?
Ammu: what?!?!?
Dhyaan: haan dadu ..then chachu cannot do anything isn’t?
DP: Yh ..but..
Ammu: i don’t want to marry anyone i don’t want to get into all these.
Vidya: it will be just a fake marriage just to make everyone believe …thts all
DP: but who will b ready to do this?
Dhyaan: dadu i have a friend Aarush Takur he will b perfect for this.
DP: will he b ready to do this?
Dhyaan: yh ….
They plan everything.
Fb Ends

Vidya reaches there.
Ammu hugs Vidya and cries.
Vidya: Ammu no more tears nw u hv to be strong..
Aarush: bhabhi u don’t wrry im there na i’ll tk care of her.
Vidya: thanx Aarush ..well here r ur tickets ur train is on tomorrow morning.
Ammu: wat?..den where will v stay toni8?
Aarush: its ok v can manage in my house..there is no one other than me.
Vidya: haan Dhyaan told me tht ur parents are settled in abroad.
Aarush: yh bhabhi thts y i ws staying in hostel with Dhyaan but the house will be messier ..so i hope bhabhi ur sis-in-law will help me in cleaning.
Ammu: y there?…we can manage lyk yday.
Aarush: no way..yday i don’t get sleep sitting in the seashore..can anyone sleep no way..u r coming to my house
Vidya: sure she will…Ok den i’ll leave nw. Ammu take care of ur self…and u too Aarush…have food ok..
Aarush: sure bhabhi.
Ammu: ji bhabhi.
Vidya kisses her forehead and leaves.
Aarush: so lets go..
Ammu nodes her head in yes.
They leave…
Mukta: is everything packed Riku?
Riku: haan.
Mukta: finally tht long wait is over…nw we can hv our sweet Ammu in our home.
Taru: haan mumma im so happy atlast im gonna see my sweet lil sis.
Shrawu: so im i i am so excited…
Rathore: acha…so r v..atlast our pothi will b home…Jaanu where is princess?
Janki: she is in her room.
Ragini is standing infront of the mirror.
Rathore: princess…
Ragini was abt to say …but Rathore interrupt her.
Rathore: nervous?
Ragini: haan ..
Rathore: don’t b…becoz u r the strongest.
Ragini: thank u papa.
She hugs him.
Ragini: nw i’ll get my daughter back at any cost.
Janki: when is our flight.
Rathore: tomorrow morning.
Ragini: i don’t think i’ll get sleep today.
Everyone: so do we.
All laughs….
Aarush Takur role played by Zaan Khan.

Recap:Ragini Sanskar face off…..Anamika and Aarush’s journey to Delhi …….

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