Swaragini-Zehnaseeb(My Fate) Season2-Episode 3


Hi guys again sorry for late updates well i wont be uploading any more episodes till 22nd..ok take care everyone love u all
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Ammu: why did u all lied 2 me?
Swara: Anamika u go to ur room.
Ammu: y should i even listen to u?
Sparsh: Ammu…dont tlk lyk tht to mumma.
Ammu: Sparsh bhaiya she is ur mumma not mine..and if u can tlk badly abt my mumma den y cant i?
Sanskar: don’t behave lyk this.
DP: Sanskar
Sanskar: bade papa pls…her mother killed ur son and daughter in law…she snatched our Shrawu frm us..beacuse of her Shekhar papa is in coma…its all because of her. And u r still supporting her.
Dp side hugs Ammu.
DP: Sanskar today i’ll belive whatever u said is truth..but wat abt Ammu?..what did she do to u?..u also snatched her away frm her mother..and hw r u keeping her?….hv u treated her lyk her daughter?…hv anyone in this house considered her so?……and Sanskar Ragini didn’t do anything wrong and i knw it very well.
Swara: bade papa Ragini accepted it ws becoz of her ..
DP: She ws forced to accept it…and she didn’t snatch Shrawu frm us..Shrawu only wanted to go..she tried to stop him here but he didn’t want to stay here without her thts y he left…and tht is not snatching…but wat abt u all? U all with ur crocodile tears brought Ammu here and kept her as a prisoner…
Sanskar: she is repenting for wat her mother did
Ammu: i don’t care wat she did…i trust her more than anyone..as bade dadu said mumma cant do anything wrong…do u all understand.
Sanskar raises his hand to slap her.
Voice: chachu..
Sanskar stops his hand.
Ammu runs to the door.
A young man is standing there.
Ammu hugs him..and cries.
Young man: Ammu don’t cry ..
Ammu: Dhruv bhaiya..
Tht guy is revealed as Dhruv Adarsh Maheshwari. Adarsh and Pari’s elder son played by Yuvraj Takur
Laksh: Dhruv beta u here?..Vidya aur Dhyaan nahi aaya?
Swara: Dhruv beta….tum achanak aa gaye…
Dhruv: acha hua main bina bathake aaya nahi toh….Sanskar chachu why r u doing this to her?
Sanskar: Dhruv u r small thats y ..u don’t understand…what her mother did to us…how she played with our emotion.
Dhrvu: exactly chachu..its Ragini chachi’s fault thts wat u say..5n then y r u behaving badly with Ammu?

Swara: her fault is tht she s tht najaiz daughter.
Dhruv: Swara chachi pls..stop it ..i very well knw whos tht..so pls.
Sanskar: i am going to my room and i don’t want anyone in there
He ws abt to leave.
Dhruv: kyun darr gaye aap?
Sanskar: u might have forgotten what she did ur father and mother..but i cant forget what she did to my bhai and bhabhi.
Ammu: and i’ll never forget what u did to my mother.
DP: Ammu Dhruv u both come to my room now.
DP goes and Ammu and Dhruv follows him ..
Sanskar sits in the sofa.
Sujatha comes and sits beside him.
Sanskar: maa did u hear wat she said?….
Sujatha: she don’t knw anything beta thts y.
Swara: Sanskar pls..dont b upset.
Laksh: Sanskar ..pls.
Sanskar takes the newspapaer.
Sanskar: maa see she have succeded nw she will take Ammu from here….
AP: no beta nothing will happen lyk tht.
Voice: oh really?
All turn back
Its Dhyaan Adarsh and Pari’s younger son with Vidya Dhruv Maheshwari.
Dhyaan Adarsh Maheshwari played by sumit bhardwaj
Vidya Dhruv Maheshwari played by Sonam Lamba ..wife of Dhruv.
Dhyaan: c’mon chachu….pls nw dont
Vidya: Dhyaan bado se aise baath mat karo.
Dhyaan: bhabhi pls..
Vidya comes inside and take blessings from everyone.
Vidya: Swara maa Dhruv kaha hain?
AP: Vidya beta they r upstairs…
Dhyaan goes upstairs.
Vidya: Dhyaan sabse baath toh karo.
Dhyaan: bhabhi they r not my family..my family is upstairs and i am gonna meet them ..pls aap chaliye mere saath.
Tears comes from AP’s eyes.
Vidya follows him.
Sujatha: Uttara beta.
Vidya and Dhyaan turns back.
Uttara’s son Aman also comes with her.
Aman Arnav Singha Uttara and Arnav’s elder son played by Kunal Jaisingh.
Aman greets everyone..he goes and stands with Sparsh ..Dhyaan looks on.
Uttara: Dhyaan beta..
Dhyaan:bhabhi pls lets go ..nahi toh yaha pyaar ka drama start honga.
Aman: how dare u…
Dhyaan: bhabhi ..
They both go upstairs.
Uttara: Sanskar wat happen?
Swara: what else Uttara di..Ammu came to knw abt Ragini.
Uttara: what?
Swara: haan akhir uss ladki ki beti haina…
Sanskar sits on the sofa and closes his eyes..
FB Starts
Ragini is standing infront of the mirror she has a baby bumb Sanskar comes and hugs her from behind.
Sanskar: Ragini wat r u doing?
Ragini: wat?
Sanskar: Ragini u r just 3 months pregnant..and how come this baby bumb?
Ragini smiles and takes the pillow which was kept on her stomach
Sanskar: Ragini tum bhi na…well how is my princess?
Ragini: nop prince.
Sanskar: princess.
Ragini: no prince prince prince……
Sanskar: Ragini pls …i want a princess same as u…..
Ragini smiles and hugs Sanskar.
Ragini: i love u Sanskar.
FB Ends.
Sanskar opens his eyes…
Sanskar: yh she is exactly lyk her mother…nothing is enough for them….
Aman: but mammu nw tht she is more powerful she ll try to take Ammu with her.
Swara: no i’ll not let tht happen .
After some tym DP Ammu Dhruv Dhyaan and Vidya comes down.
AP: Dhyaan wont u talk to ur dadi?
Dhyaan: bhai i’ll be in my room..
Vidya: ok i’ll bring fud there.
All go to their room.
In Ammu’s room.
Its late ni8 and Ammu is writing smthing on a paper.
She packs her bag. And turns off the room’s light.
She keeps the paper on the dinning table.
She takes the bag and slowly opens the main door.
She turns back..Tears comes from her eyes.
Ammu: enough of all this ..i am sry everyone but i cant bear it anymore.
She comes out of MM she takes her phone and call someone.
Ammu: i am outside.
A guy comes in bike infront of MM. He is wearing a helmet and black dress…only his eyes can be seen.
Ammu sits on the bike…
Nxt day at MM
Swara does aarthi and gives Prasad to everyone.
She den takes the newspaper and keeps it on the table.
AP: Swara, Ammu ab tak nahi aayi?
Swara: no maa
Sujatha: she is never late wat happen today?
Aman: nani chotti nani may b she is angry with us.
Sujatha: haan Aman tht must b the reason
AP: Someone go and call her.
Uttara: i’ll go.
Sparsh: gud morning ladies.
AP: oh today u woke up early?
Sparsh hugs Aman ..
They both sit on the dinning table.
Aman: Sparsh watt ht paper over there?
Sparsh: paper.
Sparsh takes it Aman and Sparsh reads it and gets shocked.
Uttara: maa, chachi, papa chahu…Ammu is not in her room.
Sanskar: what?
Laksh: Uttara di r u sure
Uttara: yes i hv checked everywhere she is nowhere in here.
Sparsh: i knw where she is.
Swara: where is she.
Aman gives the letter to Sanskar…
All read it and get shocked.

Precap: who is tht guy..where is Ammu?

Credit to: Sarika Shah

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    1. Thanx Lila?

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    loverags and ammu too
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    superb, so much suspense. only dp and dhruv believe ragini? did danskar really love ragini? and swara is still the same. poor Ammu.

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    Eh, welcome back Sarika really missed this Fan-Fiction I know you won’t update after a long time.

    But I am happy to see you back Hun xx.

    Love you aha.

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