Swaragini-Zehnaseeb(My Fate) Season 2 Episode 8


Hi everyone I’m not Sarika Shah di..well my name is Aditi..i am a big fan of her FF Zehnaseeb..but it seems lyk she discontinued writing it ..well i was going through the whole story once more and one idea popped in my mind ..so i want to knw ur opinion abt it..i wont be tht gud lyk Sarika di but i’ll try my best ..pls support me…..Even i want to become a writer lyk Sarika Di…Hope u’ll support me..

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Recap: Flashback…

Arush comes to Ammu’s room he sees tht she still didn’t had her fud…He pretends to to talk on phone.
Aarush: nahi..uski zaroorat nahi padengi
What to do madam is not having her fud..and hw can i have my fud ..yh exactly…aaj kal je ladkiyaan…ok bhai catch up with u later….
Ammu hears this and peeps through the door and finds his food also untouched..
Ammu(in mind): it means he also didn’t have fud
Aarush comes and checks her..he finds her having fud…
Ammu sees it.
Ammu: kyu kisi ko khana khathe hua nahi dekha kya..

Aarush: no..do u hv any problem with tht..
Ammu: yes i do….what will u do?
Aarush: what will i do huh..
Aarush comes inside and closes the door he comes near Ammu..
Ammu: hey u wht r u thinking to do..i am not scared..stay away…otherwise i’ll shout…
Aarush comes very near to her …Their faces r just millimetres away…they both can feel each others breath ….Ammu closes her eyes due to fear. Aarush takes her fud packet and runs away
Ammu opens her eyes and find him having her fud…
Ammu: u …give back my fud…

Aarush: why should i?..u only told tht u r not hungry ri8…
Ammu: u i’ll not leave u
Aarush: catch me if u can….
Ammu chases him…and Aarush runs very fast…aftersome tym both becomes tired and sits on the sofa…
Ammu breaths heavily…
Aarush passes water to her..
She haves it.
Aarush passes his fud to her..
She looks on
Aarush: sry for making u run behind me..
She smiles…
Ammu: we will share it ok..
Aarush: ok..
They have fud…
Aarush: hey…u look pretty good while smiling…
They both finishes fud
Ammu gets up..
Ammu: and u look s bit handsome while saying sry..
They both smiles…

Aarush: gud ni8..
Ammu: gud ni8..
Ammu goes to her room….
Ammu(in mind): hw can i be happy with him..he is only reason for my state now..still i cant just hate him why?
Aarush: Ammu u r the not just pretty gud..but u look very very beautiful while smiling..and a hell lot beautiful while u r angry…..he smiles and doses off..
Ragini comes down and does aarthi..Swara looks at angrily
Ragini sees Adarsh and Pari’s photo she goes near them..
Swara: oh pls drama queen..
Ragini: why r u being lyk this…
Swara: its becoz of u ..ony becoz of u..
Ragini: Swara bhabhi it was an accident..and u knw i’m not responsible i was just trying to help.
Swara: i knw it was a very much planned move.
Ragini: hw can u even think lyk tht?..anyway u have taken my life away from u ri8..what else do u want…
Swara: i’ll not let live peacefully…
Swara goes…
Ragini sits on the sofa…
FB Starts…
Ragini is arranging dinning table.
Swara: Ragini u look very dull what happend?
Ragini: nothing its just a headache…
Pari: ok then go and hv some rest..
Ragini: no bhabhi its ok..

Pari: maa see this girl is not obeying me.
AP: what is this Ragini ..she is said na..go and have some rest.
Ragini: aap bhi na badi maa..i am fine..
Suddenly she losses her sense and falls ..Pari and Swara holds her in tym..
All r shocked.
Sujatha: Ragini beta..get up..pls open ur eyes…
But she does not ..
Everyone is very panic..
DP and RP comes down.
DP: what happen to Ragini: Lkash and Adarsh also come
They take her to the hospital…
Meanwhile Sanskar reaches MM
He finds none there
He calls on Ragini’s phone but no one picks it
He calls Swara’s phone.
Swara picks up.
Swara: Sanskar
AP snatches her phone.
AP: Sanskar how can u be so irresponsible..Ragini is not just ur wife but also ur responsibility and u…
Sujtha takes the phone
Sujatha: u wait adn see Sanskar i’ll kill u wen i reach home…
DP: Sanskar Ragini is admitted in City hospital come fast.
Sanskar: what…
Sanskar reaches there..all glares him angrily….
Sanskar: pls tell me what happend to her is she fine?
None of them respond
Nurses comes out..u can nw meet her.
Sanskar rushes inside…
He sees Ragini lying on bed.
Sanskar wat happened to u?…are u ok…wat r all saying outside?
Sanskar cries..
Sanskar: pls tell me..
Ragini burst out laughing…

Sanskar: u r laughing?
Ragini: wat else…
All comes in..
AP: i told u isse nahi honga.
Sujatha: chee…Sanskar…tumse nahi honga
DP: naak katta de iss ladke ne ..
Adarsh: i am ashamed to call u as my brother…
Laksh: even me
Pari: how can u be lyk this Sanskar?
Dhruv: che che chachu we didn’t expect this from u…
Sparsh: chee dad hw will i face other people..

Uttara: bhaiya hw can u do this?
Swara smiles….
Swara: enough guys..
Sanskar: Swara i am not getting anything tell me what is it?..Ragini arrey kuch toh batao..an pls stop laughing…
Seeing Sanskar’s state everyone burst out laughing.
Sanskar: Swara u too..
Swara: haan Sanskar its all bcoz of u..
Sanskar: what have i done..

Swara pushes him towards Ragini.
Ragini pulls him closer by holding his collar.
Ragini whispers in his ear.
Ragini: congrats…Mr.Maheshwari…u r going to become dad…
Sanskar: what !!!!
All: congrats……..
Sanskar: Ragini mylove my life thank u for giving me such a wonderful gift..i love u..
Ragini: i love u too Sanskar..
All: ahem..ahem….
They both blushes..they hugs..
FB Ends
Precap: RagSan and Ammu Aarush…Flashback

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