Swaragini-Zehnaseeb(My Fate) Season 2 Episode 7


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Recap: Aarush’s locks Ammu in his house.
Nxt mrning @MM
All are in the mandir Swara does Aarthi and gives Prasad to everyone….

Suddenly they hearing knocking sound.
Sparsh: i’ll see..
Sparsh opens the door.
Sparsh: tum?
Sujatha: kaun hain ?
Sparsh doesn’t speak anything.
Aman: aisa kya dekha ..

Aman and ap comes to the front door
Ap: Shrawu?
Shrawu: its Shrawan Ragini Rathore.
Shrawu enters MM.
Sharwu: lagtha hain Taru bhai ne sahi kaha sab ke sab behare hain.
AP: Beta..
Shrawu: see i just want to tell u all smthing nd thts …tht i am going to stay in this house.
All become happy

Swara: really beta..thank god….
Shrawu: i haven’t finished….so i’ll be staying in this house with my family.
Sanskar: Shrawu u can stay here coz its ur house but not anyone else.
Shrawu: exactly …its my house….i mean my mumma’s house Ragini Raghuvendhra Pradap Rathore
Ragini comes in
All are shocked to see her

Taru: Why r they looking at us lyk this?
Mukku: donno beta….
Riku: Ragu lets go and tk som rest chalo na…come every1 lets go.
They were abt to go upstairs but Swara stop them
Swara: this is our house only Shrawu will stay here no one else.
Shrawu: mumma let her na ..this is whose house.
Rathore and Janki meets DP and RP.

Sanskar: Ragini Raghuvendra Pradap Rathore u don’t need to play any more tricks to get into my life.
Ragini: excuse me I am not here to play any games as per the will half of this house and all ur properties belong to me Since bade papa and papa hasn’t changed it to any other’s name.
All are shocked to hear it expect DP RP Vidya Dhyaan and Dhruv.
Sanskar: but hw is it even possible?..bade papa u told us u changed the will…
DP: yes i told u but later wen i thought i decided tht i shouldn’t change it..as i have said before half of my property will be given to my tht beti who gives me a a grand daughter after Uttara.

Hearing this Swara gets ters ..she runs to her room..Laksh goes behind her.
Sanskar: have u lost..
Ragini cuts his words
Ragini: Mr.Sanskar Ramprasad Maheshwari i think u should better move away from our way.
Taru: so everywhere present here from today onwards we will be staying here in the right portion of this house..well u all can take left side. And u hv 50 minutes to take all ur things frm our side..and in case u leave smthing in our side then it will be ours ok..so ur tym starts nw.
Rathores go upstairs.
Sparsh: dad apka aur mera kamara toh right side mein hain

Sanskar: wait for smtym Sparsh let me figure out whats actually going on here…till den we should…
Sparsh: as u say dad..
DP: Dhruv call Aarush and tell them tht they should return Kolkata nw itself.
Dhruv: ji
He tries to call
Dhyaan: kya hua bhai?
Dhruv: phone lag nahi raha.
Vidya: koyi baath nahi try after sometym..
DP: Haan beta nw lets go upstairs and see whats happening there.
Aarush opens the door and sees Ammu sitting on the floor bending her head down he sees tht the fud given t her is untouched.
Aarush: why haven’t u..
Ammu: i am not hungry.
Aarush: have ur fud or else ull have to stay hungry for the nxt 2 weeks
Ammu: 2 weeks
Aarush: yh ..2 weeks ull be here..nw have fud

Aarush sits nxt to her.
Ammu: im not hungry
Aarush: u r angry with me ri8..or r u angry with me ri8 not with fud ri8.
Ammu: what do u even care?..i said i am not angry…and i’ll not eat.
Aarush gets angry he slams the door and go
Aarush: den don’t have fud..i just don’t care.
Its nyt….
Ragini stays in Sanskar’s room
Sanskar stays in guest room.
Sanskar is arranging his things in the guest room.
He sees one of his file missing.
Sanskar: oh woh file kamare mein rah gaya honga.
He silently goes to his rrom..he sees Ragini bending her head down on his study table.
Ragini is in deep thoughts…
Suddenly her hand touches her phone and te song “baar baar dekho hazaar baar dekho song plays..
Tears come from her eyes Sanskar hides…
She smiles a lil as she hears the song
FB Starts

Ragini is wearing a green saree with no jwellary and only mangalsutra..her hair is wet and she is drying it..
She stands infront of the mirror and ws going to apply sindoor but Sanskar comes from behind takes the sindoor from her and apply it on her hairline.
Ragini: Sanskar
Sanskar: ha janemann
Sanskar is wearing black tracksuit and dark blue tshirt
Ragini: no jogging?
Sanskar: tum bhi toh nahi aa rahe ho na
Ragini: woh i am tired.
Sanskar: becoz of wat happened yday?
Ragini blushes…

Ragini: Sanskar
Sanskar: if thts the case u’ll lyk this everyday.
Ragini: Sanskar..tum bhi na
Sanskar hold Ragini by her waist
Sanskar: bcoz each and everyday im gonna make love with u darling ..she smells her hair.
Sanskar: u r making me wild darling.
Ragini: Sanskar..maine abhi abhi nahaya hain.
Sanskar: so wat?..w’ll have a bath together den

Ragini: u hv office Sanskar…
Sanskar: im not going today.
Ragini: but i have to go down na…i have to help everyone
Sanskar: even if u don’t go nobody will scold u.
Ragini: Sanskar its my 1st day in this house..after our real marriage.
Sanskar: exactly darling thts why i want to make it more special.
Ragini: u r mad Sanskar…
Sanskar: haan
He holds her more close
He slowly kisses her..she reciprocates.
Sanskar: thts lyk a gud girl.

He carries and places her on the bed.
Ragini: i love u Sanskar
FB Ends..
Sanskar sees Ragini..
Ragini is in tears..he feels bad
Ragini: i love u Sanskar..den why did u leave?…i really love u Sanskar…
Sanskar hears this..
Sanskar(in mind): so do i Ragini….but..i cant..Ragini..
Swara sees all these…
Swara(in mind): no Ragini i’ll never let u come in this house again..i’ll never let u enter into Sanskar’s lyf anymore….

Precap: Aarush and Ammu….

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  1. ragsan-swalak fan

    nice awesome loved it plz make ragsan together as soon

  2. What is going on ?? I am a bit confused ?? Actually i think i forgot the story . Could u pls do a short summary of the story ( only season 2) ?

    1. I just reviewed the previous episodes . Now i undertsand the story can u please tell me when r u going to reveal the reason why Sanskaar is angry with Ragini?? Is Swara involved in it ??

  3. Shana98

    Great ❤️??

  4. Awesome one

  5. Nice epi….poor ragsan….

  6. awesome….its getting more and more interesting…..
    hope Ammu and Ragini unite soon

  7. superb episode wat is the swara problem? y she is doing this. sanskar always misunderstood ragu I don’t like this sanskar always hurting ragini

  8. Sindhura

    This swara will never change

  9. Lila

    Amazing epi. Someone shoot swara for me plz she’s irritating and annoying. She’s married to Laksh but still loves and controls Sanskar?

  10. Kriya.kri

    Awsm epi

  11. lovrd it love rags and ammu

  12. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic Amazing
    Loved Ragsan scenes
    Please reveal the past soon
    Feeling bad for Ragini and Ammu
    Swara is just irritating
    Waiting for the next one………..

  13. Awesome

  14. Alisha

    Hey! So I started reading your story half an hour before and I am totally in love with this. It’s superb.. It’s something beyond this world. Your writing skills are amazing.. From where do you even get these ideas from? The best part of your story is that I can even imagine the new cast together.. On the other hand, I am loving Zaan as Aarush. ??
    I didn’t read the season 1, I just went through the summary but believe me, seems like you are a professional writer. ?✋?
    Keep writing.. I am desperately waiting for the next episode. ?

  15. Nusz Khan

    Loved it a lot Hun!!

    Missed this Fan-Fiction a lot.

    Post the next one asap.

    Love you.

    Anyways keep smiling / shining like always xx.

    ~Nusz/ নুসরাত xx

  16. Hemalattha


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