Swaragini-Zehnaseeb(My Fate) Promo 2

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Swaragini Zehanaseeb(My Fate) Promo

Recap: Janki is alive

A lady is seen ..she has a photo in her hand.
The photo is Aman Singha’s
Lady:Aman wat all have changed in these 7 years…. She hears Smthing breaking and turns around…
The lady is revealed as our Ragini..She is wearing a saree..with sindoor and mangalsutra.
Ragini: yeh dekho na Shrawu kitna shaitaani kar raha hain..
Ragini keeps Aman’s photo back.
Ragini: Shrawu….
A boy comes running..and hugs..
Boy: sry Mumma…..
But it is not Ragini but it is Swara….She is wearing a Royal salwar…..
Swara: Sparsh…..dekho tod din a meri behan ka photo?..
Swara turns…and Sees Ragini’s broken photo there….
Sparsh: Sry massi…(he says it looking to Ragini’s broken photo)
Swara(in tears): Sry Ragini…..
Sparsh: Mumma when will Ragini massi come to meet me?
Swara: She will come soon beta
Voice: Sparsh….
Swara: Sparsh ur papa is calling u ..
Sparsh: Coming papa…
Sparsh leaves…but he comes back and kisses Ragini’s photo.
Swara: Ragini come back Ragini see everyone is missing u Pls forgive me Ragini..Pls forgive ur sister
A boy hugs Ragini.
Boy: Mumma…
Ragini: No i wont talk to u..
Boy: Sry Mumma
He goes infront of Aman’s photo.
The boy is dressed lyk Aman he also has haircut lyk Aman..In short he looks lyk a chotta version of Aman.
Boy: Dude…dekho na mumma is not talking to me…pls mumma ko manao na.
Ragini smiles..
Ragini: Shaitaan Aman ko beech mein mat lao..
Boy: he is my Aman..he is my friend
Ragini runs behind him and catches him.
Ragini: he is ur Aman huh?
Boy: Sry sry…He is all urs.
He looks at the clock ..
Boy: oh its tym mumma lets go…
Ragini also sees the clock ..The tym is 9:00 pm
Boy: Soldier Ragini ready for mission ice gola.
Ragini stands straight and salutes him.
Ragini: Yes Major Shravan…
Shrawu: lets go and get it soldier Ragini.
Ragini: Major Shravan be careful ur dadu is also here.
Voice: I heard everything….
Ragini and Shrawu: Mission ice gola gaya pani mein..

Guys pls tell me hw ws it…..
Waiting for ur comments 🙂
Love Sarika Shah..and Sameer… 😀

Credit to: Sarika Shah & Sameer


  1. Anaita

    ? well right no in this position… this was unexpected… Is shravan ragsan child… oh my god u r making me crazy wid ur ff… hope u ll clear my cnfusion in upcoming epi

    • Sarika Shah

      Venni yaar i have to tk dis leap trust me ill keep u entertained.. pls dont stop reading my FF?

  2. Wow Hun, you’re amazing can’t wait for the twists ahead, sorry I couldn’t comment much because I’m really busy, but bestie you rock and I love you aha~Nusz

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