Swaragini-Zehnaseeb(My Fate) Episode 49

Hi guys thank u for commenting so this is the 2nd last episode…

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Recap: someone comes to RM Sanskar Calls her Ragini…

Sanskar: Ragini..where were u?
Jaan sees this and come there
Sanskar goes and hugs tht girl.

Tht girl: excuse me..?
Jaan comes and seperates them
Sanskar: he Jaan pls i love Ragini pls …
Ragini is in tears seeing all these..
The girl: Sry sir i think u r mistaken i am not Ragini. Iam Anushka Shastri..
Anushka Shstri role played by Ishitha Ganguly who potraited the same character in Shastri Sisters
Sanskar: why r u lying.?
Adarsh and Riku take Sanskar frm there.
Rathore: hlo Anushka sry abt wat happen…wat u want?
Anushka: yh its ok..i am Dr.Anushka..Dr.Sambhav sent me here..who is Dr.Jaan Kashyap?
Jaan: yh its me i totally forgot abt u Dr.Sambhav told me abt u. Pleased to meet u.
Anushka: me too they shake hands.
Jaan: tht is Sanskar he is the patient and this is his family.
Anushka: hi everyone but after reaing the report there is no chance he could get his memory back.
Ragini: what tht means he will never recogonse me?
Jaan: Dr.Anushka she is Ragini.
Anushka: sry but no…
Sanskar runs to Anushka and hugs her.
Sanskar: Ragini pls tell me tht u love u na..i love u a lot..i cnt live without u ..u r my life..pls don’t leave me..
Sanskar knee down and pull a ring out from his pocket.
Sanskar: Ragini my love do u knw i always carry this ring with me..so tht i can make u wear it wen i see u..and today is tht day..and no one can stop me.
Anushka: Woh..Jaan…
Sanskar looks at Jaan.
Sanskar: don’t wry abt im he will not tell anything.
Anushka looks at Jaan.
Jaan looks at her..
And understands tht she is asking his name.
Jaan: Sanskar…nw u go and rest.
Anushka: Sanskar..i am sry for lying yes i am Ragini..i am ur Ragini and its a yes from me but nw u go and rest.
Sanskar: really.
Anushka nodes her head in yes.
Sanskar stands up and hugs Anushka ti8.
Sanskar: i love u Ragini
Anushka: i love u too
Sansker goes with Riku…
Everyone were looking at Anushka.
Anushka:Dr. Jaan i..
Jaan: yh Dr.Anushka..i understand….Janki maa wat she ws to calm him down…
Days passes..Sanskar and Anushka becomes more and more close..
Jaan makes Ragini understands tht Sanskar assumes Anusha as Ragini and he loves Anushka and not u..and she have to move on….
Maheshwari and Gadodias are staying in RM with rathores….
Swara and Laksh have finally reunited..Sparsh and Shrawu r very happy.
Shrawu still calls Ragini as mumma..and he calls Swara as badi maa
AP: Janki ji Rathore ji..if u don’t mind cn i say smthing?
Janki: ji ..
AP: Ji i think we should do Ragini and Jaan’s marriage.
Rathore: haan AP ji even we were thinking abt it
Mukku: i think we should ak Ragini also ..i don’t knw but i feels lyk she lyks Sanskar.
Ragini: haan bhabhi but nw its all over..papa i am ready for this marriage.
Dadi: ladoo..r u sure?..
Ragini: i want his happiness and his happiness is Anushka..not me ..i am ready papa.
Dada: then we should not delay it further.
Shekhar: haan…
DP: i’ll call the pandit..
DP goes out..
Mishti: bacho come here..see i have made kher for u all…
DP comes in.
DP: pandit ji is saying tomorrow there is gud muhurat.
Shekhar: tomorrow?
Ragini: its ok.
Rathore comes to her
Rathore: r u sure princess..
Ragini: yes papa.
Janki:Pari Swara Mishti Mukku..lot of work is left ..pls help me up..
They all go to kitchen..
Anushka and Sanskar comes there.
Anushka: wat is going on here?
Sujatha: its Ragini and Jaan’s wedding tomorrow.
Sanskar: no mom..u knw na i love her.
Sujatha: not this Ragini(pointing to Anushka)…i am tlking abt Jaan’s fiancé…Janki’s friend’s daughter..
They told Sanskar tht Ragini is Janki’s friends daughter.
Sanskar comes to Ragini.
Sanskar: congrats Ragini..
Ragini : thank u Sanskar..
Anushka: so is shopping done?
Jaan: no..
Sanskar: then wat r we waiting for?
Anushka; haan lets go 4 shopping na..come on Ragini ..and Jaan.
The 4 of them goes for shopping..
They were seeing Ragini’s lehanga…..
Sanskar and Anushka were standing very close..they were tlking to each other…
Ragini ws very sad seeing Sanskar with her..
Soon they finish shopping
They return home.
Shrawu: Mumma..
Ragini picks him.
Shrawu: mumma ..
Ragini: kya hua mere sher?
Shrawu: Badi maa ne kaha..after mumma daddu’s marriage we will all go and stay in papa’s real house…
Ragini: haan beta..
Shrawu: hw fun it will b…mumma we will go and hv ice gola at ni8 ok…
Ragini: Shrawu mumma is not coming.
Shrawu: y?
Jaan: Ragini pls don’t make him upset..
Ragini: its the truth..
Shrawu: daddu…
Jaan: nahi beta..chalo ..we will make it 5n..par no midni8 ice gola..
They laught..
Jaan tks Shrawu and goes to kids room.
Ragini goes to her room.
Ragini: i am sry Shrawu..i am not coming wit u i don’t knw hw will i live without u my bacha…and i don’t wat is going to happen tomorrow …i always avoided Sanskar but nw i cant do this …but no i should b strong…i am sry Jaan i knw i wont b able to love u lyk Sanskar but i’ll try …it may tk some tym but it will happen

Precap: wedding…….shocking truths….twist on twist….
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