Swaragini-Zehnaseeb(My Fate) Episode 48


Guys this is my 48th episode …only 2 episodes more…the nxt 2 episodes will b full of twists and Flashbacks…nd i knw today’s episode is short as well as boring sry 4 this guys…Pls do comment pls pls pls..
Sarika Shah

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Precap: Sanskar and Ragini in hospital..Sanskar doesn’t recogonise Ragini

Jaan: Ragini: u r also weak ..pls go to ur room and rest.
Rathore: Princess Jaan is ri8…

Nxt day..
Shekhar Sharmishta and dada ji comes to the hospital.
They goes to Ragini’s room and sees Janki standing outside the room.
Janki too sees them.
Janki comes forward and touch dada ji’s feet. Dada ji blesses her..She looks at Shekhar and Sharmishta and smiles…
Shekhar: Janki..Ragini
Janki: woh actually she ws not eating anything ..so
Suddenly dadi comes out.
Dadi sees them and gets shocked.
Dadi: Janki what r these people doing here?
Janki: maa..
Dadi: Parvathi ithni nafarat?
Dadi: Janki inhe kahade inke koyi bhi yaha nahi hain.
Shekhar: maa.
Dadi: chup…dnt dare to call me tht..
Dada: Parvathi..
Dadi: Janki, Raghu bete ne kaha ki woh Ladoo ko khana khila dega
Dadi goes frm there.
Janki: sry woh maaa bahut pareshaan hain
Shekhar: Is Ragini not having fud?
Janki: no ..ziddi hain…but Raghu is with her …
Shekhar becomes sad..Janki realises what she hv said.
Janki: Come ..lets meet her..
Janki and them goes inside the room.
They see rathore feeding Ragini.
Ragini: Papa bhuk nahi hain
Rathore: ok princess ..u r not hungry..but i am.
Ragini: papa den y don’t u hv fud?
Rathore: coz i don’t lyk to hv fud unless my princess hv it.
Ragini: papa
Rathore: Princess
Ragini: papa
Rathore: Princess…
Riku who ws sitting there gets irritated
Riku: papa if she dnt want den i’ll eat it..what a drama u both r doing u both should go and do sm saas bahu serial god..
They see Janki with Shekhar Sharmishta and dada
Rathore: Namaste..
Shekhar Dada ansd Sharmista: Namaste..
Riku stands up and goes to Janki.
Riku: Maa why r they here?
Janki: Beta….
Shekhar goes to Ragini..
Ragini is holding Rathore’s hand
Shekhar: Beta..
Ragini looks at Rathore.
Rathore nodes his head in a yes.
Ragini : haan baba…
Shekhar is shocked..
Shekhar: kya?
Ragini: baba..Swara bhabhi calls u lyk tht only na..
Shekhar hugs Ragini..Ragini cries..But Ragini is still holding Rathore’s hand.
Shekhar : thank u ….beta..
Ragini: haan i will call u baba …but u cnt b my papa..i cant give my papa’s place to u and i am sry i ws bing so rude to u….and hugs Rathore ..
Shekhar: Thank u Mr.Rathore…
Rathore: hey its ok..
Mishti: Ragini..beta forgive me me i always snatched ur happiness..
Ragini: no Mishti maa…i am not angry at u..
They have a group hug.
Sharmishta and Janki are talking they r in Ragini’s room. Rathore is also there..but he is telling Ragini stories as she wanted to hear it..
Riku Shekhar Swara and Laksh were in Sanskar’s room..
They were trying to make Sanskar remember abt Ragini.
Jaan was making dad and dadi tlk.
The kids were also with Jaan.
Swara tells them abt Shrawu …and Laksh.
After 2 days Ragini and Sanskar both were discharged from the hospital.
Rathore asks Sanskar also to come there.
The maheshwaris gadodias and Rathores were in RM
They all reunites
Ragini tries to tlk to Sanskar but he avoided her telling she is no Ragini.
Jaan asks all tht they should not tell Sanskar abt Ragini..as he will hv stress….
Jaan also informs tht Sanskar’s memory loss is permenant .
Ragini is very sad…
Dadi consoles her and tell her to be strong..
After some tym a lady comes in RM..all looks at her..
Sanskar: Ragini..
All r shocked to hear it.

Precap: New entry …RagJan..marriage fixed

Credit to: Sarika Shah

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