Swaragini-Zehnaseeb(My Fate) Episode 43


Hi everyone its Sarika here..hey i knw i am late in updates but sachi yaar ..i am trying my best to do it..well nw i have a gud news to share with u all…Sameer is going to write a new FF Swaragini You & I….pls guys read and support him…and I love u all..thanx for ur lovely comments..love u all ..stay blessed
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Recap: Sanskar Swara and Sparsh comes to RM RanJan engagement does’nt happens.

Jaan: hlo…yh no..the engagement wont happen no baba …trust me…yh…stick to the plan..
Laksh hears Jaan.
Laksh: Jaan with whom were u talking?
Jaan(tensed): woh Laksh..i..i was talking to my friend..yh he ws coming to attent my engagement.
Laksh: but u were talking abt some plans ri8?
Jaan: yh yh we were ..actually we kept a surprise for Ragini so thts wat we were talking.
Laksh: oh sry yaar i thought u were..chal ..
Laksh goes.
Jaan: hey tk cr ..
Jaan disconnects the call.
Riku: papa maa..tht Sanskar and Swara wat does they think abt themselves?
Dadi: Haan riku beta they will be thinking
Mukku: dadi they will b thinking tht they won..
Janki: pls nw u 3 stop it already we had enough drama for today.
Rathore: hey they think themselves as winners ri8 nw we will show them who r the real winners..
Rathore extends his hand
Riku Mukku Dadi keeps their hands on his..Taru comes there and keep his hand on theirs..Rathore takes Janki’s hand and keep it over them..
They all smiles….
Sparsh and Shrawu comes to Swara.
Swara hugs them.
Swara: beta Shrawu..
Shrawu: hlo..
Swara: u will not call me mumma?
Shrawu: sry ..i will not call u until my papa accepts u and yh papa hates u…and i love papa i cant hurt him..
Swara: but beta i am ur mumma na.
Shrawu: but u were never there for me so pls ….i aqm doing this for my mumma..
Sparsh: yh Shrawu don’t wry we will make ur mumma and my dad to marry ri8?
Shrawu: yh..but for tht we need Taru …
Swara: par will he agree..
Shrawu: i don’t think so but don’t wry we will manage..i’ll go and check mumma..
Shrawu goes..
Sparsh: don’t wry mumma everything will be fine.
Swara smiles and hugs him.
Ragini: Jaan sry for wat all happened today.
Jaan: pls Ragini don’t b sry it ws not ur fault..
Ragini: i knw its very difficult for u ..today ws our engagement and it went lyk this..
Jaan: hey Ragini its ok..
Shrawu comes to them
Shrawu: daddu mumma..
Jaan: Shrawu come beta.
Ragini: what happen Shrawu ?
Shrawu: daddu mumma i don’t lyk Sparsh’s mumma and dad..mumma why ws his dad saying tht u and him are husband and wife?
Laksh: what nonsense r u talking Shrawu?
Jaan: Laksh pls he just asked ..com Shrawu daddu and u will go and have fun..let ur mumma and papa talk
Jaan carries Shrawu and goes out.
Laksh: Ragini..
Ragini: Laksh..why is it happening to me everytym am i so bad?
Laksh: no Ragini u r not at all bad they r bad..
Rathore Riku Mukku Janki and dadi comes insde they all have a group hug..Swara Sanskar and Spars hoes back to MM.
Nxt day @RM
Its 5 in the morning..
Jaan Ragini Shrawu and Taru wears track suit and comes for jogging,
They reach a park and go for jogging.
Shrawu: Daddu ..we both will go this waay..
Ragini: Shrawu wats the need of tht
Shrawu: pls mumma u go wit Taru na..
Taru: come bua let them enjoy..
Ragini and Taru goes another direction for jogging..
Suddenly Sparsh comes there.
Sparsh: hlo massi hlo Taru.
Ragini: arrey Sparsh..
Sparsh and Taru hugs..
Ragini: Sparsh hw come u r here?
Sparsh: Massi dad brought me here.
Ragini turns back and sees Sanskar.
Taru also sees him.
Taru: Sparsh u go and jog with ur dad..we are going.
Taru and Ragini starts jogging..
Sparsh: Taru chalo
Sparsh drags Taru wit him.

Ragini: Taru Sparsh..
Sanskar: hi..
Ragini: hi..
Sanskar: naraaz ho mujhse?
Ragini: pls lets go with the kids..
Sanskar: yh but we can talk ri8 ..
Ragini: we cant ..nw will u pls..
Ragini gets a call frm Jaan she takes the call
Ragini: Jaan?
Jan; woh Ragini Shrawu wants to go homw so we both r leaving after jogging u both come to house directly ok..
Ragini: yh its 5n..
Ragini Taru Sparsh and Sanskar jog back they reach RM
Sanskar its in the sofa…
Rathore sees him..so does Riku.
Riku ws abt to go wen Rathore stops him.
Rathore: lets see wat he is up to then ..till then wait.
Riku nodes..
Ragini go to her room..She changes into a saree..she wears mangalsutra and sindoo..
Sanskar sses this he sees her lovingly..
Sanskar follows Ragini in the whole house She gets irritated.

Precap: Sanskar majnu….Jaan’s mystery..Swara in RM

Sry guys bcoz of sm technical problems i cannot update nazeedikiyaan..pls forgive me for tht ..dont forget to read Swaragini You & I……
Love u all ..kisses and hugs

Credit to: Sarika Shah

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  1. nice update…..sansakr is trying his best to make up for his mistakes hopefully….and the kids will help them. i wonder if jaan has a girlfriend or may be he is planning with uttara/sujju to bring ragsan together?

    1. Thanx di 🙂

  2. amazing…waiting for the mystery

    1. Thank Iqra 🙂

  3. Awesome dear plz make ragsan together quick

    1. Thank u Lila ..RagSan r gonna b together soon 🙂

  4. Please don’t stop mlnazdeekiyaan

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  7. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz)

    The ending oh my god Sarkia my sister man I am in love with ragsan now aha, love you so much~Nusz

    1. Thank u sissy…..i love u bestie..thanx for ur support

  8. Nice one!
    Why no Nazdeekiyaan I am so desperate to read it?? Are u gonna post it Saru?
    This part was Amazing and what is Jaan upto?

    1. Sry Tuba but no worries i’ll update it on Monday ok…. 🙂

  9. wow what a amazing update….sorry for late comment…and think so jaan is also in the plan of sanky…waiting to see swalak and ragsan back to the form again

    1. Thanx Priya love u yaar 🙂

  10. Awsm yr too much suspense n eagerly waiting for sanky majnu avatar n when will sameer is updating new ff….

    1. Thank Kriya dear ..Sameer has already updated it 🙂

  11. Awsm yr too much suspense eagerly waiting for sanky majnu avatar n when will sameer is updating new ff…..

  12. it is realy nice dr.i read sameer’s ff also

    1. Thanx for reading our ffs ammy?

  13. Awesome sarika.. Its really nice.. i jus love ragsan.. Pls make them come together..

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