Swaragini-Zehnaseeb(My Fate) Episode 42


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http://www.tellyupdates.com/?s=swaragini+zehnaseebRecap: Swara and Sanskar learns tht Sharwu is Swara’s son

Sanskar and Swara turns back..
Sanskar: Uttara di ..u?
Uttara: haan Sanskar its all a big lie. Ragini and Jaan r not married
Swara: but how to u knw di?
FB Shows…
When Sujatha gets Laksh’s call she move away frm the family and attent his call.Uttara accidently comes there and she listens to their conversation
FB Ends…
Sanskar: tht means maa already knws this…
He remembers ..
The day after Jaan goes dropping Sparsh Uttara says Ragini and Jaan is married and Shrawu is their son the whole family agrees but Sujatha disagrees
Sanskar: haan maa knew this from before.
Uttara: Sanskar seeing Jaan and ragini together i thought they r married but its not lyk tht ..Rathores aree doing their engagement tomorrow.
Swara: what?

Sanskar: u both don’t wry Ragini will come back to MM…
Sanskar smiles ….
Mukku shows Ragini and Jaan the dresses which they selected for them…
Jaan: excuse me i have a call to make..
Jaan leaves.
Mukku: Ragini y r u looking sad u didn’t lyk the dresses?
Ragini: no bhabhi its nothing lyk tht i have headache…
Riku: Headache hmm..he teases her
Laksh comes inside..
Laksh: what happened to her?
Riku: Headache..
Mukku: i don’t think she is ready for it.

Laksh: Jaan will keep her happy..
Riku: yh Mukku its new for her it will take tym..but i am sure everything will be perfect
Jaan:Hlo…yh everything is going perfect…no kisi ko koyi doubt nahi hain..ok done ..yh take care
Jaan disconnects the call.
Jaan: i am sorry meri Ragu…
Jaan smiles evily

Nxt Day
Laksh Shrawu Taru Riku are in the hall..
Janki and Mukku brings Jaan…Jaan is wearing formals..
Jaan sits in the sofa..
Riku: Jaan buddy u r looking really handsome..
Mukku: Yh really …
She looks at Riku…and make faces at him..
Shrawu: Daddu mumma kaha hain?
Rathore comes with Ragini.
Ragini is wearing a yellow orange mix lehanga..
Jaan sees her…..
Rathore make her sit near Jaan.
Jaan and Ragini looks at each other.
Taru: bua u look so cute..

Ragini: acha..she pulls his cheeks..
Shrawu: Daddu mumma u both look very gud..i love u..
Jaan and Ragini: thank u
Laksh: So wat r u waiting for Jaan make her wear ur ring..
Jaan takes the ring..
Riku: whom are u waiting for
Jaan: no yaar ..nothing i ws just seeing hw beautiful the ring is..
Sharwu: make mumma wear it Daddu..
Jaan: haan ..
Jaan take the ring
Rathore: Princess…
Ragini extends her hand
Ragini closes her eyes..
Ragini(in mind): Sanskar….i’m sry
Jaan is abt to make Ragini wear ring..
They hears dhol’s sound from outside..
Ragini opens her eyes..
She sees Sparsh running towards her..
Sparsh hugs Ragini.

Sparsh: Ragini massi.
Ragini hugs him back.
Taru: mumma abb woh ajeeb si aunty bhi aayengi?
Voice: haa..
Thts none othan Swara.
Swara gos to Taru.
Swara: sru beta….for tht day.
Taru hides behind Rathore.
Taru: its ok ..
Rathore: what r u doing here pls get out.
Swara: uncle i am really sry for what i did tht day.
Swara comes to Ragini.
Laksh and Riku blocks her way.
Riku: for wat r u here Swara u have already ruined Ragu’s lyf..
Laksh: Riku tell her to leave..
Swara: why should he tell me don’t u have mouth?
Laksh looks shocked.

Swara: This is my sister’s house ..
Swara sees Shrawu..she hugs him..
Shrawu : pls don’t hug me lyk this i knw u r my mumma but i don’t lyk u i love my mumma..
Shrawu goes and hugs Ragini.
Sharwu: Mumma tell her to go..i don’t lyk her.
Swara: Shrawu..
Ragini: get lost….Swara.
Swara: Ragini pls ..i am sorry.
Ragini: my son doesn’t lyk u ..pls leave..
Swara: he is my son too.
Laksh: hey u ..he ws ur son..
Voice: Really bhai…
All turns they r shocked seeing Sanskar. Sanskar is wearing a blue kurta.
Sanskar: Swara..where r the rings..?

Swara take a ring . Sanskar takes it frm her hand and walks towards Ragini..
Sanskar holds Ragini’s hand He takes the ring
Ragini throw the ring..
Ragini: listen u both i don’t knw for wat u both r here …pls i am begging u i don’t want any drama..
Shrawu: uncle..mumma loves Daddu.
Sanskar: Shrawu beta ur mumma is my wife..
Shrawu: no u r not Mumma’s husband…
Sparsh: no Shrawu Dad is Ragini massi’s husband
Jaan: Shrawu..dont say lyk tht.
Shrawu: no Daddu..i want u to marry mumma.
Sanskar: Shrawu beta ..
Shrawu: i don’t want to hear anything…mumma pls don’t listen to them
Sparsh: Ragini massi pls marry dad…so tht i can get my papa back.
Shrawu: no i want my mumma and daddu to be togther.
Taru: haan I want bua and Jaanu to be together..
Mukku takes Shrawu
Riku takes Taru.
Shrawu: Mukta mai tell them na..

Riku: Shrawu ur daddu will only marry Ragini u don’t wrry abt tht.
Sanskar: Riku u very well knw tht i love Ragini she also loves me.
Shrawu: no mumma don’t lyk u mumma tell hm na tht u don’t lyk him..tell him mumma tell him.
Ragini: haan beta..
Sparsh: Ragini massi so u will say wtever Shrawu says u don’t lyk me?
Ragini: its not lyk tht beta.
Sparsh: acha den marry Dad
Shrawu: no ..she is my mumma she will not marry ur dad.
Shrawu takes Ragini
Shrawu brings Ragini to his room.
Shrawu: u stay in this room ..
Ragini nodes..
Shrawu goes ot Sparsh comes to him.
Sparsh and Shrawu hi fis each other.
Sparsh: Shrawu wat an acting ? today u rocked.
Shrawu: u too mere bhai ..
They hug

Rathore goes to Sanskar.
Janki stops him and take him to their room.
Riku Mukku goes Taru takes Jann and goes.
Laksh: Hey never ever think u’ll ruin Ragini’s lyf again.
Sanskar: bhai why will i ruin her lyf?
Laksh: its Laksh i am not ur bhai..
Laksh warns them and goes.
Sanskar(in mind): bhai Laksh this is just a starting..aage aage dekh hota kya hain.

Precap: Sanskar irritates Ragini ….in his majnu avatar

Credit to: Sarika Shah

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  11. sorry to say this.. but i think you hate so much and making ragini mahaan for all.. swara don’t commit any crime.. she just misunderstood and she had some jealousy. . and you made every one hate her.. you are hurting swara fans..in your ff she don’t get any justice.. better kill her.. she suffered so much na.. and in your ff i don’t find ragini as a heroine because she is apple of every ones eyes and treated as a princess.. if you hate swara don’t include her in your ff.. don’t give such a character to her.. you can use any other name instead of swara.. and don’t add helly in your cover pic.. please don’t hurt others.. hurting others is not a good job.. you can study well and get a future for yourself rather than hurting others.. it is humble request please kill swara in your ff please.. for god sake kill her..

    1. Hi Diya see i lyk Helly Shah…i dont have any problem with her and this is just my work..thanx for ur suggestion…well i am making Swara positive nw…And if u think i am hurting others then i am sry to all those..coz i am not doing it intentionally ….well if YOU feels lyk tht den stop reading it…..And one more thing i am not going to kill her :)….. have a nice day

    2. Diya if u dont like bttr dont read… why the hell are u cmmntng here… its her POV whoever she wants to make evil or not…. if u hv so much prblm thn ignore this ff.. infact now swara is positive in this series… and if u r supporting swara so much in ragini’s ff than we can also support ragini in any page… and dont tell me that there is no swara ff that portrays ragini in gray shade…

      Third time i m suggstng u
      specially the one who feature swara in negative role…

      1. Thank u soo much Anaita for supporting my ff….love u yaar… 🙂

  12. Amazing Saru!! Too good my RagLak rocked want RagSan to get back soon. Swara had to pay for her sins. And Shravu n Sparsh arre wah kya acting ki dono ne. I just cant wait to see the Majnu side of Sanskaar it was fabulous. Loved it!

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    1. Thank u my cutie pie i love u kisses hugs..ur Sarika … 😀

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