Swaragini-Zehnaseeb(My Fate) Episode 41


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Recap: Swalak and RagSan meets Swara misunderstands Taru to be her son.

Laksh Shrawu Taru Jaan and Ragini reaches RM back..
Laksh sits on the chair ..and hugs Shrawu and Taru
Muku and Riku comes and sees it.
Muku: Laksh wat happened?
Laksh nodes his head in no..
Muku: Laksh tell me..
Jaan tells Riku and Muku everything Rathore and Janki also hears it.
Rathore: what u saw Swara Sanskar and Sparsh
Laksh: Haan ….
Janki: beta don’t wrry.. Pls…
Riku: so she thinks Taru is her son..
Taru comes and hugs Muku and Riku
Taru: papa mumma tht aunty will take me away frm u?
Muku: no baba.
Ragini: Taru no one will take u away frm us.
Shrawu: So she will take me away from u ..
Ragini: no Shrawu..
Shrawu: Papa she is my maa ri8..
Laksh: Haan beta she is ur mom but she did bad to us
Shrawu: Papa i love my mumma dada and papa more..pls don’t let me go.
Jaan: Shrawu..
Shrawu runs to him and hug him.
Taru also hug him.
Jaan picks both the kids
Laksh: Ragini Jaan i want u both to fulfil our wish..
Ragini and Jaan lok at each other ..
Laksh: We want u both to marry…
Jaan and Ragini: WHAT!
Riku: Haan Ragu Sanskar doesn’t deserve u..
Mukku: Jaan Ragini u both make a very nice pair..pls agree.
Janki: Jaan Ragini take ur tym and decide..
Ragini looks Rathore: Rathore comes to her she hugs him.
Rathore: Princess u decide what u want…
Taru and Shrawu: Mumma Bua ..agree pls marry Daddu Jaanu….pls pls..
Ragini looks at Jaan.
Ragini: if Jaan is ready then …
Riku: Jaan..
Jaan: i am okay with it..
Jaan smiles at Ragini.
Taru Shrawu Laksh Mukku and Riku shouts : yippee….
Ragini and Jaan take blessings frm Rathore and Janki.
Mukku: Papa maa i think we should do their engagement…
Janki: what abt after 2 day?
Everyone agrees..
SwaSanSpa reaches MM back
AP: Swara beta what happened to u?
Swara: La..lak..laksh…
AP: What?
Sanskar explains to them..abt what happened in the restaurant.
Sparsh goes to his room..
Sparsh calls Laksh
Laksh sees the number ..he knw its Sparsh..he goes out to attent the call
Laksh: hlo…
Sparsh: papa its me Sparsh.
Laksh: Sparsh..hw r u beta?
Sparsh: Papa i am sad coz today we couldn’t talk..
Laksh: Beta don’t wrry ….we will meet..
Somone knocks at the door.
Sparsh: papa smone is here i’ll call u later.
Sparsh opens the door.
Dhruv: Sparsh wat were u doing inside?
Sparsh: no nothing ..come bhaiya lets go down..
In hurry he leaves Aman’s photo on the table itself..
Sparsh goes with Dhruv.
Ragini goes to her room..
She takes out Sanskar’s photo and cries
Swara comes to Sparsh’s room.
She cleans the room..and finds Aman’s photo..She is shocked to see Aman’s photo..
Sanskar also comes to Sparsh’s room.
Swara shows him Aman’s photo..
Sanskar is also equally shocked.
Swara turns the photo its written papa with a number.
Swara takes the phone which Sparsh uses to call Laksh..
She dials tht number.

Laksh sees Sparsh’s number and picks up the call..

Before Swara could say anything.

Laksh: Sparsh

Swara and Sanskar are shocked to hear tht voice…

Laksh: Sparsh beta u had fud?
Shrawu: papa with whom r u talking?

Sanskar and Swara look at each other.

Laksh: Shrawu its Sparsh..
Shrawu: papa i also want to tlk to bhai..
Laksh: ok ok ..talk…i’ll come nw..
Shrawu: hlo Sparsh…hlo..

Tears comes from Swara’s eyes…

Shrawu: hlo hlo…
Ragini comes there.
Ragini: Shrawu who is on phone?

Sanskar: Ragini(audiable only to Swara)

Shrawu: Mumma its Sparsh..but he is not responding..
Jaan: beta maybe there is some network problem.
Shrawu: daddu …i want to talk to Sparsh..
Laksh: what happened Shrawu?
Shrawu: network problem papa.
Riku: Taru Shrawu come…
Shrawu disconnects the call.

Sanskar: Swara whats happening …?
Swara: tht means Shrawu is my son?
Sparsh comes..
Swara hides Aman’s photo.
Sanskar and Swara acts as normal..they say good ni8 and go to their respective rooms..
Mukku: Taru Sharwu..tomorrow we will go for oing shopping for Ragini and Jaan..ok
Kids: okay…
Nxt day
Riku: Shrawu Taru come lets go..
Mukku Riku Taru and Shrawu leaves…

They reach a mall.

SwaSan reaches the same mall with all the kids..

Riku and all get into a shop they shops everything and comes out..Mukku bumps on smone.
Mukku: i am sorry…She ses the person
Mukku: Swara…
Taru comes to Mukku.
Taru: Mumma this is tht aunty..
Swara comes towards Taru.
Riku stands infront of her.
Riku: don’t even think abt it Swara
Swara: Riku pls..
Riku: its Rithwik…
Sanskar: what r u saying yaar..
Swara: Pls let me meet him..
Mukku: Swara stay away frm him.
Sanskar: He is her son.
Riku: he is not….
Mukku hides Taru and Shrawu..
Mukku: Riku lets go.
Swara: Let me meet him once pls..
Shrawu: Taru is not ur son ..i am
Swara looks at Sanskar.
Riku Mukku take Taru and Shrawu away.
The reach MM and tell everyone what happened at the mall
Swara: Sanskar so Shrawu is my son..
Sanskar: Haan Swara…
Laksh: We will do Ragini and Jaan engagement tomorrow itself…
Laksh calls Sujatha and tells abt Ragini’s engagement…
Sujatha: chore r u sure Ragini wants this?
Laksh: chachi..she is happy..
Sujatha: Ragini will marry Jaan..i wish both of them to b happy.
Laksh: they will be chachi..
Sujatha: teekh hain chore take care.
Sanskar: But Swara …so is Ragini and Jaan married?
Swara: i don’t knw Sanskar…
Sanskar: Becoz the day we saw each other i saw love in her eyes ..yes tht ws for me..
Voice: thts becoz she is not married to anyone Sanskar.
Swara and Sanskar turns back.

Precap: Majnu Sanskar

From nxt episode u can see the Majnu avatar of Sanskar….

Credit to: Sarika Shah

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  1. awsm..eagerly waiting for nxt prt

    1. Thanx Rakhi?

  2. awesome waiting for next part
    so much excited about SANSKAR what he will do to get ragini back…………………………….

    1. Thank u so much Poonam ?

  3. Awesome
    eagerly waiting fr majnu sanky

    1. Thanx Venni?

    1. Thanx Anu?

  4. I hate Lakshya What kind of husband he is. He don’t have any love for his wife and he took her child away from her what can be more gruesome than this. No one has a right to separate a mother and a child. I just hate his character most. First he married Swara without her consent now he did this i Just hate him

    1. Thanx for shring ur opinion abt Laksh Ria..?

      1. but i have to say your story is amazing 🙂

      2. Thanx Ria?

  5. It was too good Saru! Especially the phone part. Its the first time I am feeling sad for Swara. I loved it. Amd I seriously cant wait to see Sanskaars Majnu avtar. Its gonna be awesome I guess. Pls pls pls pls pls pls upload Nazdeekiyan I am eagerly waiting for it! I just cant wait for RagSan to get back.

    1. Thanx Tuba..ill upload it today thanku once again..4 ur lovely comment??

  6. Welcome back sarika i missed u….epi was awsm eagerly waiting for majnu sanskar…..update nazdeekiyan also whenever u get time……

    1. hey Kriya good to see u too..i have already uploaded it love u tk care?

  7. What is manju avatar ??? nice update…eagerly waiting for next epi…

    1. Priya Manju means lover…thanx?

    2. Sanskar will become a crazy lover boy…cool…but even I hate Laksh’s character…because of just 1 misunderstanding everyone blamed Swara..fine..but this Laksh…he is such a big idiot..he should had tried to unite ragsan..but no..he did the opposite..left the house along with Ragini..such a brilliant decision..he has no right to separate a child from his mother..and moreover..how could he just tell his son that his mother did bad to him..he poisoned a child’s mind..everyone has the right on Shrawu except for his own mom..

      1. Thanx for ur opinion Sahi…..Thank u very much dear 🙂

  8. Sorry..that was my own opinion..but mistakenly..given as a reply to priya..

    1. Yh its 5n 🙂

  9. awesome episode nice

    1. Thanx Sam 🙂

  10. Super duper…waiting dor sanskar’s new avatar

    1. Thanx Lila 🙂

  11. For me biggest villain in the story are Lakshya and that blo*dy aman dude are in order to save his loves life he ruined Swara’s life. And that Lakshya is such a spineless creature I just can’t hate him more. He marriad Swara to show taht how gud he is that he accepted a girl who lost her virginitywhich kind of guy he is i just hate him to the core.and that aman he did this with a girl still he is good in everyone’s eyes such a hypocrate society. I hate him to the core. both these characters are spineless creatures who can make anyone’s life miserable for their loved once. Eveyone hate Swara but for what that she said something which she had no idea about that. His blo*dy father was a cheater who left his mother pergnant and her as a illegitimate child. And when hr got her back he left his wife great. Now that guy says he has only one daughter brilliant does he has any rigjt to open his mouth in front of his both daughter i afaird he don’t have. I really wish swalak never unite in this story. I hate those people who have double standerd and each male in this story is disgusting in one way or other. Swalak should never be united in thos story he is a disgusting fellow. Swara didn’t knew the facts but this guy is disgusting

    1. Thanx 4 sharing ur opinion abt Laksh Aman Shekhar and Swara?

  12. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz)

    I loved it so much especially ragsan !!! I want them back and my sissy you’re such a doll, love you lots~Nusz

    1. Hey sis..Ragsan will be back thank u 4 ur lovely comment?

  13. sanskar is using his brains finally and not trusting swara. thank good for it….but he needs to act soon.

    1. Yh di finally Sanskar is going to do wat he really wants to do?

  14. really sorry for late comment but episode is awesome

    1. Thts 5n Sinzo thanx …..i love u dear?

  15. nice ep

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