Swaragini-Zehnaseeb(My Fate) Episode 39

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Precap: RagSan flashback
Laksh takes the call.
Laksh: hlo..
Sparsh: hlo papa…
Laksh: Sparsh..beta is tht really u?
Sparsh: haan papa
Laksh: beta hw did u get my number?
Sparsh: Aman dude gave me.
Laksh: Aman dude?
Sparsh explains hw he found Laksh’s number behind Aman’s photo which Shrawu gave him.
Laksh: Beta never let anyone knw tht u met me ok.
Sparsh: haan papa..
They chat for smtym.
Sanskar takes Ragini’s photo
Sanskar: Ragini is it true u moved on in ur life..i mean new life… Anyway i am happy for u Jaan is a really nice person he will make u and ur son happy…
Swara: Sanskar..
Sanskar: Swara i am sry i should not have told all these..i ws really scared for Sparsh..
Swara: i can understand Sanskar..
Sanskar: I knw u felt bad..i am sry.
Swara:its ok..bt r u happy?..after knwing Ragini..
Sanskar: Swara ..i have hurted Ragini a lot just becoz of u ..Nw if she have married i don’t have a problem..and pls i don’t want to tlk abt this pls..
Swara goes..
Swara calls to baadi.
Shekhar picks the call.
Shekhar: hlo
Swara: Bab..baba…
Shekhar keeps the phone down and goes..
Dada sees this and picks the call.
Dada: hlo
Swara: Dada ji….
Dada: Swara?…..Sharmishta…
Sharmishta: ji papa.
Dada: tumhari beti ka phone hain.
Sharmishta takes the call.
Mishti: hlo Swaru…
Swara(crying): maa Sparsh mil gaya.
Mishti: kya..Thank god..
Swara:Maa pls baba se baat karao na
Mishti: Shekhar..Shekhar
Shekhar: Mishti agar tum mujhe uss besharam ladki se baat karne keliye bula rahe ho toh rahne hi do..
Swara hears it.
Swara: Maa Sparsh is calling me i’ll call u later.
Swara crys..

FB Starts..
Laksh goes with one baby…
Shekhar: Swara come lets go.
Swara: where baba.
Shekhar : baadi
Swara:no baba i want to stay in here.
Shekhar: Swara don’t even think for a second i have forgiven u …I have already lost a daughter ..dont create any drama and come with us
Swara: baba no..i wnt
Shekhar: Sharmishta ..
Sharmishta: Shekar if she wants then..
Shekhar: if she wants….i always stood by her and wat have she done to me ..i lost my daughter my wife my mother..my happiness…U spoiled ur own sister’s lyf also.
Swara: Baba i didn’t spoil her lyf. It ws just a misunderstanding.
Shekhar: so simple ri8 Swara ur misunderstanding made her lyf miserable…Still i supported u but..wat did u do? U and Aman…
Swara: baba tht ws a accident.
Shekhar: so u r going to stay here?
Swara: yes baba.
Dada: Shekhar come lets go i don’t want to tlk to anyone.
Shekhar: ji..nor do i…Swara nw this is ur home never ever come to baadi
Mishti: Shekhar Swara humare eklothi beti hain.
Shekhar: wrong..Swara tumhari eklothi beti hain..
Swara: baba
Shekhar: woh haq tum kho chuke hun..abb mera ek hi beti hain Ragini…
Mishti: Shekhar pls nw don’t hurt our Swaru…
Shekhar: i am leaving r u coming with me?
Swara: u go maa..
Gadodias leave…
Swara cries….
FB Ends…

Uttara: Swara i knw u r sad but u should b strong come down with me.
Uttara takes her to Sanskar’s room.
Uttara: Sanskar frm today u have to tk care of Swara and Sparsh.
Swara and Sanskar r shocked.
Uttara: i knw u don’t want to be lyk this but Sanskar Ragini married someone she even has a son..And Laksh …..ok nw u both don’t waste ur lyf for them get married.
Swara: no Uttara di.
Uttara: Swara u loved Sanskar ri8
Adarsh: enough Uttara
Uttara: Adarsh!
Adarsh: Uttara wat r u saying?
Uttara: Adarsh i am doing all this for Aman. Taki uski Ragini khush rah sake.
Adarsh: what
Uttara: i knw nw Swara is alone and she will surely curse Aman for all this. I don’t want ht to happen..Adarsh maine Aman ko mere saare bhaiyo se zyaada pyaar kiya hain…i cant see this ..
Swara: No Uttara did ii will never do tht i knw i hurted u all ..but i will never curseAman …it is becoz of Aman i got Laksh..Di u don’t wrry everything will be alri8.
Uttara breaks down..
Uttara: Adarsh i am sry..
Adarsh takes Uttara
Sanskar: Swara i want to meet Ragini….
Rathore: Riku aaj humara Laksh bahuth khush nahi lag raha
Riku : haan papa.
Janki: Raghu Riku aaj woh Sparsh se mila.
Riku: kaun Sparsh
Janki: Shrawu ke bhai.
Rathore and Riku: what?
Janki tells them everything.
Laksh comes.
Rathore: r u ok Laksh?
Laksh tells them tht Sparsh called him nw..all r happy.
Riku: ws Sanskar there?
Laksh: no he was’nt
Riku: And Swara?
Laksh: no.
Rathore: hw is Ragini ?
Laksh: she is really happy..i think she also lyks Jaan.
Janki: lets hope.
Taru: Papa i want to have fud frm restaurant .
Muku: no no ..today dadi is preparing yummy fud no going out.
Rathore: Muku beta Mehra ji pahunch jaye?
Mukku: haan papa he called me..
Janki: Mukku beta if he wants to go out then go na.
Riku: no way maa today no going out kyun Mukku .
Mukku: bilkul…
Laksh: Ohoo..come Taru lets go.
Taru: yah….
Shrawu: papa mein bhi.
Laksh: of course..Shrawu..Hey Ragini Jaan y don’t u people also join…
Riku: haan very gud idea ..Laksh take papa also ..den its just me maa and Mukku perfect..Papap u also go.
Rathore: haa so funny..ma ka chamcha..i am not anywhere.
Janki: Ragini Jaan u also go ..
Laksh Shrawu Taru Ragini and Jaan leaves..
They reach a restaurant.
Sanskar: Sparsh..
Sparsh: Haan dad.
Sanskar: do u meet ur mausi in the mall?
Sparsh: who told u?
Sanskar: ur badi dadi.
Sparsh: haan.
Sanskar: hw ws she ?
Sparsh: she is very beautiful.
Swara: i am ready.
Sparsh: for wat.
Sanskar: go and get ready fast we r going to have dinner frm a restaurant.
Sparsh: yah..he goes
SwaSanSpa reaches the same Restaurant where RanJanLakShrTar are also there…
Precap: Ragini Laksh Jaan and Swara Sanskar sees each other…

Credit to: Sarika Shah


  1. azure

    nice…..i wonder what will happen next….more confusion or some respite from the sorrow for ragsan. looking forward to the next part

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    yeah….superb episode…amazing….m waiting for the day when all misunderstandings will be cleared …….and amazing episode…..update soon

  3. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz)

    Aw my Hun you’re amazing, love you so much, Also I want to say to you… I hope we knew each other in real life I would be so happy!!! How old are you??~Nusz

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